Training With Yang
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“Hahhh… that really hit the spot.” Yang proclaims, and when I turned back to her, I saw that both of the pizza boxes were already empty. She grinned at me without a hint of guilt. “Feel like I need to work it off, though. Benny, want to head out and get some exercise together?”

I made a mental note to order more food next time. “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Follow me.” The apartments we’re living in have a glass sliding door that leads to a shared wooden patio that extends all the way across the back of the building, with another one on the second floor, staircases at either end connecting them. Yang headed out and leaned against the railing, looking down below. “Check it out.”

I joined her and looked down. “It’s… uh, sand pits?”

There were five in total, lined up parallel to the building. They were all circular in shape and the sand looked packed down hard. Other than the natural grass around them, there wasn’t anything of interest.

“Training arenas. Let’s work up a sweat together!” Yang wasn’t waiting for an answer. Instead, she swung herself over the railing with one hand and dropped the fifteen or so feet down to the ground below, landing on her feet as light as a cat and jogging off towards the simple makeshift arena.

I hesitated for a few seconds. As Lina had explained to me, I was still level 1. Most of the other students here were going to be much higher than that. I realized that a lot of it meant they were better suited towards taming pokegirls, but I had the feeling that a girl like Yang was stronger than she looked.

But then, maybe some friendly sparring was just the thing I needed to awaken my hidden powers?

“Okay, you’re on!” I copied that motion Yang had down, swinging myself over the wooden railing… and caught my foot on it, throwing me off balance and flipping me upside-down so that I smacked my head against the wood on the way down, thankfully flipping again on the way down so that I landed on tailbone instead of my face.

“Ow… ow ow…”

Yang might have casually jogged to the arena, but she was back to me in a flash, kicking up a small cloud of sand in her wake. “Dude! You okay?”

“I don’t…” The pain was intense, but when she reached out her hand, I was able to take it and stand up. I didn’t seem to have broken my ass in front of her. Lucky. But then, it didn’t even seem bruised. “Huh. I think I might be a little tougher than I thought.”

Yang laughed, most of it from relief that her new roommate hadn’t seriously injured himself in the dumbest way. “Nice. That means you might be a nice punching bag.”

“As long as you don’t mind a bit of grappling,” I fired back. I’d been on the wrestling team in high school, and I had at least fifty pounds on her, not to mention a solid height and reach advantage.

“Tell you what. If you can take these off.” She put her thumb under her sports bra and pulled it out, revealing a flash of underboob before letting it snap back into place. “I’ll keep them off for the rest of the night.”

“ that a deal or no?” Yang asked after I stared at her silently for seven seconds with my mouth open.

“Yes! I mean… right. Yeah. Sounds fair.” My roommate was offering me the chance to strip her naked the very same day I’d first met her. Hell, my roommate would have been the hottest girl I’d ever met, except that she was simply the norm at this place. And if the other women here were half as promiscuous as she was…

I had a feeling I was going to enjoy my time here at Pocket Monster University.

Lying on my back and staring up at the stars, all the bones in my body feeling like they had been shattered into dust, I was not enjoying my time here at Pocket Monster University.

After an hour of sparring with Yang, I’d learned a few things.

First, I hadn’t just gotten lucky on that fall off the patio. My body had become more durable ever since I’d met my mother, the same as my new immunity to fire. Or maybe gaining these abilities is what made my mother decide to finally come and see me? Maybe my dad had a bunch of children all over the place, but only a few would inherit these abilities? Table that for later. For now, I just knew that what would have sent me to the hospital earlier would now only knock me on my ass.

Related to the first point, the second thing I learned was that I’d vastly underestimated Yang. Forget my weight and height advantage. The girl wasn’t just stronger than she looked; she was a monster, knocking me around like a child. She would deliver open-palm strikes to my chest or head that would knock me backwards, coming at me with a relentless combo until I’d gone down.

I noticed the third thing as I was trying to recover, my body not yet wanting to get up: I didn’t seem to be able to sweat any longer. Even if I’d spent the past hour mostly getting my ass kicked, I’d still been running around constantly, doing my best to defend myself. Yang had a healthy glow of sweat all over her, but my skin was dry.

I asked Yang about it, assuming everyone here would know more about this stuff than I would.

“Dunno.” She shrugged. “Could be related to one of your Abilities? Want to have a look?”

I took out the phone—according to Yang, these things were durable enough to take a sledgehammer, so I hadn’t felt the need to leave it outside of the arena—and navigated back to my profile. The first thing I noticed was that my skills had changed.

Skills: Fire (+0), Psychic (+0), Athletics (+0), Toughness (+0)

“That’s new. This morning the only two I had were Psychic and Fire.” I looked at the Abilities section, but it was still the same. Born in Flames, plus two unknown skills.

“Oh. Never seen that one before. What’s it do?” Yang asked while looking over my shoulder, her breasts flattening against my back.

I swallowed, doing my best to not be distracted. “It’s ah… I don’t get burned. By fire. My mom was a fire-type pokegirl. Is. She’s not dead or anything.” Why couldn’t I have a smooth talk Skill?

“Ooo… nice! Here, check me out.”

She held her phone up to mine and there was a ding, with a message New Friend Added.

When I tapped on the message, it took me to Yang’s profile, formatted in the same way as mine, minus her balance.

Yang Xing

Level: 5

Skills: Fire (+2), Martial Arts (+1), Athletics (+1), Toughness (+1)

Abilities: Feverish High

Corruption: 13%

Harem: 0/1

“No wonder I couldn't lay a hand on you.” I said, as I took a look. I expanded the Feverish High Ability to see what it said: The Trainer’s physical abilities improve relative to the heat they are experiencing.


“So you get a power-boost when you use a fire attack?” I asked.

“Yeah. Or if someone is dumb enough to use one on me. Almost like a direct upgrade of yours.” Yang giggled at that.

Fire Immunity vs Fire Absorption? If this was a videogame, she’d certainly be right.

“But hey! If you’re immune to fire, then that means I could let loose on you. Want to go another round? This time, I promise I won’t touch you with anything but flames.”

“Let’s do it!” I agreed immediately. The way she said it, she was as excited to get her clothes off as I was to take them off, and this was more than enough of a handicap, I thought.

Round two was going to be different.

Round two did not go well.

On the bright side, the Born In Flames ability did keep me safe. No matter how hard Yang tried, her flames only felt like a stiff breeze at their worst. With some training, I think that I’d be great at capturing fire-type pokegirls in the future.

But even if I was immune to her fire… my clothing was not.

The phone I’d received was fine, as heat-proof as it was impact-proof, but everything from my red t-shirt to my sneakers had been burnt and melted away into slag.

Yang was both very apologetic and struggling to contain her laughter, hiding her mouth behind her hand. “Ahhhaha! Sorry, sorry! I owe you, okay? We’ll go shopping, get you a new outfit. I think the campus town sells extra durable clothing. I just thought you were wearing some like me.”

“Honest mistake.” It was taking a lot of willpower to just stand there and not cover myself up with my hands. “But maybe we should head back inside?”

“Sure. Here. Let me give you some cover.” Yang threw her arm around my waist and helped me walk. I could walk under my own power just fine, but it helped obstruct my body from view as we made the trip back.

The walk of shame back to the stairs of the patio, then across three more glass sliding doors, was mostly without incident. Two of the doors had their curtains closed, while the third—well, it was my first time getting wolf-whistled, and it wasn’t too bad.

“Damn, dude. You’re really packing, though. If I’d seen this sooner, maybe I would have asked if we could have done our workout inside,” Yang said as we finally made it to our room.

Yuna and Faye were in their room, so the only one who saw us come in was Lina. “You two been rutting?”

I was going to get dressed, but decided that with all the ash and sand still clinging to my body, I might as well go for a shower first. Plus, I might not have been sweating, but everything was still aching. “Just a bit of exercise. Yang can tell you all about it if she wants.”

One downside to my new abilities was that I couldn’t really take a hot shower any longer. Even with the water steaming up the mirror, the water felt just above lukewarm on my skin. As I started scrubbing myself down with soap, I heard the door open.

“Yang?” Did she want to share the shower.

“Try again,” Lina said as she pulled aside the shower curtain and stepped into the water with me.

She wrapped her arms around me from behind, her breasts pushing against my back. Unlike Yang’s, these breasts were far too big to easily be flattened. Two slippery soft pillows acting as a barrier between us, and I could feel her nipples pressed against my back.

“You were looking excited back there, so I thought I’d help you calm down, little bro.” Her hand trailed down, then wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Walking naked side-to-side with Yang, I hadn’t been able to suppress my excitement, and it was standing up at the full ten inches. I couldn’t have hidden it if I wanted to.

“How about it, bro?” Lina asked, giving the back of my ear a lick.

I don’t know what had made Lina make a move on me now of all times, but I wasn’t about to refuse her. She’d been teasing me with that body of hers since I’d met her, and the past three nights had been filled with fantasies of her.

Plus, as she’d explained to me herself, I could add her to my harem any time I wanted to, so long as I made her orgasm hard enough.

The only question was… how was I going to do it?