Chapter 3
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7th Heaven Chronicles

Chapter 3

Intelligence gathering plays a major role in today's warfare as intelligence provides us with knowledge about what the enemy may be doing or is going to do in the future. Intelligence can be about enemy weapons, troop strengths, troop movement activity, and future operational plans, to name just a few.




Hostess of Fertility

The Hostess of Fertility sits on a yellow brick lined street. It is a two story building made of white stone that has the depth of a neat inn. As it is located along the Western Main Street, it is usually filled with a lot of customers. The front entrance has a set of double doors with wood carvings decorating the frame. Carvings can be seen in various places on the front of the pub. The Hostess of Fertility sign can be seen on the left side of the entrance, as well as on an overhanging sign with a crossed fork and knife. 

Inside was a well lit cozy space, client entering and going was recurrent enough that Flower understood that the pretty girls and the food was what mainly attracted the men to this place. But it wasn't just their last that attracted the adventurers, it was an excellent place to exchange information.

Flower walked to the bar counter, robe billowing as she moved. The men and women present looked on as she moved as if she glided instead of walking. When she sat at the counter, she was met by the tall brown haired dwarf woman cleaning glasses. The woman wore a blue above the knee dress with long puffed sleeves and a white collar with a white apron.

“Good afternoon, I’d like a bottle of your best wine and beef stew, please.” Flower asked amiably.

The proprietress stopped cleaning the glass in her hand and put it on the counter and looked at Flower and then a demi-human cat behind her took note of the new client's order and disappeared in the kitchen.

“You are new here. My name is Mia Grand, the owner.” The tall dwarf woman commented, she looked at Flower with wariness because she kept her face hidden.

With a big smile on her face, Flower eagerly answered, “Yes, I arrived in town two days ago with my family. My name is Flower.” She put her hand forward to shake Mia’s.

The woman shook Flower’s hand firmly. From the way she didn’t cry out in pain because of how tightly she held it, Mia guessed that Flower was an adventurer. “Peculiar name that… Flower.”

Said Flower simply smiled back at the Propriestess and took back her hand. The brunette looked around herself, there were a lot of people inside, a Minstrel was singing by playing the luth. It was a soothing kind of music but Flower still liked the music of her world better, her favorite genres were symphonic music and some slum rap.

“So have you already joined a Familia?” Flower heard Mia ask her.

The brunette turned her head toward Mia and nodded. “Yes, we really like our Goddess. She’s so sweet and caring.”

Then Flower began gushing about Hestia and how warm and good she was, and how her and her sister-wife treated her like a doll by making her wear clothes they made. Mia laughed at that, “I see, you got a really good one.”

Internally, the Hostess’ owner told herself that this girl before her wasn’t warrior material, more of a support member. She couldn’t be more wrong though. Mia continued to make good conversation. “You came here to know more about our fine city. Familia captains often come to my pub to get the lay of the land.”

“And also for the food!” Flower piped up. “I heard only good things about your pub, mistress Mia.”

Mia sighed and rolled her eyes. “I’m no mistress, please call me Mia.”

“Sure.” Flower chuckled.

Mia returned to work when more Adventurers arrived and came to the counter; it was ten minutes later that the cat demi-human girl with short black hair came with her order. “Here’s your food and wine.” The waitress left the bottle of wine, a bowl full of stew with a wooden spoon before Flower.

Flower didn’t like greasy food, this stew had a lot of fat inside and was unbalanced. Seven would scream after anyone who cooked this. The brunette took off her hood, and her face finally became visible. The Cat girl from earlier looked at her with fascination; the men at the counter stared at her with clear lust, even spilling some beer on their pants as they were distracted by Flower’s beauty.

Clear skin, shiny green eyes and long straight brown hair; if they didn’t know better the woman would pass for a Goddess herself. But the lack of a divine Aura told them that she was mortal. Not paying any attention to her surroundings, Flower began to eat gracefully. 

The stew wasn’t bad, but just a bit fatty. *The stew could have used more time over the fire.*

Seven would have done better, Flower thought internally. When she was done, Flower poured herself some wine and for once had nothing bad to say about it, it was good and fruity. Somehow, it was low on alcohol, clearly Mia looked out for women to not let them go drunk in the streets; bad things could happen to them.

As she was sipping on her wine, Mia came to Flower again. "So what do you want to know?"

Flower delicately put her mug on the counter, having finished to drink her wine.  "Everything! But we should start with who are the big Familia out there?"

"Oh, I can tell you that." Mia said with a handsome smile. "First we have the Freya Familia as uncontested number one in Orario, they are the Hostess’ sponsor. In second place, we have Loki's Familia."

Already, a picture was forming in Flower’s mind as Mia spoke. "Then we have the Ganesha Familia in third place, Ishtar in fourth, and then Hephaestus in fifth place."

Flower had listened to Seven who had told her that before, but she only knew the broad strokes of this world’s setting: Freya bad, Loki is a no good trickster and a drunk, Ishtar is a morally bankrupt Goddess and Hephaestus is a good person as is her Familia. They needed to know more than that to survive in this place. "Mia, you gave me the big names, now please tell me, what's the deal with the mid range and lower ranked familias, rumors and theories are welcome."

Mia laughed and told her bluntly, "You'll have to buy more for this, girly."

*Challenge accepted* Flower gave the pub owner a wicked smile.

"Oh I have one better." Flower took her money pouch and fetched ten golden coins that she stacked on the counter and shouted, "Everyone! All your drinks are on me! Let's get this party started!!"

A deafening cheer broke out of the entire assembly of Adventurers and normal people. Mia glared at Flower, but her gaze fell on the one hundred thousand Valis and she pocketed them and turned to open all the beer barrels.

It was two hours later that Flower excited the hostess of fertility and cast a cure spell that flushed all of the alcohol from her body. “Esuna.”

Green lights subtly covered her body, hidden by her black robe, then slowly faded. Flower felt good and began to stretch herself, she walked toward the dungeon to meet her familia, it was their first dungeon dive. She skipped on her feet happily, humming a song.





The dungeon is seemingly alive, spawning monsters from walls and ceilings and repairing itself on its own. The dungeon is vast with the floors becoming progressively larger the deeper it gets. It takes at least five days for a party to reach the 50th floor. While the upper floors can be soloed or done with a pair, starting from the middle floors one must create a party or risk death.

Remembering the words of their advisor, the trio, members of the Hestia Familia, had brought enough gear to stay the night for their first delve. Wolf and Seven waited for Flower to finish her intelligence gathering mission and to come to them. The Familia captain came while singing and skipping all the way, her chest doing interesting movements.

Seven threw at Flower a well-cared-for staff. Flower twirled it in her hand and slammed the butt of the staff on the ground.

“You’re late.” Wolf accused, taking his large buster sword and planting it in the ground at his side, waiting for the black robbed brunette's excuse.

The brunette slowly walked toward him and went to hug him. “Sorry, sorry. I got a bit carried away in the pub.”

“So what’s the verdict?” Seven was tightening her well-worn leather gloves, the skin it was made of had many patches of discoloration, showing that they have seen their fair share of fights. When she was done checking her gear, she approached Flower and hugged her from behind, her hands on the brunette's flat belly.

Flower moaned a little, she loved this sensation of being sandwiched between her two lovers, but she had to focus, they could fuck later. “This place has a seedy underbelly similar to home, you wouldn’t believe the stories that people told me once I loosened their lips with wine and beer. It reminds me of Sector 7.”

Seven nodded, it was just like she expected; take out all the glitter and now you see the shit underneath it all. “Well okay, we will speak about it with Hestia later and how to deal with the criminal elements of the city.”

Wolf kissed Seven full on the mouth, in a smooch and let go of the two women; there were whistles and catcalls from the other Adventurers who passed by them at the show they just gave while they were leaving and coming to the dungeon. Seven and Flower giggled when Wolf started reddening. As they let go of each other, Wolf finally asked, “Everyone is ready? We will enter in our original formation, me first, I will take point; Flower between Seven and me.”

"I will protect our rear." Seven sing-songed and slapped Flower's ass.

“Yeah, lead the way Wolf.” Flower glared at Seven before she followed the blonde swordsman when he turned his back on her and walked with the back of his sword on his shoulder.

Slowly they were now descending the stairs leading to the upper floors of the dungeon, as they advanced, the walls turned from stone grey to a light blue; they started hearing sounds, inhuman ones. They opened their senses and heard things coming toward them. An excited thrill spread amongst the group and Wolf put himself into position.

Three short green and plump creatures that were humanoid with large eyes ran at them. Flower twirled her staff and fired three pinkish bolts of magic at them. She accurately hit each one, staggering them, allowing Wolf to charge and crush them with his buster sword separating their lower body from their upper one.

They continued to advance, until they reached a wide hallway. Seven remembered their Advisor calling it the Beginning Road. It was getting more common for them to get attacked, Flower killed the little green humanoid at a distance, when there were too many of them Wolf sliced and diced them; Seven used her new inventory system to siphon the monster cores the dead monsters left on the ground when they disappeared. 

Thanks to an enchanted bracelet she wore on her right arm, it attracted the drop item or core and stored it into her bag of holding. It was a nice system that she was proud to have thought of, it made their dungeon experience really more interesting. Flower began to get really into it as she started killing scores of goblins with her Tempest AOE attack that exploded into the goblin’s ranks. 

“Total slaughter!” Flower began to sing.

The goblins were getting wise, and scattered to not get taken out by the explosions, they decided to charge the trio from all sides.

“Total slaughter!” A golden sphere of magic deployed around Flower, arcing electric bolts killed all the goblins who thought that she was easy prey at close range. “I won’t leave a single goblin alive.”

Seven simply charged each of them at high speed and dispatched them with a flurry of powerful strikes, the strength and speed she used with her kicks and punch increasing as she got into her rhythm.

“Ladidadida.” Wolf unleashed a stream of fire from his sword burning a group of five. A wave of green chitering monsters flanked Wolf and ran at him with stone axes and wooden spears. He blocked them with the body of his buster sword, using all his strength to bat away at them and sending them sailing into the air; only for Seven to appear above them and somehow using her magic to roast them with a wave of fire erupting from her fist. 

Two goblins that escaped being charred by her fire magic didn’t survive for long as Seven caught them by the neck while in midair, dived with powerful impetus and slammed the goblins into the ground, killing them instantly by crushing all the bones in their bodies. 

“Genocide.” Flowers continued to sing as they dealt with the seemingly endless wave of enemies. She was running out of mana at that point, but that didn’t stop her from launching and overpowering the next spell, that was actually special. From her staff a big ball of pink magical energy shot and slammed into the row of goblins.

They started to scream as Flower began to siphon magic from their cores. The more they rushed toward her, the less energy they had; inevitably they fell on the ground, energy drained. They disappeared in a puff of black aether, not even leaving a core, Flower having drained it completely. “Ladidadida.”

Flower turned and saw that Wolf and Seven had turned the hallway slick with the blood of goblins; she chuckled and then continued the song, “An ocean of blood.”

“Let’s begin, the killing time…” The brunette finished the last part, it was a terrible song; but killing was terrible business anyway.

Nothing moved anymore, somehow as they moved through the hallway, they killed everything that moved that weren’t adventurers. Said adventurers had fled the hallways, with good reason, they fled when the trio had started a monster frenzy. The goblins had a tendency to swarm to trap and kill the new adventurers. Without wanting to, Flower, Wolf and Seven triggered this event.

They didn’t notice it yet; Seven began to stretch her shoulder, taking care not to dirty her clothes under her black cloak with the monsters' blood soiling it. "Huh, nice warmup! They ain't so tough."

Flower and Wolf turned to Seven, shocked that she did just what she did. Wolf was the first to speak and glare at his woman. “Oh, no… you had to say that, T-Seven.”

Flower bonked Seven on the head with her staff. “You didn't just raise a flag?!”

It was just at that point that hundreds of holes opened in the walls and that dogs headed and black eyed green goblins started to exit them. Seven looked rather embarrassed from tempting fate like she did. “Oops...”

Wolf closed his eyes and sighed, and when he reopened them, he changed his stance to Operator Mode, striking the perfect balance between attack and defense. Flower simply slammed her staff on the ground and creating a magical circle, she summoned a fairy made out of aether and mana at her side to help her deal with the huge swarm. “Well, let's get started, shall we?”







Everything was going fine, thanks to his recent windfall from the Hestia Familia; Guts had been blessed with the attention of Cazca the beautiful tanned and black haired beauty working at the guild with him. She was an Amazon, and he knew that they didn’t stay attached for long, but maybe it was for the best that their relationship might be temporary.

He wanted to treat her well and have some spars with her to prove to her that he was worthy of her attention and maybe to knock up this beautiful, planturous and tight body of hers. It was what they wanted from men most of the time, after all.

Guts finished the paperwork he was writing and was about to call it a day when the door to the advisors office slammed open and Eina the Half-Elf newbie appeared. “Everyone! There’s a monster frenzy in the upper floors!”

Wolf, a demi-human, stood up in shock. “WHAT?!”

The other advisors cried out and exited their cubicles. Misha, a human who had entered the Guild at the same time as Eina asked, “How many?”

“We don’t know! They are literally swarming the first floor right now! Some of them are flooding to the surface!” Eina said in a panicky voice.

A monster flood happened from time to time when some higher level adventurer stayed too long in the upper floor and the dungeon wanted to kill them for killing too many of the grunt monsters. Guts looked behind him near the shelves and seized his sword, though it was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron as tall as he was.

“Call for anyone who’s available, we need to stop this flood!” Guts cried out and started for the door.

“Yes sir!” He heard the newbies acknowledge the order.

He was already out of the Guild HQ and sped toward the center of Orario at full speed. When he was already midway, Guts could hear people and weapons clashing. Already, adventurers were fighting into the street, killing the goblins and kobolds that had spilled out of Babel! Guts used his Bull Rush skill to bowl over some goblins by holding his Wyvern slayer greatsword. As he killed more and more monsters he got closer to Babel and with the other high level Adventurers finally reached the entrance of the tower.

The Loki, Freya and Morrigan Familias were at work in the tower and started killing things to access the stairs leading to the dungeon’s upper floors. After thirty minutes of intense combat to stave off the flood. They finally decided to descend into the ten meter long hole after checking if the way was safe, the archers took care of sniping any monster still in the spiraling stairs.

When they reached the Beginning Road, they were frightened by what they were seeing, the ground and the walls were glossy with blood instead of the light blue they should have been. It didn’t come from any adventurers, there were no bodies on the ground or in any of the numerous coves that were there. With wariness they started to descend. This trend still continued from floor two to four.

As they advanced, they were seeing damage from heat blasts and a lot of water that had left  magical residues on the rocks. The Adventurers at Guts’ side commented on it.

“Who the hell did this?”

“This is the work of high level adventurers, I’ll stake my sword on it.”

“Why is there no core on the ground? The blood on the wall and ground show that many monsters were killed, they should have generated many cores!”

As Guts listened to them, he couldn't help but think that they were right, there should be cores or drops. Was it an impromptu expedition from a high level Familia? Was it Freya flouting the rules again? No, the Freya Familia was at their side and they didn't know what was going on. The walls' color changed to a light green color, a sign that they were reaching the fifth floor. They started to hear fighting going on and a… laugh; someone was laughing while sounds of bones crushing could be heard from further down the corridor. The Goblins and Kobold’s screams were particularly strident and eerie; maybe because they weren’t the scream of glee and savage desire to kill. No, to Guts those were cries of anguish and fear.


Guts said as his eyes zeroed in on the corridor that was tainted red, “Sentry, go look at what's happening.”

The archer next to Guts nodded. “Okay.” he disappeared from view, the only tell tale of his presence were the footsteps’ depression that he left.

The old advisor thought that the scout still had things to learn as he still didn’t fix his footsteps problem and that he relied too much on his skill. Flashes of light and grinding sounds came from the corridor. The adventurers looked as the scout they sent down came back with a pale face, the alarm in his eyes was fully displayed to them. “Mister G-Guts! C-ome here!”

The old veteran frowned and sniffed in disdain at the scout. “What the hell, you should know your job! Scout the-”

Gyaaaaa!! Gyaaaaht! Three goblins crashed against the wall exploding in puffs of black smoke. Then it was a really large Kobold’s turn, it was the first time Guts got to see a Monster Rex of this breed. But it didn’t die when it slammed into the wall, and the beast was about to stand up, Guts was about to go confront it only to see a black figure blur to the monster in a stream of blue light and started to punch the monster’s body; a red aura covered this person’s body and next, they delivered a tremendous blow to the Monster Rex Kobold that shattered its head and the wall behind him that crumbled into a shower of debris and rocks.

The figure disappeared again in motes of blue lights, into the corridor. Guts and all the others ran toward the scene. They weren’t ready for the bloody spectacle before them.

“By Odin's saggy balls, what are they doing?!” A Freya Familia member asked.

Guts recognized those cloaked individuals, the big ass sword was a dead giveaway on who they were. Wolf launched his sword at a fleeing bird that looked like a rooster with fluffy yellow green feathers that disappeared in black puff of smoke as well, only a golden egg landed on the ground. 

“I got it!” A happy male voice shouted in happiness.

While another voice, female this time, said, “Finally, this thing was really fast for its size.”

There was a flash of green light, then Guts could finally see two members of the Hestia Familia covered in blood but seemed otherwise fine. The blood was obviously not theirs. Guts knew they were trouble, but not to this point!

The one called Flower asked the other female member. “Seven, are you done?!”

Guts turned his head to the other woman and shivered at the vision of what she was doing; the woman threw a Kobold into the air and jumped only to catch it and slamming it into another group of monsters and creating shockwaves. She kept disappearing and one-punching the stragglers who survived, crushing their skulls with either her hands and feet. “Die! Die! Die! Who told you to fucking ambush me!” 

The woman continued her one sided slaughter until the other members of her group finally noticed Guts’ group. 

“Oh, hey. We have company.” Flower was the first to notice them.

“You!” Guts pointed a finger at the trio accusingly.

Seven finally finished her onslaught and the red aura around her simply ceased, then she turned her head toward the newcomers. Some of the adventurers looked scared by the display. “Ah it’s the wannabe Guts guy. Look, he even got a rip off Dragonslayer sword.”

The brunette was pissing off Guts; even though he didn’t understand who she was comparing him to, the Guild employee got angry at the jab. Flower waved her hand and the slick blood on the ground disappeared, eliciting a surprised shock from the display of power and casual magic. Her robe and the clothes of her companion were now clean as well.

“Hello? What can we do for you?” Flower smiled at everyone gathered.


He would get them for making a fool out of him and creating this situation, that, Guts swore it!





Private box


Hestia watched on as her children were being chewed on since last night by the humongous werewolf Guild Advisor from last time. She had such a good time in the mobile home, Flower had shown her how to use the crystal TV and to see her show about Homeric stories about the Troy wars and the Odyssey; she loved this play, it was lengthy and poignant, she just arrived at the point where Achilles was killed by Trojan prince Paris.

She was sleeping before the crystal TV when a rude knock on the entrance of the mobile home awakened her. It was a pair Guild staff members who asked her to follow them to the Pantheon Guild building. Hestia was in her sleeping robe; a completely blue magic silk robe with a cooling enchantment on it. She yawned a bit, the goddess was really tired of all the shouting the man did.

“How could you do this!” Guts shouted, throwing out spit.

Fortunately, the Hestia Familia had a good distance between them and the berserk advisor and no saliva splattered on her. Flower was the first to answer the question. “Well… you see, we thought it was normal to have that many goblins attacking us, they were pretty weak individually, they had no strategy. They just rushed us unintelligibly, so we kept spamming our spells and area of effect attacks.”

Hestia nodded, the dungeon had tried to kill her children with a swarm of monsters, but they weren’t overwhelmed and just kept on killing the dumb beasts. Unfortunately, it seemed that one hundred or so monsters escaped from the Dungeon and flooded the city, something that shouldn'thave been possible because of her grandpa Ouranos' seal on the dungeon. The trio had caused what Guts called a monster flood and the adventurers and the combat capable guild staff had to kill the goblins attacking the center of the city.

Guts looked completely frustrated. “That’s not what I mean! How do you have spells?! How are you this powerful already?”

Flower was playing with the man, it was clear; always making him think that she didn’t understand his question. Seven looked at the advisor and simply shrugged, “We trained. My master has taught me the Zangan-Ken martial arts since I was little.”

Seven appeared a little listless as the man glared at her; she had already said that before. But Guts was relentless in interrogating them. Flower piped up as well, but added a bit of information that sounded half true to her speech, “I was taught magic in our previous home! I come from a long lineage of mages, shamans, and spirit users.”

It was true that she came from a long lineage of mage, but she wasn’t taught; what did this mean to Hestia? Flower was self-taught?

Wolf answered laconically, “I was trained to be a soldier when I left my village. I have fought monsters and men alike since then.”

His arms were around the two girls' waist; and Hestia was on his laps. The old warrior stood up and finally had had enough and said, "We need to check your status."

It was five minute later that a really fat Elf with white hair, green eyes, and short legs entered the private box. His fat made his height seem small, making the girls giggle as they saw him. The man wore a black suit of quality fabric.

“Good morning, I am Royman Mardeel, Guild Head. We have come to check your Familia member’s status, Goddess Hestia. If you would cooperate, it would help.”

“I don’t like him.” Seven glared at the man, he didn’t even acknowledge them.

Royman glared at the dark haired woman with the red eyes; her eyes showed how she wanted to crush him somehow. It was like being stared at by a powerful predator.

“Me neither.” Flower nodded, her expression was closed off, a sure sign that she didn’t like the man. Royman was used to those kinds of things, but it was the first time that someone told him openly to his face that they didn’t like him.

He looked at Hestia who didn’t chastise her Familia members; the man sighed, lamenting at the Goddess laissez faire.

The girls were made to go first, and Royman began to read the current information available on their status. Wolf was next, and Royman couldn’t find anything wrong with their status. So he left with a grumpy snort after saying goodbye to Hestia who waved at him and turtled on the sofa and began sleeping.

Guts couldn’t believe it, those three fought at least like level 5 or equivalent, there was no way that they were normal level 1! They literally killed an army of goblins by themselves! The advisor flinched at this and realized that there was something wrong! “The cores! What about the cores of the monsters you killed?”

Flower snorted at the man, and turned to her girlfriend. “Seven, show him your new doodad.”

Crossing her arms and glaring at Guts, Seven said, “Must I really?”

The brunette laughed and put a hand on Seven’s arm. “Come on! It will be fun to see his face when he see it.”

Guts was ticked that they just wanted to annoy him for their amusement. Seven turned to him and smiled impishly. “Ah, okay. Here it is.”

The dark haired woman showed him a solid silver bracelet with green and red gems. Guts raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t want to see your jewelry.”

Seven shrugged and pointed her hand at the teacup on the table and a ray of white light emitted from her hand and the teacup simply disappeared. Guts looked completely gobsmacked. “What the-”

But Seven didn’t stop here and took her back and began taking something in it. It was the tea cup that she put back on the table. “Here, my cores are in the bag, an enchanted bag.”

Guts looked from the bracelet to the cup and to the bag. He didn’t understand what he had just seen. *What type of magic was that?!*

“Wow, looking at his dumbfounded face is so satisfying.” Flower said, as she chuckled with a satisfied nod. Seven laughed like a loon and Wolf was simply closing his eyes, not concerned by the situaton, his arms were around Hestia’s waist.

Guts realized that those people were going to be the death of him; people were going to try to kill them for the artefacts they possessed. But he was reassured that it wasn’t the case; Seven began speaking about how she was an enchanter and a crafter, and how she could tie items to her soul, she could do the same to weapons as well. Hestia was happy about that fact, their equipment wouldn’t work for anyone else but them.

“I’m going to open a weapon and item shop and I will sell the finished inventory system to other Familias in an auction.” Seven said proudly with a hand on her chest.

Flower cheered silently for her girlfriend, taking care to not wake up the other two who were sleeping on the green sofa. Guts could believe those two…“You… you need more members before doing that. The city and the underworld crime Familias might be in chaos because of you. This changes everything, even the supporter system.”

Seven and Flower looked at each other, a bit worried by what Guts just said. “Okay… but if they come after us, they die.”

Guts looked at the two women, they were serious. He didn’t care much about those who would underestimate those three, they fought like level 5, he wanted to see what they would become when they genuinely reached this level. 

“I wouldn’t expect any less.” Guts said as he stood up and left.

The meeting broke like this, the Guild bought the Jack Bird's Golden Egg from them, and they were 1,000,000 Valis richer. Flower decided to make this money Hestia’s pocket money for when she wanted something. They left the Pantheon with Wolf who transported Hestia on his back, the tiny goddess was sleeping without a care in the world.

A/N: Yes, I know I made some change about how the seal on the dungeon work; the surface can still get invaded if some people get to go ham in the dungeon in this AU Danmachi. And the trio has kept their high stats from their previous world, they'd be level 100 in FF7, the Falna system is still going to give them minor boosts, like 10% each level in all attributes, can't wait for the time when they get to level 10.

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