Chapter 7
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7th Heaven Chronicles

Chapter 7

“I am fated to journey hand in hand with my strange heroes and to survey the surging immensity of life, to survey it through the laughter that all can see and through the tears unseen and unknown by anyone.”

― Nikolai Gogol 



(Adrestia Cranel)


Vesta District
Interrogation room
47 minutes later


Adrestia had been so happy when she met Tifa Lockhart, but now that she was sitting in a room with bare walls and only a table and two chairs in it, she regretted following her like a lost puppy. This looked like an interrogation. Miss Lockhart wasn't the one to come through the door, it was Aerith Gainsborough! 

Adrestia recognized her light-brown hair and her signature hairstyle, with her emerald green eyes. What she wore was completely different though; it wasn't the shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and red bolero jacket from the game, but a asymmetric black silken robe showing off her cleavage and which stopped at her knee, and showed off her awesome suede high boots that Adrestia was getting seriously jealous of.

Aerith pulled a chair and said, "Greetings, Adrestia Cranel." 

Remembering what happened with Tifa Lockhart and her warning her about using her real name; Aerith must be doing the same thing. "Hello… Miss Gainsborough. By which name are you going by in this world?"

The excuse Miss Lockhart had given her seemed flimsy at best, but her presence here in Danmachi showed Adrestia that she couldn’t trust her metaknowledge or everything she knew about the setting. Tifa Lockhart and her group might have been here longer and affected the events happening in the city; just the fact that Saeko Busujima was here too and just joined the Familia was telling Adrestia that canon went off course.

The Vesta District, it looked like a little village inside Orario; Hestia is supposed to be a squatting goddess, living in a destitute church. But no, when they came in; it was shown that the Goddess lived in the big ass mansion at the center of the district with multiple businesses supporting the Familia.

Adrestia thought that all those changes must be due to Aerith and Tifa’s meddling, she knew that they had business acumen. Tifa was a barmaid and Aerith a flower girl in the game showing their story.

"You even know me too, huh. I am known as Flower, here." The brunette sat on the chair across from Adrestia.

The teenage girl couldn’t stop herself from fangirling as one of her favorite heroines was before her and said, "Well yes, I would recognize you anywhere; you're one of my favorite heroines, I cried when I saw you die."

Miss Flower's lips twitched in discomfort when she heard the whisper of the teenage girl.

"I relished that moment when I killed Sephiroth in the game." Adrestia said with a cold tone that made Flower smile.

"I like you, and you're right, Sephiroth was a madman. I can't wait to kill him for real…" Miss Flower finally smiled at Adrestia. 

The silver haired girl said idly, "Yeah, tell me about it, he was like hella sus. Wait, you didn't murder him yet?" Then she realized that Flower had just given her a lot of info there.

Flower’s smile became more frightening. "Not yet, but soon we will. If you’re on the up and up, you might even be there for it." Her verdant gaze speared Adrestia as she leaned forward and linked her hands together and put her chin over them. "So, Adrestia…"

"Call me Adi, please." The teenager sat straight in her chair, a bit frightened by the probing eyes of the Cetra woman.

After this breaking of the ice, the brunette's eyes focused on Adrestia, it was like Aerith's previous jovial attitude had been a lie. "Adi. Can you tell me about your previous life and how you reincarnated?"

The question was too probing, Adrestia didn’t like to remember how she died in previous life and the meeting with that being who snapped up her soul from limbo to give her a choice to entertain it. With a trembling voice, the silver haired girl said, "Must I?"

The Cetra woman nodded. “I’m afraid that you must, Adi. If you don’t… let’s say that we have agency to get rid of any reincarnated or dimensionally displaced denizens here. Depending on their affiliation, or who sent them to this world, they disrupt the flow and narrative these worlds depend on.”

Adrestia frowned; she didn’t like what she heard. "What are you, the police?"

Was she going to be treated like an illegal alien after she spent fourteen years here? And what about Tifa, Aerith and Cloud? How aren’t they disrupting the flow of this world? When she entered the Vesta district, Adrestia noticed how many no name adventurers had joined the Hestia Familia. *I mean they made Hestia into an up and coming Goddess!*

Aerith made a dark smile that gave Adrestia’s chills. "Actually, yes. Yes, we are."

Something told the silver haired girl that they’ve been waiting for someone like Adrestia for however long they’ve been here. But it seems that they’ve planted roots in this world for something else… Adrestia didn’t want to get ‘pruned’ like in that dumb MCU TV show with that even dumber theme of a golden timeline; what was its name again? Ah, yeah the TVA. It’s been fourteen years since she didn’t have any media consumption. 

Her shoulders fell and Adrestia sighed. "Shit, fine, okay…"

Aerith leaned in her chair, finger linked. "Go on, I'm all ears."

"Uhm, well fourteen years ago, I died."

Adella Wright was her original name in her previous life, she was a petite blonde of 169 cm with amber eyes. Her story started when she went to the beach with her college friends for summer. Adella was on a boat with some of her girl friends, partying hard. There was booze and good food, and some r&b mix playing in the background. 

Aerith interrupted Adrestia as she recounted her experience. "Mmh, you don't look like the type."

Adrestia raised an eyebrow at the interruption. "What?"

"You don't look like a party girl." Aerith said.

The silver haired girl laughed awkwardly. "Ah, that's because I decided to focus on acquiring knowledge and magic; I wish to study hard and my teacher taught me etiquette and ingrained in my psyche on how to be a lady into me…  And I think how I died changed me a bit. I've become more… cautious."

The brunette grimaced. "I see, and I apologize for interrupting you. Please, continue."

It was night on the boat and most people were smashed, Adrestia in particular; she was emptying her stomach overboard. She felt herself being pushed by someone and ended up into the water. She heard someone shout her name but she wasn’t cognisant enough to be able to effectively swim. Adrestia struggled as much as she could in the water but she sank in the sea and eventually, her lungs filled with water and everything went dark.

Next, Adrestia woke up in a white space while still in her bikini and wet skin, she puked dry as there was nothing in her stomach or lungs. When she became cognisant enough, she panicked. Only to be helped by another woman of indistinct ethnicity; each time she blinked her skin tone changed as well as the color of her eyes and the texture of her hair.

It seems that she wasn’t supposed to die that day, so the female entity who took her offered her three boons and Adrestia was going to be sent into the world the entity chose. The woman chose the world of Danmachi, as for her boons? Adrestia chose to be reborn as Bell’s twin sister as this would make her able to get to the action right away and be in position to make him avoid the thirsty Goddesses. Freya and Hestia creeped Adrestia out… She chose the Essence of skill mastery and archmage. She then was ushered inside a portal and lost consciousness for over 4 years.

“And this is how I ended up in a village 200 km from Orario, living as Bell’s older sister, let me tell you. Living with an old pervert and a rambunctious boy wasn’t easy. I had to be the adult in the room.”

“I know the feeling.” Aerith laughed.

“Do you believe me?” Adrestia asked with a little voice; it was a part of her life that she didn’t tell about to Zeus or Bell, her own brother.

The Cetra woman nodded. “I do.”

As if a weight was lifted from her shoulders, Adrestia sighed. “Thank you.”

The brunette nodded and raised from her chair. “You’re free to go.”

The door to the interrogation room opened, a familiar tall blonde man with a huge sword at his back and black clothes appeared in the doorjamb. His soulful blue eyes bored into Adrestia, who stepped back as if she was being stared at by a wolf.

Aerith slapped Cloud’s arm and glared at him. “Stop it, honey. You’re scaring the new recruit.”

This sentence completely floored Adrestia, her curiosity overrode her fear. “Huh, you’re married? Wow, but my ship was Cloud x Tifa.”

Aerith turned toward Adrestia and chuckled at what she said, “We decided to share him, it’s more Tifa x Cloud x Aerith here.”

With eyes wide, Adrestia’s cheeks flushed red as she yelled a fangirlish scream. “Kyaaaa! Oh My Goddess!”

Cloud shook his head while Aerith said to her husband. “Wolf, could you bring the newbie to go get her divine tramp stamp at Hestia’s?”

So his name was Wolf in this world, Adrestia decided to use it. It was so fitting, he did look like one. Adrestia flinched at what Aerith called what getting a Falna was like. “Could… could you call the falna bestowal ceremony something else, please?”

“No.” Aerith laughed and left the room, leaving her under the mistrustful gaze of Cloud, the black wolf. She would so prefer to be with the Cetra woman than being confronted by this guy… after all, she was a Vincent Valentine fan.



(Saeko Busujima)


June 30th
Hestia Familia mansion

Saeko exited the falna marking room; waving her hand at Goddess Hestia who waved back. As she stepped in the waiting room, Saeko adjusted her battle kimono for a second, then she looked up. Waiting for her was Seven who was reading a book, and Bell Cranel the new recruit who entered the marking room after her.

“Bye, Saeko-san!” The boy said when he passed her.

The door closed when the boy entered; Seven closed her book and stared at Saeko. “Cute kid. He is crushing on you, you know that?”

Saeko reddened, “I’ve just arrived in this city, Seven-san.”

Seven chuckled, as if what Saeko said was particularly funny. “Let me tell you how it works here, Saeko-chan. Boys like him move fast in this medieval world, don’t you know? Expect him to look for you later and invite you on a date.”

“Oh.” The purple reddened as Seven explained the lay of the Land to her.

She stood up from the bench in the waiting room. “Yes, oh. So be careful, don’t agree to any date unless you’re intending to settle down with someone.”

Saeko bowed. “Thank you for looking out for me, Seven-san. Navigating this new culture might become a challenge after all…”

The black haired woman nodded, acknowledging that she helped Saeko and then she grabbed her and pulled her out of the room. After they exited the manor, Seven led Saekoout of the Vesta Manor toward the area where the entrance of the Vesta district was; standing next to the imposing walls and Adamantium gates was the 7th heaven Bar/Restaurant/Inn/Ballroom.

“This is…” Saeko couldn’t find the words, the building reminded her of an era manor from a fantasy novel, but the sign announced that this was an inn, a restaurant, a bar and a place where you could organize parties and other types of venues and events.

“How much did this cost?” She glanced at Seven who was smiling at Saeko.

*She must feel proud of what she has built* Saeko guessed.

Seven put a hand on her shoulder, patting it patronizingly. “This isn’t a matter of cost when you’re a mage and an alchemist, Saeko-chan.”

“Oh.” Saeko really needed to get used to all that magic stuff. They continued to walk toward the entrance.

 Seven smiled at her, saying idly, “You’ve got so much to be taught, but don’t you worry! I will be with you every steps of the way.” The black haired woman opened the door of the bar/restaurant.

JINGLE. A bell announced their presence and they were received by a bunch of animal heared women in maid uniforms.

The interior reminded her of a modern bar, with a spacious room filled with tastefully crafted tables, chairs and benches. There was a large podium for entertainment as well; it showed that musicians or singers will be hired sometime later. The ambience inside was cozy and inviting, the bar was further placed into the room, and behind it, there was a literal wall full of alcohol of different colors. Next to the shelves are glass casks and wooden barrels were there as well, with signs in english: Beer, Wine, Mead, Whisky, Vodka, Sake.

On the rightmost part of the room we're stairs leading upstairs. Saeko wanted to explore there some more, so far everything was a mix of western and eastern decor.

“Welcome newbie!” A gray haired wolf girl in black maid uniform threw confetti at Saeko who looked bewildered.

A cat girl with blonde hair gasped as she looked at the tall purplette. “Wow, she’s stunning.”

"Saeko-chan, this is Xena; she's a werewolf. And this is Aya, a cat person. You'll see them often here as waitresses or cleaners. They also are the muscle here." Seven introduced each of the exotic demihuman.

"So she's our new barmaid!? You were right, Ma'am she's made for this job!" Xena looked at Saeko from head to toes with an excited expression.

Aya, the cat person poked at the werewolf with a know-it-all’ glance. "I told you! She's downright beautiful and will bring a ton of people here. Beauty sells."

Saeko awkwardly asked, “I’m here to work as the new… barmaid?”

Seven turned to her and threw her a thumbs up. “Yes. Working in a bar is going to educate you faster.”

The older woman was basically setting her up to be the face of the establishment and become an information broker. Saeko was feeling a bit of pressure right now. “If you say so...”

Seven patted Saeko's shoulder. "Don't worry, I will be there with you to show you the ropes! So, I hope you will like it here, there’s an apartment up there, it’s yours. It’s already furnished but… don’t forget to decorate it and be yourself. Hit me up if you want some Far East furniture!”

The Thaumaturgist looked at her pocket watch and said, “Training starts at five in the morning, tata!” Then she left and disappeared through the door with a jingle.

Saeko waved at the hurricane-like woman. “See you… later.”

Then she turned to the stairs and walked up to them to inspect her new abode.







Two hours later….
Vesta Manor
The Trio’s bedroom

It all started with Seven entering the bathroom while Wolf was there; she hung her towel on the wooden rack and entered the shower and focused on her ablutions. While watching his wife get soapy, Wolf thought about the silver haired girl he had accompanied earlier. She was a magic user and really into him somehow, she kept feeling up his muscles and watching him move.

He wasn't going to pull any move on a girl barely out of her preteen, Seven and Flower were adamant that they added Hestia and that Saeko girl into their couple though and Wolf didn't want to add any snag into their plans. While he thought this, Seven exited the shower cabin, looked at him and sashayed in his direction with a big smile.

"Scoot over." Seven ordered.

"Sure." Wolf listened and his back hit the border of the bathtub with his legs elongated. Seven entered the warm water and sat against him, with her head against his shoulder. 

Sigh. "Damn, I missed this."

"I missed you, Tifa." He whispered in her ear as his arms closed around her soft yet hard body, using their true name only happened in intimate moments like this. She oozed with feminine beauty and grace and she was all his for as long as she wished him to be around. The woman of his dreams has been too busy lately, it was why he started massaging her. Those moments were rare as Tifa and Aerith were being a busy bee, but they needed to make their Familia run, soon, when there would be more people, they might get more time to be with each other.

"Hmmm. And I you, Cloud." Tifa was luxuriating in the moment as her muscles relaxed and warmed.

"Really?" Cloud asked.

As proof, Tifa turned to him and kissed him full on the mouth; the young man opened his mouth and sought out her tongue. They dueled and lost themselves in their kiss, their pulmonary capacity too great to stop. The water in the bathtub had time to become cool when they stopped.

The two disengaged and Tifa finally let her head rest against her man's chest. "Aerith told me how you tried to put a baby in her last night."

Cloud remembered the scent of flowers, the taste of strawberry, of flesh hitting flesh and the pleasure brought to him and shared with his other wife. Aerith was stressed lately, all those nights doing paperwork and sitting behind a desk were not good for her. He… resolved to give her a massage and pamper her later.

Cloud replied, "I tried… but, without you there, it became too quick. She doesn't have the same stamina as you."

Tifa shrugged and chuckled. "Well, yeah… I love her anyway."

Cloud's gaze focused on his wife's falna status. "You're soon hitting level 2, Aerith too. When are you going back to the dungeon?"

Tifa's hands fell from Cloud’s body and into the water. "After tomorrow, I have some weapons and a focus to craft for the newcomers. I intend to get to the 18th floor, want to come?"

Cloud passed a hand in her long hair. "I will be there." He promised.

They exited the bathtub after drying up. They entered their bedroom where his wife disappeared in the walk-in wardrobe. Some minutes later when he had put his pants back on, he turned to see his woman appear from the wardrobe. Seven has put on a purple sheer short nightgown letting Cloud see the sexy black lace of her undies.

Cloud’s reason dwindled and was totally gone as he watched her move toward the vanity. He caught her arm and called her name, "Tifa."

"Hmm?" She asked, then opened her eyes wide as she saw the intense look Cloud stared at her with.

He pulled her against his body, kissed her neck and said, "I want you…"

"I can feel that~" She replied playfully as she felt up his bulging pants with her free hand.

*That's it! I will teach her a lesson!* Cloud caught Tifa and loaded her caveman style on his shoulder and walked up to the giant red bed taking half of the room and threw her on it.

He took off his pants and then looked up at Tifa who watched him with a coy smile on her lips. She bit her lower lips and gestured to him to come hither with her dexterous fingers. She spread her legs and Cloud noticed the crotchless panties, and her puffy needy vaginas lips which were glistening with Tifa’s juice.

*She knew what was going to happen, she did this deliberately!* Cloud thought as he slowly walked on all four of the beds, caught his wife's hips and started eating her out.

"Ahn! Ah!" He heard her moan as he French kissed her lower region.

Cloud felt his hair being pulled and his wife's fingertips caressing his scalp. And after a moment like a fountain, she climaxed on his face but he wasn't letting go as he worked Tifa over.

"Cloud, Cloud… I need you." Tifa begged.

Just as intended, the blonde man let go of her hips and climbed atop her and his painfully erect cock sheathed itself inside Tifa’s vagina. He looked into the red eyes of his wife and then moved; slowly at first, then he picked up his pace as their flesh slapped against each other loudly. Plap! plap! plap! plap!

Cloud started to get rougher with her, Tifa was no dainty Flower, she liked it this way. 

“Damn, I love looking at your tits jiggle.” He said as he was hypnotized by the movement of Tifa’s big breasts.

"Fuck me Cloud! Fuck me!" Tifa encouraged him and he listened as he literally was now fucking her in the bed, the bedspring barely holding on as the two physically powerful individual went at it. Plap! plap! plap! plap!

"Fuck, imma cum!" She screamed.

He took a fistful of her hair and kissed her hard, then asked, "Who do you belong to, Tifa? Whose cock you're only going to let enter your needy pussy?"

"You! I am all yours, Cloud!" She didn't even hesitate.

"Good girl, I'm gonna put my baby in that flat belly." Cloud moved in and out inside her, his climax nearly there.

She wrapped her muscular legs around his body, getting him closer to her. "Give it to me! Breed me! Put a little Cloud in my oven!"

Cloud speared her with his fat tool and shouted, "Get pregnant Tifa!" He shot his biggest load ever into her aching pussy while she screamed his name.

"Cloud!!!!" Tifa convulsed as she climaxed under him and held onto his body desperately. 

It was two minutes later when she let go of him, her legs like jelly, Cloud disentangled himself from her. Tifa’s pussy dripping with his sperm, Cloud was proud of that fact and hoped that she fell pregnant for real. That has always been his goal after they confronted Sephiroth.

Sigh. "That was the best…" His woman said with her face showing a really unladylike expression. What was it called again? Ahegao? Yes, that.

The door of their bedroom suddenly opened and a beautiful brunette entered; she wore an impish smile on her face. The three stared at each other for a moment and then…

"What about me, Wolf?" Flower asked as she walked up to them while discarding herself from her black dress.

“Ahn!” The only answer she got was Cloud catching her wrist and pulling her to the bed while she giggled with an expression full of glee. They didn't notice the little Goddess spying on them from the interstice of the door, she was touching herself as she watched Wolf plowing his two wives. 



(Bell Cranel) 


05:00 AM


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bell opened his eyes, still somnolent. The annoying ringing of a bell filled the room. He didn't recognize this ceiling, it was all white covered with something called plaster.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bell covered his head with his pillow and tried to wait it out, whoever was ringing the bell couldn't keep it up. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't going to happen…

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was knocking on his apartment's door rather brutally. 

They beat on the door again and Bell heard a familiar voice calling out to him. "Bell! Wake up! Bell!"

The teenager sat up and yelled back, "I am awake!"

The door opened, something that shouldn't be happening. *Weren't those doors locked by our personal magical aura?*

His sister barged into his room and she looked rather tantalizing, if Bell wasn't her brother he would be attracted to her. "Adi! What are you wearing?"

Adrestia rolled her eyes, took the packet in the crook of her right arm and threw it in Bell’s face. "Come on, go put this on."

Bell opened the packet and inside were two sets of training slacks. "Huh? Training clothes?" 

So the Familia even provided this? First the apartment, next the amenities and the free food at the bar restaurant. They had hit the jackpot when Miss Seven had caught them before Orario's gates. 

"Yes, hurry up." his sister pressed him.

Bell took no time in changing after his sister turned her back for him to put on his new clothes. When he was done she turned back to stare at him. "It's good on you, little brother."

She took his hands and pulled him toward the exit of his home. "Let’s go, we will have breakfast now!"

There was a recent development in the dorm, someone created a cafeteria that only opened in the morning. The meals were cooked at the 7th Heaven Bar/ Restaurant and transported here to the dorm in the cafeteria space where it was served still warm.

Bell descended the stairs with his sister and they saw through the panoramic glass window the inside of the cafeteria. There was a 'U' shaped serving counter that served as a bar as well. They could recognize Hestia serving food to her children. Tables and chairs that were filled with many women who were eating and talking to each other.

Two men, a dark haired half-elf with an imposing build and a muscular blonde man sat at the counter, discussing something. When the two siblings entered through the door, everyone turned toward them. The air smelled of food and the atmosphere was warm.

Adrestia let go of her brother's hand and walked up to the serving counter where a smiling Goddess greeted them, ladle in hand. "Bell, Adrestia! Good morning!"

Bell liked her beautiful smile and he answered her with one of his own. "Good morning, my Goddess."

"Morning, Goddess Hestia." Adrestia waved at the Goddess.

At the counter sitting next to mister Wolf was his wife, Seven. Bell greeted her as well. "Mrs Ti-Seven, good morning!"

The woman sipped on her mug, put it down and smiled. "Hello kids, I hope you had a good night?"

Bell nodded and with an excited raising of his arm in the air said, "The bed was so fluffy!"

Adrestia sat at the counter. "It was like being back to you know where, Ma'am."

"I bet." Seven said and Hestia refilled her mug with a brown like substance that smelled heavenly.

Hestia served some pastries to the adults and some on plates to the teenagers. But before they could dig in, Flower arrived in her own training outfit and greeted everyone, "Everyone, good morning. "

Mrs Flower walked with a slight limp, Bell found it strange. She placed herself next to Seven and Wolf. 

"Morning, Mrs Flower!" Bell said while putting the pastry in his mouth.

Meanwhile, another person entered the cafeteria, it was the tall purplette with long legs. There was a katana sheathed at her hips on a sword belt, she wore the same outfit as everyone. 

"Morning, Saeko-san." Bell and everyone greeted her.

Seven waved at Saeko to come next to her. The girl blushed and gave a handsome smile, and walked up to the trio. "Morning."

Mrs Flower snapped her fingers and a giant screen of light appeared with her at the center. "Now that everyone is present, I am going to explain the changes that we executives have decided to apply to the training today!"

A black haired girl at least one year older than Bell stood up and yelled, "Please not the Arena!"

She looked like a far easterner with her long black hair, small frame and a panicked expression on her face as if this Arena she was speaking of was more dangerous than the dungeon. 

Mrs Flower smiled and reassured the girl. "Kusanagi-san, don't worry we won't be focusing on combat training in the first hours of the day. But we will divide you into groups to focus on your weaknesses." Four words appeared on the screen.

  • Stamina
  • Strength 
  • Speed
  • Magic

The picture of Adrestia appeared on screen and Bell was surprised that she was there. "Adrestia Cranel will be training with: Uyle Krishna, Renna Trakas and Ashera Dasalor. You girls will focus on helping the newbie with her offensive magic and her stamina."

Uyle, the Amazon stood up and said, "Sure!"

"Okay, captain!" Renna the Elf cheerily raised her hand.

The Amazon and the Elf high fives each other and then looked at Adrestia who gulped loudly. Mrs Flower continued to speak and the pictures of Saeko Busujima and Bell Cranel appeared. "Bell Cranel and Saeko Busujima will be training with: Wolf, Tyerr and his wife, Zalerya Mirakalyn. You guys need to train Bell, start with parkour and martial arts."

"That’s not my Forte, but I will make him able to throw a decent right!" Tyerr declared.

Wolf didn't say anything, he just nodded while looking at Bell intensely. The kid laughed nervously and scratched behind his head. 

Flower then surprised everyone by showing the picture of Miyo. "Kusanagi Miyo with: Seven, Aya, Sillavana Zumrie and me, Flower! Miyo and I need more speed training, so Seven and the others will be in charge of our training."

"You bet I will, babe." Seven piped up.

The dark haired woman turned to the Far Eastern girl and said, "Miyo, you'll love the obstacle course I've built!"

Miyo hid her face behind her hands; Bell was sure that there was a story behind how afraid she was of Mrs Seven creations. Then someone asked, "What about Xena?"

It was Tyerr, the muscle bound half-elf. Mrs Flower smoothly answered, "She’s holding the fort at the mansion for now."

The screen disappeared and Flower took a sip of the mug her sister-wife filled for her. Adrestia raised her hand and asked, "What are we going to do?"

It was Wolf who answered this time. "For now? Level one training: Start with 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, and go for a run for a 1 kilometer run (0.62 miles, that is). Level two: Move on to 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats, and a 2 kilometer run."

Adrestia gasped and shouted dejectedly, "Oh no! Don't tell me it's every day! This isn't One Punch Man!"

Wolf nodded with finality. "Everyday till you adapt and we pass to Level 2."

Bell looked at the exit, he wanted to run away with his sister, however, he decided against it. He wasn't a coward, this was what he wanted! He is in a Familia and was going to get trained to become a warrior. Wolf and Tyerr looked tough though…

Seven stood up and pulled multiple boxes from her bag and put them on the ground. "Oh by the way, put these belts on guys."

They were all brown leather belts with Hestia’s symbol on the silver buckles. Seven said proudly, "Hehe, those are my new gravity belts, they raise the gravity around you and make you heavier."

Adrestia put her fingers on her temples and started massaging them as she said, "Now Dragon Ball? This is hell… they are stealing from other franchises!"

Bell put a hand on his sister’s arm and asked, "Adi, why are you worried? We received our Falna, we should be okay."

She looked at him with a disbelieving expression. "No Bell, we entered a Familia full of Battle maniacs!"

Said maniacs laughed at her taking it as a compliment. With a laugh Hestia heartily said, "Hahahaha! Training is best achieved with a full belly! Come my children, today we are having an English Breakfast! Whatever English is."

Bell smiled, he finally did it. He was in a good Familia and was going to become a Hero!


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