186 Finishing The Weekend
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For those people lamenting missing Arnold's date with Doris, I have Doris reminiscing about it near the end of the chapter. You're welcome. LOL

Arnold spent the next day out with his mom and Annie had a great time. Arnold liked seeing her happy, so he would do anything she wanted. That evening, he was dressed up and and waited at the front door for Leann and Francine. A horn sounded and he kissed his mother goodbye and said he would see her in the morning, because he didn't want to wake her in the middle of the night. Annie appreciated his concern and waved at him as he climbed into the fancy car.

“He knows so many people now.” Annie said as she watched the car drive away. “Important professors at the college, a museum curator, and so many friends that he has classes with.” She smiled and closed the door. “My smart little boy is managing to build a life for himself.” She went up the stairs and changed for bed.

The day had been wonderful and Annie knew that he was indulging her and wanted her to be happy. She had thanked him for it several times and she chuckled, because he had puckered his lips each time and expected a quick kiss.

“The kissing bandit indeed.” Annie said and tucked herself under the blanket. She was exhausted and fell asleep almost right away.


“Isn't this place great?” Leann asked in reference to Francine's apartment as they ate the meal that she and Francine had prepared. “I absolutely love it here.”

“It has lots of windows.” Arnold said and Francine laughed.

“The view was one of the selling points for me, since I don't really get out that much.” Francine said, then smiled at Leann. “Well, used to. I've been out quite a lot the last little while.”

“Yep! That's totally my fault.” Leann said with a grin. “I can't help wanting to go to all the tourist attractions with you.”

“Every dance club in the city can't be tourist attractions.” Francine joked and they both laughed.

“She's kidding. We've only been to a half dozen or so.” Leann said and waved a hand in dismissal. “I won't even look at some of the dives that are around.”

“Both I and my reputation appreciate that.” Francine said with a twinkle in her eye.

“You drag me to that exercise class every Sunday morning, so I need a reason to need to exercise.” Leann countered. “When we dance, I can't be looking flabby in those skirts you bought me.”

Francine shook her head. “I don't care what you look like in a skirt. I love you just the way you are.”

Leann caught her breath and her eyes widened. “You said it was too soon to say it!”

“That was a few weeks ago.” Francine said, her face red from a blush.

Leann stood up and walked around the table, then sat down on her lap. “I love you, too.”

The two of them made out for several minutes, then they remembered they had a guest over.

“We should probably finish eating before taking this to the bedroom.” Francine said demurely.

“I'm ready now.” Arnold said and stood up.

“Are you sure?” Leann asked. “Franny and I planned this whole night to thank you for bringing us together.”

Arnold walked over to her and gave her a quick kiss. “You can kiss Francine to thank her for me.”

Leann gave him a smile. “You really are a good friend, Arnold.” She said and looked at Francine. “Are you ready to share another mind blowing sexual experience with the best lover in the world?”

“I think you both deserve that.” Francine said and they both stood up. “Arnold, there's no need for you to take just one of us first. We are here to share you, so you don't have to make us come in order to switch between us.”

Arnold raised his eyebrows slightly and she smiled.

“I think there are a few positions that can only be achieved when there are multiple people in the bed.” Francine said and took Leann's hand and Arnold's. “Let's explore them together.”

Arnold smiled an angelic smile and both Leann and Francine caught their breath. He led them towards the bedroom and all three of them stripped off, then climbed onto the bed.

What followed was an intense love making session that Leann and Francine enjoyed even more than they thought they would. Some of the positions they had used before, like Arnold screwing Francine, Leann sitting on Francine's face, and Arnold kissing Leann. It was pretty basic, as was the three way oral train that they would reverse so that they all experienced the other people's mouths and skills. Then things started to get interesting.

Having two women giving him a blowjob was a new experience for Arnold. One sucked the tip and the other sucked the side, then they would switch, then both sucked on the sides and moved up and down. He hadn't felt anything like it before and he liked that he had learned a new way to kiss his penis. Of course, tongues were everywhere as well and they all liked that.

When Leann laid down and pressed her crotch on top of Francine's, she turned her head to look at Arnold. “Pick one, or both, or go in between.”

Arnold looked at the options and he smiled. He knelt first and licked Francine, then licked Leann, then he licked the both of them and used his fingers. They both moaned as he played with them. After a few minutes, he stood and slid himself between them and rubbed both women's clits as he had sex with the both of them.

“OhhhhhH!” Francine and Leann moaned together and they started kissing.

Arnold moved slightly and slid inside Francine to make her cry out, then he pulled out and slid into Leann. She cried out as well, then Arnold kept switching between them. A stroke here, a penetration there, kisses and licks, and then Arnold slid in between them again and pumped to rub them. Both women came at the same time, almost squirting.

“AHHHHHHH!” Leann and Francine screamed their pleasure and their come slicked Arnold's penis up a lot. It made things even more slippery and they continued on. It was some of the best sex the women had ever had, especially since they were both getting it at the same time from a man that knew what he was doing.

“Where do you want it?” Arnold asked a few minutes later.

“Inside!” Leann and Francine exclaimed together and looked into each other's eyes. “Inside.” They both whispered and kissed each other passionately.

Arnold slid into Francine and started to ejaculate as he pumped his hips, which made her come again. He stopped it by squeezing that little muscle to hold it and pulled out, slid himself into Leann, then let that muscle go and kept ejaculating inside of her.

“Oh, god!” Leann gasped as she felt him fill her up. “That feels so goooood!” She said and came from it. She stared into Francine's eyes and knew she wanted to feel that feeling with her again.

“I know.” Francine whispered and kissed Leann passionately.

They waited for an hour to rest and recover, with a quick snack and some water, then started again.


Arnold left the apartment freshly showered two hours later, after Leann and Francine had thanked him with another double blowjob and a promise to do it again in a couple of weeks. He rode the bus line across the city and arrived at the stop that he hadn't used in a while. He walked down the familiar street and went to the front door. He knocked and waited, then he hit the doorbell, waited for a few seconds and knocked again. He heard loud thumping as someone ran down the stairs inside and then the door was flung open.

“Arnold!” Claire panted, shock on her face. “I thought I was dreaming when I heard the doorbell!”

Arnold didn't say anything as he stepped into her embrace and kissed her.


Annie was up and making breakfast when the front door opened. “I'm making waffles!” She said loudly and Arnold walked into the kitchen. “You stayed out all night.”

“I left Leann and Francine's late and rode the bus.” Arnold said.

Annie chuckled. “I'm glad I didn't introduce you to the bus lines years ago, even though you were old enough to go places on your own.”

“I know you were protecting me from the danger.” Arnold said and she nodded. “Thank you.” He said and gave her a quick kiss.

“I was a bit overprotective and I had a good reason.” Annie said and rubbed her hand over his buzz-cut. “We should get that touched up.”

“Okay.” Arnold said and they sat down to eat breakfast. Making Sunday plans was easy when you didn't have anything specific to do. Arnold changed while Annie got dressed in a nice outfit, then they left the house.

“Good morning.” Beth said and saluted them with her tea cup. “Where are you headed today?”

“Arnold needs a fresh haircut.” Annie said and climbed into her car. “Bye!”

Beth waved as they left and sighed. Dammit. No luck getting him alone. She thought. They're going to be gone all day again. She thought and then wondered about texting him and shook her head. No, I can't text him a question like that! I'd be discovered immediately. She went back into her house and forgot that she was supposed to spend an hour out watching the street.


Doris sat at her desk in the dorm building and she had a perpetual smile on her face. She hadn't been able to lose it since her date with Arnold on Wednesday. That handsome young man had given her flowers, roses of all things, then they had a date. Her, a forty-five year old woman, had an actual date with a nineteen year old man... and oh, what a date it was.

She knew he was using some of the moves that she had taught him and her mind and her body didn't care. She enjoyed the playful flirting, the conversational banter, and sharing the meal. The occasional caresses, the engaging eye contact, and the brief kisses between bites of food and sips of wine, made the night become almost magical.

Doris had been surprised when Arnold started the music and then they slow danced for several songs. His tight embrace and his soft whispers of how beautiful she was and how much he wanted to fuck her and forced himself to wait, just so he could romance her first, made her heart absolutely melt. When he told her that he was spending the whole night with her, she couldn't take it anymore and kissed him hard.

Her dress was off a second later and she had his rock hard penis inside of her. She moaned loudly, much louder than she ever moaned before, and Arnold had her right there on the living room floor. It was quick, and passionate, and quite satisfying. She hadn't come that hard in a while and she felt him come, too. After a few minutes of panting and catching her breath, she spoke.

“We need to go to bed.” Doris said.

Arnold nodded and picked her up easily, then carried her to her bed. What followed was some of the best foreplay Doris had ever experienced. Arnold started at her feet and kissed, tickled, and licked all the way up her body. She was laughing when he reached her face and she thanked him for making it fun. He had smiled at her and rolled her over, then went all the way down and back to her feet.

Doris had laughed as he did, then she gasped when he pulled her hips up and entered her without warning. She moaned and buried her face into the pillow as she tried to help him move in and out of her. It always felt a little better for her when he did it from behind and she came several times before he came, too. She knew he was doing that for her, so she would know that he wasn't holding himself back to last longer.

“Thank you, Arnold.” Doris whispered as he rolled her over, then he kissed her and entered her again. She liked the basic missionary position, because she could kiss him as much as she wanted while they had sex. His technique faltered and Doris broke the long and lingering kiss. “Up here.”

Arnold nodded and pulled out, climbed over her and slid his penis into her open mouth just in time. Doris moaned as he unloaded his semen into her mouth and down her throat. She knew he liked it when she did that for him, so she kept sucking. He moved his hips a little for her and she didn't have to wait long for him to go again.

Arnold took several deep breaths and moved back, then laid down beside her. “Thank you.” He said and kissed her.

“This is one of the best dates I've ever had.” Doris said and kissed him again. “Thank you, too.”

“It's not over yet.” Arnold said. “I'm staying all night.”

“My sweet, handsome lover.” Doris said and rolled over on top of him. She rubbed her dripping wet vagina on him and she moaned as he grew hard for her again. He rolled her over and put her into position nine and she screamed her pleasure for him.

Doris grinned at the remembered date. We had sex so much that night! She thought happily as one of the girls in the dorm lobby came over to the desk. “Hi, there! What can I do for you today?”

“My friends and I were just wondering why you were smiling so much.” The young woman asked.

As if I could ever admit it! Doris thought and then laughed. “I'm just in a really good mood.”

“Since Thursday?” The girl asked, surprised.

“I think I'll be in a good mood for quite some time.” Doris said and her smile didn't lessen as the girl walked back over to her friends. She kept the smile all day and thought about staying up for Arnold, then shrugged and left the dorm. She knew she couldn't hog him all to herself, because that wouldn't be fair to his other women.


Dalla laid in Arnold's bed and waited anxiously for his appearance. She almost shivered in anticipation, because it was going to be the first time that she would have unprotected sex. She had tried, quite fruitlessly, to convince herself that it was a bad idea. She just couldn't bring herself to think that baring herself completely for him was wrong. She believed that if anyone deserved to feel all of her, it was him.

She heard the door open and close almost silently and she opened her eyes to watch him undress. The sight of him dangling free made her heart race. For the first time, she moved to show that she was awake and reached out for him. Arnold turned to her as Dalla stroked his penis for him, then she looked up at his face. He nodded to her and she slipped her mouth over him. He grew hard immediately and she stifled her moan at his reaction.

Dalla stopped sucking after a minute and Arnold climbed into the bed with her. “Arnold, I...” She whispered, then hugged him and put her lips by his ear. “You'll be my first without a condom.”

“Thank you.” Arnold whispered and kissed her, then he moved down under the blanket.

Dalla had to hold her mouth closed as he went down on her. It seemed to go on forever and she came several times, then she was staring into Arnold eyes as his hot member touched her opening. She almost cried as he rubbed the tip over her several times, then he eased the tip inside. She gasped and clamped her mouth shut as her vagina tightened up considerably, even though he had just worked on it to widen it, then he pushed himself all the way inside.

Her mind couldn't believe how good it felt. She couldn't grasp why she had always asked him to wear a condom. It didn't make sense. She had denied herself such a wonderful feeling all this time and she hated herself for waiting so long. When he started to move, all of her self-hating thoughts fled and she loved herself for finally giving in and letting it happen.

Dalla ignored her own common sense as she moaned and begged and pleaded for him to do more to her and to make her feel even better than she was. Arnold complied and did his best while also trying to keep her quiet. Only one attempt was successful and he knew that Ida was wide awake again and knew exactly what he was doing to her maid.