187 Changed Expectations
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Ida never looked and both Arnold and Dalla knew that took a lot of self-restraint, especially for someone who was used to being taken care of. Her personal resistance to Arnold's charms was vexing to Dalla, now that she felt the full extend of Arnold's 'charm'. Of course, she was a bit too engrossed by that charm to care what her mistress was thinking about her at the moment. Dalla enjoyed it so much that she came again and again until she was exhausted, both mentally and physically.

When Dalla fell asleep, Arnold slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. He washed up and came back out. He looked at his bed with a satisfied woman in it, then looked at Ida's bed. He walked over to it and eased the blanket down to look at her face. It had no expression and she had her eyes closed, so he knelt beside the bed and put his mouth by her ear.

“Did you know that a passive woman can still come so hard that they cry out?” Arnold whispered into her ear. She didn't react, so he reached out and gently stroked her cheek. “I haven't seen you naked yet.” He whispered and slid his hand down to her thin top.

Arnold plucked at each of the tiny buttons and waited for her to react or say something between each, and she didn't. He opened her top to see her large breasts for the first time and her nipples were standing at attention.

“You look very pretty.” Arnold whispered and kissed her cheek, then he moved down and kissed the side of her breast and ignored the nipple. He kissed it all along the side and moved down as he eased the blanket off to her thighs. He smelled a very distinct smell when he looked at her tiny panties and saw that they were soaked. “I should clean this mess up.” He whispered and moved her panties out of the way.

Arnold was met with a thick blonde bush that matched the blonde hair on her head. He used his fingers and eased the hair out of the way to expose her and flicked her little nub with the tip of his tongue. It twitched, even though the rest of her stayed perfectly still. He moved her legs apart just enough to make room for his face, then he went to work cleaning her up.

It took a while, because Ida kept making a mess as she came, over and over. She still didn't react in any way or showed that he was doing anything to her. Arnold took that to mean he should try harder, so he played and teased her for an hour. He used every trick he had learned with every woman he had been with and repeated them. There was still no reaction, so he decided it was time he got what he wanted. He moved up to the head of the bed and leaned in close.

“I like blowjobs.” Arnold whispered in her ear, stood up and placed his raging hard penis on her lips. He rubbed the tip over them for a moment, then eased the whole shaft along her mouth. “Your lips are so soft.” He whispered and kept going for several minutes, then he reached down and turned her head to the side and pulled her chin down to open her mouth. He put the tip in and she didn't react, so he eased even more of himself in until he hit the back of her throat.

Arnold knew that doing more than that or trying to force himself down when she wasn't actively trying to take him in, that she could be hurt. So, he had his scope of movement, barely over half of him, and he moved in and out. After a few minutes, he felt her tongue move and she started to actively suck. She kept her eyes closed and stayed still as she pretended to be asleep.

“I need to come.” Arnold whispered a few minutes later. “Inside or out?”

Ida stopped sucking and flicking her tongue, a clear sign to remove himself, so he pulled out and grabbed a tissue. He came into it, making sure to not spill any, then tossed it into the trash.

“I'm going to fuck you now.” Arnold whispered into her ear and Ida couldn't help her shiver. “If you don't want it, say no.”

Ida still pretended to be asleep and didn't say anything. To her surprise, Arnold put on a condom and eased her over onto her side. She wondered what he thought he was doing when he pulled her ass over to the side of the bed and tucked the blanket back over her. A second later, he slid right inside her. She clenched up at the pleasant intrusion and the odd sex position, then she couldn't think as Arnold started moving and had sex with her.

It went on and on and she didn't know how Arnold could keep going. She came several times and he stayed there and kept going. He leaned onto the bed with his arms to brace himself and then he moved in earnest. She couldn't help but pant at his efforts.

“HnnnnNNNN!” Ida moaned as she came and gripped him hard, then he came inside of her. She felt the condom fill up, that's how tightly she was gripping him, and he eased out and carefully disposed of the condom and its contents.

Arnold went to the bathroom and washed up, then came out with a wash cloth and cleaned her up as well. He put her panties back into place and then carefully moved her back to the middle of the bed and turned her onto her back again.

“Thank you.” Arnold whispered and gave her lips a gentle kiss, tucked her back under her blanket, and went to his closet. He grabbed clothes and his school things for the next day, and quietly left the dorm room to go to Janet's and Pam's room.

It wasn't until ten minutes later than Ida stopped pretending to be asleep and opened her eyes. She saw her maid staring at her and her face flushed red from embarrassment. She didn't need to be, though.

“Isn't he wonderful?” Dalla whispered. “Even while you pretended to be asleep, he still respected you and asked you what you wanted.” She said and smiled. “He could have taken advantage of you and he didn't.”

“He did.” Ida said. “He penetrated two of my holes and...”

“...he didn't come on you. He could have. All over.” Dalla said. “He even washed after using your mouth, just so there was no chance that any would get on you.” She rolled onto her back to look at the ceiling. “He even used a condom and he didn't have to. You were going to stop him from going too far, or try to, until you saw that he was being responsible.” She chuckled. “It's hard to not appreciate it, isn't it?”

Ida didn't say anything in response, because she did feel that way.

“Did you notice that he almost completely ignored your large and luscious breasts?” Dalla asked.

“Luscious?” Ida asked with a smile.

Dalla smiled back as she looked at her mistress. “How many guys had tried to bury themselves into them and said that?”

“Too many.” Ida said. It was starting to become a bit of a turn off for her, actually.

“I wonder how he knew you wouldn't like it if he played with them?” Dalla asked absently and then shrugged. “We need to get back to sleep or we're going to be exhausted tomorrow.”

Ida nodded and rolled onto her side. A few minutes later she spoke. “He didn't wash you off.”

“I didn't want him to.” Dalla responded. “He felt so nice inside of me that I wanted to keep that feeling for as long as I could.” She said. “Hey, wait. You're right. How did he know...” She stopped talking and smiled. “I think he knows us a little bit better than we know him.”

Ida didn't comment that he had sex with both of them and of course he knew them better. He had been inside of them and made them react. She completely ignored the fact that she wasn't interested in him at all and had conveniently forgotten that she didn't want to have sex with someone that wasn't enamoured with her. He wasn't falling over himself to be near her, like almost every other guy she met. For some reason, that did not make him more appealing and she wasn't sure why.

She was so used to men treating her with reverence and ogling her that she didn't know how to react when a man didn't do that. It was such a rare occurrence that she had almost no experience in dealing with the situation, which was probably why she let him have his way with her and tried to not react to the attention. She was almost completely successful in her attempt and had only failed at the very end.

Damn him and his wonderful penis! Ida thought a little angrily, then the irrational anger fled. Dalla was right. He is a great lover. I'm surprised that I lasted as long as I did without moaning.

Ida let a proud feeling fill her as she drifted off to sleep. For some reason, all she could think about was the gentle kiss at the end when he thanked her.


Janet, Pam, and Arnold got to sleep in for the first time in a while. All three of them enjoyed it and actually slept.


Professor Hamil Crenslav and his lab workers were a little surprised when the class wasn't as enthusiastic to go over the material for the continued dissection. They suspected that Cissily's practically empty table had something to do with it, because it seemed that when the trio was there, they garnered a lot more attention than everyone thought they did, themselves included.

Just like Pam and Janet had said, Hamil actually did regret his actions during the previous Friday's lab. Other than apologizing like he already had, there wasn't much he could do about it, though. He would have to wait until he saw the young man again the following Monday, before he could try to make amends.

For now, Hamil didn't mark their absences. It was his own fault that they weren't required to attend his superfluous classes. His assistant Amy didn't like how they had spoken to him before they left; but, that was no reason to give them marks on their attendance. It was a personal grievance, nothing more.


Arnold, Janet and Pam eventually showed up for their other classes and finished out the day. The three of them were in good moods because of the late morning, and great sex, so the day passed by before they knew it.

Pam went to work at the bar that night and made great tips. In fact, the last few weeks had been fantastic for her in tips. Ever since the fall term had started and she and Janet attended classes with Arnold, she had been as happy as she had ever been, and it showed. Her smile was warm and welcoming as she served drinks, she spoke with a happy tilt to her voice, and she was prompt with the orders.

On the weekends, the movie theatre was the same. Pam's happy attitude actually started to infect the other workers. Her mere presence made things start to be fun and a few of them didn't really see it as a job anymore. They actually enjoyed being there and people started to bid to have the same shift as her.

The manager of the theatre was delighted by this, because he had people that actually wanted to work and not just laze around. He gave Pam another raise and gave it to a few choice others, which made her and them even happier. The whole theatre was abuzz with a great attitude and the customers noticed.

Pam was also staying ahead of her course work for the first time in two years. It wasn't easy, not by any stretch of the imagination; but, she was handling it and not struggling to get papers or reports in on time or depending on Janet to do the majority of the work for her and then finishing it off to hand in. That made her happy as well. Extra money, great friends, and a stable life were exactly what she wanted.


Dalla didn't bother leaving the dorm room when it was time to go to bed and just changed and climbed into Arnold's bed, even though he didn't have plans to go anywhere else. Arnold changed for bed as well and climbed in with her. He made gentle love to her and she made out with him as he did, then they drifted off to sleep together, while in each other's embrace.

In the morning, some time before the alarm went off, Dalla was awake and felt his erection pressed against her. She stroked it a couple of times, spread her legs for him, and let him make love to her again. In the back of her mind, she wondered why she was being so accommodating for him and the front of her mind convinced herself that it was because he had been so accommodating to both her and her mistress.

Both parts of her mind were wrong. Dalla just liked having an undemanding lover like him. She let him finish inside of her again and she kissed him as she thanked him. Arnold left the bed, had a quick shower, then grabbed his clothes and school things for the day.


Pam and Janet were woken up pleasantly by Arnold, then prepared for their morning art and relaxation class. It was music exploration day, so they had their cell phones and their selections ready. Arnold tried to pretend to want to do it and both Janet and Pam told him not to bother. Liking music wasn't something you could fake and he would fail the project if he did. The three of them went to class and sat at their normal table. The teacher came in and she looked around at all of the eager faces... and saw one exception.

Miss Josephine walked over to Arnold and handed him a small container. “Pam said to give this to you during class.” She said. “I just hope she knows what she's doing.”

“I do.” Pam said with a sly grin.

“All right, class.” Miss Josephine said and went back to the front of the room. “I've got privacy screens that will deaden some sound and keep the reverberation within a small space, so come and take one for each table. If that's not enough, you can use one ear bud for sound. You can't use both, because then you won't hear me trying to teach you.”

Several people nodded and Janet went to get one of the large folding screens.

“Don't open it yet, Arnold.” Pam whispered. “Let the others get set up first.”

Arnold nodded and they waited for everyone else to set up and they started their music therapy sessions. Janet deployed their screen around their table and both she and Pam started their music.

“Okay.” Pam said and Arnold opened the container. Inside were two bright white mice, perfectly preserved. “You're going to need these.” She said and nodded to Janet, who took out his large wooden case of dissection tools that she had retrieved from the biology professor's office.

“I love you.” Arnold said and both women caught their breath. He turned and gave Pam a three second kiss and then turned to Janet and gave her a three second kiss.

He meant both of us. Pam and Janet thought at the same time. “We love you, too.” They said at the same time, smiled and nodded to each other, then kissed his cheeks.