196 Picking Up Pam
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“That was a great meal!” Kelly said, a little more excitedly than she thought she would be, as they climbed back into the car. “Thank you, Arnold.”

Arnold leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, then started the car.

Kelly sat there and wondered if she could do her old trick of saying thank you several times in a row to get him to kiss her multiple times. He had already done it twice so far and it was very, very tempting for her to get him to keep doing it. She held herself in check and Arnold drove out of the parking lot. He drove back the way they came and got back on the highway, then sped up.

“Where are we going to store the equipment?” Kelly asked.

“In the basement of the building.” Arnold said. “It's warm enough down there as long as we leave everything in the boxes.”

Kelly nodded and went quiet for a while as he drove. She looked at Arnold and wondered when he became the person he is now. If she had met this Arnold in high school, would she have liked him? Is this a better version of him? Did she miss her golden opportunity with him and can't recover it, all because she can't take him having more people in his bed than she had friends?

Of course, she was just assuming that last question. Kelly didn't know if he was sleeping with that many people, or if it was a constant thing or one time only deals. By the looks of that southern girl, who was fine with giving Arnold a blowjob in front of everyone in class, she figured he had to have several girls on the go. Pam, Janet, and the girl made three, which means the number of girls he's sleeping with starts from there.

Kelly couldn't help but think about it, even though she didn't want to. She didn't want to know that there were girls having sex with the man she loved. It wasn't something she had thought was going to happen. She thought she would meet the one guy who accepted her and that would be it for the rest of her life. She didn't want to look for someone else. Her heart told her mind what she wanted and she wanted it.

If I wasn't such a... such a... traditionalist. Kelly thought, finally coming up with the word to describe her ingrained values for a happy life with the man she loved. She didn't need the picket fence, or the two point three kids, or even a steady income. All she needed was the man she loved and she thought that love would get them through everything that life would throw at them. The problem was, it would have... if they hadn't tried to have sex.

It had ruined everything.

All her hopes and dreams, her own mother's expectations of the same hopes and dreams, and Annie's plans to have someone she trusted looking after her son. All of them were wiped away by that one attempt to make love to the man she believed was going to be her future husband. His own mother had said so, too.

Kelly had wanted him so badly and he had been so caring, so patient, that she wanted him to have all of her and she wanted all of him. That was the problem she had now, actually. She still expected an equal exchange. If she gave herself over to him completely, she wanted him to do it, too. She knew it was unfair and she knew she was being unreasonable to think that way... and yet, she still wanted it.

She loved him. According to her heart, that was all that mattered, and everything else just needed to be worked out somehow. So, she sat in silence all the way back to the college as she mulled everything over.

Instead of parking beside the new building to unload the equipment, Arnold drove all the way across campus to drop her off at her dorm. Kelly thought about protesting until he spoke.

“Thank you for your help buying the equipment.” Arnold said and gave her a kiss for two seconds, then to her utter shock, he pulled out a stack of bills in a little bundle.

“Arnold!” Kelly gasped as he handed it to her.

“The employee contracts become available when the computer lab is built and I can start paying you a salary then as my third assistant.” Arnold said and looked into her eyes. “Until then, it's cash only.”

“This... this is...”

“Ten thousand dollars.” Arnold said and Kelly stared at him with her mouth open. “It's the difference between the equipment you bought and the actual price.”

“But... but...”

“You earned it.” Arnold said. “I have to pick Pam up in an hour.”

Kelly opened her mouth to say something, then realized she had nothing to say. There wasn't really anything she could say to what he just did. She couldn't. It was just too unbelievable.

“Goodnight.” Kelly said and he leaned over and kissed her for three seconds. Her heart went pitter-patter and she looked into his eyes. Say it, Kelly. Say. It. She sat there for only a moment. “Goodnight.”

Arnold raised his eyebrows slightly, then he leaned back in and kissed her again for three seconds. He reached by her and opened her door.

Kelly knew he wouldn't let her keep saying it, so she tucked the money into her purse and stepped out of the car. “See you Wednesday.”

“Goodbye.” Arnold said.

Kelly jumped a little, then she ducked back into the car to give him a quick kiss. She got back out and closed the door, then watched as he backed up and drove away. She walked over to her dorm's front door and went inside, rode the elevator up to her floor, and went to her room. Only one door was open and she did her best to not disturb the occupant as she went to her own door. She unlocked the door and opened it.

“Did you enjoy your date?” Heather asked from the other open door.

“It... wasn't...a...” Kelly stopped talking when she remembered that Arnold said it did count as a date, just not with each other. At least, until they stopped to eat and then kissed at the end.

“Is that guilt face I see?” Heather asked with a chuckle as she walked across the hallway and came into Kelly's room and shut the door. “At least you didn't have sex.”

“How do you know that?” Kelly asked.

“Um, best friend. Known you for years.” Heather said and pointed to herself. “You're nowhere close to having orgasm face.”

“Wh-what?” Kelly asked, surprised.

Heather laughed. “You know, that goofy grin we can't help putting on our faces when we have a good one.” She said and sat down on Kelly's bed. “I've seen you with it a couple times.”

Kelly opened her mouth to say she hadn't, then she had to smile. “Prom.”

“Prom.” Heather said. “I think we both had really good ones that night.”

Kelly's face went from happy to a frown. “You started dating Eric then.”

“Yeah, and it was slick of him to save me from Brad.” Heather said. “I'm not going to apologize that it happened. It was great and Eric and I have had a lot of fun.”

“Even knowing what he did to me.”

“Especially because of that.” Heather said and Kelly's eyes widened. “He changed after he did that, you know. He regretted it a lot and he loved you.”

“Yeah, right.” Kelly said and started to get undressed.

“He treats my breasts like they are made of glass.” Heather said. “It was annoying at first, until I realized why he was doing it.”

“You're kidding.” Kelly said and hung up her outfit.

“Nope. In his own way, he was trying to make up for handling you so roughly.” Heather said. “It's almost sickeningly sweet, you know? I kind of want him to be a little rough sometimes.”

“No, you don't.” Kelly scoffed and grabbed a nightgown to put on.

“I said a little.” Heather chuckled. “Having your breasts manhandled actually feels pretty good when the guy knows what he's doing.”

Kelly remembered the few times that Arnold had touched hers and she had to reluctantly agree.

“So, how was Arnold? Was he a compete gentleman or did he try to ravish you?” Heather grinned.

“Do you even have to ask?” Kelly countered.

“What about you, then?” Heather asked. “I can tell you ate...”

“Not that!” Kelly said and sat down beside her. “Although, he did ask me to.”

Heather pat her knee. “Let me guess, he said he just got it from someone else?” She asked and Kelly nodded. “You do realize he's done that a couple times to you, right? He's been testing you to see if you'll get out of your comfort zone.”

“I... look, I can't, okay? He's a great guy... or used to be... or is a different great guy now.” Kelly said as her eyes glanced at her purse and thought of the ten grand inside of it. “I can't go down on him after another girl does it and I definitely don't want to... taste... another girl if I do it.”

Heather gave her a stern look this time. “You're not worried about him peeing first? Or not washing properly? Or the worst of the lot, doing anal and then expecting you to suck it?”

Kelly's mouth dropped open at her words and she wasn't sure how to respond.

Heather laughed. “You see? Worrying about if he just had a blowjob is nothing compared to what he could have been doing with it.”

Kelly had to agree with that and nodded. Those weren't things she considered or was even thinking about when the subject came up.

“I see your thinking face.” Heather said and pat Kelly's knee again. “I can't believe I'm the one reminding you of this.” She said and turned to look at her. “Once you knew what Arnold was like, what was the very first thing you were warned about?”

Kelly had a hard time thinking back and coming up with something.

Heather sighed. “When Arnold asks you for something, it means he really wants it.” She said and Kelly caught her breath. “What are you supposed to do if he asks you for something?”

“You're supposed to do it right away or promise to do it as soon as you can.” Kelly responded.

“How many times has he asked for a blowjob from you now?” Heather asked, even though the number didn't matter. It was the principle of the thing.

“I...” Kelly sighed. “I just keep messing up.” She said in a defeated tone.

“You've been getting in your own way and that's something you need to work on.” Heather said. “I mean, I asked him for sex and to give him a blowjob.”

“WHAT?” Kelly yelled and saw the big grin on Heather's face. “I'm overreacting.”

“Yeah, and do you know what he said?”

“No.” Kelly said.

“Only after he asked me if I was still seeing Eric and if he would want me to do it.” Heather said and Kelly stared at her. “I told him a while ago I was thinking of breaking up with Eric.”

“So... he would have let you...” Kelly whispered and her words trailed off.

“Yes, and not once was I asking myself if he just did someone else or if there was still some saliva on it.” Heather said and Kelly winced a little. “I'm not criticizing you, Kelly.” She said and put an arm over her shoulders. “It's not something you can just get over with just some resolve and pretty words.”

Kelly nodded, because she had tried that. Twice now. She just couldn't do it. She didn't know if it was a mental block or her brain just refusing to touch him if he touched another girl first.

“What... what should I do?” Kelly asked, completely unsure that was a good thing to ask her friend.

Heather let a smile grow on her face and squeezed her shoulder. “There's only one real way to get over whatever it is that's holding you back.” She said. “Practice.”

“Practice?” Kelly frowned a little.

“No, don't think about it. Put it right out of your head.” Heather said and stood up. “I'll take care of everything.” She went to the door and smiled at her friend. “I'll text you when it's set up.”

“When what's set up?” Kelly asked.

“I said not to think about it. Goodnight.” Heather said and left her dorm room.


Arnold dropped off the computers at the building and drove towards the bar. He had enough time to get there, using the same route Pam had used before, and he parked in the parking lot. He sat there and waited, because Pam specifically told him that he was not to come into the bar. It wasn't because he wasn't allowed, she explained that it was not an environment that Arnold would like or be comfortable in. At all.

He waited patiently and he watched several people leave the bar, some wobbling as they walked to a waiting taxi, and then Pam came out the door. She scanned the parking lot and then smiled as she saw her car parked in the same spot it had been in when she arrived for work. She walked over to the car and climbed into the passenger side.

“Hi, Arnold!” Pam said happily as she leaned over and gave him a kiss for several seconds. “Thanks for being here on time.” She said and gave him another kiss. “Are you staying over tonight?”

Arnold nodded and she gave him another kiss.

“Then let's get back to the dorm.” Pam said and buckled her seat belt. “It was a slow night, so not many tips to be had.” She said as Arnold pulled out of the parking lot. “Wow, it's so weird being on this side of the front seat.”

Arnold gave her a glance and she chuckled.

“I'm not complaining.” Pam said and reached over to put her hand on his shoulder, so she wouldn't interfere with his driving. “I'm glad that I can depend on you for a drive, especially since the boss asked us all to try the new liquor blend the bartender made.”

“Someone liked it.” Arnold said.

“Mitch is plastered!” Pam laughed. “The poor bastard said he couldn't taste the alcohol and downed two of them before we could stop him.” She shook her head. “He's going to feel it tomorrow.”

“What about you?” Arnold asked.

“I'm hoping you'll do me hard enough tonight that I'll be feeling it tomorrow.” Pam said and laughed.

“I meant the drink.” Arnold said.

“I had three sips and goddamn, it was strong.” Pam said and blinked her eyes. “I told him to scrap it. Too much of a buzz too quick and we lose repeat customers.” She took a deep breath and looked at Arnold with longing in her eyes. “I want to go down on you now.”

Arnold reached down and undid his pants to reveal himself.

“I really love you.” Pam said and kissed his cheek, then she put her head down into his lap and went to work.

Arnold grew hard for her almost instantly and she moaned. His hand rested on the back of her head for a moment, then he started to pet her as she sucked on him. He would occasionally push down and she would moan, because he wanted her to enjoy it and she wanted him to enjoy it, too. Even a little tipsy like she was, she knew what he wanted and she was determined to give it to him.

Arnold pulled the car into the college parking lot and parked it in the spot reserved for Pam, then he sat there as Pam really got going. She absolutely loved that he would let her indulge herself and she never wasted the opportunity when it presented itself. When he finished, she clamped her mouth on him, right down the entire shaft. She let out a long pleased moan as he gave her exactly what she wanted.

Pam pulled her mouth off of him with a slurp and a swallow, then she looked into his eyes. “You made me come, too.” She purred and kissed him. “We better get upstairs before my pants are soaked through.”

Arnold nodded and they left the car, arms around each other, and went into the dorm building. They went up in the elevator and down the long hallway, entered Pam's room, and then stripped off. Janet was asleep long ago and they stayed quiet as Arnold did his best to make Pam feel tomorrow what he was doing to her right now... and she loved him even more for it.