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Slightly late. Had another foot of snow last night.

Arnold stopped at the bank first and withdrew twenty thousand dollars and wrote decorator / initial construction on the slip, then withdrew another ten thousand for computer accessories. After another moment, he withdrew another ten thousand and wrote business and administration computers on the slip. He told the clerk that he might be back to get more, depending on what the construction people needed for the renovations. With his paper trail for the money he had given Kelly and Heather covered, he left there and drove over to the electronics store.

“Hi, there! Welcome back.” The blonde girl behind the counter said as Arnold came into the store. “It's so nice to see you again.”

Arnold stopped walking and went over to her with a smile on his face. “Hello.”

The girl's face flushed red, because she had only intended to say hello to the handsome and rich man that had made the huge purchase the day before and to catch his attention. Now that she had it, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do with it.

“Wow, Gail.” The guy at the back of the store said as he came over. “You have to up your game if you want to catch bigger fish.”

Gail's face went redder at being called out for her mistake. She couldn't deny it, though.

“Come on, fella. I'll give you a hand loading up your van.” The guy said and Arnold turned to follow.

“Do you want me to get Jimmy to help?” The girl blurted.

“Heh, sure. Why not? It'll give him something to do.” The guy said.

Gail picked up the intercom phone and paged the stock clerk working in the back room. He came out and the three men quickly transferred the remaining eight computers to the back of the van. There was plenty of room for them all.

“Thanks again for all your business.” The electronics guy said and shook Arnold's hand.

“I have a few more things to buy.” Arnold said.

“Ha! All right, come on back in.” The guy said and they went back into the store. “Hey, Gail! He said you're delightful conversation convinced him to buy more stuff!”

“You're such an asshole.” Gail's face went red again as she blushed. “This is why I never want to go out with you!”

“Heh, you'll come around eventually.” The guy said and looked at Arnold. “What can we get for you?”

“I need two standard business computers with full setups. Upgrade the printers to full color laser printers and give me enough cartridges for a year.”

“Jesus.” The stock clerk said. “I'll see if we have that many cartridges in stock.” He said and took off running.

“You made him run.” The electronics guy laughed. “Anything else?”

“I need to connect them all together.” Arnold said.

“Do you want physical or wireless?” The guy asked.

“I'd rather wires for the computers and wireless for cell phones.”

“Ah, making it a hotspot for the internet. Nice.”

“How do I upgrade the speed of the line?” Arnold asked. “I don't want any slowdown.”

“You'll have to take that up with your service provider.” The guy said as he grabbed a large routing station with enough ports for twelve computers, twelve coils of network cables, and a wireless router and booster. “Man, oh man, I'd love to see all of this set up.”

“It won't be for a couple of weeks, maybe three.” Arnold said.

“I hope you've got a good computer guy to set all this up for you.”

“She was here yesterday.” Arnold said.

“She is pretty knowledgeable.” The guy said and put two of the laser printers onto the counter and added the two cartridges they had left on the shelf with them.

“I got them!” Jimmy said as he came out of the back with a brown box. “Gail, we'll need to order more. There's nothing left in the back.”

“I'll add it to the order sheet for the end of the week.” Gail said and took out a clipboard and wrote out the serial number and the product ID. She looked at Arnold when the electronics guy went to get the two business computers. “I can call you and let you know when they come in.”

“That's a pretty slick trick to get his number, Gail.” The guy said as he came over with two computer bases. “Reminds me of me.”

“Shut it.” Gail said and he laughed. “Don't mind him. He's a bit of a joker.”

“Jimmy, give me a hand with the monitors and accessories.” The guy said and the two of them went to the back of the store.

Arnold took out his cell phone and exchanged numbers with Gail. He didn't notice that it was her personal number and didn't match the one for the store.

“I better start ringing this up.” Gail said and got to work. The guy and Jimmy brought over the accessories and things and she made sure they were included in the business computer package, that way it saved the handsome guy, Arnold, a little money.

“You know, if you're setting up the internet there, maybe a couple of your workers might need tablets to help them keep track of things.” The electronics guy said. “We've got a great one on sale this week...”

“Steve!” Gail gasped. “He's already spent...”

“Show me.” Arnold said.

Steve went over to the shelf behind the counter and came over with one. “It's got great onboard memory, an expansion slot if that's not enough, has the best operating system on the market, and the processor is better than the business computers you just bought.”

Arnold thought about it for a moment. “Give me twelve of them.”

Gail's, Steve's, and Jimmy's mouths dropped open in shock.

“Um...” Jimmy shook his head a little. “I need to check if we have that many.” He took off running again. Steve didn't laugh this time. He thought he could sneak a few of them into Arnold's order and pad the guy's bill a little, just so they could say they had a fantastic sales month. He never thought the guy would want twelve of them.

Jimmy came out from the back with a small crate. “They come ten per crate.” He said and put the crate on the counter. He opened it and checked each box to make sure nothing was visibly damaged.

“There's another one on the shelf.” Steve said, recovering from the shock.

“I want the memory card expansions and the extended warranties on everything.” Arnold said and Gail caught her breath.

“Damn. You might as well get the nice cases, too.” Steve joked.

“Okay.” Arnold said.

The three of them stared at him for a moment, then Gail smacked Steve's arm.

“Right! I'll go get the ones on the display.” Steve said. “Jimmy, stockroom for the rest.”

“Sure.” Jimmy walked to the back room this time. He was getting tired of running.

Gail added the tablets to Arnold's bill and Steve came back with a handful of memory chips and two blue hard cases for the tablets. She rang the new items in and Jimmy came out with a large package. He gave her ten more cases from it. They added the charging wires and adapters, too. She looked at the final total on her screen with the tax included and she wasn't sure she wanted to say it.

“Oh, god.” She whispered, because she felt like they were taking advantage of him. “Your total is nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty three dollars... and twenty cents.”

Instead of the shock or surprise she expected to see on his face, he gave her an angelic smile that made her breathing speed up.

Arnold nodded at her, because he had only guessed at needing ten grand. “Is cash okay?”

“Jesus.” Jimmy said and walked away without looking back. “I'm taking a break.” The surprises were just a bit too much for him and he needed a rest.

Steve stood there and stared at him as Arnold took out a huge stack of bills and counted out the right amount. He didn't say anything as Gail took the money and rang the purchase through and gave the man his change and the receipt. He went around the counter and helped Arnold take all of the things out to the van. To his surprise, Gail grabbed what was left and followed them out of the store. When it was all loaded, she spoke.

“I know Steve teased me a little about it...” Gail said. “...but, I... do you want to have supper with me?” She asked, her eyes full of hope. “My shift ends in ten minutes.”

Arnold checked his watch and it was about suppertime. “I'm not looking for a girlfriend.”

“Me, either.” Gail said, then she smiled. “I mean, not a boyfriend. I just... you bought a lot from the store and...”

“She's horny for you.” Steve interrupted, because it was just too tempting to not take the dig when it was presented to him on a silver platter.

“Shut up!” Gail smack his arm and pushed him towards the store. “Get out of here!”

Steve laughed and walked back into the store, positive that the guy was going to say no.

“Do you need to change first?” Arnold asked.

Gail took in a sharp breath. “I'll be back in five minutes!” She said and ran into the store. “Steve! You're on the front counter until Nancy comes in!”

“Wh-what?” Steve stopped walking towards the back of the store and his desk as he turned to look at her in surprise.

Gail opened the door to the storeroom and ran inside. Five minutes later, she came out with her hair dishevelled and wearing a normal top. She had her bag with the change of clothes and her purse, clocked out just as her shift ended, and tossed Steve the keys to the store to give to Nancy. She gave the middle finger to his surprised face and then ran out the front.

“Ready!” Gail said to the handsome man that had stood there and waited for her. She had expected him to be waiting in the van and it was nice that he hadn't. He opened the passenger door for her and she beamed a smile at him and climbed in.

Arnold climbed into the driver's side and started it up.

“Is this your van?” Gail asked.

“No, my college roommate's maid owns it.” Arnold said and drove out of the parking lot. He knew a good restaurant and drove towards it.

“Your college roommate has a maid? At college?” Gail asked, shocked. She didn't know something like that was allowed, no matter how rich you were.

“Yes.” Arnold said. “She cooks and cleans.”

“Wow.” Gail said. “I wish I had a maid in college. My room was always a mess.” She looked around to see where they were going and her eyes widened when he pulled into the upscale restaurant's parking lot. She dug into her purse and grabbed her brush, then she quickly ran it through her shoulder length wavy blonde hair several times to put it back in order.

Her door was opened and Gail stepped out. Did he do that to give me time to freshen up? She asked herself and the two of them went into the restaurant. They stood by the sign to wait to be seated. She thought about talking while they waited and became nervous. She looked at his face and he turned to look at her. His gaze caught her own and her heart sped up.

“Right this way, please.” A dark haired woman in a vest and pants said and waved them forward. “I'll have a waiter bring the menus momentarily.”

Arnold and Gail followed her and were seated at a nice table.

“Have you eaten here before?” The woman asked Arnold, because she thought she recognized him.

“I had a birthday meal here with my mother in August.” Arnold said. “You sang to me.”

The woman gave him a warm smile and touched his shoulder briefly. “She did a lot to arrange that.”

Arnold nodded and she walked away a bit happier than she had been a moment before.

“Do you go out to eat with your mother a lot?” Gail asked, now that she had something to talk about.

“When I'm home on the weekends.” Arnold said. “We usually go out and do something, too.”

Gail had to smile at that. “It's really nice that you make time for your mom like that.” She said, then her smile faded. “My mom died a few years ago.”

Arnold reached over and took her hand, then gently rubbed it. “Tell me what happened.”

Gail looked into his eyes and his intense stare convinced her that he was actually interested and wasn't just pretending. He actually was pretending, just like Doris told him to when engaging a woman in conversation. He was to give her all of his attention and let her see it. Gail couldn't tell, so she laid it all out. Her mom becoming ill one day, quickly deteriorating, then the cancer diagnosis and her death right after. It was sudden, devastating, and had changed Gail's life.

The waiter had seen them talking and stayed away, because he didn't want to interrupt such an in depth conversation. When there was a pause, he quickly went over and presented the menus and retreated. The sign of a good waiter was to be as unobtrusive as possible. He went back after observing them peruse the menu and took their order. He retrieved the menus and went to order their dishes.

He came back and refreshed their water during another lull in their conversation, then brought over their meals. He stayed poised as he did the same thing to the other three tables in his section.

Gail was having a wonderful time. No matter what she talked about, Arnold kept up his side of the conversation. He was smart, handsome, rich, and his gently stroking hand on hers as they talked and ate was making her tingle all over. She didn't know how he could keep doing three things at once like that, though. She was having a hard time just talking and eating and it made her smile.

When the meal was done and the desserts finished, the waiter brought over the check. Arnold looked at it and put three hundred dollars into it and handed it back. The waiter sputtered a little at getting an almost 180% tip.

Gail almost laughed at his reaction, then she was distracted when Arnold stood and helped her stand as well. He escorted her out of the restaurant and back to the van. She was only a little sad that it was over, then she told him where she lived. It had surprised her that she told an almost stranger her actual address and didn't lie like she usually did. Even Steve at work didn't know where she really lived.

Arnold pulled into the tiny parking lot of the small apartment building and turned off the van. He turned in the seat and looked at Gail as he took her hand. She was startled for a moment, then she beamed another smile at him.

“This was a great date.” Gail said and gave his hand a squeeze. “Thank you.”

Arnold leaned over and gave her a kiss for a second.

Gail gave him a longing look, put a hand behind his neck, and pulled him back in for another kiss. They made out for several minutes and she felt the tingle return. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes again. She saw the intense stare and she knew, knew with all her heart, that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

“I want you to come upstairs with me.” Gail said.

“Okay.” Arnold said, and her heart leapt.

I knew it! Gail thought in satisfaction.

They left the van, Arnold locked it and set the alarm, and Gail took him up to her own apartment. She couldn't tell you why she was letting him into her home when they could easily have done it in the van or gone to a motel or something. It was only their first date, too. She had always waited and checked to see if he was worth her time before even suggesting sleeping together, and now she was unlocking her door and pulled him inside to kiss him again.

“Make me remember this forever.” Gail whispered and held him tightly.

“Condom or no condom?” Arnold whispered back.

Gail shivered, because he had asked her what she wanted, instead of assuming. “I know we should start with a condom...” She started to say and let him out of the embrace she had him in. “...just to be safe.”

She started to undress and pulled off her top, then unhooked her bra. Her tiny little breasts were firm and perky, barely bigger than a mouthful, and her nipples were hard as rocks. She took off her pants and slipped off her panties to show him that she was completely shaven.

Arnold had stripped off as well and when Gail saw his fully erect penis waiting for her, she became so wet that she dripped onto the carpet.

“Forget being safe.” Gail said and stepped close and stroked him and kissed him. “I want this buried so deep inside me that I have a hard time walking tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Arnold said and picked her up easily.

Gail let out a little shriek of surprise, then she gasped and moaned as he slid her down onto him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him hard, then she started moving her hips. She felt her first of many orgasms building and he thrust up as she moved down. She came hard and splashed it all onto his abdomen as she twitched and held on.

“B-b-bedrooommm.” Gail said with a moan.

Arnold walked into the room she nodded towards. He stayed inside of her, to her delight, then they were on the bed. She moaned as he nearly pulled all the way out, then he did as she asked him to. He buried himself deep into her and she came again.

“Mmmmore.” Gail stared up at the handsome man poised above her. “Give... give me more.”

Arnold did.