200 The Road To Greatness
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Whew, Chapter 200. Holy crap. LOL It's almost double length, too (which is why it's late). Please read the author's note at the end. Thank you.

Gail popped two more pain pills just before she opened the door to the electronics shop. She looked like an old woman as she half-waddled half-walked inside and Steve was there to laugh at her.

“Jesus! Did he give you rickets or something?” Steve asked as he handed her the store keys. “You're as bowl-legged as those equestrian girls after a long competition ride in the saddle!”

Gail gave him a huge smile at that comparison, except in her mind she switched the roles, because it was her that was ridden so hard that she felt it the next day. I asked him to do it, too. She thought and then gripped the counter as she remembered some of it and came.

Oh, fuck. Gail thought and shivered. “I need... the bathroom.”

She waddled by the electronics guy and went to the employee bathroom in the back. She checked her pad and was relieved it had caught it all. She changed it after cleaning herself and tried not to touch herself too much. She could still feel him inside of her and she had almost called in sick. She was like a switch that might turn on at the slightest reminder of the night before and she had brought the whole box of pads with her, just in case.

Gail went back out front, clocked in a few minutes before her shift started, then went behind the counter. The smile plastered on her face was genuine, despite the soreness she felt. She did her best to keep what happened at the back of her mind and away from the forefront. Unfortunately, her brain just wasn't going to let it go that easily.

Arnold had to leave around four in the morning to get back to the college to shower and get ready. Unlike the night before, when they had sex, he made slow and passionate love to her because she was so sore.

It had driven her wild.

His deep control was impossible in her eyes. No man she knew of could hold himself back like that. It wasn't natural. She knew he could ravage her and she expected it again, and it didn't happen. His constant whispers of how good she made him feel, how privileged he felt to see her naked body, and how he wanted to make love to her for as long as he could, blew her mind and made the sex that much more intense and pleasurable for her.

Gail actually felt dehydrated after coming so much last night and suddenly she had a water bottle in her hand and he told her to drink. She had felt better after that and then he went down on her for the upteenth time. To her writhing body's pleasure, he covered her with soft and gentle kisses and told her that he wanted to make it better by kissing it. It was so sweet and endearing that she came again and he cleaned up the mess for her.

Arnold had stood up afterwards and leaned over her. “Thank you.” He said and kissed her passionately, then he was dressed and out the door before she could thank him back. She had fallen asleep right afterwards and didn't wake up until her alarm went off. It had been a difficult shower, and even harder time walking all the way to the store in her current state, and she wouldn't trade any of it away. She had wanted the reminders and he had given them to her, so she would savor them for as long as they lasted.


Arnold had dropped off all of the new equipment in the basement of the new building and he saw the main room had been stripped of everything, right down to the paint from the walls and the floor coverings. He had just enough time to go into his room and give Dalla a kiss to thank her for the use of the van, grab a shower and change for class, then he went to Physics class with Leann and Tanya.

“Hi, Arnold!” Leann said as she came into the classroom and strode over to him. She gave him a kiss and sat down next to him.

“Hello.” Arnold responded and she looked into his tired eyes.

“Somebody didn't get enough sleep last night.” Leann said as recognized the look. “You shouldn't push yourself too much, you know. You're only one person.”

Arnold raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I know, I know.” Leann laughed and gave him another kiss. “That's like me telling Francine that she needs to hire an assistant to help her. She likes what she does too much to delegate some of it away.”

Arnold nodded agreement.

“Well, if you want, you just lean your handsome head on my shoulder and take a nap. I'll take notes and let you know what the homework is when you wake up.”

Arnold thought about it and nodded again. “Thank you.” He said and gave her a three second kiss, then he did as she said and rested against her. He promptly fell asleep and became a dead weight against her.

Leann almost laughed at him doing it so quickly, then she realized something. He trusted her to keep him safe while he was asleep. That wasn't something that anyone would do. Apprehension or unease would be normal for someone to feel, even when around friends, and Arnold went right to sleep when she had offered. She put her arm around him to hold him steady.

The professor came into the class and saw the scene with Arnold leaning against the young woman next to him and he smiled. I guess he must be involved with her to give such a public display of affection. He thought, then he taught the class. It was just lecture time and no visuals this time, so Arnold actually didn't miss anything.

Leann wrote down the important notes and marked the pages the teacher covered in the book, then the class was over. Arnold had slept through the whole thing and her heart went out to him, because she was going to have to wake him up. She had to get to the next class and Tanya had already left.

“Arnold.” Leann whispered and shook him a little. “Arnold.” She said in a normal voice.

Arnold opened his eyes and blinked them for a moment. He felt the warm arm around him and lifted his head from where it rested. “Thank you.” He said and kissed Leann for several seconds.

“I wanted to let you sleep; but, I have a class to get to.” Leann said, regretfully.

Arnold nodded and they stood up together.

Leann put her other arm around him and held him tightly for a moment. “You're off this class, right?”

Arnold nodded.

“Then come with me and I'll keep holding you.” Leann suggested.

“Okay.” Arnold said and they left that class and went to her next one. Leann sat near the back at one of the large tables and Arnold sat next to her. He used her as a pillow again and went right to sleep. She almost laughed again at the ease he could do that and the professor came into the room. She listened attentively and made proper notes, using only one hand again, and Arnold slept through the whole thing, despite the loud teacher and the student answers.

Leann had to wake him again and he thanked and kissed her again. “I'll walk you to Statistics, just to make sure you get there.”

Arnold nodded and she escorted him to the class. Tanya was there and saw Leann with a protective arm around Arnold. She didn't comment about it, even when Leann sat Arnold in the seat next to her.

“I've texted Pam and Janet. You sit here and wait for them to come and get you after class.” Leann said.

“Okay.” Arnold said and he was already dozing off. She helped him fold his arms and Arnold put his head down on them and went back to sleep.

“Tanya, he's going to need your notes for this class.” Leann said and the other girl nodded. “See you later.”

Tanya had watched Leann's concerned face and she wondered why Arnold wasn't depending on her to take care of him. The class passed and there wasn't much new, just the teacher regurgitating what was in the next chapter in the textbook, so she marked the highlights and the class ended. As she was quickly copying her short notes over, Pam and Janet came into the room.

“Oh, you poor thing.” Janet whispered and she and Pam gently woke him up.

“Let's take him right to his sociology classroom.” Pam suggested. “He can keep sleeping through lunch and then the class.”

“That's a great idea.” Janet said and they helped Arnold stand.

“He needs these.” Tanya said and handed Janet the notes for the class.

“Thanks.” Janet said and took them and then the two women led Arnold from the classroom.


Kelly was very nervous about going to her sociology class. It would be the first time she would be seeing Arnold alone since the incident and she wasn't sure how he was going to treat her. In her mind, she knew that he probably wouldn't treat her any differently. In her heart, she was worried he would be as cold towards her as he was to everyone else.

She needn't have worried, because he was asleep when she entered the classroom. He also had Pam and Janet sitting on either side of him. A partially eaten lunch was in front of them and the two women packed it up as more students came in. Kelly walked over to them and waited for Janet to move, because she was in her seat.

“Arnold, class is starting.” Pam whispered.

“Hmm.” Arnold mumbled and Pam and Janet exchanged looks, then they looked at Kelly.

“If the teacher asks, he didn't sleep at all last night.” Janet said.

“Don't bother him.” Pam said, a bit sternly. “Especially about what happened.”

Kelly opened her mouth to say that she wouldn't, then decided silence was a better choice to arguing.

“We'll be back when this class is over and take him to his next class.” Pam said, then she and Janet left to go to their own classes.

Kelly sat down next to the man she loved, who was sleeping soundly, in the middle of class. She had been worried about how he would treat her and he wasn't even going to be awake for her to find out if things were going to be awkward between them.

The sociology teacher came in and immediately saw the sleeping student in the front row. She walked over to him and was about to clap her hands when the girl next to him held up her hand to stop her.

“Please, he's exhausted. He didn't sleep at all last night.” Kelly whispered.

“With you?” Miss Kinneson asked before she could stop the question from slipping out.

Kelly didn't blush at all. “No, and I don't know why. His best friends said to just let him sleep.”

The teacher gave her a disbelieving look for a moment and then sighed. “He's been getting to classes all morning like this?”

“I guess.” Kelly said with a shrug. “This is the first time I'm seeing him since yesterday.”

“Very well. I'll let him sleep.” Miss Kinneson said and tucked some of her greyish brown hair behind her ear. “When he wakes up, tell him he has an appointment with me in my office at four.”

Kelly nodded and wrote it down. The teacher taught the class and Kelly took detailed notes of everything when she could. She was involved in the discussion herself, so writing at the same time wasn't viable. When the class ended, she sat there and waited. Two minutes later, Pam and Janet came in and saw Arnold was still asleep.

“The teacher gave him an appointment at four in the registrar's office.” Kelly said and handed Janet the note.

“We knew he wouldn't get away with doing this all day.” Pam said and gently shook him. “Arnold? Sweetheart?”

“Hmm?” Arnold sat up and blinked his eyes. “What...” He looked at Pam. “What time is it?”

“First class in the afternoon just ended, so two o'clock.” Pam said.

Arnold stood up and the three of them saw he had an erection.

“It's a good thing we have the next class off.” Pam said with a smile and took his hand. “Come on. We'll fill you in on what you missed all day.”

Janet grabbed his other hand and they led him from the room.

Kelly thought about following them as she gathered her things up and decided she needed to get to class instead. Unlike Arnold, she needed to pay attention to the lessons the professors taught. She went about her day and went back to her dorm when classes ended at four. The first thing she thought of was what the sociology teacher was going to talk to him about.


Miss Kinneson sat in her office and waited for the intelligent young man that had slept through her class to arrive. She had analyzed her own emotions for the whole encounter and she was surprised at the near full range she had experienced. It was all because she felt slighted by him having the nerve to sleep through her sociology class. She had even tried to use him as an example of defying authority and social ignorance, which wasn't something she should have done.

Singling out a student as an example could backfire, especially since you are drawing attention to that student, wanted or otherwise. She would have to both admonish his behavior and apologize for her own. She let out a long and drawn out sigh as she waited patiently for four o'clock to arrive. Or more precisely, five minutes after, since that was the approximate walk time from Arnold's last class to the registrar's office.

Almost exactly when she had calculated it, there was a knock on her door. Before she could open her mouth to tell him to enter, the door opened and he came right in. He closed the door with a slightly louder click and he walked over to sit in the chair in front of the desk. She let him sit there for precisely two minutes before she spoke.

“Did you have fun in my classroom today?” Miss Kinneson asked.

“No.” Arnold responded.

Miss Kinneson didn't quite believe him, not knowing what the term 'fun' meant for Arnold. If she had asked if he ever had fun in her class, he would recall Rebecca giving him a blowjob and would have to say yes.

“Is the subject boring you?” Miss Kinneson asked, genuinely curious of what his answer would be.

“No.” Arnold said. “I've learned a lot in your class.”

“Prove it.” Miss Kinneson said as she prepared herself for a lively debate on social structure and a person's relationship status with those around them, including friends, family, and acquaintances. She expected him to toss in a few arguments about multiple gender references, possibly cancelling each other out as the debate wore on. Her mind ramped itself up to speed and she tried to not smile as she prepared to tear him up, verbally.

Unfortunately, a debate was not what Arnold was going to do.

Miss Kinneson watched as Arnold stood up and had an unsure look on his face. He walked, almost haltingly, around her desk and perched on the edge as he looked into her eyes.

“I am so very sorry.” Arnold said sincerely as he took her hand and gently rubbed the back of it with his thumb. “I never meant to hurt you or cause you to doubt your ability.” He slid off the edge of the desk as he reached with his free hand and tucked her greyish brown hair behind her other ear, then he caressed the side of her face. “Such a beautiful creature should never doubt themselves.”

Miss Kinneson stared at the young man as if she had never seen him before. Her heart was beating very loud into the silence that seemed to stretch out between them.

Arnold let her hand go and he cupped both sides of her face. “A woman of your stature deserves to be loved unconditionally.” He leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss. “A man needs to know that making love to someone like you is a privilege.”

Miss Kinneson's breathing sped up as this young man pretty much pushed all of her buttons, then he kept going and she didn't stop him, even though she suspected what he was going to do.

Arnold stood up straight and stood her up as well, then he slowly opened up her top. Miss Kinneson flinched a little when he opened her bra and her secret of a padded bra was revealed. She was an older woman and her breasts, although voluptuous when she was younger, had deflated over time and lost a lot of their mass as she aged. She was nearing sixty and she saw the changes in the mirror every morning.

“The ravages of time are harsh for those that notice them.” Arnold said and then smiled. “I am not one of them.”

To her utter surprise, he mounded up one of her sagging breasts to make it appear to be like a normal breast, then he attacked the nipple with his mouth and tongue. She moaned as he did and her legs became weak. He braced an arm behind her back to hold her up and did the same to her other breast. She reached down and found him to be very ready for her and she quickly undid his pants. Her skirt soon followed and then she was on the desk and he was licking her thoroughly to get her wet.

Miss Kinneson's body replied to the attention immediately and then she was staring into Arnold's intense gaze as he pushed his way into her. She clamped her mouth shut to stop her moans as he worked his way in. He struggled against her body and fought for every inch, because she hadn't had a man in a very long time. She was almost like a virgin, actually.

She was so tight that she was a little worried that she would start bleeding and would ruin things, then suddenly the pressure released and he was all the way in. Her body remembered what to do on its own and the handsome young man took her right there on her desk. Her mind fought against her body's reactions, because she hadn't been given pleasure like it before.

Intellectually, she could debate techniques and proper use of a man's tool. She loved debates like that, because for her she got to speculate on her own reactions and hear about others. She had no clue what to actually do if it ever happened to her... and now she did. She gave herself over to the sensations and let him do whatever he wanted. She did her best to help when she could and his gentle hands eased her back onto the desk to make her relax.

“Let me do all the work for this, our first time together.” Arnold whispered into her ear.

Miss Kinneson's whole body tensed up as she had a mind-blowing physical orgasm. Just the implication that it would happen again made her finish, then he made her go again and again as he whispered into her ear all of the things he had learned from her in her class. That he could recite everything like that gave her another mind-blowing orgasm, this time it was a mental one and her brain almost shut down from too much stimulation.

Arnold stopped moving, as if he sensed her distress, then he gave her several soft kisses. “I know your tolerance now.” He whispered into her ear, then he brought her to the edge, over and over and over. Her mind and her body raged with pleasure and her soul soared as he made her his. He used everything he had learned and the aged woman felt like she had when she enjoyed her very first orgasm.

It hadn't happened the first time she had sex, oh no. No, it took almost a year before she figured out her own body enough to have an actual orgasm. Over the years, it had been fleeting and few and far between. She had given up having one for years and then lost interest in sex almost completely. Until now.

Miss Kinneson wanted to do everything. She asked, then pleaded, then begged for him to do everything with her. She wanted to feel it. She wanted to feel it all. Now that she had someone that could do it properly, someone that had no problem with her older body, she wanted him to have all of her, because he deserved it. He had awakened her sexual being and it desired him above all over concerns. Between her moans of pleasure, she told him this.

Arnold smiled an angelic smile and kissed her passionately.

She had completely forgotten why she had asked him to come to her office in the first place.


Heather had been right. It only took a week for the construction crew to strip out and clear the building down to the bare walls and floor, then two weeks to rebuild everything up to her design specs. She had to get more money from Arnold for proper furniture and accessories and he gave her another ten thousand dollars. She kissed him several times, platonically of course, because Janet and Pam were there.

Fancy-looking desks, chairs, and plants were scattered around the whole building. Paintings and sculptures bought from the Liberal Arts students adorned the waiting area and the main office. They were both cheap and eye catching, perfect for a budget, and the students had free exposure. It had been one of Heather's more brilliant ideas. She even hired them on the cheap to do up a nice mural for the waiting area.

Kelly hooked up all of the computers, since she knew a lot about it all. She appreciated Arnold giving her the job, because she could earn a very nice living while going to school. The awkwardness that she had expected to develop between them, never did. Of course, any time she was there, so was either Pam or Janet. Not once was she ever alone with him, except during sociology class. She didn't know why the teacher was always in a great mood, either. Miss Kinneson didn't strike Kelly as someone who was always happy, considering the way she had acted during the beginning of the year.

When the building was finished, Arnold was awarded the remainder of the grant for finishing well under budget, something that the grant committee had never expected, and his personal account grew by thirty-eight thousand and sixty dollars and eighty cents. Annie was absolutely ecstatic at the news.

The secondary grant was submitted and given to Arnold. He took it right to the bank as soon as he could. To the bank's surprise, the rolling contract had been increased to two million dollars a year. It was quickly sorted out and Arnold stood up and held a hand out to the accountant.

“Oh, damn.” The woman said and took his hand. “Are we going to repeat what happened before?”

“I want to buy you dinner first.” Arnold said.

“We can have room service at the hotel again.” She said with a smile and he nodded. They left the bank and she caught her breath when Arnold led her to a very expensive looking car. She ran her hand along the fender and looked at him. “Nice taste.”

“My mother picked it out.” Arnold said as he opened the passenger side door and she laughed. She stroked his cheek and climbed in, then he drove them down the street to the hotel. They didn't stop at the reception desk and went right to the elevator. She hugged his arm, happy that he had prepared for it beforehand, then they enjoyed eating a lavish supper.

“I have something to ask you.” Arnold said after the meal and they walked towards the bed.

“It must be important.” She said as she took off her black blouse that matched her hair. “You should be all over me by now.”

Arnold slid his arms around her and unhooked her bra. “How much do you make at the bank?”

The woman chuckled as he played with her nipples to make them pop out. “Are you going to hire me away?”

Arnold suckled on them for a moment and looked into her eyes. “Unless you can work on the side for me.”

“On a... personal basis?” The woman asked with a sexy smile.

“I need an accountant and someone to handle the payroll for ten months of the year that the computer lab operates.” Arnold said and opened up her pants and knelt to pull them and her thong down. He started kissing and licking her down there and she rubbed her hands over his buzz-cut.

“OH!” She gasped as she came. How does he do that so fast every time? She asked herself as he kept licking and sucking for a moment. “How... many...”

“Eleven employees total with you included.” Arnold said as he stood up and gave her a kiss. “I have four positions filled and will hire more as I find them.”

“What... is the initial balance?”

“Half of my yearly budget.” Arnold said.

“Oh, god!” She gasped. “That's an annual gross salary of almost ninety-one thousand dollars!”

“You'll be responsible for taking out the taxes, fees, social security, and insurance to submit to the proper agencies.” Arnold said. “What do you say?”

She knelt down and undid his pants and pulled them down with his underwear. “I'm going to suck this thing as hard as I can.” She said and did just that.

Arnold dug his fingers into her hair and helped her do it. When he felt it was time, he told her and she stopped sucking and leaned back. He stroked himself for barely a second and unloaded himself over her tongue and into her mouth. She stared at him intensely as he gave himself over to her like that, then she decided that she didn't have to wait for him to finish and started sucking again. He finished coming and she kept sucking. He came again for her only a few minutes later.

She moved her mouth off of him and stood up. “I'll submit my resignation tomorrow.” She said and laid down on the bed and spread her legs for him. “You know what to do, you magnificent man.”

Arnold gave her an angelic smile and she caught her breath, then he entered her and she absolutely loved that the hour of her being treated like a slut had officially begun.


The next day, Gail was standing behind the counter at the electronics store and then the man who had wrecked her weeks ago walked into the store.

Arnold saw her and approached. “Hello, Gail.” He said and gave her an angelic smile.

Gail came just from that and she put a hand down to check her pants. Yep, soaked. She thought as she felt the damp cloth. “What can I do for you today?”

“Would you like to be the secretary for my computer lab?”

“YES!” Gail yelled.

“I haven't told you about...”

“Fuck that!” Gail interrupted. “When can I start?”

“You have to give notice here.” Arnold said.

“STEVE!” Gail yelled and kept looking at Arnold as the wet stain on her pants started spreading even wider as she remembered the things he did to her.

Steve came up from the back of the store. “What are you yelling for?” He asked and saw Arnold. “Oh, hey guy.”

Arnold nodded to him.

“I quit.” Gail said.

Steve sighed. “You can't just quit. You need to put in your two weeks notice...”

“I submitted it two weeks ago. I got my last pay yesterday and only came in today to get my things.” Gail said with a grin and Arnold smiled back at her.

“I didn't see anything on the manager's desk.” Steve said.

“His desk is a mess, so I'll bring my copy of it in tomorrow.” Gail said and handed him the keys to the store. “Goodbye, Steve. It's been okay knowing you.”

Steve let out a chuckle. “Well, at least Nancy's going to like getting more hours.”

“Arnold, I'll be right back.” Gail said and went to get her things out of her work locker.

“Hey, man. I hope you're happy.” Steve said. “You're stealing one of the store's best workers.”

Arnold gave him a smile and didn't say anything in response.

“I got everything. Let's go.” Gail said as she came out of the back room.

“Jesus, did you piss yourself?” Steve asked at the huge wet stain that had blossomed around Gail's crotch and could easily be seen.

“I'm just too happy to hold it in.” Gail said and took Arnold's hand. “I brought a plastic bag to sit on, so you don't have to worry about your car seat.”

“I wasn't worried.” Arnold said. He could smell the familiar smell and knew it wasn't urine. He gave her a kiss for several seconds, then he left the store with a very happy Gail that practically danced beside him.

I hate to say this, despite the hints and warnings that I've been leaving the last ten chapters or so; but, I've decided to take a break from this for a bit. I don't know for how long. I've gotten Arnold to a good pausing point and surprise, surprise, it's not a cliffhanger. (grinning smiley face)

I would like to thank you all for reading this, especially the fans and the people who donated, and even the people that don't like aspects of it and downvote it. At least it gave you something to complain about, right? Ha ha!

All things considered, it's been fun. So, thank you. Thank you all.