Ch. 2 Revelations To The Beginning
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"Well.. this isn't what I expected.." I said disappointedly as I looked to my left and right.. 

Instead of being greeted by the warm sun light and a fresh green sceneries, I am instead greeted with a scary infinite looking darkness in front of me.. well I know I am inside some sort of cave.

How do my genius brain knew that, you ask? Well it's because of the visible walls and ceiling.. well they indicate me being somewhere underground but I didn't exactly know where..

I couldn't see another way to go other than back and the the darkness.. and so I chose.. to go into the darkness of course. I mean what am I going to do going back to that room..

Well the darkness does look scary though.. I had always hated this kind of darkness. It made me quite powerless in a way I guess.. So.. hmm.. what can I do now? I mean I could only walk through it right..?

"Well as one of the sayings.. 'Now or never'.. or I think..?" Well without any special preparations I just simply walked towards the darkness and through it..




Hmmm... well this is certainly weird. Little by little I could actually see better inside this long darkness.. It is like I somehow developed night visions little by little.. or maybe my body just adapted to it..?

<[Improved Vision Lv.1] acquired>




What? Wait.. wait.. what? what the hell does this mean?? I am literally very much confused.. what? How can I suddenly gain a skill randomly? 

Wait..? Can I gain skill by adapting to my environment? Is it that convenient? Well I do not have any other theories, don't I? 

Hmm... I mean it is convenient.. but most importantly I just remembered about something..

"I could've just used [Light Magic Lv.1] to light up the area.. can't I?" I felt like I wanted to facepalm so hard that I will just blow my head off..

"Why haven't I thought of that.. after I walked for straight 5 minutes as well.." I sighed in defeat because of my stupidity..

So I tried to replicate the same rune I used earlier but I tinkered it a bit based on my feelings to make it a ball of light that'll shine bright enough to lit up my path..

As the magic will need to be continuously lit, I think it will need to he connected to me as I need to keep on supplying it with my [MP]. 

Well after I made a rune that I think will work, I tried to run it as best as possible but after a while of supplying it with my magic.. The ball of light formed.. but not in a way I wanted it to be.. 

"Oh crap.." When I stopped giving the ball of light more of my [MP] it suddenly expanded out of control..

"It's going to explode isn't it.." I muttered while still trying to regain control and absorb the [MP] back.. but it seems like it won't work.

"Well cr-" *BOOM* 




[??? PoV]


I suddenly was jolted awake by the sudden shaking of the walls and the ground. 

'What is that?!' I thought while raising my cautiousness. 

'C'mon can't I even rest in peace here?!' I thought getting a little annoyed.

Well all in all I am still weak so whatever caused that explosion could just be two monsters fighting each other.. yeah let's stay away.




[Tenshi PoV]

"Ouch.. That really hurts.." I just reflexively covered my whole body with my greyish black wings to try and protect my body.. and it did damn work.. but as a return my wings were charred and burned.. it is very painful.. but it is slowly recovering.. but when I was grimacing in the pain suddenly I felt something is changing and heard..

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Acquired Skill [Light Resistance Lv.1]>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Acquired Skill [Light Attack Lv.1]>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Light Magic Lv.1] has become [Light Magic Lv.2]>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Magic Power Operation Lv.1] has become [Magic Power Operation Lv.2]>

"This voice.. Argh!" Suddenly a very heavy headache hits me.. it felt like someone had hit my head with a tank..

"What the hell..!" I waited for a while and the headache also slowly dissipated.. but my confusion remains..

"What the.." I felt something.. but I can't describe it.. when I heard the 'voice'.. Whose voice is that? Does it have a connection to me?.. Why do I feel a connection to it..? 

That is a question I later would found out either the hard way or the easy way..

For now.. let's sit down and asses everything..




I see it seems like I gained [Light Resistance Lv.1].. So after I got hit with that devastating attack of mine.. I gained resistance, eh? Hmm.. pretty understandable on how we gain skills here. I also gained [Light Attack Lv.1] which is different from [Light Magic Lv.2] which also leveled up. 

"Well what can I do now about this.." I muttered while bringin my wings forward so I could see the damages on it.. and it is quite bad? 

The feathers are definitely charred and burned.. I am lucky there are no nerves in my feathers.. But it still hurts as probably the muscle of my wings itself were burned..

"Well.. I do have [Healing Magic Lv.1].." I looked at my skills and saw my [Healing Magic Lv.1] skill.. 

"The question is.." How do I use it? While it seems like I could use it the same way as [Light Magic Lv.2], it probably has a different rune.. 

"I mean it's not urgent anyway.." I said as I looked at my status bar..


HP: 125/200

MP: 225/350

SP(Yellow): 200/200

SP(Red): 195/200

That light ball which I presume was the trigger for me getting [Light Attack Lv.1] ate quite a lot of my [MP] doesn't it? It also scratch a bit of my health off.. 

Also.. what is this [SP] bar? Why the hell are there two of them..? I'll just worry about that later for now.. For now let's worry on how I could heal myself back..

"I wouldn't need to worry about the problem with darkness for a while anyway.." I said as I looked around the place I was currently in..

The remnants of my [Light Attack Lv.1] was still lingering around creating bright enough lights for me to see. And from that I could see that I was in some sort of a structure rather than a normal cave..

"Hmm.. well let's explore later.. healing come first.." Well let's try to draw another magic circle.. it is basically the same structure. A circle with multiple runes that I couldn't read. I tried to just follow my memories of the runes in that book. 

"Well.. [Healing Magic Lv.1]" I poured my [MP] into the magic circle after I am done making it. And well.. it works! I felt a warm feeling enveloping my body as I casted the [Healing Magic Lv.1] to myself. Slowly but surely I could see my wounds start to close itself. 


HP: 190/200

MP: 200/350

SP(Yellow): 190/200

SP(Red): 170/200

Hmm.. well the wounds certainly had closed but I haven't recovered completely. Also it seems like the [Healing Magic Lv.1] really isn't like a true healing. I think it is more of a regeneration acceleration as my [SP] decreases. 

As like in the games I could probably guess that SP is my stamina. But to the point that I have two of them is kind of weird. 

"Well I could always do this.. [Appraisal Lv.10]" I appraised my [SP] bar and it actually showed a detailed information of it.

It seems like the [SP] bar was divided into the two bars. The yellow one and the red one. From the description I read, the yellow bar show the 'immediate stamina' I have right now. It could probably be recovered by just resting..

But the red one.. it is my overall left stamina. If it reaches 0 I'll die.. I guess it probably could only be recovered after sleeping and eating.. well how the hell can I even found food in a place like this....?

"..Well that is the problem for future me doesn't it?" I am just going to brush off that problem for now as it is not really that urgent at the moment.

"Well.." I stood up quickly and checked my body once again to just make sure..

"Hmm~.. Okay!" Now that I am basically back to full [HP] I should move again..

"Well let's continue onwards.."