Ch.3 An Unstoppable and Unmovable Object
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"*Huft* *Huft* *Huft*.." I am currently running from something that I can't hope to win against.. a damn T-rex! I looked back once again to confirm it's position to me but as I glanced back I already could see him getting ready to launch a big attack to me.. 



Well how did this manage to happen? Well-

"Shi-" I just barely dodged it's lunge attack to me. 

"Hey! That's rude at least let me finish my story!!!!" I shouted at it but that only made it more aggressive and agitated..

[Author: Maybe you should stick to running?]

"I know!!! Shut up! Just do your job!!"

[Author: Well.. I mean what can I do..? You're the one who got yourself into this mess?]

"But you're the author!!" 

[Author: Well I'll think of a way..]

Well I can't really run for much longer as it's speed is much higher than me.. I looked back once again to see it is basically catching up easily.. meanwhile..


HP: 120/200

MP: 170/350

SP(Yellow): 90/200

SP(Red): 170/200]

My [SP] is also running really low.. shit. Well there is only one way to get out of this situation.. 

"What is it? Of course.. we use the dirty tricks!" Well I am a human.. well former human after all! I will use anything to ensure my victory! And so I observed my surroundings to find the best way to get myself out of this situation..

"There!" I found a huge crack near the ceiling of where I am running towards. If I could blind the T-rex for a bit I could probably cripple it with the giant boulders and finish it off quickly.

"Well no other choice!" I said as I ran much faster than my previous speed but consuming much more of my stamina..

In a blink of an eye I already passes through the place where I would set up my trap. I quickly turned around using my momentum and drew a quick rune quickly using my memory of that exploding ball of light.. 

If my theory is correct, then I could just fill it up using half the [MP] as I used back then and use more [MP] to shoot it with a high velocity!

I waited until the T-rex lunges at me with it's ferocious bite force and strength.. and when it's time... 

"Now!!" I shot the ball of light upwards towards the crack.


As the ball of light hit the crack I immediately closed my eyes and looked the other way because the other effect other than the explosion is.. 

"GRAAWWWWRRRR!!!" The T-rex screamed in agony as it's eyes were literally being fried by the light. Now the light is actually not as bright as you think.. it probably is only as bright as a flashbang. But because creatures down here have adapted to a life where the lack of light seems to be the normal thing.. filtering light as much as possible would be more of a priority..

But the scream of pain and agony didn't stop there as not even a second after.. a boulder came down from the crack in the ceiling.. crushing it's body critically injuring it..

"..." I silently and slowly opened my eyes once more again to reveal the bright area that was covered in the light I made.. then I take a look at the T-rex..

It was groaning in pain under the rubbles of the ceiling.. it looked pitiful. It may seems that I enjoyed this kind of things.. but I am not. I am perfectly fine within the idea of killing to survive. But there are times when even pitying your enemy is the right choice to make. And so..

"You have done well.."

[Light Sword] I drew a rune on the thin air and pulled out a sword made out of pure radiant light. 

"Rest In Peace" *SLASH* 

<Experience has reached the required level. Individual 'Tenshi Yorokana' has increased from Lv.2 to Lv.3>

My injuries and fatigue all fully recovered. My [HP], [MP], and [SP] all went to max. This seems to be a weird effect every time I leveled up. I mean I do not really care as long as it's not injuring me more..

<All attributes have increased>

<Skill proficiency level-up bonus acquired>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Light Magic Lv.2] has become [Light Magic Lv.3>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Magic Power Perception Lv.2] has become [Magic Power Perception Lv.3]>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Running Lv.3] has become [Running Lv.4]>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Evasion Lv.2] has become [Evasion Lv.3]>

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Acquired Skill [Danger Perception Lv.1]>

<Skill Points Acquired>

<Due to effect of [Infinite Prowess], Skill Points have been allocated to Basic Attributes automatically>

And yeah.. a lot increased. This is a normal occurrence that I saw even if I'm not leveling up. Why? Because I found out even if you are just experimenting randomly you could increase your skill level.. 

Well looking back at the T-rex, I saw it's groanings have stopped. The once busy cave was back to it's usual empty and silent state. 

It has been around probably almost 2 days since I have just been roaming around here. It had mostly consist of me running, fighting, or just experimenting. 

"..Well let's see my stats. [Appraisal Lv.10]" I said while sitting down, leaning on the cave wall.


[<Fallen Angel (Pure Blood ???%) Lv.3  / Tenshi Yorokana>


HP: 300/300

MP: 400/400

SP(Yellow): 220/220

SP(Red): 220/220

Average Offensive Ability: 400

Average Defensive Ability: 375

Average Magic Ability: 650

Average Resistance Ability: 275

Average Speed Ability: 500


[Appraisal Lv.10]

[Cold Resistance Lv.5]

[HP Auto-Recovery Lv.2]

[MP Auto-Recovery Lv.1]

[Flight Lv.1]

[Magic Power Operation Lv.3]

[Magic Power Perception Lv.3]

[Light Magic Lv.3] 

[Light Attack Lv.2]

[Light Resistance Lv.2]

[Healing Magic Lv.1]

[Improved Vision Lv.4]

[Running Lv.4]

[Evasion Lv.3]

[Danger Perception Lv.1]


[Eidetic Memory]

[Infinite Prowess]

Skill Points: 0


[The Fallen One]]


As you can see, my ability has increased quite a bit. I had met quite a few monsters since yesterday while I'm just roaming around here. I also had found a few way down but no way up.. so as no other choice was present I just usually went down even more. 

Just like a normal dungeon, the deeper I get the harder the monsters are. I had even found a few fighting remains between two monsters. But I mostly had no problem defeating most of the monsters here with a few exception, such as the 'Elroe Baladorado' which is simply a giant ass snake. It gave me such troue because of it's annoying scales. Then there is the 'Elroe Kolift' and this T-rex which is called a 'Fenegrad'. They both have such high defense my magic just scratches them. 

They do have weak spots around their body, but it's fairly annoying to fight them alone, especially the Fenegrad. It had a strong attack and it's speed is commendable. But they are also very reckless and tend to fight in groups. I had mostly avoid them because the Fenegrad had an average of around 700 with the highest being it's speed and defense. 

"But still.. *Huft* this place ia really wringing me out.." I had to be really careful here to not get myself fully killed by one of the more stronger monster here.

"Well let's get moving.." I stood up and just walked to where ever because I don't really have any navigations to be based on.. 




"God damn it.." I muttered while I hid behind a cave wall. I took a small little peak at the little room in front of me. The room is lit quite dimly, but inside there are certain movements..

"[Appraisal Lv.10].." I appraised whatever is inside there..

"Well shit.." 

[Earth Dragon Lv.3/ Hubris


HP: 6787

MP: 7712

SP: 4828

Average Offensive Ability: 3117

Average Defensive Ability: 6278

Average Magic Ability: 7827

Average Resistance Ability: 6488

Average Speed Ability: 3522


[HP Ultra Fast Recovery Lv.4]

[MP Rapid Recovery Lv.2]

[SP Rapid Recovery Lv.1]

[MP Minimized Consumption Lv.3]

[SP Minimized Consumption Lv.2]

[Longevity Lv.9]

[Magic Hoard Lv.9]

[Herculean Strength Lv.2]

[Stronghold Lv.3]

[Fortune Lv.9]

[Acceleration Lv.2]

[Sanctum Lv.1]

[Terrain Attack Lv.6]

[Heavy Attack Lv.7]

[Terrain Enhancement Lv.4]

[Heavy Enhancement Lv.2]

[Mental Warfare Lv.4]

[Dragon Power Lv.4]

[Dragon Barrier Lv.4]

[Spatial Maneuvering Lv.5]

[Steel Defense Lv.3]

[Magic Power Perception Lv.10]

[Presence Perception Lv.5]

[Danger Perception Lv.5]

[Motion Perception Lv.9]

[High Speed Processing Lv.1]

[Foresight Lv.1]

[Precise Magic Power Operation Lv.1]

[Seismic Magic Lv.1]

[Heavy Magic Lv.10]

[Destruction Resistance Lv.10]

[Super Impact Resistance Lv.1]

[Cutting Super Resistance Lv.3]

[Shock Resistance Lv.8]

[Piercing Resistance Lv.4]

[Status Condition Nullification Lv.3]

[Faint Nullification Lv.3]

[Fear Super Resistance Lv.4]

[Terrain Nullification Lv8]

[Rot Resistance Lv.7]

[Heresy Resistance Lv.5]

[Pain Nullification Lv.7]

[Suffering Nullification Lv.5]

[Five Senses Enhancement Lv.4]

[Probability Correction Lv.1]

[Stealth Lv.9]

[Night Vision Lv.10]

[Imperial Scales Lv.9]

[Tyrant Lv.5]

[High Speed Flight Lv.4]

[Earth Dragon Lv.5]

Skill Points: 19000


[Earth Dragon]

[Monster Calamity]

[Dragon Slayer]


"What the fuck is that?!" I cursed under my breath. It seems to have not notice me yet, but my danger sense are all warning me to stay the 𝗳𝘂𝗰𝗸 away.  

"?!" Suddenly my whole body just shivered.. no it.. trembled. Even my soul.. Is this what fear is? I grow into a stupor for a few second before I realize and looked forward to see the Earth Dragon 'Hubris' was staring right into me. 

It's stare pierces my soul. Even in the dark, it's figure could be seen clearly. A perfect, majestic, graceful, and almost certainly prideful form of a dragon. A western type, it looks like a huge scaly lizard with brown coloured scales making it's look of a Earth Dragon really distinctive. 

It has a bright shining gold eyes that held an incredible amount of intelligence and no malice but caution. But it's pride won't let it's face shows it. 

'It's impossible to beat it so should I just run away as fast as I could or what?' I contemplated in my mind but as I am thinking about it suddenly my body instincts begged me to move. I quickly stepped aside as far as 30m. 

Then after a few blink of an eye.. suddenly the place where I am standing before was crushed into a ball of the terrain around it.. that is the [Seismic Magic]...

"Shit! How the hell will I ever beat this guy?!" I thought of hundreds of ways to beat this dragon but he is just TOO strong! 

"The easiest way is to just run.. but the place I need to go is through it's den.." I stared at the end of the den of the dragon and spotted the hole typical to how you would go down in this place.. and based from the look of the way, that is the last entrance to go through that is certain..

"Should I just try to outrun and outsmart it?" I suggested to myself but even this suggestion brought some sweat drops. This is a dangerous task, almost an impossible one at that. But is it more dangerous to try to go down and ran from it or try to avoid it constantly in this floor? 

'I sure as heck wants to live in peace' I thought instantly.

"Then.. let's do it" I started to brace myself for the most dangerous stunt I would ever do in my whole life.. my whole two life. But I am ready to do this.

'This is pretty exciting actually if we set aside the death and shits. It's like extreme sport!' I thought while grinning. But this is my resolve and this is my move!

"And so.. in 








{Next in Hidden in Darkness:


'Shit! It's fast!' I thought as I flew to the side avoiding the walls and the ceiling of the cave.


"Shit! It's coming now!!" I looked to the side and saw it is charging to me in full speed with it's body size and weight!


Next in Hidden in Darkness will feature the strategy of our lovely Tenshi Yorokana and see how will she ran and avoid the relentless attack from the Earth Dragon 'Hubris'.. 

Will she succeed and finally move from that floor of the cave or will she fail and face the consequences of her action?

Well that will be the next chapter, ain't it? Stay tune for it in around the next week or two! Don't expect fast upload for someone like me!

"Just do your damn work and don't stall the time you damn Author!!"

{Author: Shut the hell up man.. I have a lot of work to do}

"Bullshit I know everyday that you are just lazing around doing-" {Author: Well that is it for today's chapter, Bye!}