Chapter 23 – Six Meteors
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Alesia was a Level 31 Master Stage Being who should not be afraid of anyone in the Expert Stage, but when she looked at these 10 people especially Cronus, her soul jerked and she felt uneasy. She could not comprehend how an Expert could possibly seriously threaten her.

"True King? Are you out of your mind, you have become traitors to the Kingdom. I don't know how you have become so strong quickly though, was it the Hero who made you this strong? " she had a hunch that the Hero put them to this but she wasn't sure, would the Hero really do such a thing in the midst of a war against demons? she thought as she started flaring her magic and the entire palace started shaking as she released her strength. The rest of the Kingsguard also got ready to fight.

Cronus did not answer as he flared his magic and got ready to receive the attack along with the rest of the men.

Alesia floated in the air as she casted Master Stage Earth Magic along with the rest of the Kingsguard, as the ground started rising below her, her size increased, as she stood in the air now she destroyed the entire castle's roof. She had become a huge giant several times her initial size with the others using their magic to support her.

She looked like a giant who was made of the earth itself.

She wanted to go all out and finish this in one go as she had an uneasy feeling and did not want to give them a chance.

As she struck her fist, the ground moved and the earth itself split in half as it rose in the air creating mountains as they came straight towards Cronus and the rest of the New Kingsguard who were in the dust.

Cronus did not panic as his black eyes turned slightly purple and started flickering and so did his hair, the same happened with the rest of the Kingsguard. As soon as this happened, a terrifying pressure descended upon everyone as the aura of destruction started to spread from the New Kingsguard.

Glaze had actually given them a drop of his God Blood. This had caused them to become terrifyingly strong very quickly and their physical strength and mana increased drastically as they cultivated that one drop of blood. It did not matter if they had no talent before, right now they could be considered prodigies of prodigies with the effect of the god blood.

As Cronus raised his hand a strange-looking red rock appeared on his palm, the rock had black engravings and it glowed with a bright light as it shook the entire area and the temperature went up several degrees and the radiance from the strange rock gathered on his hands as he directed it and created a pattern in space as it went through all of the Kingsguard and connected at the center in the palms of Cronus Leviathan.

This was the Volcanic Destruction Formation taught to them by Glaze which utilized the strange rock, which was a piece of one of the 7 Stars in the Greater World, the Sirius Star, he had obtained this from the system shop, by itself it couldn't do much but with the Volcanic Destruction Formation that extracted its full power and combined with the Master Stage Lava Magic of the Kingsguard, it formed a terrifying pressure that surpassed the pressure exerted by Alesia's attack.

All of them poured their magic into the formation increasing its power as it gathered towards Cronus in the center, temporarily increasing his level. As his power kept rising the rock mountains and Alesia's fist came crashing towards him, he activated his Lava Magic with both of his hands.

With the Volcanic Destruction Formation and the fragment of Sirius Star, his attack's power increased dramatically and it actually reached the Master Stage.

The surrounding mana was converted into a sea of lava as it gathered towards the Volcanic Destruction Formation and surrounded it, with the fragment of Sirius Star at the base it formed a horizontal volcano directed towards the incoming attack.

The volcano erupted and went straight towards the mountains crashing on top of them, it was like a terrifying volcano on the surface of the sun had erupted horizontally ,the force it released was terrifying as it crushed the mountains that were coming towards them and melted them into lava and crashed against Alesia River who was a huge giant as it hit her chest and she went crashing backward several hundred meters behind destroying the entire King's Palace with her.

Cronus and the rest did not waste time as their Master Stage Armors and Blades hummed with power as they attacked the rest of the Expert Stage Kingsguard, they were no match for this new Kingsguard who were powered by the Volcanic Destruction Formation that made them several times stronger as their magic crushed these Expert Stage Kingsguard.

Alesia was severely injured as her chest was covered in blood and burns and was melting by the Lava Magic that she got hit straight with. "You traitors! You will die a horrible death" said she as she rushed towards Cronus with anger unleashing her magic once again.

Cronus raised his right hand as he channeled his mana again, but it wasn't lava magic this time but something different, several pieces of rock floating around him, they started to become bigger and bigger then they lit up on fire and started burning fiercely as they were covered in Lava Magic, as they hovered in the air around him they ground they were standing on further crashed down as the entire royal palace was about to come tumbling down.

He then unleashed these 6 rocks towards the incoming Alesia River, as the 6 burning rocks went towards Alesia, they turned into burning meteors as they came crashing down towards her at a terrifying speed causing several sonic booms.

This was the magic he had comprehended recently being inspired by Lava Magic, it was the terrifying Meteor Magic, right now it was very low leveled but one can imagine how terrifying this could be at a high level.

These 6 Meteors slammed against Alesia at a terrifying speed as she could not evade in time as she was injured and already in motion.

The first one hit her and stopped her mid-air as she slowly went forward with momentum, the second one hit her as she went backward in the air slowly, the third one hit her as her armor broke completely and her blood and flesh started to spill out, the fourth one hit her and she went crashing backward, the fifth one hit her as she was flung backwards and her chest caved in as her ribs shattered , the last meteor hit her and completely shattered her body as her head and legs separated as they caught on fire

The Level 31 Master Stage Alesia River died at the hands of the new Kingsguard Commander Cronus Leviathan.

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