Chapter 25 – True King
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"You alright commander?" asked Natalia as she landed and held the trident in her right hand.

"I am fine, but I have no mana left," said Alex as he huffed, he was severely injured and could not fight any longer. He had been a little suspicious of Natalia in the past few weeks as she had looked at him weirdly, he had an uneasy feeling but he could not place it.

This time she had saved his life and he was relieved to have such a fine Vice - Commander.

"Thanks for saving my life, Natalia," said Alex as he looked at her. "Where did you get such a powerful treasure, it looks like it's in the Master stage," said he as he looked at the Trident.

He was shocked at its power but even more surprised that Natalia in the Expert stage could use its power to such an extent.

Natalia smiled as she held the trident in her hand, "Oh this, this was given to me, by the True King" said she with a smile as her mana flared and the entire surrounding area shook, the ground started to crack and the sky turned dark as the blood-red clouds were replaced with storm clouds as it suddenly started raining.

"Y-you, you have reached the Master Stage? When?" asked Alex who was shocked as he realized her level jumped twice suddenly and she was now Level 31, he realized she had used a deception skill to hide her level all this time.

"True King? What do you mean Natalia?" asked Alex as he panicked seeing the Trident aimed at him.

Glaze had bribed a lot of soldiers in the Royal Army a few weeks ago , the Lenorte family was one of the oldest and most powerful families who specialized in military , their family members had been the heads of the Royal Army and occupied all of the important positions in the army.

The Phoenix family, who was also a military family was always sidelined by the Lenorte family and only got secondary positions like leftovers from the Lenorte family.

While there was no open resentment or rivalry, they secretly hated the Lenorte family and wanted to take their position. When Athena brought this to his attention, he decided to exploit this hatred.

He gave the people on the Phoenix family's side Magic Books, High Leveled Armors and Weapons and training.

He promised Natalia Phoenix, the head of the Phoenix family, that he would train her to breakthrough the Master Stage and teach her Holy Aqua magic that was derived from the gods if she willingly accepted the Divine Slave magic.

She was reluctant at first but the temptation of being able to use Holy Aqua Magic was too much for someone like her who was stuck in the Expert stage bottleneck for several decades, and the promise of being the Supreme Commander of the Royal Army after Glaze took over the Kingdom was just icing on the cake. So she accepted his offer.

"His majesty is so terrifying, he trained me for a week, taught me Holy Magic and as a result I broke through my bottleneck reaching Level 31, finally reaching the Master Stage " said she as she laughed, "And of course, he gave me this trident which contains the water from the Netherworld Sea" said she as she poured her mana into the Trident once again as it hummed with power.

The rest of the army had also finished their battles and had wiped off the Demonic Army, they had seen the commotion caused by Natalia revealing her Master Stage status, and they also heard her talk and saw her aiming the trident at their Supreme Commander.

"Protect the Supreme Commander, the Vice Commander has become a traitor," said the soldiers from the Lenorte family in the army as they rushed forward.

"Why?Why would you choose to become a traitor?" asked Alex as he was pressured by the Master Stage Trident that unleashed all of its power in the hands of Natalia.

"Traitor? Me? You are the ones who are traitorous to the True King, The Hero, King Glaze Lockhart" said she loudly as she laughed and slammed her trident down on his chest.

The Trident surrounded by dark green water released a terrifying power at the Master Stage as it shattered the armor worn by Alex and pierced straight through his heart as the Netherworld Sea Water corroded his flesh.

He could do nothing to defend himself in his current state as his body filled with the dark green water as he was corroded from the inside out, he screamed in pain and died.

"For the One True King," said one of the soldiers who was rushing with the Lenorte family as he stabbed their backs with his sword and equipped the Expert Stage equipment given to him by Glaze.

The remaining soldiers who were on the side of the Phoenix Family also equipped the Expert Stage armor given to them by Glaze, which had the same purple tint but also had blue highlights that went across the entirety of their equipment

"For the True King" screamed the other soldiers as they fought the other side.

Their aura increased tremendously wearing such powerful armor as the army split in two and started fighting each other. The Lenorte side of the army did not stand a chance against the Phoenix side as they were using powerful magic that they shouldn't have and used numerous magic crystals like water to recover their mana and keep fighting.

As the Demon Army was defeated, the battlefield was filled with one side screaming as they lost their lives and the other side completely butchering them.

Glaze's Royal Army had eliminated the Everheart Royal Army.


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