Chapter 26 – Extreme Spiritual Divine Monkey
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Meanwhile, Glaze had gotten closer to where the Demon Lord was, she was a Level 39 Demon Lord, she had dark blue hair and wore a golden armor as she fought the King and the Princess.

Charlotte was injured from the fight but the King was in a worse condition as being the strongest out of the two he faced the brunt of the attacks from this Demon Lord.

Glaze released the Destruction God's Intimidation which was now Level 3, it suppressed 15% of the enemy's power.


*Demon Lord's Level suppressed by 6 Levels*

*Enemy Current Level: 33*

The Demon Lord looked at Glaze as she sensed him and he felt a huge amount of pressure descend on him despite she being suppressed, he did not give her a chance and channeled Pure Destruction Magic on his right hand , he was still under the effect of the Rain of Blood as his mana recovery was sky-high , this was the perfect time to use that attack.

This was something he had only used once since he came into this world, an attack that took out half of his mana, he was about to unleash the Beam of Pure Destruction.

As half of his 130000 mana gathered in his right hand and started converting into Pure Destruction Magic , the entire world stopped , the colors vanished as the world became black and white , the sounds disappeared as it felt like everyone was in a vacuum of space, as the world came to a halt, the blinding purple light in his hands condensed into a ball of Pure Destruction Magic.

In the next instant, this burst forth from his hands as it traveled as a beam of purple light surrounded by pink lightning twirling around it.

Space-time shattered wherever the beam of Pure Destruction Magic passed as it went straight for the Demon Lord, she was stronger than the High-Class Demons and was able to move despite space-time coming to a stop around her but that was not enough for her to be able to dodge , she channeled her Devil Qi as she crossed her arms as a huge ape appeared in the space.

This huge ape had blue fur and released a terrifying aura formed from her Devil Qi, as this huge ape put both of his palms forward , it felt like it held the entire world back with just his palms, as the Beam of Pure Destruction Magic met this Ape , it managed to stop the beam for a second.

But in the next instant space-time shattered as the huge ape's arms vanished into nothing as the beam destroyed the entire projection of the Demon Lord's Devil Qi and went straight towards her physical body.

It hit her straight on the chest as she went crashing backward shattering space itself leaving scars through which one could see void space behind.

She was terrifying indeed, despite being suppressed and being hit with a 65000 mana worth of Pure Destruction Magic, she was still alive, though she was gravely injured as her armor shattered and she spilled blood.

"Aaarrggh, you filthy human" said she as her Devil Qi flared and she jumped back to attack Glaze , but the King who was also injured was a step faster as he slammed his hammer down channeling the Sky Shattering Hammer skill as the sky which was already destroyed due to Glaze's attack started shattering more and the terrifying power released from the Destruction gathered on his hammer as he slammed on the Demon Lord's Head.

She reacted quickly as she punched towards the King channeling her Devil Qi as a huge ape's fist appeared in the space and it crashed against the King's hammer and they both went crashing in the opposite directions.

Princess Charlotte channeled her Pure Yin Black Flames on top of her head as the surrounding magic converted into a sea of black fire which then condensed into a tiny lotus on top of her head. The lotus was tiny but it had a terrifying power that started destroying the space they were in as they felt they were in the middle of a star.

She unleashed this terrifying black fire lotus towards the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord roared as she clawed at the incoming fire lotus, her physical strength materialized in the form of an ape's claw, she could not avoid it so she tried to rip apart the lotus as it ended up exploding, while it still damaged her, the damage it caused was less than if it had directly hit her.

As she was in a weak condition she decided to go all-in and channeled her remaining Devil Qi through her entire body as she used it to increase her physical strength to another level.

Her size increased as it felt like she was a giant ape in the sky as she roared. The entire Kingdom of Everheart shook as this roar resounded. This was her true form, her race was the Extreme Spiritual Divine Monkey.

As she released her true form her strength increased several times as she slammed her fist towards Glaze. As she struck her fist, the entire space in front of it was shattered as the entire area started shaking at such terrifying physical strength.

Glaze's mana had recovered back to 100000, he straightened his right hand's index and middle finger and channeled the Heaven - Slaughtering Sword Qi, and with his left hand he channeled Pure Destruction Magic preparing to throw another Beam of Holy Destruction at this Demon.

As the Heaven - Slaughtering Sword Qi appeared on his right hand, it started flickering from real to illusory, this was the same that happened when he first created it, he was now on the verge of leveling up the Heaven - Slaughtering Sword to Level 2.

He released another Beam of Holy Destruction from his left hand as it annihilated the space-time making the area extremely dangerous as it went straight for her fist, as her fist met it this time they canceled each other out but her first actually turned out stronger this time as he was only able to use 50000 mana this time.

In the next instant, he sliced his Heaven - Slaughtering Sword as the radiance remained illusory and  went towards the fist of the Demon Lord.

The radiance released a power that was many times terrifying than when he had used it in the past, it was unimpeded in its illusory state as it sliced the entire arm of that giant monkey in half as she roared in pain.

Charlotte unleashed the Nine Black Suns as they came crashing down on the Demon Lord like meteors as she severely injured her and the giant monkey crashed down, the King did not waste any time as he slammed the Sky Shattering Hammer putting every ounce of his energy into it as he slammed on the monkey's head.

The Demon Lord could not resist as her head was burst open.

The Extreme Spiritual Divine Monkey race's Demon Lord was finally dead.

The King descended as all of his energy was spent in this fight as he sighed in relief.

Charlotte and Glaze also descended at the same time.


*Your unique skill: Heaven - Slaughtering Sword has leveled up*

*Heaven - Slaughtering Sword: level - 2*

"Your Majesty, are you alright ?" asked Glaze as he held his hand forward.

"I am fine my Hero, just very weakened, I have barely any mana left but I'll be fine. Thanks to you we managed to get out of this calamity" said he as he held Glaze's hand.

Glaze smiled, in the next instant, he channeled Pure Destruction Magic on his hands as his physical strength soared several times and he pulled both of the King's hands and held them behind his back, making him unable to move.

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