Chapter 27 – Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner
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Charlotte channeled all her remaining mana and created a terrifying lotus of black fire as she aimed it at her father.

"W-what is the meaning of this my hero? What are you doing ?" said the King in rage as he tried his best to breakthrough but he couldn't as he was low on mana and the Pure Destruction Magic was starting to destroy what remaining mana he had, not to mention the physical strength that Glaze currently had was no less than a Demon.

"Charlotte what are you doing? My daughter is this really what you want" he asked with a pained expression as he looked at his daughter aiming for his life.

"I never loved you, you let mother die and you shall pay for that, you sat and watched everything happen and DID NOTHING TO PREVENT HER DEATH! WHAT'S THE POINT OF RAGING AFTER SHE DIED" said she with venom as her mana started flaring even more on the verge of getting out of control as she laughed maniacally.

She held the burning lotus made from Pure Yin Black Fire and slammed it on the King's chest, being held by Glaze and severely injured he could do nothing to prevent it as it pierced his chest and started burning it but he was still barely alive.

Glaze removed his hold as the King dropped down, "Don't worry, the Kingdom will be in better hands" said he as he channeled Pure Destruction Magic on the right hand and used the Destruction Bullet on the King's head.

The bullet pierced through his head, leaving a gaping hole as he died instantly.

Glaze had finally killed the King, the Reincarnated Hero had killed the Summoner.


*You have killed a Level 38 Master Stage Being*

*Level Drain Activated*

*You have gained 8 Levels*

*Current Level: 28*

*You have gained 8 Magic Points and 1 Skill Point*

Glaze smiled as he looked at Charlotte who was standing still, "Are you alright?" he asked.

Charlotte starting glowing with blue light as her aura increased slightly.

"Yeah, I feel relieved, I can finally move on," said She as she smiled, she had just leveled up to Level 31, after killing the King, she had broken her final shackle and now her becoming stronger was unimpeded by any mental bottlenecks.

Glaze went to check the body of the Demon Lord, he had an uneasy feeling about this whole war.

As he checked her dead body he saw something shining, he picked up what looked like a blue gem, "Hm, what is this thing" said he as he looked it over.

He tried pouring his mana into it after which it started glowing and started to tug on his hands, it was pointing to a direction.

"Charlotte lets go check this out," said Glaze as he flew towards the direction of the pull as Charlotte followed him.

"Ara, what is this shiny jewel, why did the Demon Lord have such a thing," said Charlotte as she held Glaze's hand.

"The war was too sudden and unexpected, I have a weird feeling about this," said Glaze as they came near the city walls.

They stopped near the part of the wall that made the jewel shake strongly as it glowed with a blinding blue light, Glaze put his hand on the wall as he broke it easily , it looked like there was a cavity inside the wall, from the cavity a triangular shard flew out as it clashed with the jewel with a boom. 

The blue jewel and the yellow shard fused together with a boom as they crackled with lightning and landed in Glaze's hand.

"Ara, what is that thing? it looks quite strong despite being just a shard, is it part of a treasure?" said Charlotte as she looked at this thing curiously.

"Well, whatever this is, this was clearly the reason why the Demons attacked Everheart, this wall looks like it was altered recently. I'll have Athena look over this, maybe she can find some information about this" said Glaze as he put it in his inventory.

"Let's go back to the Kingdom," said Glaze as he held her hands and they flew back towards New Heart.


Glaze was now standing on top of the now ruined King's Castle.

He activated his Destruction God's Intimidation as all the people of the city looked at him intimidated by his now Level 3 Skill.

"We have won the war," said Glaze loudly.

"But King Everheart has perished, he died in the fight against the Demon Lord and sacrificed his life to give me a chance to kill it," said Glaze acting mournful.

"The Supreme Commander also lost his life in this war, the rest of the army barely survived if not for the valiant efforts of the Vice Commander Natalia Phoenix. The Kingsguard was sneak attacked in the city by the Demons but my personal guards managed to quell them but could not save the Kingsguard" said he with a fake air of sadness, but the people looking at him believed him because they were suppressed and the effect of the Hero's Charm was highly effective on these low leveled people.

"King Ronald Everheart, in his dying breath, asked me to marry Princess Charlotte and take the throne of Everheart. He saw me the only one powerful enough to protect the Kingdom in these dark times. So I shall do it. I proclaim myself King Glaze Lockhart, I shall do my best to continue protecting this Kingdom with Queen Charlotte by my side." said Glaze in a loud voice that boomed through the entire kingdom as he looked into Charlotte's eyes and held her hand.

"Hail the King, Hail The Hero, The Hero KING!" screamed the people who were listening to the speech when they heard the Hero would take the throne.

Most of the people here didn't care much about politics and the idea of the Hero leading them and ruling them was music to their ears as they hated these nobles who discriminated against the common populace. They didn't think much of what the Hero said and believed it at face value. 

As the screams of support rang through the entire Kingdom, the more powerful people obviously did not take everything at face value , the whole thing was too perfect to be just a coincidence , the King dying , the Kingsguard being sneak attacked by Demons and the Army Commander perishing with the Vice Commander from the opposing family saving the day.

They knew things weren't as straight as they seemed but the Hero King was the most powerful force in the Kingdom right now, not only was his personal strength terrifying at Level 28 which shocked them as they saw how quickly the Hero improved in a single day, and the fact that he killed the Demon Lord who was a Level 39 scared them even more.

His faction was also terrifying with the Master Stage Queen Charlotte and Natalia Phoenix as the new Supreme Commander and the terrifying people that he called his personal guards who annihilated the supposed demon's sneak attack that the Kingsguard could do nothing against.

And the fact that the Prime Minister also died around the same time along with half of the Captelli family, they were terrified of the people who could assassinate and kill someone of such stature in broad daylight, the nine serpent seal left all the nobles terrified. If the powerful Captelli family couldn't defend against this group what could they do against Medusa?

Even though the Hero did not address the issue of the Captelli family and there was no apparent connection between them , such a terrifying group arriving at the same time as the Hero taking the throne as they happened to kill off the people who might stand in his path was too good to be just a coincidence.

So they kneeled when the Hero proclaimed himself King, there was nothing they could do against such overwhelming power. As much as they did not like the Princess coming into power, they would rather keep their heads.

A lot of them also prepared to escape as they felt the Princess, who was now Queen, was free to do whatever she wanted with all the nobles who were against her, with the Hero on her side, the public opinion towards her would never turn negative.

And on this day, after being in this world for just a few months, Lord Glaze Lockhart had become King Glaze Lockhart.

He smiled as he looked at all these people cheering his name, this was just the beginning of his journey towards dominating the Human Realm and the Greater World.

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