Chapter 28 – Lockhart Kingdom
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It had been a month since Glaze had proclaimed himself King, the workers had finally rebuilt the destroyed King's Palace, this time it was much grander than before and was made with purple bricks.

Glaze and Charlotte had gotten married a few weeks ago in the City Centre in front of the people instead of having a closed-off noble wedding.

This raised their popularity even more among the common populace.

Glaze also had the name of the Kingdom changed to the Lockhart Kingdom as Charlotte took his last name after getting married, the nobles didn't like such a drastic change but could do nothing and stayed silent as they had to accept these changes.

The noble families who were adamant about pureblood supremacy tried to run away from the city and escape somewhere else as they knew they had no prospects here in this Kingdom , Medusa had tracked down these Noble families beforehand and had predicted their running away and had struck in time and killed off anyone who tried to escape that would become a potential enemy to Glaze.

Glaze sat on the throne in the New King's Castle with Charlotte by his side, today was the day they would make appointments to the important positions in the Kingdom.

The New Kingsguard with Cronus at its center stood in front of the throne giving off a powerful pressure to the various noble families and other important people in the Kingdom who still remained in the Kingdom in the throne room.

"Lady Marzia Captelli, come forward," said Glaze as he looked at her with a smile.

She came forward as she was asked and kneeled in front of the throne.

"I shall name you the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lockhart, you shall be the head of my administration , may you govern this Kingdom well," said Glaze as he took the Prime Minister's Scepter that had been passed down for centuries as he handed it to her.

She took that in her hands as she said, " I will not disappoint you, Your Majesty" and walked back to her position.

"Natalia Phoenix, come forward," said Glaze as he looked at the Vice Commander.

She walked forward with confidence, she was a Master Stage being now as everyone was terrified of her, she kneeled in front of the throne.

"You shall be the Supreme Commander of the Royal Army, you will be the sword and shield of this Kingdom," said Glaze loudly as he handed her the ceremonial sword of the Supreme Commanders.

"I shall do my utmost to protect this Kingdom and serve you well, Your Majesty," said she as she smiled and took the sword and walked back.

The rest of the appointments were made by Marzia, he was the King but there was no need for him to do actual administrative duties all the time.

He walked back to his new room as he got a message from Athena.

"What is it, Athena?" said he as he held the voice projecting crystal.

"We have found the source of this triangular shard, it was last seen with the Gristia Noble Family of Neverwinter," said Athena.

"This Neverwinter again," thought Glaze as he pondered and looked over the city from his balcony.

"Very well, bring it back to me, your work is done," said Glaze as he looked into the distance.

He had finally become the King but there was still a lot to do in this world. He had no idea how the other Kingdoms would react at his news of becoming the King and taking over Everheart.

"I have to raise the military strength of this Kingdom, but not just that, I need to assess the military strength of the neighboring Kingdoms," thought Glaze at the prospect of war.

The Demons were at war here but humans were humans, they would fight each other even if someone else was burning the very ground they were standing on.

“Ara Ara, what are you doing here sulking by yourself my husband? “ said Charlotte as she walked into the balcony 

“Nothing, just thinking where to go from now,” said Glaze as he sighed

“Fufu we’ll take the world together, you don’t have to worry so much, as long as you are strong, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, “ said she as she put her arm around him

“Haha you’re right,” said Glaze 


Athena had brought back the shard to Glaze, he held it in his hands and channeled his mana through it this time when it was fused with the jewel he got from the Demon Lord.

As he channeled his mana through this shard it started glowing with blue light as it created a pillar of light in the sky which then curved horizontally and dropped down in a distant spot.

“Whatever this is pointing to, it seems to be outside Everheart “ thought Glaze as he looked at this projection 


Somewhere far away in a throne room sat a woman with blue hair,

“I have sensed the projection of the Emperor’s Crown just now, I could tell it’s general direction from it but I do not know the exact location, “ said the woman on the throne. 

“Your majesty, is it what you think it is? Wasn’t this in the hands of the Neverwinter Kingdom? Why did the projection come from Everheart?” said a man standing near her.

“I do not know why his majesty’s crown resonated in Everheart, the only possible way for it to be triggered outside of the Levistar family is in the hands of the Hero,” said she seriously.

“If it is indeed the Hero, what should we do?” said the man as he sighed.

“For now send someone to the location, we don’t know if this is really the hero who caused this, if it is someone else coming after the Levistar Emperor's Crown then we have to stop them, if it is the Hero we’ll have to see if he has what it takes and is worthy to hold the crown of the First Human Emperor “ said the Queen as she ordered an expedition force to go check out the area