Chapter 29 – First Human Emperor
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Glaze was preparing to go to the place where the shard pointed to, he had already told his Kingsguard to prepare as they will be coming with him to Artanza.

Before going he decided to spend his points that he gained from killing the king.

"Spend all my magic points on Pure Destruction Magic," said Glaze.

*Pure Destruction Magic: Level 10*

*Magic will upgrade next time you use it*

*God Blood - 23% Unlocked*

*Mana increased to - 230000*

*Mana recovery rate - 2300/second*

As he felt the god blood pour through his veins he felt his physical body reach a terrifying level, at Level 28 Expert Stage, he could now fight Master Stage Beings with relative ease.

"Spend the skill point on Level Drain Skill," said Glaze

*Level Drain increased to Level : 3*

*You can now drain 30% of Levels from all enemies you kill that are 10 Levels higher than you*

"Your Majesty, we are ready to go," said Cronus as he stepped into the room and bowed.

"Alright, let's go to Artanza," said Glaze as he smiled and got up.


In the middle of a dark forest in the Kingdom of Artanza, there was a group of people wearing yellow cloaks, they flashed like lightning as they zoomed towards the area their Queen pointed them to.

"Is this the place?" said the woman leading them, she was in the Level 29 Expert Stage and the strongest out of them.

"Yeah, this is it," said a man who was with them as he walked closer to the ruins of what looked like a very ancient temple. There were strange markings on this temple.

The woman who was looking over suddenly looked in the other direction, she sensed several powerful presences rapidly approaching them, "Is that the Hero? Or someone who holds the shard? They are quick" said she as the rest of them got ready to engage.

"Whoever that is, I'll take the shard first, with my Holy Lightning Magic, I can turn myself into lightning and grab it quickly regardless of how powerful they are, they wouldn't be able to track lightning," said she as her body sparked with yellow lightning.

Glaze and his Kingsguard were reaching the area guided by the shard, "Your Majesty, I can sense a few Expert Stage people in the direction we are heading." said Cronus as he acted as the vanguard.

"Don't worry, keep moving," said Glaze as he held the shard.

As they reached the locations of the ruins they saw the yellow cloaked group, the woman in Level 29 Expert stage, turned into lightning the moment she saw the shard in Glaze's hand as she zipped past the Kingsguard , the world slowed down as she moved so fast and grabbed the shard in Glaze's hand.

She pulled on it intending to take it and back away, but as much as she tried, she could not even shake it, then her eyes widened as she saw Glaze smile and look at her even though she was currently moving at a terrifying speed and he should not even be able to see her.

He then lifted his right hand and in slow motion it went towards her chest , she tried to move away but couldn't as he held her hand with which she tried to grab the shard with his left hand as his right fist hit her straight in the chest

He wasn't using any magic at all , this was just his pure physical strength , it shattered her chest the moment it touched it as it caved in and she was flung backward as she crashed several kilometers behind destroying the entire forest cover in straight line as the friction set it on fire lighting up this dark night.

He had, with just a punch, wrecked someone who was a level higher than him, without even using any magic.

The rest of the yellow cloaked figures were in shock seeing their leader be defeated with such ease.

Cronus who was beside Glaze flared his mana as he activated his meteor magic forming six meteors around him as the rest of the Kingsguard prepared to engage the enemies.

The Six meteors went hurling towards the rest of the people but they used lightning magic to evade quickly, they were truly very fast. The Kingsguard got in formation as they kept the other party in check.

Glaze ignored them as he walked towards the temple ruins, as he got closer, the shard in his hand started vibrating even more , it then shook from his hand as it went flying towards the broken statue in the temple , the statue was destroyed from the bottom with just a head remaining with a crown made from rocks which had a piece missing.

As the shard went towards it, the crown made of rocks started glowing and vibrating, the shard then connected with the crown made of rocks as it released a blinding light and the entire area started shaking as it was covered in blue light.

The crown made from rocks turned into a crown made of a glowing yellow material with blue jewels all over it, there were sparks of lightning as it released a terrifying power.

Glaze who was watching it from the side got on guard, this was power he had never experienced before in this world, it felt as if this crown was controlling the entire world around them. The clouds became storm clouds as it started raining with thunderstorms non stop as they connected with the crown.

The crown then floated upwards as a projection was revealed underneath it, the illusory presence looked a like a tall man with long flowing hair, this projection wore the crown above it as it released a petrifying pressure that suppressed everyone present.

"Finally, I meet a Hero," said the projection as it looked at Glaze.

"Who are you," asked Glaze as he looked at this man suspiciously.

"I am someone like you, the first of your kind, I am Julius Levistar, the first hero who was summoned to the Human Realm and the First Human Emperor," said the projection with a smile.

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