Chapter 31 – Holy Flame Magic
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Glaze went back to the Lockhart Kingdom and looked after the affairs of the Kingdom over the next few weeks.

The previous rulers of this Kingdom were all conservative and did not invest their wealth in the betterment of the Kingdom and instead just saved it in case of emergencies, this resulted in a ridiculous stockpile of magic crystals and gold compared to how many people lived in this Kingdom.

If such a Kingdom existed in the world Glaze came from, all the world leaders would probably jump off their roofs.

He started to use this money to develop the Kingdom, strengthening the various populous cities in the Kingdom in case of war, investing the magic crystals to create powerful defensive magic formations around the cities and hiring talents from the other Kingdoms with the promise of wealth.

With a Hero at the helm, many people were tempted to immigrate to the Lockhart Kingdom at the lucrative prospects they might have in this newly flourishing kingdom.

He also created a new conscription law for the Royal Army , the previous rulers only accepted soldiers from noble families, if a commoner wanted to be a soldier he had to first join one of the noble families which complicated things as they would have to tie themselves to a noble family first before they could serve the Kingdom.

And the noble families would always give preference to their own compared to commoners in the army. This decreased the motivation of the commoners in the army to improve or become stronger as they knew they would not be rewarded anyway.

With this new conscription law they no longer needed to be part of a noble family to get into the army, they could directly apply and if they passed they would be part of the army without also being in control of a noble family.

Glaze also formed a uniform code for advancement in ranks in the army that did not take into account the status of nobility but only merit. All soldiers were equipped with memory crystals that would record their achievements which they could turn in to promote themselves in the army.

This form of Army Promotion greatly improved the morale of the soldiers as they were motivated to improve and perform better to get ahead in life. The wealth of the Kingdom was also used to train the Army by frequently fighting with monsters when they were idle as they took turns being on defending duty and training duty.

Glaze rubbed his temples as he sat on his desk, "The traditions in this Kingdom are far behind their times, this will take a long time to change" he said as he leaned back.

"Fufu, that's enough work, now come here, take some rest," said Charlotte as she rubbed his shoulders.

As he sat by the bedside and looked at Charlotte, he was reminded of his previous life, he was very similar, a ruthless businessman, who did anything to succeed and build his business empire.

He eliminated his competition, used underhanded methods to destroy the reputation of those that opposed him, threatened the families of people that went against him to keep them in control. 

His friends and those close to him alienated him, they thought he was cruel and cold, that he was evil.

Despite all this there was someone that loved him, someone who accepted him for who he was, she was there by his side through thick and thin and they loved each other greatly. She was the only one who was able to look past his wealth, appearance , the things he did and see him for who he was.

But she was killed, assassinated by his enemies. She had the highest class of security that money could buy but they couldn't do anything. He did not have the absolute power he had in this world.

He was just a weak human who could die with a single gunshot. He had those responsible killed off in the worst possible way, he tortured them and their families and made them suffer. 

But nothing he did brought her back, he felt empty till the day he died.

As he looked at Charlotte in this world, he could not help but feel slightly less empty every day that he spent with her. He felt the same look in Charlotte's eyes that his wife had in his previous live, someone who accepted him for who he was.

"You are staring at me quite intensely you know? You're making me feel shy" said Charlotte acting shy.

"Haha, I have something for you," said Glaze as he smiled and took out the System reward he got for reaching Level 20.

It was the Magic Book - Holy Flame Magic: This book contained the magic that could control all of the Seven Primordial Fires.

Charlotte could already control one of them, the Pure Yin Black Flames. He had no use for flame magic, he decided to give this to her.

"Uh, are you sure? This is Holy Magic" said Charlotte shocked as she looked at the Magic Book.

"I am sure, I want you to have this," said Glaze as he smiled.

"In that case, I'll take it then," said Charlotte as she smiled and took the magic book reluctantly as Glaze wouldn't budge on his decision and then hugged him.

He thought back to what the First Human Emperor said about the Will to Protect the Human Realm.

He felt her in his arms and smelled the scent of her hair, "If not the Human Realm, I guess I at least want to protect her"  he thought with a smile as he hugged her back.


Somewhere in the Kingdom of Artanza, two people sat around a long dinner table, one of them was the King of Artanza, King Razim Artanza, on the other side was a woman with long flowing white hair with streaks of blue hair, she descended a terrifying aura as she sat on the chair.

"What is it that you want, Queen Olivia Neverwinter ?" asked Razim.

"The Hero King, came to your borders and caused a commotion did he not ? " said Olivia as she smiled.

"He did, that was quite a commotion, the army could get through, it was like a invisible wall, when it vanished, no one was to be found," said Razim.

"Haven't you been rivals with the Everheart Kingdom, now the Lockhart Kingdom for centuries? This is your chance, use this as an excuse to take them down" said she as she leaned back.

"They are far stronger than us, we have been rivals but they have always been a step ahead, a war wouldn't fare well for us," said he as he looked at her seriously.

"By yourself of course , but Neverwinter is willing to help you and aid you if you choose to do so. After all, we just want the Hero to take care of the Demons, not become another Human Emperor and slit all our threats do we ?" said she with a devious smile.

The offer was far too tempting for King Razim, they had been at odds with Everheart for a very long time but the latter had always had an edge and the wars they had waged they had always been on the losing side. But with Neverwinter, the strongest kingdom supporting them with Queen Neverwinter herself, they might be able to do it.

He knew Queen Neverwinter didn't want to publicly go against the Hero and was just using him, but he didn't mind it, as long as they succeeded in lowering his influence and prestige. After all, their other choice was to just hope the Hero would leave them alone and wouldn't wage war on them in the future.


After a few weeks when Glaze was working on his desk, "Your Majesty, Lady Captelli wants to see you" said one of the Kingsguard.

"Let her in," said Glaze as he put down the documents of the Kingdom, the improvements in the strength of the cities were going as planned. And many talented people in all fields had come to the Kingdom and he had to decide what to do with them and what projects they should focus on. 

Being a businessman in his previous life who was used to spending a lot of money on research and development, he was wondering what he should do with magic in this world. As everything in this world depended on magic, he wondered if he could approach it scientifically and make weapons that utilized the power of magic that could be used by someone that didn't even know magic.

While he was comprehending magic the normal way by himself, he thought this way could also be useful not in just creating weapons but improving his own understanding of it. It was for this reason he gave very lucrative offers to people who were talented in runes, formations and magic equipment to immigrate here.

He closed the file which had just a single line on the cover that said Project N.

"Your majesty, there is something important that I have to tell you," said Marzia as she looked stressed.

"What is it?" asked Glaze

"Its the Kingdom of Artanza, they sent a messenger, they have declared war on the Lockhart Kingdom," she said.

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