Chapter 32 – Julie Stone
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Glaze was floating above the training grounds of the King's Palace.

He had been using the Divine Lightning Crown and trying to use and comprehend its domain, he had in the process comprehended another Holy Magic, Holy Lightning Magic.

"System, show me my stats"



Name - Glaze Lockhart

Titles - 


King Lockhart

Race - God

Level - 28 ( Expert )

Mana - 230,000

Mana Recovery - 2300/second

God Blood - 23% unlocked.

Magic - 

Pure Destruction Magic: Level - 10 | Will be upgraded next time you use it.

Holy Lightning Magic: Level - 1

Divine Slave Magic: Level - 1

Magic Attacks - 

Beam of Holy Destruction | Mana Cost - Half of all mana at any level

Destruction Bullet | Mana Cost - 5000 per shot

Threads of Destruction | Mana Cost - 5000 per thread

Skills - 

Level Drain Skill: Level - 3

Destruction God's Intimidation: - Level - 3

Unique Skills - 

Heaven - Slaughtering Sword: Level 2

Blood River Blade: Level 5

Passive Skills - 

Hero's Luck 

Hero's Charm 

Hero's Wrath


He realized leveling up this new Holy Lightning Magic will improve his understanding of this Legend Stage crown and make the domain created using it stronger.

As Glaze held up his hand and channeled Holy Lightning Magic the entire area started filling with storm clouds as lightning started to strike on the crown on his hand, as he channeled this magic it resonated with the Divine Lightning Crown on his head and it floated upwards and glowed with blue light as the lightning struck it exactly on the pointed tips.

As Glaze controlled this magic he tried to form a domain using it as the projection of the First Human Emperor had done. The ground below started cracking as it started raining and the frequency of lightning strikes increased and the crown started vibrating with blinding light.

But he suddenly lost control of the lightning strikes and it struck outside the crown and the forming domain broke down.

Glaze huffed as he descended, he had been doing this for days but was unable to form a domain, "Is it because I am in the Expert Stage and can only use a fourth of its power? Or do you have to be in the Legend Stage to be able to form domains?" thought Glaze as he recovered his mana.

"The System is not helping me with this at all, with Destruction Magic so far I had not faced any bottlenecks in comprehension, does the system only know about Destruction Magic?" thought Glaze as he recalled his progress with Destruction Magic.

He had just spent points and instantly comprehended the magic, but this time around he had to actually go through a lot of trial and error like the rest of the people in this world to comprehend this Holy Magic.

Even spending magic points might not necessarily increase his comprehension of this magic.

"I guess I can't cheat in everything," thought Glaze as he laughed and went back to practice.


Somewhere in the outskirts of New Heart, a young woman was cooking in a small apartment.

The New Heart city was indeed mostly populated by noble families and rich merchants but there were people from the middle class who lived here too near the outskirts of the city. 

Many people came to this capital in the prospect of a better life for them and their families who lived in remote areas.

Julie Stone was one such girl, she was living in a rented apartment in one of the buildings in the outskirts, her village had sent her to the Capital with their savings so that she could fully realize and use her talent.

She had been a part of the village patrol and had fought off many bandits and demons that strayed in, she was in a short time promoted to their leader as she reached Level 15 at a young age.

She was not just individually strong but was also a good leader as she lead her village and defended against a lot of attacks, which were a lot considering the current situation in the Devil Realm.

The village sent her off to the Capital so she could join the army, they had heard of the new Conscription Law by the new King which made it easier for common people like them to join the Lockhart Royal Army.

And with the new system of promotion which was fairer than anything before increased their hopes that this talented child could get what she deserved for her talent and hard work.

"Ruby, Ted, come eat your breakfast," said Julie as she called for her younger siblings who were only 10, she just turned 18 and was living here in the Capital with her siblings, her parents had passed away years ago and she and her village took care of these kids, as she was leaving for the Capital, she didn't want to leave these two behind so she bought them with her.

"Big Sister, you have your examination today don't you?" asked the two kids as they ate breakfast.

"Yeah, big sister will pass with flying colors you know," said Julie with a smile.

"No one can beat big sister, big sister is very strong," said Ruby.

"Don't worry big sister, I will become stronger and protect you" said Ted as he pumped his small arms.

She patted both their hands as she laughed, "I will be waiting for you then. I need to go now, you two don't cause any trouble okay?" she said as she dressed up and went out.

As she walked in the Capital she felt nervous, she had been strong in front of her siblings as she didn't want them to worry about her but she was indeed nervous applying for the Royal Army.

She had been fighting and leading people since she was a kid but this was the Royal Army, this had been her dream since she was a kid but she knew it would never happen because she was just a commoner with no connections.

But now that the current King was the Hero, who allowed even the commoners to join the army, she knew this was her chance, but she didn't know if she was capable, she might have been the number one talent in her village but this was the Capital, people from all over the Kingdom had come to apply after the new Conscription Law went active.

As she saw the huge crowd in front of her who stood in several lines at the application center in the  Royal Army's training grounds, she took a deep breath and went forward. Her brown hair fluttered in the wind as she held her identification and her application in hand.

All the people applying were in the Novice Stage like her, several people were above her Level, and some who were in the Expert Stage

The examiners who were checking the applications were in the late Expert Stage, she turned in her application as the examiner checked her out, she was let in and asked to wait for the examination to begin.

"You alright there ?" asked one of the guys standing beside her who looked at her taking heavy breaths.

"Uh, huh, I-I am fine," she said as she looked at this guy with white hair.

"I am Gray Ward," he said as he smiled and shook her hand.

"I am Julie Stone," she said as she realized this guy was Level 17.

"You look new here, your first time in the capital?" he asked.

"Yes, I only recently moved here. I was a bit nervous seeing so many powerful people gathered in one place and all the nobles here" she said, the next instant she realized this guy she was talking to was also a Noble from the Ward Family who specialized in making magical equipment. As she realized this she got nervous again.

"I see, you don't have to be so nervous. Most of the arrogant nobles who preached about their supremacy are either dead or too scared to do anything" said he as he laughed and realized the cause of her sudden nervousness.

"Do you see that towering palace in the distance?" he said as he pointed towards the King's Palace which was covered with storm clouds.

"Is that the King's Palace?" she said not certain, she had not explored the interior of the city as she was nervous she would get arrested if she did or said something wrong, the Kings Palace was the last place she wanted to be near.

"Yeah, His Majesty has done a lot for the commoners in the Kingdom. With the end of the pureblood supremacist nobles, the gulf between the common people and the nobles has been reduced quite a bit, His Majesty has been trying to bridge this gap and put everyone on equal footing. The new conscription law also aims for that" said he as he smiled.

"Is that so?" she said as she looked the towering purple palace with a determined gaze. She tightened her fists as she thought "I can do this, this isn't just a dream anymore, I can make this into a reality and give a better life to my siblings and give back to the village"

"This might sound weird coming from a noble but my family gained the status of nobility just a few generations ago and have no interest in pureblood supremacy or politics, we are just a bunch of lunatics who cared just about making magical equipment," said he as he sighed and thought about his father who was asked by the King to join a secret project.

After coming back from the meeting it was like his father was high on the most terrifying drug as he went through every single document he had created on magical equipment as he started working furiously. He wondered what happened with the King and what was the secret project about that made his father so worked up.

"I have no interest or talent with magical equipment though, so I decided to join the Royal Army," said he as he laughed.

The last applicant in their group had finally come and the examiner followed him as he came to test them finally.

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