Chapter 36 – War Begins
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Glaze was sitting in his room on his desk, the war had begun in Rizvaria as the two armies clashed, the invading army was 20 times larger than his but the individual strength of their soldiers were a lot weaker.

"Master, you called?" said Erebi as she came in front of him out of thin air.

She had leveled up to Level 25 as he had given her the highest available assassination magic that the system had which was sadly only until the Master Stage but he had no doubt this talented girl in front of him would surpass that with her power.

As she stood there it felt like she existed and did not exist at the same time even for someone as strong as Glaze.

"I want you to infiltrate Gazia, the Capital of Artanza with Athena, you will be carrying out several assassinations of key political figures in the country and work with Celeste to bring down Artanza from the inside while the Army fights them from the outside," he said as he handed her the details.

"As you wish, Master," said she as she bowed and vanished.

As he had expected, Artanza had attacked Rizvaria, the five rivers connected to the city were blockaded outside it as the battle took place outside the city so the citizens were not harmed.

Artanza had a huge numerical advantage and that carried over in their Navy, he had not seen as much naval force as he expected in Artanza and thus predicted they might strike Arafina, the port city at the southern tip of the Kingdom.

They will gain a foothold to begin land invasion if they could take Arafina so he had sent one of the Armageddons their to support them.

"You want to go don't you?" asked Charlotte as she sat by the side.

She had leveled up to 38 already, the speed terrified even Glaze as he looked at his wife improving so quickly after receiving the Holy Flame Magic. 

"I can't just stay here in the Capital when my soldiers are out there fighting," said Glaze as he sighed. He realized as a King he did not have to be on the frontline all the time but staying in one place was agonizing.

"Fufu, I will hold the fort here, leave the capital to me," said Charlotte as she smiled at her husband acting like this.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"I am the Queen, I'll burn anyone who steps in here," she said with a smile as her hands sparkled with flames.

"I'll leave it in your hands then, I'll go over to Arafina then after the situation at Rizvaria is resolved I'll strike the Capital Gazia," he said as he hugged his wife and kissed her.

"Take care of yourself," he said as he flew off towards the South.

"You too,"  she said as she sighed seeing her love go away. She wished she could just keep him to herself not putting him in any danger but she knew her husband would never like such a life.

"I won't let anything get between us," said she with determination as her eyes burned with pitch-black flames.


Julie was on the battlefield in Rizvaria with her 5 subordinates.

"Little girls like you shouldn't be on the battlefield," said a huge soldier from the Artanza Army as swung down his huge axe towards her.

Her hands charged with magic as the winds slashed the burly man

"AAARGH, DAMN YOU," said the huge guy as he fell down,

Julie was covered in blood, fighting through this horde of enemies, she knew the enemy's number was 20x of their army but actually fighting them made her realize the strength of sheer numbers.

She was killing soldiers left and right but it seemed like there was no end to them.

"Lieutenant, where to now?" asked a female soldier around her who was also covered in blood.

"Keep aiming towards the enemy Captain," she said as she gritted her teeth and burst forward. 

She wanted to take down the Level 20 Expert Stage Captain in this area, she had broken through and reached level 17 in the past few weeks as she had received stronger Wind Magic from the Army as well as guidance from her Captain.

The battlefield was a mess as the armies fought on land and in the rivers against the invading navy. 

She had formed a triangular formation that pierced through the battlefield with her subordinates as they were like reapers of death causing bloodbath wherever they went.


Supreme Commander Natalia Phoenix was keeping the Enemy Commander Rick Sullivan in check as they fought above the sky making exchanges but had not yet started to fight seriously as they let the armies whittle down below.

She rained down spears made from Holy Aqua Magic on the invading army as the Enemy Commander who was a Level 32 Master Stage while she was Level 34.

She had taken the initiative on attacking and put the invading army on defense.

Their ships kept coming in filled with soldiers to reinforce the ones that were dying.

It was like trying to kill a tiger by throwing a thousand deers at it.

She held her trident in her hand as she poured her magic into it as it hummed with power and was surrounded by the petrifying water from the Netherworld Sea.

She slammed it down towards Commander Sullivan who took out his axe and attacked  towards the incoming trident coming towards him.

He managed to block the attack but was swung backward as he crashed to the ground.

He tried to get up quickly but before he could Natalia had charged up an area of effect attack as the sky was filled with spikes made of water which released a terrifying pressure, soon these sharp spikes started falling down on top of the Artanza Army.

These people who were jumbled together like a herd of pigs due to their sheer numbers started dying in a large amount of numbers, despite Commander Sullivan trying to counter the spikes with his own area of effect magic he couldn't stop every single one of it so quickly and saw a large amount of his army getting shredded as the enemy's soldiers took advantage of this and relentlessly pushed forward.

The day was coming to an end and everyone was tired and had drained most of their mana, both sides slowly retreated as the first day of the battle came to an end.

The Artanza Army had suffered heavy casualties due to them having a large number of weaker people fighting who were slaughtered like pigs but the Lockhart Army also had casualties as the powerful soldiers were ganged up and killed.

It was to kill quickly or get surrounded and be shredded to death.

Julie huffed as she got back to her tent to report to her Captain, her body was covered in blood as she walked and everyone looked at her with fear as they saw all of her hair completely red.

This girl had killed the highest number of enemy soldiers, she had killed 1000 enemy soldiers in one day and had also killed a level 20 expert stage enemy Captain despite being a Lieutenant at Level 17. 

Rumors were going around that she was a bloodthirsty maniac who only masked her identity as an innocent village girl to trick people and then kill them in cold blood.

As these rumors spread along with what happened at the examination, the soldiers' view of Julie became more and more distorted as people started exaggerating things.

"Captain, my memory crystal," said Julie as she held her memory crystal over the reading surface as it glowed.

"I have already heard about your accomplishments, I will pass on this memory to higher-ups," said the Captain with a smile.

Even he was scared of this little girl who had massacred everything that stood in her path on the battlefield and acquired such merit just on the first day.

Combined with her performance in the examination she had the potential to much further in rank that he could ever dream of so he wanted to remain on friendly terms with her as she might as well become his boss in the future.

"Thank you, Captain," said Julie as she saluted and walked out.

She saw her friend Gray Ward outside who was sitting and gulping down some booze.

"Good to see you are alive," she said as she sat by his side

"Barely," said he as he sighed.

"What happened?" she asked as she saw her friend looking depressed

"What I expected would, all my subordinates are gravely injured, some of them might lose their lives, I am a terrible leader, I will probably be demoted though I deserve it," said he as chugged another jug.

She just patted his back and decided to give him some space as she went back to meet up with her subordinates.


Somewhere on the roads in a small village in the Lockhart Kingdom

"W-What is that thing?" asked an old man in a village as he saw the Armageddon stop for a break, everyone in the village had seen this hunk of a metal move at speeds so fast they could barely see.

"Its the new invention of the Research Department, you haven't been reading the newspaper?" asked her daughter as she showed her dad the royal newspaper.

Glaze had full control over the newspapers and had made them extremely cheap that anyone could afford them and also had them published throughout the entire kingdom and even other Kingdoms to show them the might of the Lockhart Kingdom.

He had published every single accomplishment by the Kingdom, that naturally included the Armageddon.

As the Armageddon had passed through all the villages and towns it had left everyone with shock as they saw such a thing even exist. This further improved their belief in the strength of the Lockhart Kingdom and were proud of being part of such an advanced Kingdom.

The Armageddon had finished taking its break as the soldiers got back inside and it zoomed forward towards Arafina leaving the villagers dumbfounded.