Chapter 37 – Arafina
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Lockhart Army was currently fighting the Artanza Navy that had docked in Arafina and had taken over the port with superior numbers causing them to be stuck in a defending position for the last week.

The strongest on both sides were peak Expert Stage beings, the battlefield was a bloodbath as the invading army was being slaughtered like pigs running into a slaughterhouse but were slowly gaining an edge as the defensive line was being pushed further back.

The Commander of the Artanza Navy, Riley Van, was on the main ship and was overlooking the situation, "At this rate, we should be able to keep pushing forward, their main force is in Rizvaria and there are no Master Stage beings here, we will slowly gain ground bit by bit and begin land invasion" she said to her subordinates.

Joseph Star was using Poison Magic to defend against this horde of enemies which worked amazing as it reaped lives everywhere as the majority of the invading army was made of weaker people who were even more susceptible to his Poison Magic.

This also made him a target as the enemy wanted to take down this man who was single-handedly causing the largest number of casualties.

The 3 Majors of the Lockhart army who were at the peak Expert stage were fighting the 4 Enemy Majors of the Artanza Army also at the peak Expert Stage, one of them suddenly got out of the fight and aimed straight for Joseph Star.

He wanted to kill this guy who was causing so many casualties with his unique magic that covered a wide area which killed everyone in it as the weak soldiers could do nothing to defend against this.

Joeseph Star who was Level 21 and in the Early Expert Stage stood no chance against this peak Expert Stage Major who rushed straight towards him, the Majors of the Lockhart Army rushed to provide aid to him but they were too a bit too late.

"Huh, I should have been more cautious in my calculations, I went too far," thought Joseph as he smiled and charged Poison Magic as he wasn't willing to give up without a fight even in this skewed matchup.

"You are talented kid, but this is your end," said the Enemy Major as the distance between him and Joseph as now just 10 meters, he gripped his sword as it hummed with power and slashed it towards Joseph.

Right at that moment, he felt a jolt in his heart as his sword quivered, in the next instant there was a sonic boom as a streak of red light zipped through space as it shattered everything creating a shrill piercing sound, it gave off a terrifying aura that made people cower in fear as their souls trembled as they felt this radiance could slaughter even the heavens.

The dark red radiance clashed with the powerful sword radiance of the peak Expert Stage Major of Artanza Army as it sliced it in half in the middle of his attack as he looked on with shock, but he wasn't able to react in time as the radiance slashed him straight in half killing him on the spot.

He died as he split in two with a shocked expression on his face not knowing exactly what happened.

Everyone around stopped fighting for a second as they saw this scene with their mouths hung, the Majors and other older members of the Lockhart Army realized what this was, "It's the Heaven Slaughter Sword!, His Majesty is here to support us" said one of the Majors as he laughed.

The other soldiers of the Lockhart Army upon hearing this thought back to the rumors they had heard about their King using such a sword and rejoiced.

They saw a man wearing purple robes who had purple streaked hair that fluttered in the air appear above the skies of Arafina, on his head there was a golden crown with blue jewels that crackled with lightning as he descended a huge pressure on the battlefield.

King Glaze Lockhart had arrived on the battlefield in Arafina.

"The situation has indeed gone a bit out of hand, they choose to attack here too as expected, wanting to start a land invasion," thought Glaze as he looked down and activated Destruction God's Intimidation.

As he practiced this skill more he was now able to accurately control the range and only applied it to the enemies, this terrifying skill suppressed everyone below his level completely which was currently at Level 28.

The only ones who weren't completely suppressed were the peak Expert Stage Majors of the enemy who now charged towards him at once.

For an army like Artanza who depended on low leveled numerical strength, this skill was basically a death sentence as they were now truly pigs who couldn't even fight back as the Lockhart Army slaughtered them with renewed determination and strength.

The Four Majors knew they the battle was lost if they couldn't do anything about this skill so they all attacked Glaze at once.

As they got close to him he simply smiled as there was a wave of lava that surrounded him, why would he fight everyone if he had a Kingsguard.

Cronus Leviathan was now at the peak Expert Stage Level 29 as everyone else in the Kingsguard had reached the Mid Expert Stage.

"How dare you attack His Majesty," said Cronus as he charged his hands with Meteor Magic and clashed with the 4 Expert Stage Majors of the Artanza Army with the rest of the Kingsguard, they were soon joined by Lockhart Army Majors as they gained a huge advantage in this battle now with the help of the Kingsguard.

Glaze put his foot forward towards the Commander of the Navy who was on the ship as he vanished and instantly came next to her.

The Armageddon had also reached Arafina, the huge hunk of metal carried a large number of reinforcements as they joined in this battle as the enemies could only barely defend themselves due to Destruction God's Intimidation.

After the last soldier dropped out, Robin drove the Armageddons straight towards the Armada of Ships on the coast, it crushed everything in its path into meat paste it rushed straight towards the water.

The Ships were strong but not as strong as Armageddon, as the enemies saw this black monster coming towards them at such speed that it created shockwaves with the force it generated just through moving forward they started to retreat away from the coast.

But it was too late, the Armageddon crashed into the hull of the ship and went straight through it, breaking it into two halves as the soldiers drowned and screamed in terror.

It did not stop as it crushed one ship after another, "I don't have a lot of fuel left, but this should be enough to give us a huge advantage" thought Robin as he smacked his lips in the driving seat of Armageddon, he was scared at first when he first drove it but now that he knew the strength and power of this machine, he was addicted and wanted to test out all of its possibilities and was glad to be able to command such a powerful machine.

The Commander of the Artanza Navy, Riley Van, saw this happening in shock as their Army crumbled in front of her eyes, she saw Glaze appear in front of her as he released a terrifying pressure despite being a level below her.

"I know you are receiving support from Neverwinter," said Glaze as he smiled and stepped on the deck.

All the soldiers who were below his level were kneeling on the floor due to the close proximity of the Intimidation Skill, even the Commander was shaking as she withstood it and was shocked the enemy already knew about Neverwinter's involvement.

"No matter how the powerful equipment you give them is, an army like this made from weak numbers would die the moment it comes in my presence," said Glaze as he smiled and stepped forward which caused her to back away until she was pressed against the cabin walls.

"Artanza has no chance of winning, surrender now or every single person here dies," said Glaze as his eyes glowed with purple magic, his Pure Destruction Magic had upgraded to Saintly Destruction Magic. The level of power was terrifying as no one below the Master Stage could withstand even small amounts of it.

He hadn't even cast it and had just showed a hint of the magic but that was enough to cause destruction in the vicinity as all life came to end and everything in the area started to deteriorate into nothingness.

The planks of the ship they were standing on started coming off and breaking apart as the metal started rusting and disintegrating as the ship started to come apart from the inside.

Riley was terrified as she saw this and knew they had lost, there was nothing they could do against him even with the support of Neverwinter, the Queen of Neverwinter herself would have to come down here to stop this and there is no way she would do something like that.

She realized the possibility of winning through weak numbers was zero.

She dropped her staff and kneeled, " We surrender" she said in a loud voice that could be heard by all the soldiers

The moment she said that everyone in the Artanza Army sighed with relief as everyone dropped their weapons and kneeled as they surrendered.

They were dying like pigs as they were killed ruthlessly and couldn't even defend against the enemy, they had never felt such fear before they faced King Lockhart and were only fighting because they had no choice.

Now that their Commander had surrendered they sighed in relief knowing they could live.

Glaze used Slave Magic on the Commander to keep her in line as the rest of the soldiers were cuffed with magic sealing enchantments who would go through the screening and then be imbued with Slave Magic and join the Lockhart Army.

For now, they were detained.

"Well then, I expect you know what to do about the reinforcements that come here," said Glaze with a smile as Riley's life was now in his hands.

"Y-Yes, I will bring them to our side," she said with a sigh, it would take some time for her to come to terms with her loss, for now, she was glad to keep her life despite facing the ruthless hero on the battlefield.

The Kingsguard and Majors of the Lockhart Army had already killed off 3 of the Enemy Majors and the last one remaining had surrendered.

"While I did expect them to rely on their numerical advantage, isn't this too much? There was no sense of skill, the magic they were using was not very good, the only advantage was the equipment they had received from Neverwinter. The Artanza Army is truly weak individually" thought Glaze as he realized Arafina was now secured, while they would receive more reinforcements as he doubted the enemy would just stop but this a huge blow to them.

The enemy did not expect the King himself to come on the battlefield, that too in Arafina instead of Rizvaria which was the main battlefield.


At night time,

Glaze walked through the battlefield casting large scale healing magic as he healed his soldiers, of course, he wasn't skilled in healing as he never put enough time into it but this was more of a symbolic gesture to motivate the soldiers.

The soldiers who were down and hurt and injured were charged with determination as they saw their King heal them personally and lead them in today's battle.

Most of these soldiers were commoners who had joined the Army and had expected to be used by the Royal Family as cannon fodder but now as they saw the King personally coming to help them were touched.

"We are just commoners, you don't need to waste your magic on us Your Majesty."

"Your Majesty, no need to waste your time on us weaklings,"

said the soldiers who had broken their limbs and were covered in injuries as Glaze walked by them.

"Of course I care, you are my soldiers, you are the Lockhart Army and I am your King. No matter how weak you currently might be or what your status may be, every single one of you is important" said Glaze as he smiled.

"We have won today, but this is just the beginning, follow me and I will lead you to victory after victory as the entire Human Realm will tremble below our feet," said Glaze as he raised his hand.






Screamed the soldiers as they celebrated the victory with a feast and cheered for themselves and their King.

Glaze smiled as he walked into his tent, walking through and talking with his soldiers wasn't much effort for him but it meant a whole lot to the common soldiers, just this was enough to make the wholeheartedly loyal to him and work harder to become strong.

"Are we going to Rizvaria now, Your Majesty?" asked Cronus in the tent.

"Yes, I am itching to fight Master Stage beings," said Glaze with a smile as he dusted his hands and sat down and took a bite of the roasted chicken as he feasted with his soldiers for the night.

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