Day 5: First Day Of Training
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The Morning I left the city I tried to leave before that Lan guy and his sister whatever her name was. After all the last thing I needed were two people who totaly annoyed me going my way and annoying me even more, but no such luck for me. After asking the nurse for a map, because the one the old man gave me was just a map of the city not the whole region. Well I ended up waiting a little longer the I wanted to.

"So kid," And thier he was sister in tow "Where you headed?"

Thier was no avoiding it "Pallet Town." I tolled Lan

His face cracked a big grin "Realy, why didn't you tell us yesterday." he turned to his sister. " did you hear that we have a traveling buddy."

She gave a very sarcastic comment and rolled her eyes. The nurse came back with the map and gave me an apology for takeing so long, and I tolled her that everything was ok which was the biggest lie of my life. all four of us walked out and headed for the Pallet Town. Maria stayed as far from me as she could without being to far from her brother. Lan was surprisingly quit, he did however ask me things like where I was from and my family all questiions where answered with silence, and he gave up. At lest for now anyway.

The sun was starting set and Lan Wanted to set up camp before sunset. I of course tryed to keep going but thier were three problems. One: Lan keeped insisting, Two: the wooded area around the clearing we were in was perfect for some pokemon training, Three: I was hungery and they had food. So I stayed with them.

Machop and I went into the woods for some teamwork training.

"Ok." I said turning to my little pokemon "Time to work on our team work, because when I tell you to get out of the way you need to move."

He started to look guilty and sorry for letting me down which is not how I wanted he to feel, so quickly changed the tone of the lecture "Look don't get me wrong, the first move you made was realy cool, and it showed me that you could think on your feet."

He smiled and gave me a proud grunt. "Their is a problem however the second time wasn't that great because Lan tolled his pokemon to do a Tackle and Rapid Spin, which is not catchable."

He gave out a big sigh I continued "So lets take it slow. We'll start with dodgeing attacks, ok." He noded

It took awhile but we started to realy get going. I would charge at him and he would dodge, and after loseing track of time a simple dodge turned into a juke, then a spin, then small counter attacks where added just to make things interesting. By the time we where done it was early in the morning, we got back to camp to find two sleepy heads crashed at opposite ends of the fire. There was food still set out for us with a note on my plate It read.

I hope your training went well.



What was with this guy and being nice. Not one person from home would ever do something like this, not even my mother. It didn't matter food was food nomatter how cold it was.

I didn't remember falling asleep, but I must have because next thing I knew I was being awaked by Lan "Come on sleeply head get up time to move." He said

Wakeing up was the easy part, but let me tell you if you want to train a super power pokemon from 7:00PM to 2:00AM you might want to rethink a little because, one your super tired, two your super sore. So don't do it!

I arose from the ground on which I sleep, and groned in pain. I wondered if my little meathead of a pokemon was as sore I was. I spoted him eating breakfast on the other end of a rekindled fire he showed no signs of fatigue or pain of any kind. He looked up at me and smilled. Some how his smile seemed brighter that any previous ones, like last night strengthed our bond a little.

Maria didn't say a word she just sat to the left of me and ate. Lan handed me a plate with some coped fruit and breakfast bars "Eat up man." He looked me over witch meant that the training hours me and Machop put in were showing.

After breakfast we packed up camp and headed out for Pallet Town. Only a few more hours and we will be thier.

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