Day 4: A Strange and New World
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After two days of travel we finaly made it to a city, but what city? That was something we would have to find out, but first the Pokemon Center to check get my Mochop that I had recently caught and wacked on head realy hard. At first I didn't think it was that bad, but had decided to go to a pokemon center anyway. Well I was wrong, it was bad just yesterday he started getting a headache not anything serious, but it was enough to cause a problem. I looked over at the little pokemon walking beside me, poor guy he was rubbing his head with one hand and still shouldering my duffle bag.

In that last few days I learned that my new friend was both stubborn and mischievous. To prove the stubborn side of him, he refuses to go back into his pokeball or to let me carry my duffle bag despite his headache, and on the mischievous side, well thats a longer story.

I was sitting by a lake useing a stick, vine, and old paper clip as a fishing rod, hopeing to catch a Magikarp that I could evolve into a Gyarados. Well I took my shoes off set them by a tree, so I could put my feet into the water. Well when I felt a tug on the line I pulled up my catch and found my shoes at the other end instead of a pokemon. Then I followed the sound of laghter back to where we were camping to find a driping wet Machop very much enjoying himself.

As we entered the city the first thing I noticed was how clean this city was, the streets were full of people unafraid to go outside, their were no cries for help that I could hear nor any blood stains on the sidewalk. The second thing I noticed was the fact that it was huge, and their was no way that I was going find the Pokemon Center without getting lost first. Their was a little store surrounded by bigger stores, and not being very comfortable with the large crowd I desided to go their for directions. "Lets go here." I tolled Machop

The store was empty, seriously no one but me and Machop were in thier. The shelves were stocked with all kinds of items, Pokeballs, Food and Drink, Cloths, Camping gear, Pokedolls, and postcards to send home to Mom. I looked at one of the cards, it had a photo of a big tower and said Greatings from Saffron City. So thats where I am.

A voice came from behind "May I help you son?"

"Um yes, I need to know where I can find the Pokemon Center." I answered the man old who was behind the counter that was just unoccupied a minute ago

"Oh ok then." He looked at me then my Mochop, why did he look at Mochop? Then he started to reach under his counter, then it hit me why he looked at Mochop the way he did.

Quickly I put my hands in the air and Mochop not sure what was going on did the same "Please Sir That Not Necessary."

The man looked shocked. "Whats not necessary?"

"What? you mean your not reaching for a weapon?"

"No, as a matter of fact I was reaching for a map."

"Oh." I put my hands down and was very embaressed. "Well I thought that you thought that I was going rob you or something."

"No, son just a map."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Well, thats all right, I'v been told that I can be scary at times." It was a cheesey joke but it realived a little bit of embarresment off my shoulders.

He handed me the map, I took it. "How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing I dont charge for maps."


"Nope." With that the old man went away

Thanks to the map the old man gave us we found our way to the Pokemon Center. A Chansey took Machop in the back room, and I went to talk to the Nurse Joy at the desk. Oddly enough their are literally hundreds of Nurse Joys out thier, all related and all identical. Some people say its a DNA Phenomenon, personaly I think thier all just clones. The Nurse looked at me and gave me a smile "May I help you?" she asked. Which suprised me because the one back home would have looked at you with her overworked eyes and asked "What do you want punk?"

"Um I was just wondering, where to preregister for the Pokemon League." I asked

"Well young man you can do that here."


"I'll just need your pokedex."

"I don't have a pokedex."

She looked distressed "Oh, thats to bad. We used to have some here but they had a glich and had to be recalled."

"Where eles can I go?"

"Well they all got recalled to Professor Oak in Pallet Town, he programed them so he might have a repaired pokedex or two to give."

"Ok, then I guess I'm going to Pallet Town, Thank you nurse."

"Your Wellcome."

I went and sat on a backless bench on the far side of the Pokemon Center, away from everyone else. So I thought, Two people started walking my way. A boy and a girl, the boy looked older than the girl but not much older, maybe a year or two, the girl looked about my age. The boy had green eyes light brown hair that was covered by a backward blue hat that had a red stripe going down the middle, in fact that was how his whole outfit looked, his Shirt, his fingerless gloves, his shorts had one red stripe at the end of each leg, even his shoes were blue with a red tongue. the girl with had the same green eyes and brown hair as the boy but she had more of a thing for pink and red. She had a red sleeveless belly shirt over a pink sleevless undershirt, a pink miniskirt with a red belt that had a empty pokeball holder on its side, pink boots, pink armwarmers, and to top it all off a nice red bow around the neck.

Only when they sat on the bench across from me could I make out the smaller facial features and their was no doubt about it, they were brother and sister. It didn't matter as long as they left me alone. Then the older one spoke up "So kid whats your name?"

I'v heared this before, and that meant only two things 1. he's going to threaten my life if I step out of line in "his" city or 2. He's trying to buddy up to me so he can sucker me into some scam. Well none of that was going to work, and the best way to handle people like him was just to keep my mouth shut. The real trick is ignoreing them when they keep talking, and he did. "Come on man whats your name?"

"Not important." I said coldly

His sister spoke up "Come on Lan I don't think he wants to talk."

"Maybe, but I think I know how to loosen that tongue of his." He said

She gave him a cross look "Oh realy?"

"Yep, a pokemon battle. what do you say kid?" He looked like he realy wanted to battle, but seemed interested in something else as well.

"Ok, but my pokemon is getting a checkup right now so you'll have to wait." I answered

"Fine by me." He gave a smirk and his sister looked angery

"We're going to be late if you keep battleing people!" She exclamed as they walked off

"Take it easy Maria." he tolled her then turned to me. "When your ready meet me at the battle field in back."

"Whatever." I mumbled

I didn't know who this guy was but he was realy getting on my nerves, for one reason, I didn't know what realy wanted from me, but if it was some kind of gang membership offer, I don't know what I would do because people like that never liked the word no. at lest I would have a pokemon on my side for once. My train of thought was intrupted by the opproching nurse a my Machop right behind.

"Your pokemon is ready to go." She said

I thanked her and I tried to put Machop into his pokeball, but he just jumped out of the way and shouldered my duffle bag again, and we were off to the battle field. When I got thier he was already standing on the other side waiting for me pokeball in hand.

"So!" He shouted "That the pokemon your going to use, or do you have another in mind?"

"He's the only one I got." I answered, but I shouldn't have it tolled him way to much

"So we got ourselfs a newbie. Hey thats all right my sister over thier is new to."

"Lan!" His sisters face was blushing from embarrassment which was encouragement for her brother.

"Yep so new in fact see hasn't got a pokemon yet." He gave a big smile to his sister who was glaring daggers at him. "Thats why were heading to Pallet Town."

"Will you shut up so we can get this over with." I interupted

The smile he was giveing his sister turned to me and got bigger "Whatever you say kid. Come out Blaster."

Behold a hulking Blastoise stood before me and my small Machop. I had a lot of experience in big guy vs small guy fights and they never turned out very well, but one thing you also learn is if you back down you will just be painting a bigger target on your back. I turned to Machop, but the only thing beside me was my bag, but in front of me was Machop getting all loosed up like this was the fight he was born to fight. That gave me a little more confidence.

"All right." I said "Lets do this."

After a flip of a coin Lan went first

"Blaster, takle him." Blastoise lept higher than I could imagine anything that big could go and was comeing down on my little Machop

"Get out of the way!" I orderd, But Machop instead expanded his footing and raised his hands in the air like he was going to catch the mass comeing down on him, and suprising enough he did. he lifted the Blastoise into the air and tossed him into the ground. Lan's eyes would have come out of thier sockets if they got any wider

I was so stund at the fact that he disobeyed me and pulled off something so cool that I allmost forgot to give my next order "Um, Karate Chop." Machop charged at the big beast who was getting back on its feet. then Lan gave an order for a Hydro Pump that blasted poor Machop back to were he was.

I came up with a small plan "Alright bud, look for an opening then try a Low Kick." He gave me an aggreable grunt

From the other side of the feild came "Blaster takle again but this time as a rapid spin!" Blastoise was in the air again comeing down on little Machop

"Get out of way I mean it this time!" Instead he did the exact same thing as before exept this time. Blastiose came down on him like a skrewdriver on a skrew, driveing him strait into the ground. When Blastoise got off of him thier was no doubt that the match was over and I had lost.

"Good match kid." Lan said as he returned his pokemon. My pokemon was starting to sit up and rub his head. Lan keeped going. "That was an increadable move your pokemon pulled off at the start, to bad it wasn't planed. you guys might want to work on your teamwork a little."

"I guess so." I said still a little bumed by the loss

"So see later I guess." Lan said akwardly

"Yep." I turned back to Machop to put him back in his ball but he had enough left in him to dodge another attempt and should my duffle bag. We started to walk back but, when we got around the corner something made me stop, they where talking and when you grow up where I did you learn when people are talking about you based on their tone of voice. This is what was said.

Maria: Why are you trying to buddy up to that guy you don't even know him.

Lan: So.

Maria: So, he creaps me out.

Lan: Why?

Maria: Because, well, look at him he's all black.

Lan: Whats that mean?

Maria: His shirts black, his bag's black, his hair is black, even the color of his eyes are black, its just creapy

Lan: It is not

Maria: Is to, I was suprised he didn't have a ghost pokemon with him

Lan: Oh, you don't like him because of you fear of ghost pokemon

From thier I stoped lisening I went back into the pokemon center to have Machop looked at agian then I would head out in the morning.