Chapter 27
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"Mmmmm mmmm, slurp…… Mmmm… Mmmm…”

“The reports… uh, find that we will be short three thousand tons of grain by the end of the year. Next year, it’ll be twice that…”

“Gah… mmmm…. Mmmm… slurp…. Mmmm…”

“Uh… that is… our granaries are already nearing empty, and we face massive shortages.”

“Mmmm…. Mmmmm….”

“Thanks, that will be all.” I give him a nod.

I'm sitting on the throne now, and my blockade of the throne room has been lifted. I freed the demon lord’s father, and he now stands at my side stiffly, a semi-permanent curl  of distaste on his lips. His barely concealed anger was, of course, because of the demon lord, who was sitting on her knees in front of the throne, going to town on my dick.

I didn’t make her do this, this was actually something of her own volition. Well, sort of. I weren’t sure how trustworthy the demon lord would be, so I wanted something to bind her to me. That something, through my own ingenuity, turned out to be my cum. Simply put, I made her addicted to my cum. It was like a drug for her now, fulfilling a need. Whenever I spurted some down her throat, she had guzzled it down with gusto.

She makes a grossed-out face as she does. She still hates the taste of cum, but she can’t stop wanting more. At first, I just thought it was funny to see her going down on my cock with a desperate look on her face. However, when I freed her dad and asked him to start bringing in her counsel, the minute or two I abandoned her, I turned back to see her licking the floor where she had spat my cum earlier, desperate for every last drop. She was even fingering herself, pulling out gobs from her earlier cream pie, and licking it.

The spell seemed to be a little too strong, so I lighten it up a bit with my magic. The desperation in her eyes lightens a bit, but she still keeps going until I cum down her throat for the sixth time before she finally pulls out and takes a breath, breathing hard.

“Wh-what have you done to me… I want it so bad, I love the feel of it running down my throat, why can’t I get enough?”

“Ah that, that’s just an insurance policy that you do as I say.” I answer honestly. “Ah, oops, I just came on your face.

I compiled a spell that made it so I could make myself cum whenever I wanted. While the demon lord is trying to rest, I tease her by suddenly erupting semen all over her face and chest. Rather than responding with anger, she starts licking her breasts and rubbing it onto her fingers before sticking it in her mouth. She still wears a slightly nauseous look, but she is past showing any kind of disgust.

“So!” I clap and she jumps while still licking herself clean, “Here’s the plan.”

“Huh?” The demon lord’s champion asks warily.

I wave my hand to my right and left, and two plants materialize out of thin air. “The plant on my left is a potato plant, and the one on my right is a corn plant. These plants are genetically modified from my world although I magically modified them even further. Every plant will produce ten pounds of food a month, all year round.”

“What? A single field of these could feed a city of demons!” The father says in surprise.

“Yes, but it does tax the field which is why I also created this.” I hold up a small vile, “This is a soil regenerator. It will pull the necessary ingredients out of the ether and rejuvenate the fields so they never become exhausted. Here, it’s yours.”

The father looks at the vial with wide eyes before looking up at me. “This thing… you will save millions of demons… why would you do this for us?”

“Ah, well, it’s not really for you guys. I’ve come to this world and decided I just want to have fun. So that my fun doesn’t end, I need the world to be stable. Keeping your country fed and preventing war, well, that just serves me, right?”

“E-even so… hero… thank you. I never thought I would thank a human, but…”

“Ah, there is one catch though. Your daughter, I’ll be taking her with me when I go.”


“What? Why do I have to go with you?” The demon lord snarls.

“Ah, well, I’ll just put it this way. I can leave without you, but then you’ll never taste my sweet cum again.”

A look of horror flashes on the girl’s face and she turns away with a blush. “I… will go with him.”