Chapter 13
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As Blake settled into her bed wearing nothing but her shorts, she eagerly reached for the latest edition of 'Ninjas of Love'. Though she has not indulged in the series much since Matt has been taking care of her "needs", she couldn't resist the temptation of the new release. With a sigh of comfort, she got ready for any mess she may or may not make, making sure her trusty towel was next to her alongside her six inch silicone partner for tonight. While she did enjoy having sex with Matt, she was an introvert at heart and a little time alone always made her feel better.


Opening the cover for the first time she inhaled the ‘new book’ smell she loved, and got to reading. Right as she got past the first sentence her peaceful silence was interrupted by a rapid knocking causing her to jump, the fur on her ears bristling. “Every goddamn time” She muttered while glaring at her door. 


Hiding her ‘partner’ and book under her bed, she walked over to the door with an annoyed look on her face. Hearing whoever was on the other side knock again she called out, “I’m coming!”. Getting ready to chew out whoever disturbed her peace and quiet, she opened the door only to get pushed out of the way as Matt walked into the room with an excited smile. As he left her in the dust she sighed and closed the door, “Sure, come on in Matt’ she muttered under her breath.


Turning to Matt she saw him sit down on her bed, “So, what's got you so excited?”


Grinning widely, he took out his scroll and showed her his MeTube page, “Look at the view count! I can't believe people actually liked it!” He said excitedly. 


Blake's eyes widened as she glanced at the scroll before her. The numbers underneath the videos displayed on the screen were staggering—80k and 70k, achieved within the span of a single day. Her mouth slightly ajar, she turned her attention back to Matt, meeting his gaze and witnessing an excitement in his eyes that wasn't there before. There was a radiant glow about him that caught her attention, and she couldn't help but appreciate how attractive he appeared in that moment.


A rush of memories flooded her mind, reminding her of Matt's childhood dream of becoming a singer. The realization hit her that this was extremely important to him. A swell of pride for Matt surged within her, prompting her to flash him a wide grin of admiration. "I always knew your dream was worth pursuing!" she exclaimed, her voice filled with encouragement. "Your singing voice is amazing, of course people want to listen. So, what's your next step?"


Fixing his gaze on her with unwavering determination, Matt declared, "You're going to be my partner in creating even better music!"


Raising an eyebrow, Blake playfully pointed toward herself. "Me? You do remember that I sound like sandpaper scraping together, right?" she quipped, a hint of amusement lacing her words.


A knowing smirk crossed Matt's face as he waved his hand dismissively. "I’m well aware" he responded, causing a faint blush to tint Blake's cheeks as she recalled the time she showed off her less-than-impressive singing skills to Matt. "But I need your help with the music video. You can animate right?" he finished, his grin widening with anticipation.


Slightly taken aback that Matt remembered her old goal of becoming an animator, Blake nodded in affirmation. Back before she left with the white fang she was really interested in movie making and animation, but life hit her hard and she had to focus on other, more important things "Yeah, I'm nothing special, but a music video should be easy enough," she answered confidently. There were tons of new apps and algorithms that helped people animate coming out every year, it was practically childsplay to animate now compared to how it was.


Smiling Matt nodded, “Good, I've got the beat ready. We just need to record the lyrics and animate the video. The song will be called ‘Sharks.’”


3 days later


(Ruby POV)


Ruby was vibrating with joy. She hadn't been this excited since Matt kissed her on the cheek! She couldn't believe that she got accepted into beacon early, all because she was in the right place at the right time! She was so lucky! 


She had been listening to music in her favorite dust shop when all of a sudden a bunch of thugs started robbing the store. Ruby, being the badass hunter-in-training that she was, kicked their asses and then started fighting their boss.

She was a bit hesitant at first, not wanting to injure the weak looking man, however she was quickly dissuaded from that after getting socked in the face really hard. After that all bets were off and she managed to push him back enough that he had to retreat.


Chasing him up to the roof of a building, he retreated into a bullhead. As she was trying to shoot the vehicle down, a real hunter showed up! Getting to watch a hunter, let alone the famous Glynda Goodwhich, in action was enough to get her excited, however that on top of an autograph made her night. 


Subsequently taken to a police station for interrogation, Ruby found herself slightly intimidated by the imposing stature of the policewoman conducting the interview. To make matters even more intense, the stoic presence of Glynda Goodwitch, standing nearby, scrutinizing her every move, only made her more nervous.


Luckily Mr Ozpin came in and kicked the woman and Goodwhich out, then proceeded to blow away her wildest dreams. She couldn't believe that HER of all people got to enter the beacon early! Matt is going to be so proud of her! She couldn't wait to tell him!


Walking upstairs into her room after celebrating with her family, Ruby collapsed onto her bed with a relaxed sigh. Grabbing her pillow she screamed into it, “BEST DAY EVER!”. Still operating on the dopamine high, she decided to try and push her luck and make today even better.


Tomorrow her dad and uncle were heading to vale to go shopping, or whatever it was men did together, and Yang was going to a party with some of her friends. Meaning tomorrow she would have the house to herself in the afternoon. Grabbing her scroll she typed a text to Matt and sent it before she could doubt herself and chicken out of sending it.


Would you like to come over to my house tomorrow?


Immediately after the text went through she started panicking, ‘Oh shit, that came out of nowhere! He’s going to think I'm a creep now!” She whined internally. Tossing her scroll to the side she yelled into her mattress, “AGHHHH! Why did I send that!?!?”


Panicking she grabbed her scroll again and tried to fix this.


Not like as a date or anything.


Unless you want it to be.


We can just watch anime, or something. 


Or we can watch whatever


Embarrassment rushed through her, feeling like fire in her chest. Throwing her scroll to her bed she stood up and started pacing in a panic. “UGHHH, I made it worse!” She whined while pulling at her hair. Her thoughts running wild, she smashed her head against the wall and groaned pathetically, ‘why can’t I just be normal, I make everything awkward’ She really liked Matt and didn't want to mess this up.


While she was wallowing in her self hatred, her scrolled buzzed making her freeze. Standing up she rushed over to her scroll to see his reply. Looking at the text disappointment filled her as she saw it was just a MeTube notification letting her know someone she was subscribed to uploaded a video. 


Now she felt even more embarrassed! She was acting so desperate it made her self conscious. They weren't even dating! ‘But I can't help it’ she groaned internally. Just the thought of Matt not wanting to be friends with her anymore filled her with dread. 


He was the first boy outside of her family that has even remotely paid attention to her. While every other boy she has met made fun of her or tried to distance themselves from her, Matt enthusiastically talked with her about the nerdiest things without any judgment. While most men found anime and comics weird or gross, Matt almost enjoyed it more than her. While most men would have found her stuttering and awkward small talk off putting, Matt smiled and took everything she said seriously. Ruby felt like he was the only boy in the world able to look past her awkward shell and get to know the person inside. He even gave her cookies! No one has done something that nice for her before, and it felt amazing!


If she screwed this up she would never forgive herself. People always said there are more fish in the sea, but Ruby didn't think she would ever find someone like Matt again. When she was with him it felt like nothing else mattered, everything became fuzzy and warm when he was around. She was almost scared to admit it, but Ruby was deeply in love with him. 


Feeling her scroll buzz again she opened it as fast as she could. Seeing that it was a text from Matt her heartbeat skyrocketed, opening the text she felt all the negative feelings wash away as she read it.


Sure! When should I come over? Also I don't have your address.


“YES!” She shouted, jumping in the air. Hearing Yang yell from her room to shut up, Ruby quieted down but the excitement never left her. She felt like she was going to explode with happiness, the grin on her face was so wide it hurt. Doing a little dance in the middle of the room she celebrated her crush coming to her house for the first time.


Calming down slightly after getting some of her energy out, Ruby quickly texted back when to come over and her address, she even PayFriended him ten lien for the bullhead ride. ‘This is my chance! I can show him how feminine I am and seduce him! Maybe I can even surprise him with a nice meal! Although I don’t know how to cook. How am I going to seduce him then?’ She thought to herself.


Suddenly an idea came to her after remembering her uncle's housecat he used to own. Quickly walking out of her room she ran down the stairs and into the living room, seeing her dad on the couch with music playing in the background. She didn’t pay attention to the music he was playing, to focused on her objective, it was something about sharks though, the voice sounded vaguely familiar but she ignored it. Seeing her Tai perked up, “Hey Ruby! I heard you shouting upstairs earlier, what was that about?” he asked.


Speed Walking into the pantry she answered as fast as she could as she opened the bottom drawer “NothingimportantdadIwasjustplayingvideogamessorrygottago” After finding what she was looking for she sped away with her semblance, leaving a trail of petals behind her. Tai raised a brow but shrugged and ignored it, his daughter was always a bit strange but he loved her even more for it.


Speeding back to her room she sat on her bed. Looking at the bottle in her hand she read the label, “Premium Catnip huh? I wonder if he will like the smell.” She remembered that their cat used to go crazy for this stuff, but she wasn't sure if cat Faunus were the same. ‘Is this kind of racist?’ The thought made her pause but she shook it off, ‘Nah, this has to work’ she thought with excitement. Maybe he will like the smell so much he will kiss her again!

Walking over to her perfume she unscrewed the cap and checked the cat nip for any measurement recommendations, not seeing any she shrugged and dumped half of it in and started shaking it, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’