Chapter 15
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Ruby was on the edge of having a panic attack. She was sitting on her couch, having moved there shortly after she regained focus, trying to ignore the extremely hot boy currently trying to mold himself into her. It has been about ten minutes since Matt arrived and jumped on her, and it has taken everything she has not to take advantage of the situation. ‘Stay focused Ruby! Ignore the sexy cat boy currently fondling you! AHHH, but I'm so wet!’ She was so horny that she had soaked her pants completely through and it was slowly getting absorbed into the couch ‘Damn it, if dad or Yang finds out i'm so dead!’


She was already scared of what Matt will think of her once the cat nip wears off, she couldn't imagine what he would do to her if she took advantage of his loopy state. ‘That is sexual assault right?! Thats definitely sexual assault! I can't go to jail, I just got into Beacon!’ she whined internally, full on panicking now. 

She stood up and tried to get Matt off of her but he stuck on like a leech, purring the entire time. Ruby could use her aura and overpower him but she was worried about Matt getting hurt. Grunting in annoyance she tried to calm herself down, ‘It’s okay Ruby. Matt is a nice person, he wouldn't get mad over a mistake, right? ….Oh god! He’s going to get so mad! What do I do!?” she thought with dread.


Focusing she tried to come up with a solution, ‘Ok, so Matt is attracted to the cat nip in the perfume right? Maybe I just need to wash it off and he will go back to normal.’ nodding to herself in determination she scooped Matt up in her arms with a blush. Immediately he adjusted to the position and started burying himself in her neck again. She felt a wave of lust run through her at his cute actions, a couple drops of liquid falling from between her thighs onto the floor as she made her way upstairs. ‘Oh jeez, I hope this works. I don’t know if I can keep holding myself back for much longer.’


Walking upstairs she entered the bathroom. Immediately Ruby grabbed a washcloth and soaked it in the sink, rubbing it over her face and neck she tried to get rid of the perfume sticking to her. Matt, realizing that there was no cat nip left on her neck, instead buried his face in her hair where he still smelled some.


“Shit!” She cursed, realizing she would have to wash her hair now. Grabbing Matt's head she lightly pushed him away so she had space to put her head under the faucet. Matt, realizing he couldn't get to her hair, instead went to her chest where Ruby had put even more perfume, ‘Crap, I forgot I put some on my chest too. Ruby you idiot! Why did you use so much!?’ She thought in frustration as her head was dunked into the running water.


The freezing cold water of the sink helped her mind focus, pushing the horny thoughts back slightly as she pretended Matt wasn't motorboating her at the moment, ‘Ok, so you put some on your face, tits, and where else… oh fuck’ the thought came to her with a spike of dread. 


While she was waiting for Matt to come she had gotten horny thinking of him, so she decided to rub one out really quick so she could focus on the date instead of her dirty thoughts. After satisfying herself, her still lust filled mind had the genius idea to spray her snatch with the perfume before he came over. You know, “just in case” they ended up doing something dirty, Ruby didn't want to smell like fish and gross him out. 


The second that thought came to her mind she felt Matt shift, lowering himself to the floor as he swiftly pulled her sweat pants down. Quickly shutting off the faucet she took her head out of the water in a panic. Looking down she saw Matt fiddling with her soaking wet beowulf print panties, pulling them down the second he got his fingers under them. Quickly reaching down to grab her panties she tried to cover her modesty, “Matt no! Not there! You don't want to do that!” She yelled as she entered a tug of war contest with Matt over her underwear. She was mortified that Matt could see how soaking wet she was, her pussy leaking like a faucet at this point.


Activating his aura Matt ripped the panties off, shocking Ruby enough that he had time to shove his head between her thighs. “Matt! Wait no- Anhhh!” She tried to stop him but the second he started licking her clit her resistance melted away as she got lost in a hazy trance of lust.


At this point Matt was partly conscious of what he was doing. Half his brain was telling him to get deeper to find more catnip and the other part was aware of what he was doing and enjoying teasing Ruby like this. 


After about ten seconds of heaven as Matt licked her clit, she felt a pressure build up and shoot out with the force of a gun. “IM CUMMINNGGGG” she moaned, pleasure and embarrassment flooding through at how much of a quick shot she was. Feeling herself squirt, she watched her juices flow down Matt's lips and jaw as the best orgasm of her life washed over her.



“I'M SO SORRY!” Ruby shouted, on her knees with her head against the ground, tears flowing from her eyes. What she had just done was the most mortifying thing that's ever happened to her. Not only did she drug her crush unintentionally, but after he started giving her head she busted after a couple seconds, completely embarrassing herself and ruining her image in Matt’s eyes. Now she was apologizing profusely to Matt as shame and self hatred coursed through her.


Matt, who was sitting on the couch, smiled slightly in amusement at the whole situation. They were now back in the living room after both of them cleaned up and Matt head cleared. The second he sat down Ruby started groveling and apologizing, he had tried to tell her he wasn’t upset but she did not believe him, continuing to apologize.


“I didn't know catnip would do that! I thought you might just like the smell and would appreciate it, but then you jumped on me and started sniffing my hair and I didn’t know what to do so I tried-” Sighing as Ruby continued to babble and cry, Matt decided there was only one way to convince her he was not mad. 


Getting on his knees in front of her he grabbed her head and angled it up, looking at her straight in her beautiful silver eyes “Shut up.” He said as he lowered his head and started kissing her. The relief that shot through her was immediate as she melted into a puddle in his arms and stopped crying. The effect he had on women in this world still continued to baffle him. He managed to make Ruby feel so much better with just a kiss, where in his old world if this same situation happened he would be getting arrested right now. ‘This really is fun, I can see how a lot of hot women became bitchy in my old world. Being able to affect the opposite gender like this is a major power trip.’


Disconnecting his lips from Ruby's, he looked into her hazy eyes with a smile, “I already told you, I'm not mad. I know you didnt mean for any of this to happen, so let’s just continue our date as if this didn’t happen. We can order a pizza and watch any anime you want, ok?”


Ruby POV


Looking at Matt's beautiful smile she felt herself fall deeper and deeper in love with him. At that moment and time, Ruby knew that if he asked her to jump in front of a train she would have without any hesitation.


She had been prepared for him to yell at her and ruin her life, she knew any other boy probably would have, and yet Matt just kissed her and told her it was fine. ‘Does this mean he likes me too?’ Just the thought alone made her heart flutter with pure joy. Grinning from ear to ear she nodded at his question.

2 hours later


Sitting on the couch, cuddling together was Ruby and Matt. There was an empty pizza box discarded on the coffee table and a movie was playing on the large holographic tv Ruby had in her living room.


Despite the fact that this was one of Ruby’s favorite movies of all time, she couldn’t bring herself to pay attention to it, to focused on Matt. He was leaning against her as she had her arm wrapped around him, comfortably resting his head against her small chest. 


Everything about him was just perfect in her mind, he was beautiful(way too hot for her in Ruby’s own opinion), kind, and carefree. She did not know what Goddess is responsible for dropping this boy into her life, but if she met them Ruby would thank her with all of her heart.


For as long as she could remember Ruby has struggled to make friends. Every school she went to she was bullied, and when she entered Signal it all got so much worse. The competition between the students was much fiercer and less restricted, leading to much harsher bullying. Since it was a combat school the teachers just let it happen in hopes of creating stronger willed soldiers, leading Ruby to feel like she could rely on no one but her family. She had gotten to the point where she accepted the fact that she would probably never find love and would be lonely for the rest of her life.


Then, a cute boy started working at her favorite comic store and changed her life. He was everything she had ever wanted, nerdy like her, into a lot of her hobbies, and a sexy tomgirl. She was always into tomgirls since she found it really hard to talk to manly(wimpy) boys, however girls she could connect with easier. So when she realized Matt had a lot of feminine traits, it just made him even better in her eyes.


Turning his head slightly Matt made eye contact with Ruby, smiling mischievously at her. Feeling his hand land on her thigh made a shiver run through her body, her already wet pussy getting even wetter. Feeling his hand slowly slide up her leg teasingly was like torture. Right as he got to her sweet spot the front door slammed open, causing both of them to jump as someone shouted “Were home Ruby!”, cutting through the intimate mood like a knife.


Disappointment flooded her body as Matt took his hand off her thigh and sat up to look over her shoulder at the front door. Hearing a slight gasp from her uncle as Matt’s head peaked over the couch, Ruby decided to turn around and greet her dad and uncle. “Hi dad! Hi uncle Qrow!” She said with a smile, having recovered quickly.


Looking at them both he saw her dad with a raised eyebrow, surprise written all over his face as he saw Matt. However Qrow was looking wide eyed at Matt, almost like he was looking at a ghost. Quickly taking initiative she decided to introduce Matt to them, realizing it probably wasn't a good idea to invite him over without letting her dad know. “Sorry I didn't tell you before you left, but this is Matt. Matt, meet my dad and uncle Qrow.” Ruby said awkwardly.


Matt waved with a smile and greeted them, his ear flicking slightly in interest. ‘Fuck he’s so adorable’


Seeing Matt, Tai let out a happy laugh and clapped his hands as he jumped in excitement, “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend! Why didn’t you tell me!” He shouted, rushing over to Matt. “Hi sweety, I'm Ruby's dad but you can just call me Tai. I love that shirt by the way, is it Mistralian?” As Tai kept rattling on about his clothes, Ruby smiled in amusement at Matt's baffled face as he tried to keep up with her dad in a conversation.


Noticing that her uncle was still by the door she looked over in confusion. Standing still Qrow was still staring at Matt in astonishment, walking over she called out to him in embarrassment “It’s not that surprising that I brought a boy over is it?”


Shaken out of his trance he composed himself and looked over to Ruby, shooting her a slightly strained smile, “It definitely is squirt. Who knew you had it in you to land a boy as hot as him? Maybe Summer's genes are finally coming out in you” He said in amusement.


“He’s… we… he's not my boyfriend yet.” She said, her face flushing in embarrassment.


Smirking with a raised eyebrow he walked past her, “‘Yet’ she says” he said as he walked into the kitchen, it almost seemed like he was in a rush to get away from Matt, he didn’t even say hi to him.


3rd person POV


Walking into the kitchen, Qrow leaned against the table and grit his teeth as tears started falling from his eyes, a relieved sob coming from his mouth. Quickly putting down his bags he grabbed his scroll and called someone he never thought he would talk to again.


The scroll rang a couple times before eventually Qrow heard a click from the other side.


“What do you want brother?” A gruff voice asked.


“He’s alive Raven.”