Chapter 18
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The sun shined down brightly over the park, with birds chirping and small animals sitting on trees enjoying the beautiful day. However Matt wasn't paying attention to any of that, his attention instead focused completely on the basketball game currently happening in front of him.


‘I love this world’ he thought with a smile as he watched the topless women compete against each other. His eyes tracked their bouncing badonkers every move as they ran across the court. Matt was currently in the Vale park, he had come out here to enjoy the beautiful day and spend some time alone to think.


It’s been about two weeks since Blake and Ruby left for Beacon and he had managed to find a roommate to stay with, but he still wasn't sure how he felt about the guy. While he was nice and pretty attractive, the guy had some… habits that annoyed Matt.


Sighing through his nose he refocused on the game, the women had seemed to get even more competitive when he showed up and started watching. He figured they were trying to impress him since guys in his old world usually worked harder when a pretty girl watched them, Matt has also noticed this dynamic in other places like the gym. Sometimes girls would notice him watching and add another plate or two, it was pretty funny since he understood exactly what was going through their minds. 


He was really enjoying being this world's equivalent to a hot girl, and had settled into the role surprisingly well. When he first got here he had contemplated banging everything that stood on two legs but he eventually understood there are way too many consequences to that.


The biggest one being reputation. In his old world sluts were treated like garbage, and he had seen that it was the same in this world. If he became a slut the women around him would stop respecting him and instead just see him as someone to bang and then throw to the side, and Matt really didn't want that. He enjoyed an actual connection that went deeper than just sex. 


And while he would love to live the harem protagonist dream, reality was not that simple. In this world, women were as competitive as men in his old world when it came to relationships. The vast majority would never share a partner, just as he would never share his women with another man. Essentially if he attempted a harem, his partners would try and beat the shit out of each other eventually. The only women who might consider such an arrangement were those desperate for a relationship, something that really turned him off. 


Because of this realization he had stopped flirting around with women, and had decided he would try and stick to one girl. However this decision posed some problems for him, namely that he would have to pick between the two women currently in his life.


Ruby and Blake had both formed meaningful connections with Matt, and he couldn't deny the mutual feelings that had developed. This made the decision to pick one over the other all the more heart wrenching. 


However, Matt quickly realized that it was not a difficult decision, which filled him with guilt. Reflecting on his past experiences with both individuals, Blake held a much more significant presence in his thoughts. He had spent more time with her, connected deeper with her, and even gave her his virginity.


His feelings towards Ruby just aren't as strong, and thinking back to the ‘intimate’ moment they had only caused Matt to feel guilty. When he ate her out he was heavily under the influence of the cat nip, and it continued to muddle his thoughts the whole night. He would not have done that if she didn't put it in her perfume, something she apologized heavily for.


Not only was he closer with Blake, but he was also a lot more attracted to her. She wasn't just much more filled out, but also just plain sexy. He liked mature looking women so Ruby's younger features didn't do much for him, and being with her made him feel like some sort of creep.


Thinking about all this made him feel like a piece of shit. He felt like one of those bitches from his old world that played with men's feelings, and he knew it was going to be really hard to go through with this but felt he needed to nip it in the bud instead of drag it out and lead Ruby on more.


Watching a faunus woman dunk idly he decided not to think about this anymore and instead watched the game. It was a three versus three match and it looked like neither side liked the other. The wolf faunus that dunked the ball earlier kept sending glares to a red headed human on the other team, and the way both teams played was too aggressive to be casual. 


The other two teammates of the wolf eared woman were both humans, one a tall skinny girl with a pixie cut and dark hair, the other an average looking woman with short orange hair. The wolf lady herself had brown spikey hair that reached her back, sharp teeth and a lean build. She was also above average height, around 5’11.


Looking at the other team he saw the redheaded woman and two other teammates, both blond lizard faunus with scaly tails coming from their backs ‘sisters probably’ Matt thought.


He saw that the wolf girl was currently in possession of the ball, confidently dribbling towards the middle line. Across from her, the redhead locks eyes and glares. With a quick burst of speed, the ball-handler swiftly spins past the redhead, leaving her momentarily stunned. Undeterred, she smoothly executes a Eurostep, sidestepping one of the blond sisters' reach. With fluid movements, she releases a shot just beyond the free throw line, watching as the ball arcs through the air. The ball sinks into the net with a satisfying swish.


The wolf girl stares at the redhead and opens her mouth wide in a shit eating grin and stickers her tongue out, holding up the ok symbol with her hand as she runs past. While the redhead glared harder, the wolf girl looked over and locked eyes with Matt, shooting him a wink.


Smiling slightly Matt huffed through his nose in amusement. Just because he's not going to flirt with other women anymore, doesn't mean he won't enjoy attention from them. The woman seeing Matt's smile seemed to preen slightly before refocusing on the game.


Feeling a buzz from his pocket he pulled out his scroll to check what it was.


Blake - Hey, you got feet pics? 


Blake - Sorry the intrusive thoughts won


Reading the text Matt snorted loudly before coughing in embarrassment when he noticed several people look over.


Matt - Was that some kind of attempt at rizzing me up?


Blake - Depends…


Blake - Lets say if it was, on a scale of 1 to ‘let's meet at the Vale Mall saturday’ how well would you say it worked?


Matt - I’d say I would give it a ‘pick me up at 2 pm’


Closing his phone Matt smiled, he hadn’t seen Blake since she left for Beacon so he was now really looking forward to the weekend. They had frequently texted, but from what he’s heard her time there has been chaotic. From the Schnee heiress getting pissy about not being leader to the Blond slob whose snores kept her up all night. She seemed to be enjoying it though, despite all her ranting so he was happy for her.


For some reason, he has found it much more difficult to fall asleep ever since she left, unaccustomed to the lonely nights. Despite never having shared a bed with anyone before, he had grown suprisinly used to it during the brief period he spent with Blake, making it challenging to find sleep without the comforting embrace of another.


Sighing through his nose he got up from the bleachers and started walking towards the water fountain close by. He wanted to take a quick drink before heading back to his new home.


Bending over he started drinking, enjoying the refreshing feeling. However he was broken out of his thoughts by something squeezing his ass. Jumping slightly in surprise he turned around to see what happened. 


There, standing behind him, was the redhead playing basketball earlier, her brown eyes staring lustfully at him. ‘Was I just sexually harassed?’ He was pretty sure he was, looking at it from a reversed point of view. He wasn't really mad though, more confused than anything, “Can I… help you?” ‘What do I do? This is the first time anything like this has happened.’ Matt wont lie, he has fantasized about this exact scene in his head several times, however now that it was actually happening, he felt more uncomfortable than anything ‘are this world's standards affecting me more than I thought?’


Grinning slyly, the somewhat attractive redhead nodded, “Sure can sweetheart, I couldn't help but notice you watching me as I played. I could tell you were interested, no need to be shy about it. How about I take you to dinner, and then I have you for dinner afterwards” She added with a wink, probably thinking she was smooth as fuck for that.


Matt stared at the woman in front of him absolutely dumfounded, ‘This bitch is fuckin weird.’ He thought. “Uh… I'm good. Thanks though.” He said quickly, turning around to leave this strange interaction so he could forget about it.


Matt heard a scoff behind him before he felt a slap graze his ass again, “Whatever slut, your los-”


“OY!” Interrupting the redhead he turned and saw the Wolf girl walking over with her two teammates right on her tail. Looking at the woman's face Matt could tell she was pissed, “Harassing boys again Teresa? Why the fuck did I expect any different from you.”


The redhead's face, Teresa apparently, tightened in rage “I aint harassing nobody, this slut was asking for it. He enjoyed it.”


Raising a brow in disbelief the wolf girl looked over at Matt, her gaze turning softer “Hey sweetie, you enjoying this?” she asked.


Shaking his head Matt watched passively. He was kind of curious where this was going, he had never had someone stick up for him like this and he sort of liked the feeling, as pathetic as that sounded.


Snorting Teresa looked at the wolf faunus, “He’s lying Brenda, he's a total slut. He was checking out my tits and abs the entire game.”


Brenda looked at Teresa in annoyance, “So that gives you the right to sexually assault him? Just because he was looking doesn't give you the right to touch him”


As the two argued the tall black haired girl walked up to him, smiling comfortingly “You alright?”


Nodding Matt smiled at her, causing her cheeks to go scarlet “Yeah, thank you. She didn’t go that far.” He said calmly.


Grimacing slightly the woman looked at the arguing duo, “Still, that wasn’t ok. Teresa is kind of a piece of shit if you couldn't tell.” She said, glaring at the redhead. “My name is Amanda by the way.”


“Matthew, nice to meet you” He said, still smiling at her.


Looking at him briefly from the corner of her eye, she turned her head in embarrassment “Nice to meet you to.”


Looking back at the argument he saw that it was probably about to get physical, the two women squaring up. Seeing the redhead raise her fist to swing Matt’s eyes widened and he decided he should intervene, “Wait! Stop! Don't fight, please!” He shouted, running up to them. 


Both women stopped in their tracks, turning to him. Putting on the best sad eye’s he could he looked at the redhead, “Please just leave” he said quietly. He was honestly impressed with his performance, he nailed the kicked puppy look.


Teresa's eyes widened briefly before she grimaced, “Whatever” she mumbled as she turned and walked away.


Turning to the wolf lady he grinned slyly, his sad facade melting away instantly “See, that's how you get them to leave and feel like a piece of shit at the same time.” he said.


The faunus stared at him for a second before bursting out in laughter, “You're funny! My name is Devon, sorry you had to deal with that asswipe.” she said, grinning widely at him. Matt idly noticed her canines were longer than average, completing her feral look.


“My name’s Matt” He said, grinning back.


Devon turned to the orange haired girl that had been staring at him with a light blush on her face, “This is Patty, but we just call her Chestnut.”


The girl stiffened awkwardly at the introduction, “He-Hey! My name’s Patty!” She said, before grimacing.


Devon winked at Matt, “Treat her well.” before looking at Amanda “Hey Ami! Come here for a second.” Seeing the girl walk over, the wolf girl turned back to Matt, “Were about to head to a cafe for some brunch, wanna come? We're meeting my boyfriend there.”


Thinking about it for a second Matt decided he might as well, he hasn't eaten yet and he wasn't in any rush to get back to his apartment. He would have said no if she didn't mention her boyfriend, as he was serious about being loyal to Blake, which meant he would not do anything that he didn’t want her doing.




Matt walked up the flight of stairs leading to his apartment, staring at the beautiful late afternoon sky. He had ended up talking with the four of them at the cafe for longer than he anticipated, and had ended up joining a group chat with the three teammates and Devon's boyfriend.


Finally getting to the 5th, and top floor, he stopped in front of his new home, taking out his key and unlocking the door. Looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the night he felt a smile start to spread across his face. However, that smile was quickly wiped from his face when he walked in and heard some loud noises coming from his roommates room. 




Groaning in annoyance he went to his room to get some headphones, grimacing at the loud flesh slapping sounds coming from his roommates room, ‘Jesus, it sounds like she's trying to break his pelvis” he thought in annoyance. When Matt said his roommate had some habits that annoyed him, what he meant by that was the guy was a complete slut. He had a new girl over every other day, sometimes even a couple. 


His name was Sam, and he was a great person! But Matt still wasn't sure if it was worth it to put up with his behavior. This place was one of the cheapest options out there that still looked actually decent, the apartment itself being pretty great. Besides he wasn't willing to get a female roommate as that not only suggests something to people that he didn't want, but Blake would also hate it and he didn't want to do that to her. So his options were pretty limited.


Also Matt didn't like most men in this world, their attitudes usually creeping him out or annoying him, but Sam was actually pretty relatable for Matt. They had similar senses of humor and they both were not very excitable. He was a pretty calm person and he liked being around other calm people most of the time, so he liked Sam's personality.


However the second he was having sex he went wild. ‘I need to confront him about this, I let it slide the first few times but this is too much. If he is at least willing to compromise I'll give this place a shot’ He thought in resignation.

Walking over to his bed he put on some of this worlds music and started writing lyrics for songs he could introduce to this world, he hasn't been uploading any new music but his songs have still continued to gain views, and he thinks they are on the edge of going viral, ‘All I need now is a producer.’



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