Chapter 4: Exploring!
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While the girls kept experimenting, Adam and Sarah stood back and observed what was going on. Adam looked at the fire and ice being chucked around and thought about the games that he played as a child. He did wish he would awaken just like them. Sarah on the other hand, took out a camera and started recording what they were doing.

Amelia wanted to try something different then her ice. She remembered that green was also included in the orb so she thought about the wind element. She again thought about a type of wind blade and added mana. She flicked her hand as the blade was let out and travelled in the air until it hit a boulder, creating a deep cut.

"Impressive" Emily called out.

She didn't want to be beat and used space element, the 2 or her 3 elements. As space is all around them, she thought of teleportation. As they have the internet, the places and areas they wanted to teleport to were accessible by photos. Emily looked around the area and top the mountain in the distance. She smiled and activated the space elements, she turned towards the group.

"Look at the top of the mountain" They were confused and looked over. Emily flashed away and arrived at the peak. However, she remembered to cover herself in a layer of Mana. This was due to the to pressure and oxygen levels being completely different. She looked around and the view was amazing. Being so high, you could just begin to see the curvature of the earth. Yes, the mountain was so high that she could see the curvature of the earth, planes and other flyable machines have to go around it.

Emily next looked towards the group and put her hand up. She activated her fire element and shot out a big fire flare into the sky. The group on the ground were completely dumbfounded as to how Emily got there in such little time. They saw the flare and stood there for a while. Adam looked over to Sarah with the camera.

"So, was that teleportation?" Sarah slowly nodded and asked back "With the colours we found in the ball, does that mean she has 3 elements."

Adam nodded and thought about it. Right now, Amelia showed Ice and Wind. That means that Emily has Fire, space and something else. He couldn't help but think about how many actual elements there were and how many elements a person can actually carry. He put the thoughts to the back of his mind and kept looking towards the peak of the mountain.

Emily wasn't done up here either, she still wanted to do some exploring. After finding a safe route, she started going down hill. Emily also wore rugged train boots so the walk was better on her feet.

5 more minutes of walking the small path started to open and lead to an area flattened out by something. As she walked closer she rounded a large boulder and found a large gate, unopened. She looked around and found carvings of an ancient language which was unreadable.

After failing to understand the carvings, she walked up to it and placed her hand on the large gate. With only the slightest touch, a loud knocking sounded out and the mountain started shaking. Emily nearly fell but stabilised herself. She watched the 2 doors open slowly as she saw a deep and dark passage way leading deeper into the unknown.

Emily didn’t go in but informed the group, she teleported back and asked

“Was it just me who felt that?” She popped her head out and looked at the 3.

A delayed reaction later, Adam looked at her asked “what did you do??”

“I opened a gate, near the peak of the mountain” the group looked at her as Sarah said questionably. “We’ve done a scan of the area and found nothing like that”

‘Maybe only people with mana can see the gate then?’ Emit asked herself. She gestured for Amelia to come by her side and asked. “I’m going to take Amelia with me for a second then I’ll take you 2, I need to confirm something.” She looked back to Amelia and said “cover yourself in a sheet of mana and I’ll teleport you over” Amelia nodded and proceeded to cover herself in a layer of mana.

They arrived at the gate as Amelia looked surprised “it’s like a dungeon from the games.” Emily nodded her head and asked her to stay still. She proceeded to go back and cover both Sarah and Adam in a layer of mana.

They arrived and Emily pointed at the gate. “What do you see?”

Adam was the first to respond. “What do you mean, it’s just a large boulder, we’re is the door?” Emily looked over to Sarah as she described the exact same thing.

“Well, now I know. Only people who have awakened can see the dungeon doors.” The pair looked at her and looked back in surprise when Amelia casually walked though the boulder and met up with them.

“What?” She asked innocently. Emily could only laugh as the 2 tried to explain what was going on. Emily proceeded to teleport them back, they didn’t stay here any longer and wanted to report what they found. The car ride back was filled with constant chatter about what they had found.

Back at the HQ, the girls sat around while Sarah started typing a large document about what they had found.

“Hmm, if there’s a dungeon here, what about other places?” Emily asked out of the blue.

“You mean like other ancient places such as Stone henge or the London Underground dungeons?” Amelia asked.   

“The London Dungeons? I don’t think they would count. But we should have a look if a dungeon spawned there. Stone henge is more likely. If we go by age for dungeons to spawn. The older the better chance.” Emily said while thinking of other notable places to check.

“Well, enough of that. School is still a thing for me on Monday and I have work to do tomorrow so I’ll see you then” Emily smiled and waved off the trio.

She walked out of the underground car park and headed home. The walk didn’t take too long as she opened the door to her flat and flew over to her bed. She landed and sighed. She already had food at the HQ so she got ready for bed and fell asleep instantly after her face hit the pillow .