Chapter 6 – Marielle
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--- --- Week 1 - Day 6 - Sunday, 8th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

Marielle woke up, not because she was rested enough, but because she was hot. The tall form spooning her and holding her tight left no doubts that her mother had managed to displace everyone else. She was pulled against the taller and very warm naked body.

Her front was not much better off, even in the darkness it was obvious just who was hugging her, or rather it was clear whose breasts were pressing against her own much smaller ones compared to that.

As if that was not enough, she felt more bodies hugging her legs. She suspected that the triplets would be the cause. It was something they would do.

Why was her family so clingy and suffocating?

She was all sweaty and sticky and had no way to escape. Wriggling around only caused everyone to tighten their grip. She was tired, hot, and way too distracted by soft parts pressing against her.

She had only one more choice. She undid her nightgown and tried worming herself upwards.

She couldn't believe she was stripping herself voluntarily.

And she thought she had just kicked one of the triplets.

Stil,l the urge to protect herself was strong and she wormed herself out of the firm double embrace after what felt like hours.

Only to see three shadows stare at her.

"Too hot." Marielle whispered.

Avoiding another body, she scurried across the bed and felt relieved to have the normal floor under her. Two of the shadows came and took her hands, the last one snuck to the door and opened it gently. She found herself pulled from the room.

Outside the few lit lamps illuminated the three and revealed the triplets like she suspected.

"Let's go, you can sleep with us tonight, it is really too hot in there." a triplet said.

Naked she had even more trouble distinguishing them, and herself being naked made her feel terribly embarrassed as they pulled her towards their room.

Their room was comfortable, Marielle found herself ushered towards the huge bed, and pushed down as the three wolfgirls shifted the pillows and blankets into their preferred positions.

Being surrounded by them, but not being touched, aside from a random tail brushing her arm, was much cooler than the hot and sweaty captivity.

Exhausted and finally feeling much cooler, Marielle fell asleep.


Mariel woke feeling rested, but also somewhat unsettled for some reason she did not understand, at least until she rolled over onto a tail. That caused a yelp from the tail’s owner, that caused movement behind her and she heard someone fall off the bed, and finally a third someone got entangled in their blanket and fell into her, coincidently pushing her off the tail.

It helped however in realizing what was going on. "Good morning." Marielle gasped out as what she thought to be an elbow hit her ribs, or maybe it was a knee.

It stopped all movement however for several moments. The lump on top of her wriggled, and a head popped out. It was a triplet, to her right another tripled head popped out from below the bed. The final triplet appeared to her left while rubbing her tail.

"Sorry, I had forgotten where I slept." Marielle apologized while trying to ignore the way the triplet on top of her had removed the blankets and had laid down flush on top of her. The skin against skin felt very distracting to her, to her sister it seemed to be just skin-ship.

"""Good Morning!""" The three voices greeted her in perfect synchronisation.

Even naked as she was, she still felt the need to bathe, feeling sticky was disgusting. "I need to take a bath."

"We will join since …" "... we need a bath too." "and I will wash your back."

Two triplets faced the third and jumped her. ""No fair!"" The two attackers complained, and the resulting tussle made Marielle dive out of the way.

Only to find herself unable to leave the room.

It was bad enough walking around half-asleep in the nude at night, it was a totally different story to do so during daytime. She tried looking for a bathrobe or something to cover herself.

Looking around she did not see anything to cover herself, she went for the bathroom.

"""Wait for us!""" Came the outcry from behind.

She had missed her chance for escape.

The door opened, Marielle quickly ducked behind a chair and covered down.


"Noemy!" Mariella was very happy, and looking the wrong way to see the pouty looks on the three girls on the bed.

"I have brought you a change of clothes Mistress." The maid entered and closed the door behind her. "Duchess Grilly, Lady Literis, and Lady Barris are still asleep on your bed. Lady Victoria is probably swinging her sword outside."

Marielle fought down a snort. "She would hate it if you called it swinging a sword … but I don't have a better word either. Maybe call it training?"

"Very well Mistress, however she is swinging her swords?" Noemy questioned.

"They are called a …" "... katana and a tanto …" "... and she is proud of them." The triplets chimed in.

The cowgirl tilted her head confused.

"It is like calling your maid uniform just a dress." Marielle tried to explain. "Or maybe just clothes."

The cowgirl frowned. She was proud of her well-fitted maid uniform; it was a sign that she was allowed to serve and pamper her Mistress. "Oh."

The triplets grinned at the almost shocked face the cowgirl made when the realization struck her. The cowgirl was a perfect example of her race. A little slow on the uptake, but very amusing once she realizes something, and she clearly adhered to the things she learned. Still it was annoying how easily the cowgirl stole their sister’s attention. Three pairs of eyes settled onto the most prominent part of the cowgirl. It had to be the huge breasts the cowgirl had, and the milk she gave their sister from those breasts that had captivated their sister.

At least their sister would always have an emergency food supply with her.

With an annoyed sigh the girls left the comfortable den, or rather bed and went for the bathroom to get a bath. They made sure to grab their embarrassed sister on the way. She was so cute when embarrassed and naked.

The maid followed them to help. Their personal maid was having today off to rest from the overexposure. She was a nice patient girl, which she had to be since the triplets were the opposite. But she needed more vacations and time off than the other maids. Taking care of a triplet when you did not know who is who was a difficult job. She had cared for them at school, on the way back, and was now taking a few days off to rest up while they were very distracted by their sister.


Marielle felt very embarrassed and very tingly. Getting washed by four affectionate pairs of hands would do that to someone, especially when one pair had been gentler than the others, and a bit too focused on her more sensitive spots. The far to large chest accidently pressing against her was clearly her suspiciously over motivated maid.

It was time for breakfast.


Marielle rolls Spot
1d20 + 6 = (16) + 6 = 22
Marielle rolls Sense Motive
1d20 + 5 = (5) + 5 = 10
Marielle's Family rolls Spot
7d20 = (17+13+2+19+8+9+17)
the human sisters can see how focused a certain maid is on Marielle drinking the milk
most of the wolves realize how focused a certain maid is on Marielle drinking the milk
Marielle's wolfish Family rolls Scent
5d20 = (11+8+7+4+6)
A triplet smells the milk's origin
The mother smells the milk's origin


All through breakfast Marielle felt very watched. Her sisters, her mother, and her cowgirl maid were all watching her. Some even took sniffs her way. Her maid got some searching looks too.

"Today we go shopping." The mother declared.

The Duke paled a bit and then shook his head. "I have too much paperwork to do, the invitation for the summer events are arriving." He declared.

That caused several frowns.

"Those stuffy events are so boring and useless." The mother literally whined, though Marielle had to admit the drooping ears and tails on her family looked adorable.

Not that she would tell them that, as things like being called cute and adorable were something most of her family did not appreciate.

"I think we can get out of most of them, or at least you can." The Duke admitted. "We are supposed to host Zaria van Kairan after all, and Marielle is supposed to spend some time with her."

"Ahh, the dead girl." The alpha frowned. "So, she is alive again. I still don't see how she is supposed to watch our sweet little Marielle."

Marielle blushed embarrassed; it was not her fault her birth flaw made her weak.

"Actually, she is now an epic kitsune." The Duke dropped the fireball in the room.

There was a moment of silence before the voices of disbelief started and mayhem erupted.

Father he may be, and his remaining wife could easily overpower him in combat, but he was still the Duke and he cut through the chaos with a firm voice. "Elior confirms it." Everyone focussed on him. "Zaria van Kairan is now an albino kitsune, and an epic shrine maiden of Tamano no Mae. It is probably by her whimsy, that she lives again, became powerful, and has lost her personal memories. She is now driven by emotions."

That was something most of the family could relate to.

"I don't buy it. You don't die and come back epic." The mother frowned, to her it felt like cheating on one hand, and impossible on the other hand. Death meant being dead or a delevel.

"Her power has been confirmed by Elior." The Duke confirmed. "We have sent her over there to ascertain Lady Kairan's suitability. Aside from being very … random and chaotic, she also seems very protective of those she likes."

"So, little sis is …" "... going to have a protective …" "... epic watching her?" The triplets pondered, it was nice, their poor weak sister was going to have someone with power watching over her.

"Depending on if she likes our sweet Marielle, we might get an epic shrine maiden watching her? I have trouble believing it, but Elior is trustworthy."

"I think she is epic in more than one class." Marielle interjected from her findings and deductions, her speaking up caused everyone to focus on her. "I think she is at least level 42. Being an epic shrine maiden means at least level 21 in shrine maiden, then she is a spontaneous caster for arcane spells, that means level 21 in an arcane class, as she did a spell level 10 spell. Even if she took the Mystic Theurge prestige class, she is at least 32."

The family was staring at the unusually outspoken girl.

Marielle started to blush and fidget under the eyes of her family.

"That is my girl, smart and cute!" The mother broke the atmosphere.

A certain samurai felt the reason of her existence in danger, why would she be needed if her sister had an epic protector, though as the Lady Kairan would not always be present, that might be her chance.

"All that aside, everyone! Get dressed for the city, you girls all grew some, some more though, and need new clothes." There was a lack of motivation and some jealous looks towards Literis' chest. "Might be a good chance to get Marielle some cuter summer clothing, maybe a few sexy things too."

Marielle felt very afraid suddenly. She could feel the eyes of her family underdressing her and then imagining her as a dress up doll.

Wait, had her mother said 'sexy things'?


Marielle wanted to run, unfortunately most of her family was faster than her. They were going shopping, that was something she could appreciate, she loved browsing for books from time to time. However, this was a trip for clothes, for full outfits.
So she was in a loose and easy to remove summer dress, the triplets wore identical shorter skirts with fitting tops, Literis wore a tighter dress to support her oversized chest, Victoria a frilly loose dress more focused on mobility that she looked very uncomfortable with, Barris was fidgeting as was wearing a rather nice tight dress, with a good view at her cleavage, and finally Grilly was wearing a loose dress that still showed the mature and firm body off.

Marielle felt like a stranger with her thin small frame.

"The carriage should be ready girls." The alpha took command. "Everyone gets in."

It was a normal 6 seat carriage. The triplets were squeezed together in two seats. Barris was sitting next to them. The human sisters were opposite the triplets with Grilly opposite Barris. Marielle wondered where she was supposed to sit. At least until Grilly patted her lap.

That caused various others to straighten out their dresses and offer them as a seat.

Everyone seemed eager to welcome her, but to Marielle it was a feeling of doom. No matter whose lap she sat on, the others were going to be jealous. There was only one way to make everyone equally jealous yet to seem fair.

Marielle sat on her mother's lap. The arm around her back was expected and holding her steady, the hand under her dress on her thigh had to be stopped from wandering higher however. So, she took the offending hand and laced her fingers with her mothers. The affectionate squeeze she got clearly showed the success of her distraction, now if there were such an easy way to stop the arm around her from sliding lower and lower the longer their journey lasted.

The things she had to put up with. All that getting sniffed and nuzzled really made her very self-conscious. She really wished that her mother kept the skin-ship lower, like not rub her butt as she was doing now.

"I want a frilly dress for Marielle." Victoria mentioned, nodding to herself. "Something that accents her sweetness and shows the type of Lady she is."

"I think something with a lot of cleavage." Literis mumbled.

Marielle wanted to ask what cleavage, but decided wisely to avoid the topic, or she would get complimented, or everyone would want to check.

Her breasts were not big, but she thought that her handful suited her frame, and she did not believe that rubbing them would make them grow. Never mind that it was embarrassing and then everyone would want to massage her. If for some reason it actually worked, she did not want to end up with a bigger chest then Literis! That would be just far too embarrassing.

She shifted a little on the lap she was on, sitting on her dress properly, and trapping the hand that had been trying to pull the dress up under her butt. The groping fingers were annoying, but it was better than allowing her dress to be pulled up and opening the way for more direct touching.

"""Nice short pants!""" The triplets chorused. """With a small top, so she gets a bit of a tan."""

Marielle blanked the following discussion out, the old topic of tan and tan lines versus pale skin was an old one. She had heard all the arguments before, and was too busy keeping the hand from being able to touch dangerous territory. Listening to the arguing was just a good way to get distracted and to forget to move at the right time. Finally, no way she was going to test full body tan. Being outside naked was far too embarrassing!

The sniffing going her way made her blush, dripping was the one flaw she had clearly not thought through. Especially in a family that had good noses. The rest of her flaws seemed to work out however.

"Get both then." The groping never stopped, but the proclamation caused Marielle to focus back on the discussion.

Barris seemed to be contemplating the answer. Victoria and Literis were nodding. However, the triplets seemed to be unhappy. "A short top …" "... would clearly show off …" "... her chest much better ..." "... and the short pants …" "... would show off …" "... her legs better."

That caused several nods.

"Get all three then." The Alpha indulged her family.

Her captive however felt anything but assured. Only one of the three proposed outfits were sufficiently covering her. The other two clearly were not safe options, and when had the discussion shifted from tanning or not to showing off? Marielle decided that next time she was going to listen no matter how embarrassing the topic was.

The look she gave her mother was one begging for help, but only resulted in getting her cheek licked.

Marielle decided then and there that she was doomed.


The family was happy to get off the coach, Marielle was clearly the happiest. That place was meant for lovers only, she had successfully defended herself, but the way her mother licked her lips only said one thing: "Challenge Accepted!"

Now she was here before their tailor shop, the tailor-made tasteful clothes, even though she was very skittish. It was probably a squirrel thing like her size and the need for a stepping stool to reach higher up, or a ladder in case of Marielle's mother.

It was a nice looking and warm shop. To Marielle the warm brown wooden doors felt like the gates to hell, one of the hellish realms them anyway. She did not need new clothes, definitely normal clothes, what was wrong with a light summer dress.

Her mental wariness aside she found herself dragged into the building.

"Welcome to Seamstress' Glade, oh the family back from school?" A slightly squeaky voice welcomed them, it was Nuuttilli the squirrel, the seamstress that actually made things her family liked. The clothing was not too gaudy, the fabric was strong, and the colours were something you could actually look at without the need of a shadow spell.

"Pants and small tops …" "... for us and our …" "... little sister here!" The triplets chorused and dragged Marielle to the front.


Nuuttilli rolls Craft (Sewing)
1d20 + 26 = (13) + 26 = 39
Nuuttilli rolls Sense Motive
1d20 + 23 = (5) + 23 = 28
Nuuttilli rolls Diplomacy
1d20 + 13 = (12) + 13 = 25


The squirrelgirl gave the fidgeting Marielle a look of pity. As loyal return customers she knew the family, she also knew that Marielle would be deeply embarrassed for wearing those short pants and the small belly free top that exposed her shoulders and the top of her bust.

Still as loyal customers, and probably since they were a bit wild and often needed new clothes, the triplets were good customers. "Let me look at you three, I expected it, so I made several tops and pants in preparation." pulling out a tape measure she approached the closest twin and checked the waist, next one got her hips measured, last one had to deal with the bust being the target.
Poor Marielle however had everything examined, noted down, and compared to previous results.
"The triplets have grown overall. The hips and waist, as well as the chest are a bit womanlier now. Marielle changed very little in the last three months."

Marielle wondered if the tailor was a rogue because that was a stab right to the heart.

"One moment, I will be right back." The tailor disappeared in the back, only to return with two large packages and two sets on top. "The forest green and deep red tops, and pants in rich brown and dark grey. The ones on top are for Marielle." The squirrel delivered her packages and shooed the four towards the two large dressing rooms. As the youngest ones were sent off she was already homing in on the remaining targets. The goal being everyone going home with at least one set of clothing. Nuuttilli was just a squirrel, but she knew her trade and enjoyed her selective clients. They cared more for good looking and wearable then top of the gaudy fashion. Who needed a quadruple layer skirt with fully embroidered ruffles anyway?

It just didn't make sense. It was heavy, impossible to put on and set properly on your own, and it was hot. Or gold and silver cloth with jewels, heavy, hard, and inflexible. It was everything clothing should not be.

"Who is next?" She asked the remaining group. It was nice to have sensible customers that wanted elegant and rich but still sensible.

"We all need dresses for the season, nothing too overdone but comfortable." Three sets should be enough if we accessorize properly. A new dress each ball or meeting seemed like a huge waste. Grilly thought even this a bit much, but fashion was weird and not supposed to make sense.
Her children weren't much better. The triplets wouldn't care if they were naked in private, Marielle was cute but shy, Literis just had to be cow blooded or blessed by Milka-sama, Victoria would wear whatever her Lady ordered but liked pants over dresses, and finally Barris was happier in armour and a short skirt than anything else.

So, the battle for the cute and elegant started. As alpha you had to know the enemy’s weaknesses, and those were Marielle.

"Aside from the ball and party dresses we need elegant but cute dresses. Maybe some frills and in a style that matches Marielle's dress. Then something shoulders free and a bit more erotic, for Marielle as exposing as we can convince her to. Summer dresses loose and fitting. Finally, swimsuits for everyone, Marielle a small bikini and a nice accenting one piece."
Marielle would probably give her that embarrassed pleading look, she would allow her to wear something less frilly or revealing then she had tried on first, but more than she would have agreed to otherwise. The others would fall in line.
Marielle was their adorable little sister or daughter after all.

"How much time do we have?" The squirrel asked worried. It was a huge order, with the elegance and materials required and the work hours she was looking at a few hundred gold pieces probably. That meant a lot of work hours too.

"Hubby said nothing about any urgent ones, I think." Grilly gave the others a questioning look, but they just shook their heads. "I guess a week at least for any events."


Marielle meanwhile found herself dragged into the dressing room with her sisters, who after stripping took it upon themselves to strip her. Marielle felt deeply embarrassed. She saw her burning red face in the mirror. The pants were smaller and shorter than most of the underwear she usually picked, her pale legs were on full display, the underwear bottom was barely covering and had additional ties that went up on the hips and simply sat there without any real purpose. They only attracted attention. The top was tight enough that it outlined her breasts and thin enough to show off the contours of her nipples. Finally, the top only had thin straps up top, showed a lot of cleavage and it hung a bit off her breasts before ending in thin ribbons that drew attention to the almost completely exposed belly and the fact it was only skin tight at the chest. As she tried to cower in a corner covering herself with her hands the triplets after dressing walked over and she got to see up the top and peeked at the underside of their breasts.

As if getting dressed by three naked wolfgirls wasn't enough, now she felt very exposed. The outfit was meant to draw attention. Something that the triplets did not care about at all, she however did very much.

"""Matching outfit!""" The triplets explained, then fussed over some minor details; then, however came the message of doom that made the wizard once more wish for teleportation. """Let's show the others!"""

Resistance was futile as she found herself dragged from the dressing room.


Grilly wolf whistled, something that came naturally to her race. Marielle looked great. The tight pants looked fun to push a finger under, the top outlined breasts and nipples and was meant to be looked under or pulled up, and finally those two ties from the underwear just begged to be pulled.

The rich red top matched the deep brown pants really well. "This looks good on all four of you." The other three daughters agreed, the two humans blushing, and her oldest wolf agreeing and probably wondering how to prevent a kidnapping.

The squirrel nodded in agreement. "I think brown is more their colour then the dark grey will be." She frowned thoughtfully. "I got light grey pants too, but might be more Literis colours, she uses lighter colours." The girl in question luckily did not overhear that as she was fawning over Marielle and touching the bare belly. Baris was looking up the top while Victoria was checking the pants and legs, it really was difficult to slip a hand inside.

Marielle was squeaking at ticklish spots being touched, and slapping far too eager hands away, or trying to, her -2 strength and base attack +0 were making things more difficult though.

Help came from an unexpected side. """Next one!""" The triplets kidnapped her for a change of colours. They had green tops and dark grey pants to try on.

"Alright girls, you get yourselves measured." The alpha ordered, it was time to dress up her lovely daughters, even if Marielle was too adorable and made cute noises and expressions when being fawned over or touched, the others had to get dressed up as well.

"As you wish my Lady." The seamstress responded cheerfully. She grabbed Literis and dragged her to the measuring room. Several embarrassing moments later the pair returned in time to have the triplets and Marielle return in the forest green and dark grey combination.

"Deep red and dark brown looked better." Nuuttilli proclaimed.

The others agreed, it looked good, but it simply did not have the impact the set before had.

"As for Lady Literis, she grew a little taller, the waist and hips are womanlier, as is the butt. The chest has been very blessed by Milka."

The human cleric blushed when everyone focussed on her breasts. It was not her fault that her breasts were growing and kept on growing. She was not even a cleric of Milka, she was perfectly happy with Elonia. The girl decided to go with it, so what if her body was a bit more developed, that just meant Marielle could rest against soft pillows. It was time to pass the torch to the next victim. "Victoria grew taller and her muscles improved too."

That made everyone focus on the samurai, who clearly did not appreciate the attention on her form. "I grew less than Literis has, and Barris clearly is stronger than before. I think her chest grew as well."

The barbarian wolfgirl weathered the attention and deflected calmly the attention. "I was here with mother over a month ago, so now you are the ones that need a wardrobe."

Nuuttilli simply nodded and kidnapped Victoria for an in-depth examination. She returned soon with her verdict. "Grew a bit more in height, the form is bit womanlier, the muscles are definitely firmer, and finally the breasts and butt are a bit larger than five months ago."

The samurai simply blushed at her evaluation.

Marielle had finally changed back into her loose summer dress. Much to the triplet’s disappointment who had changed into the deep red tops and dark brown short pants.

Grilly looked over her family, it was time for family fun. "Let's start with the frilly dresses." Her family being what they were like, the only ones who enjoyed frilly and embroidered clothes were Marielle and Literis, the triples did not mind it as long as it was cute or matching Marielle and the others in the family. Barris and Victoria would only wear shorter skirts or pants if they could get away with it.

The squirrel was eager. "Lighter colours are for Literis, Victoria, and Barris. Gentle colours for the triplets, and something a bit darker for Marielle, for a good contrast to the pale skin." The seamstress looked at the Lady Aschen for approval.

Grilly looked over her girls trying to picture the results. "I think I will join the gentle colours this time. Otherwise let's go ahead and have them try it out."

The girls felt doomed. Every one of them had something they did not like. Only Marielle had a lot more choices she was against.


While the squirrel had run off to fetch unfinished dresses for fitting, Literis was checking out the robes, a lot of the simpler robes were easy to convert into cleric robes, while during adventuring it was time or armour anyway. Victoria was looking through the pants and shirts, something that looked easy to move in but elegant. Barris was exploring the shorter skirted section, the tail made pants a bit difficult after all. The triplets were exploring and checking out everything but the really elegant ballroom dresses and the male section. Marielle was hiding behind a rack of summer dresses. Grilly was actually the only one in the high-end ballroom and elegant section.

As much as she did not want to, having married a noble meant that she was a noble and that meant that she had to do all sorts of noble things she did not want to, that required well-made elegant dresses that were fashionable. She really preferred armour and a short skirt or nice long pants.

All too soon the seamstress returned with two assistants following, all of them carrying dresses.

"Who goes first?" She asked.

Marielle kept on hiding, the triplets shared looks and scattered, Literis pretended not to hear and inspected a robe, Victoria and Barris were having a staring match. Grilly was busy examining the current fashion, well at least the watered down to a more sensible level fashion trend.

For a tailor on a mission that just meant that she got to pick her target. Victoria finally caught her attention, with a preference for pants and having grown in all the right places she was a perfect test subject.

Barris and Victoria stopped their staring match when a small thin hand grabbed the human by the wrist, and then tried to pull her to the fitting room without much success. "Lady Victoria, it is time for your fitting."

Barris smirked and gave Victoria a 'helpful' push. "There, have fun, please make sure to show it to us before you say no to it."

"Naturally, we will show Lady Victoria off all dressed up, then we can start on everyone else."

Victoria entered the room, and found mannequins in different sizes and different dresses on them. All of them ballroom dresses with wide flared skirts, frills and lace, and just a hint of cleavage.

It was as opposed as could be to her favoured pants and leather armour as could be.

She could literally feel the elegance scream at her.

She went into a trance trying not to think about it.

It was only later that she returned from her mind blank.

She was in a white dress that contrasted her tanned skin and black hair.

While the woman in the mirror looked great, Victoria felt that she was staring at a totally different person, someone had done hair in a loose braid. It was her in the mirror, but it was also not her at all. She also realized that she was not wearing the underwear she had before.

It was an oversight on her part, to have lost awareness of her surroundings like that, it was not fit for a samurai.

"This isn't me." she mumbled.

"No this is very much you Lady Victoria. Now let's show it to the others." Nuuttilli gently herded the girl outside.

"""Wow!""" "Victoria?" "Pretty!" "I have never seen my sister so dolled up." "That fits better than I expected, I think we can keep changes to minor fitting."

The crowd approved, Victoria just wanted to run and get changed.

"Barris, you are next."


The eager seamstress grabbed the stunned barbarian who was sending her alpha pleading looks.

In the fitting room she found herself facing a bright red dress, it was meant to contrast her brunette hair. And probably matched her tanned skin too. It was with great reluctance that she started stripping and let herself get helped into the dress. She appreciated the space for her tail though. Clothes were an issue for any race with additional appendages or special shapes.
Wings required a free back, tails made underwear troublesome as they required at least a tailhole, and threading the tail through a hole was just not practical on a daily basis.

Barris stared at the new her in the mirror. She was no stranger to dressing up. Much like her sisters, but like Victoria dresses were not her thing.

But even she could admit that she looked good in the bright red dress. The red suited her tanned skin and brunette hair since it was not a light red. She wondered idly if it was crimson or something close to it.

She could admit she looked good in it. But a chainshirt and mini skirt were still much more appreciated. This dress would probably rip with any quick movements and would never survive a battle or outdoor activities.

Still, she would exit the fitting room, and unlike Victoria show off properly.

The dress found approval. The chest had more exposure than Victoria's, but that was fine as wolves had less modesty.

Nuuttilli decided that leaving Marielle to distract the triplets was probably a good idea. So Literis was the best choice to go next.

The cleric found herself in the dressing room, facing a light blue dress.

She changed and let the squirrel adjust the dress for her bigger than expected bust.

The light blue dress really suited her she realized, but it showed off too much chest, that was reserved for Marielle. "Too much cleavage." She complained.

Nuuttilli stared into the abyss, and agreed, any man would probably focus on nothing else. "How about shoulder free, your bust and waist should be more than enough to hold it up if we strengthen the dress here and there."

Literis simply nodded.


Nuuttilli rolls Craft (Sewing)
1d20 + 26 = (3) + 26 = 29


It did not take long to make a makeshift that they were both happy with.

"This time a change, this dress will need a lot more work, but I think it will look great on Lady Literis." Nuuttilli presented her improved dress.

Literis had black hair like her sisters, a light blue cloth flower in the hair with light blue ribbons, the shoulders were bare, the chest was covered and the front part ran artfully to a choker around the neck to help hold it up. It was not as flared as the other two, but enough to distract at least a little from the cowgirl sized chest.

Grilly approved, all those weak men staring at her little, well maybe not so little, Literis were an annoyance. They had gotten so many marriage proposals, most from men far older than her, and more than a few had been insulting enough to ask for Literis to be the second wife or a concubine. It was annoying, it was completely useless too. She could smell how all over Marielle her two human daughters were. And not the same way her canine daughters were. It was the same way she was, she loved her husband, but there was something about Marielle that made her want to lick the girl all over and teach her all the pleasures she could.
At least she managed to keep it down to groping.

"Triplets, fetch Lady Marielle, I will need help with dressing you three and her. So I want to do you three in one go." The squirrel baited the triplets, getting one of them would mean a fight over who the dress up doll was going to be, getting Lady Marielle would mean having everyone else hover at the curtain to the dressing room.

With an embarrassed squeak the human victim found herself dragged into the fitting room.

Three of the mannequins were simply covered in rich green dresses that were each slightly different, more or less flare at the dress, shorter or longer dress, more or less cleavage, and finally more or less frilly.

For Marielle it was a pure white dress, one that showed more cleavage then she liked, seemed to have a high slit at the side, and accented her still maturing body.

The triplets clearly approved.

Marielle found herself stripped, under a lot of protest, the triplets joining voluntarily.

The human girl was all too soon dressed completely, including some accessories the squirrel had kept squirreled away. She was in a tighter than normal dress, also there were no frills anywhere. Each step made the slit on the left open and showed some pale leg and the stockings held up with the garter belt. The arms were covered by white gloves, the shoulders were bare, and a choker held up the front while the back was bare.

Marielle was especially unhappy with the gem shaped cut in the dress that exposed a little cleavage and the second cut-out that exposed her navel.

The contrast with her family made her stand out a lot.

But everyone approved. The triplets, took a shorter skirt, moderate cleavage, moderate frills, and moderate dress flare.


Victoria had insisted on pants, and she got them, just not the type she had expected.

Grilly was laughing. Everyone was now clad in hot pants and a tiny top like the Triplets and Marielle had been.

"Literis! Cover yourself! I can see most of your breasts from below!" Marielle complained loudly, trying to get her busty sister to cover up more. The top looked simply scandalous on her.

The currently braless cleric bounced her chest. Causing her far too tiny top to rise a little and display some underboob. The top was a bit tiny on her gifted chest. However, seeing her sister all flustered and blushing made it all worth it.

"I have all the measurements to fit the dresses properly. Next are the evening party dresses, I think for Lady Marielle a nice black gothic Lolita style dress with some white frills."

That statement caused her family to imagine it, and nod in approval.

"For everyone else, I think that dresses in the style of Lady Marielle's current one for Lady Literis and Lady Victoria, normal dresses for Lady Barris and the Triplets. They are easier to keep the tails in and not showing anything untoward." There were some mumbles about human sensibilities. "I have some rather unfinished products. They were prepared on best guess, but since they are meant to be more skin tight and for showing off, I couldn't finish them naturally. The Ballroom dresses are stiffer so cutting away or hiding extra material is easy. However, the bikinis should be done quickly!"

The colour scheme was mostly the same. However, Marielle felt positively different from the rest of her family. She did not want to stand out, in a tiny corner of her mind she admitted the slim dress looked good on her, and it was elegant enough to work in a ballroom, however it was too attention grabbing! The goth dress looked very nice too. Honestly out of all three outfits she liked it the most. Even if it was an attention grabber.

The unfinished evening dresses were needing a lot more work, but they already showed their future beauty and elegance.

She could find a liking for the goth style.

"Little sister looks so special." Literis exclaimed fascinated by the layers of black and white frills. The mostly black dress with a few white accents here and there looked really good on her sister.

The triplets were trying to pull on the frills with the panicked seamstress trying to stop them.

"While eye catching, it is covering enough to not attract every annoying fly to her." Barris admitted.

Victoria agreed with that assessment. "The frills make the outfit seem more eye catching while helping hide her from unwanted attention."

Grilly simply nodded in approval, after all the fun parts were coming.


"No, I am not coming out!"

Marielle was in a dressing room, and was not going to show the bikini off. No, she was instantly pulling it off.

"Enough of that." Grilly entered, causing the currently naked Marielle to squeak and cover herself.

"It's too tiny!" The girl complained.

"Let us see first, then if it really is then we can look for a replacement." The alpha ordered.
Grilly licked her lips, it was the perfect chance to touch Marielle in all the special spots while helping adjust and fit the tiny pieces of fabric.
The alpha went to dress and molest her little one.

A lot of embarrassed and despairing noises later a teary Marielle found herself facing her sisters in a tiny string bikini that just hid the tips of the nipples and basically the place her clit would be, the skimpy thing had even slipped between her lower lips.

"I like it, but it is too small for beach use." Literis said. "Let’s get it for Marielle to wear at home."

Everyone else made agreeing to denying noises. But the tears also caused a lot of glares and looks of disapproval towards their mother.

"Good I just finished this one piece, if it fits, I will do the seams properly." Nuuttilli arrived with a nice white one piece, with a matching pareo and frills at the hips and chest. While it was what her main customer wanted, she knew what the poor girl would prefer.

Once the mortified Marielle had fled, and had gotten convinced to change into the new selection, everyone admitted that it really suited her well.


Marielle had sat on the triplets, or maybe it was with the triplets on the way back. Grilly had growled but Marielle had turned her face away from the annoyed alpha and leant into the triplets, who took it as a reason to cuddle her.

Grilly had admitted to herself that she had maybe crossed the line a little.
But she was the alpha, what she wanted happened.

But Marielle was the little baby, weaker, less wise about the world, and she was human.

The alpha decided to allow her human daughter to sit on the worried triplets. The looks the other daughters were giving her were very telling as well.


Finally, home Marielle decided to skip lunch and rest some in her room.

Feeding Noire some grapes was relaxing and counted towards familiar bonding time.

She really appreciated it when Noemy brought sandwiches.

Convincing her cowgirl to eat with her once again resulted in failure.

The peace and quiet allowed her to read letters from acquaintances and respond to them.


At the lunch table the empty seat and the glares at Grilly clued the Duke in that his wild wife had done something stupid again.
He focused on Victoria and questioned his oldest human daughter directly. "So, what happened this time."

Victoria hesitated for a moment to word things so that they did not sound like a direct attack. "Marielle was forced into a far to small bikini that hid practically nothing, and then had to show herself off."

The Duke mentally expanded on that response. His grabby and zero privacy wife had basically forced his shyest daughter into being naked in front of everyone else, probably groping the poor girl too. Now he had to make a firm decision. "Everyone gives her some space, Literis, you will check on Marielle later. Don't ask, just sit and wait and be there if she needs anything."

The frowns showed how unhappy they were, Literis aside, but the Head of House had spoken.

Grilly was the Alpha. The Duke was the voice of reason and judge as the Head of House Aschen.

Lunch was a silent affair this time.


Marielle was done, the short regular letters platitude and social niceties were done.

Now she had another one to write. Or rather to correct. The accidental letter to her epic counterpart.

She had no idea how to start.

A wishful look at her books only reminded her that she still had three more books to read. That caused her to blush and peer at her cowgirl.

The object of suspicion was looking through the wardrobe and shifting warmer clothes to the back. Totally unaware of the confusion she was causing in her Mistress.

Marielle decided she needed to relax. She pulled the book on the black cat closer. It sounded far-fetched and chaotic. Probably the best thing to take her mind off things.

The introduction was a warning and an appeal at once. As the author was a bard, she expected at least a little embellishment.

However not many made their tales realistic, some wrote well, some made stories so heroic only a child would believe them, others told the gruesome truth.
She wondered what this one was like.

She started reading. The book was written from the author's perspective, and started with a white cat stealing a sausage from the author's plate in a tavern.
Following the cat led to arriving at a full table with a black catwoman.
"The more the merrier." Marielle read out loud the invitation from the black cat.
She disagreed. The full family at once was too much, then a table full of strangers where she had no idea what to expect? That sounded exhausting. It also nagged at her memory. She had read that quote somewhere before.

At least the bard got invited to food and drink, and got to see the black haired catwoman make out with the guy left of her and the woman to her right.

Marielle slammed the book shut, what was that? It had started rather normal and now they were making out at the table?

"Are you alright Mistress?"

Marielle felt her face burn, she had overreacted. Now she had to calm her maid and probably she should never read that book while Noemy was present.
"Sorry the change of direction startled me."

"More tea?"

That reminded Marielle of another issue. "Yes please, I will be right back." Having a personal bathroom meant that she could go without having to wait. Though the maid following in was too much, she was old enough to wipe herself.

She tried to stand firm, but her seemingly heartbroken cowgirl made that difficult. And Noemy did not deserve the annoyance at her family.

It was only when getting wiped more than needed that she remembered the issue with her cowgirl. She could hope, but she suspected that it would only confirm her suspicions.

Now she had two things to take her mind off.

Days like this were why she was looking forward to school.

She reopened the book and continued on. That cat sat on every lap at the table, made out with half of them, teased everyone within a two-table radius, and got drunk.

Marielle suspected that the heroine of the tale had been drunk before that already. The bard had to pay for the drunk table.

So much for being invited.

A knock on the door pulled her attention away from the book. She pondered how to react for a few moments before she called out "Who is it?"

"Literis." The blessed sister waited for a response.

Marielle sighed. Her cleric sister wanted to come in. "Come in."

Literis had changed into a comfortable dress, but it still showed a lot of cleavage. She simply walked over and gave her sister an affectionate hug.

Marielle hesitated for a moment then returned it. The sisters remained like that for several moments.

"I needed that." Marielle admitted with a blush. "Are you sure you are not a priestess of Milka?"

"Marielle!" The not cowgirl complained. "Really! Not my fault they simply grow and Don't. Stop. Growing!"

"So, you say."

"Everyone always stares."

"They are not easy to overlook."

"Noemy is bigger!"


"Naturally she is. Noemy is a real cowgirl after all."

Literis was the closest in terms of family to Marielle in both age and race. She was also the only one Marielle could talk to relaxed. The shape however, Marielle had no idea how that had happened.

"Father has told mother off, and told me to watch over you." Literis admitted.

"I have calmed down some, but why does mother have to. be so …"


"Weird when a name becomes an adjective. But it fits." Marielle sounded frustrated. "If it weren't for her to try to …" the girl blushed " that. Then she would simply be like the other wolves in the family."

Literis patted Marielle's hand in sympathy. Having a physically affectionate alpha after you was a situation that had no easy solution. "Two more months." The busty cleric tried to placate her sister.

"Even with all the politics involved, I want to experience something special, something different."


"Yes please. Now sit. And tell your little sister about school, did you meet anyone you like?"

"Marielle!" Literis complained, then she giggled. This was something only the two of them did. The others were simply not interested in gossip and small talk.

"And no, all the boys stare at, is my chest, and the girls are mostly jealous of the male attention. I met a few cowgirls though, they are friendly, but I think they want to adopt me as an honorary cowgirl."

Marielle wondered if Literis was actually playing her.

"I mean it."

"Milka is the deity of large breasts. And does not judge based on race." Noemy informed the two sisters. "My kind likes to herd, and your character fits a lot of us, Lady Literis."

"And I told you to call me Literis."

"Good luck with that, I have been trying to get Noemy to call me Marielle instead of Mistress, my Lady, or Lady Marielle."

The sisters tried to glare at the breasts. It looked oddly like a cute pout and made the cowgirl blush down to the chest.

Then Marielle giggled, causing Literis to giggle as well.

Noemy smiled and served fresh tea. It was good her Lady had the sensible sister back.


After chatting through the afternoon, it was time for dinner. Marielle declined however, wanting more peace and quiet. Literis saw it as a chance to give a slightly biased report.

In the hall Literis felt unnerved at all the questioning and demanding looks. The irony how often Marielle felt like that did not come to her mind.

"She was too overwhelmed." Literis opened. "She needs friends her age. She's really looking forward to school, despite all the downsides I told her."

Grilly whimpered.

"She hopes for someone to simply treat her as a friend and simply as Marielle." Literis frowned and accidently pushed her chest out when she waved her hand around. "We all love her, but we are family. I guess she needs real friends, and not just letter acquaintances."

"Why would she be lonely?"

"Someone her age she can talk freely to?" Literis had to fight the wolves and their pack mentality and the others who actually got to visit garden and tea parties. "When was the last time Marielle was at a friend’s house?"

"Never!" Was the chorused response.

"How often has she left the estate in the last six months?"


"And one of those was today."

It took most of the family moments to recognize the issues.

Literis smiled sadly. "It is easy to forget she doesn't have 1 or 2 hp anymore." Even for her it was hard to remember.

"""Take her out more? And go on an adventure or such?"""

"It is still risky, since she is only level 1, but it could really help her, and she would see a little of the world." Grilly admitted remembering her adventuring days with fondness.

"There is that summer house near the mountains that we have, only a few days away." The Duke reminded his family. "Would show her forests, hills, the nearby lake, and maybe go up a mountain a bit."

"Between us we should be able to take on most of the things we encounter." Victoria agreed.

Barris nodded. "And it would introduce her to a more natural environment in a safe way."

That got several nods from around the table.

If Marielle could read the thoughts, she would probably lock herself up in her room and decline getting out. Getting attacked to get protected, taking a nap from exhaustion sleeping on pillows, chasing animals, getting invited for some skinny-dipping, and learning how to fight.


Marielle felt sated, dinner had been good, but too much meat, as depressing as it was, having her family back meant the cook stopped experimenting. And it meant a large increase in meat. "Noemy, remind the cook to make more salads for me."

"Salad~" Noemy seemed to get lost in thoughts of delicious salads.

It was amusing. The tail was visibly swishing, and the ears were twitching. A happy cowgirl was amusing to watch, and the humming was nice too.

Marielle took a deep breath. She had to do it. She would do it.

That damn book was waiting and the insecurity was eating at her.

She would read the entry on cowgirls tonight. 'Females of the People and their Female Pleasures' was a perfected book, with a female of a race per chapter, and explaining what the lesbian affinities and the pleasure spots were.

The chapter title for cowgirls was 'How to keep your Moo happy', Marielle remembered. She was about to read it more to find out if her Moo … if her maid wanted to make her happy, in a pleasurable way.

"Mistress, are you alright?"

Marielle felt her face burn, and in front of her were the two melons of her worried moo. She took a deep breath.

Then the cowgirl placed her forehead against her Mistress's to check for temperature.

The noise Marielle made as skin touched skin and the huge chest pressed against her so much smaller one would at best be called indescribable.

"Your face is hot. Mistress, I shall prepare the bath, please rest early tonight."

Marielle was having trouble concentrating, the sweet smell coming from Noemy reminded her of the milk she drank every morning.

"I am fine Noemy … but I want to read tonight, so going to bed early sounds good."

It was a good way to spend the evening, she had been putting it off long enough.

Noire ruffled her feathers, curious about the weird emotions coming from her Mistress.

The bath was pleasant, and yet again embarrassing, she was old enough to wash herself! And specially to wash the sensitive spots herself. It had left her feeling all tingly.

Finally, alone Marielle took a few moments to focus. She was going to read the damn chapter.

She did not need to know that a lot of cowgirls had the 'Sensitive Nipples' and 'Sensitive Breasts' flaws. Though it might explain Noemy pressing her chest against her so much.

Watching the ears and tail, was a good way to measure the mood, as well as body posture. A needy cowgirl tended to stick her chest out towards her intended lover.

Marielle tried to remember how much that was happening.


Marielle rolls Int
1d20 + 5 = (12) + 5 = 17
Marielle remembers a lot


A normal day started with getting woken and finding the breasts almost in her face. Then while getting washed she had them in full view usually, or pressed against her, actually only when her back was being washed, they were out of view or touch.

Then when being dressed ... then while being served breakfast ... then when going through any plans for the day they were hovering next to her ... then whenever the breasts were … Noemy was opening the door ... then when she was being fretted over during the day …

Marielle wondered if counting time when the breasts were not in touching range or view was easier, that was probably only at night and during maid duties.

The girl pulled the blanket over her head and started rolling all over the bed deeply embarrassed.

After she calmed a little, she continued reading.

Cowgirls liked it when you brush their hair, you don't brush the ears, you can brush them … down there, and brush the tail gently. Make sure to massage and drain their breasts daily, better twice a day.

Marielle hid under the blanket again.

Doing that to Noemy? Impossible, she would die of shame.

It took longer for the confused girl to resurface.

Cowgirls did not mind being licked down there or licking down there, but as a race, they were more focused on breasts, but for their lover, they didn't mind spending hours using their tongue.

This time Marielle squeaked into her pillow.

She was almost convinced.

Her mother aside, the other wolfgirls were very affectionate too, but it was clear that those licks were family affectionate. She just wondered if the cowgirl equivalent involved breasts too.

The girl closed the book and put it on the nightstand under her book on spell use. She was deeply embarrassed, and she could feel herself soaking the bed. She was horny. Why was the first thing that came to mind her maid?

Hiding under the blanket she gave in to her needs.

Too much exposure and that needed to be worked off.

That night Marielle dreamt of Noemy feeding her directly.

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The clothes scene was hell to write … the rest wrote itself.

Discord chaos:
Lazy Writer: I just realized I called Noemy "emergency food supply"
Jessy: it fits
Lazy Writer: it does, sorta, but the implication is a bit weird
Jessy: technically to create the milk she would need to eat enough food for it, so it wouldn't save much food.
SoulLessCamper (xxmas): grass should do, no?
Jessy: ahh, she is a cow
Lazy Writer: not very efficient but would help extend their survival
SoulLessCamper (xxmas): do cowgirls have more than 1 stomach?
Jessy: would provide an embarrassed Marielle for the story too
Lazy Writer: Marielle will have a mind blank in the morning after having fantasized to her moo
Jessy: Embarrassed Marielle is adorable

Poll: The Family is Planning an Outing for Marielle … A: type of Outing (1 Vote); B: interruptions (2 Votes)
A-1: Trip to the hunting lodge
A-2: We have swimsuits, a trip to their private lake.
A-3: Just a simple picnic in the hills.
A-4: Actually, they let her visit one of the friends she writes to, and has only seen twice in her life.
B-1: Attempted kidnapping.
B-2: Assassination attempt. Someone else was the target. (Literis declined the wrong person)
B-3: Someone hired high help to wipe out the family.
B-4: Aphrodisiac found its way into the food, random recipient.
B-5: Actually, spending the day with her family is bad enough, hours in the carriage then a day without the safety of her own room.
B-6: Weak monsters attack.
B-7: A strong monster attacks, it's a family Raid!

The Family is Planning an Outing for Marielle … A: type (1 Vote); B: interruptions (2 Votes)
  • A-1: Trip to the hunting lodge Votes: 28 16.6%
  • A-2: We have swimsuits, a trip to their private lake. Votes: 61 36.1%
  • A-3: Just a simple picnic in the hills. Votes: 22 13.0%
  • A-4: Actually, they let her visit one of the friends she writes to, and has only seen twice. Votes: 52 30.8%
  • B-1: Attempted kidnapping. Votes: 20 11.8%
  • B-2: Assassination attempt. Someone else was the target. (Literis declined the wrong person) Votes: 30 17.8%
  • B-3: Someone hired high help to wipe out the family. Votes: 12 7.1%
  • B-4: Aphrodisiac found its way into the food, random recipient. Votes: 98 58.0%
  • B-5: Actually, spending the day with her family is bad enough, hours in the carriage then .... Votes: 55 32.5%
  • B-6: Weak monsters attack. Votes: 44 26.0%
  • B-7: A strong monster attacks, it's a family Raid! Votes: 24 14.2%
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