Chapter 7 – Offscreen
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Welcome to offscreen

Here we have all those cute things that you want to see that happen offscreen, Why not Side Chapters? Because most are too short to be what I consider chapters.

--- Chapter 7 - Zaria - Nyrth trying to pack ---

{this happened after Zaria delivered the letter and left Nyrth}

Nyrth saw her guest had left. More like she had disappeared into thin air. Teleportation was nice, Nyrth thought. Even if having the shrine maiden intently read the location before disappearing was funny.

So now she had to pack for a few days away. She wheeled herself to her dresser. Two dresses to pack and one to change into.

She frowned as she saw her diapers. It was one of the annoying issues with her lower body being basically dead weight. She needed them since she had no control over such basic bodily functions.

Wiping herself down and changing the diaper was unfortunately a must. With an annoyed sigh she wheeled herself to the kitchen to fetch clean water.

She really missed her legs, even something as getting water from the barrel was complicated due to her sitting position.

That she had to transport the bucket on her lap was another point of annoyance, she almost spilled it twice on the way to her room.

Back in her room she prepared the towels, the shaving kit since keeping herself shaved made cleaning the messes easier, fresh clothes, and after some thinking hair soap and the nice scented soap her parents had gifted her. Washing her hair however meant she had to get more water.

This time she did drop the second larger bucket on the way back and had to awkwardly pick it up and redo the journey.

By going much slower and much more carefully she managed to deliver it to her room. Unfortunately, she couldn't warm the water, but it would have to do.

Placing the smaller bucket on the bed, and the larger on the nightstand she checked all her preparations. Now she left to get the mop and a smaller bucket, it wouldn't do to let the water soak into the floor too long. Mopping the floor from a wheelchair was doable luckily.

She liked her long hair, but it was hard to wash properly when she couldn't use a bathtub without risk of drowning, and kept on falling over in the normal tub when doing it alone. She would have to talk with her mother about cutting it short. Her mother was against it, but it was really inconvenient.

Carefully she pulled herself onto the bed, she had fallen to the floor enough times to know that it couldn't be rushed.

She managed to get onto the bed without falling over, or toppling over the bucket that was waiting for her.

She rolled over and stared at the ceiling to relax for a few moments. Even stripping was difficult, she either had to lean against the wall, and hope she didn't fall over, or wriggle around lying to get the clothes off, with the dead lower body being no help in bracing herself.

Having gathered her strength, she started by pulling her legs closer to get the shoes off her feet, she only fell over once to her satisfaction. Shoes removed, socks followed, then she wriggled out of her dress.

With some trepidation she removed her diaper, only to find it completely clean. That did not make sense, it had been a few hours since the last change. When folding her dress, she realized something else. It was clean. No marks from dragging herself through the grass, after checking there was no dirt under her nails either.

It did not make sense.

Confused, but in no way dissatisfied, she started washing herself. The gentle flowery scent of the soap being one of the few real luxuries she had she felt herself relaxing.

Washing the hair was not relaxing however.


Nyrth rolls Dex DC 10
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 - 3 = (14) - 3 = 11
Nyrth succeeds in washing her hair without spilling the large bucket all over her bed


It had been a close thing, but she managed not to make a mess.

Now she just had to shave.

Luckily, she had enough experience by now to manage without cutting herself. She fell over while shaving her legs though.

Finally clean, she felt exhausted. It was hard without help.

Getting dressed again in fresh clothes and a fresh diaper she gave her previously worn dress another suspicious look before carefully wriggling off the bed and into her wheelchair.

Taking a few moments to seat herself properly she glared at her useless legs. She collected the wet towels and the suspiciously clean dress and diaper, she brought those to the washroom, her mother would wash them later. Then she returned to her room.

Back in her room she took the smaller bucket. She really hoped she wouldn't spill it, before it had been clean water, now however it was not.

Carefully she placed it on her unfeeling legs and started wheeling from her room.

"Eep!" She found herself facing someone.

--- Chapter 7 - Zaria - Guild Master Teddy ---

Seeing a little girl carry a huge teddy was something not impossible.

The paper sticking to the forehead with "guild master" on it combined with the one on the chest with "I annoyed an epic" felt rather impossible.

Everyone looked on as the small white fluff left, then all eyes focussed on Millie who had been with the white fluff.

"He was rude and called her a liar."

The guild master was known for being harsh, intimidating, and being stupidly strong.

He was not epic however, and since Millie confirmed it.

"Oy, guild master, I always knew you were a softie inside." A wolfman poked the teddy.

"Maybe he just needs a hug?" A catwoman latched onto an arm and cuddled it.

"I think my kids would love a teddy like that." A bearman decided after scrutinizing the teddy. "Would stop the little ones from climbing all over me all the time."

"You know you love them."

"But makes napping impossible."

"Guild master, I petition for more compensation when a quest is mislabelled. Your 'deal with it' is not sufficient."

"Why not hire a guild healer?" A rabbitgirl was poking the teddy. "Imagine getting cheap healing, or in your case dispelling the whatever happened to you."

Ranting at the guild teddy seemed really popular.

It went on and on until it changed back into him.

--- Chapter 7 - Zaria - Bears at home ---

"Damn floof."

Being married to a stubborn hardass was not easy. It was time to check what the hubby had done this time.

"Welcome home dear, what happened this time?"

The guild master growled then relaxed a little. "Damn floof went and convinced one of my receptionists she is epic, then turned me into a teddy."

"Floof?" The bearwoman wondered.

"White young floof." Her husband explained.

"Ahh her. Turned a power abusing sorcerer into a statue. She is getting rather popular in town. And knowing you, you insulted our future shrine maiden."

"Epics don't pop out of nowhere." He complained.

"And she is a kitsune of that Tamano no Mae. Long lived race of a chaotic goddess." The wife sometimes wished her husband were smarter. "Be glad she only turned you into a teddy. Besides Lorrian saw you and wants to get one like that made for his little ones."


"You were very popular as a teddy, some want to make you our town mascot."


"And you totally deserved it."

"No, the floof must be punished, and no teddys."

"Hush, knowing you, you never asked for proof, or a spar."


"See, now sit dear, I made mutton stew."

"Yes honey."

The big bad bear was defeated.

--- Chapter 7 - Fel'ctas - Millie and Mrr'am sleepover ---

Millie would have preferred going with the others and her pussy, but someone had to be the responsible adult.

This led to her knocking on Fel'ctas, Mrr'am's and Tinkerbell's home.

After a while there was a "Nyah?" from inside.

"It is Millie, can I come in?"


Millie tried to find something that would make the kitten remember, then she blushed. "The very big moo?"

The door got unlocked and an eye peeked through the slightly opened door at her chest.

"Nyah~ very big moo come to visit bis sister?"

"Actually no, can I come in? Then I will explain."


Mrr'am opened the door and let the very big moo in, very big moo was a friend of big sis, and sister to big moo. Very big moo also brought cookies last time. Very big moo also smelled nice and was soft.

Mrr'am let very big moo in.

"Hello, Mrr'am. I have to watch over you again."

"Nyah?" Mrr'am wondered why very big moo was keeping watch again.

"Your sister is on a quest for the guild." Very big moo explained. "The quest is more difficult than we expected, so your big sis will come home tomorrow for you."

"Nyah!" It seemed that big sis was working hard and couldn't come home. That meant no big sis to cuddle tonight.

Mrr'am gave very big moo another look, she had cuddled very big moo before and slept with very big moo, maybe that was why big sis had sent very big moo over? "Very big moo sleepover?"

"Yes, but I thought I'd invite you to my home, Cocoa lives there too."

Mrr'am tried to remember who Cocoa was. "Big moo is very big moo's sister."

"Yes, that is Cocoa, my sister."

"Big moo have furry animal."

"That is Honey, she is a badger. But they are on the quest with your big sis."

Mrr'am nodded in agreement. They were a 'party' that went on 'adventures' together. It all made sense.

"Very big moo invite Mrr'am to very big moo's and big moo's home?" Mrr'am rarely got to visit other homes, so the annoyance at her big sis missing was balanced with the chance to explore a new home.

"You need to pack, toothbrush, clothes, whatever else you need."

"Nyah!" Exploration won.

Mrr'am rushed off. The toothbrush, a spare dress, probably she should take the emergency coins too, her knife, that annoying homework because very big moo might help since very big moo was smart, her soap that smelled nice and big sis had bought, her towel, and finally her bad to stuff everything inside.

Mrr'am returned with the bag and declared proudly. "Mrr'am ready!"

"You forgot to dress!"

"Nyah!" That was an oversight, Mrr'am realized. She rushed off to fetch the dress her mother had made for her.

Now dressed she returned and declared: "Now Mrr'am ready."

Very big moo just nodded and led her outside where Mrr'am locked the door with her key.

She followed very big moo to very big moo's and big moo's home.

Outside Mrr'am realized something. "Very big moo and big moo have very green garden and lots of flowers."

"My sister is a druid, and before I became a guild receptionist, I was an adventurer too, I am a ranger."

"Nyah, white explain, druid is plant magic and good in woods and outside, ranger is between fighter and druid. Good with nature but better in fight, less magic."

"Very good. I am a ranger without an animal or magic."


"It is a subtype, another kind of ranger, better in combat."

"Mrr'am confused." The kitten explained.

"It is hard to explain. Learn about what you want to be, then you can check what classes can be like that."

"Mrr'am understand and not."

"Ask White."

"Mrr'am will take notes then ask White." Mrr'am replied seriously. "Very big moo have a lot of plants in home too."

"My sister and I like plants."

"Mrr'am like meat more."

"Now what do you want to do?"

"Mrr'am want to explore, but teacher say Mrr'am must do homework first."

Very big moo giggled, it also caused very big moo to bounce a bit.

Mrr'am wondered if very big moo was strong, because Mrr'am thought that very big also meant heavy.

"So, what is your homework?"

"Mrr'am need to write about work and helping at home."

"Like cleaning and such?"

"Mrr'am thinks working in the garden or carrying things better."

"Some are like that. Why don't we sit at the table and then we see what we can write."


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