Prologue 2
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Prologue 2

It had taken months, but finally it was complete.

A normal homunculus was an artificial small familiar you could share your senses with.

This one was created on the principles of an artificial life form. Grown from blood and nutrients, remains of his daughter and blood from other races since his daughters remains were almost completely destroyed.

Even her Soul had been pretty much gone. Gone for safety reasons.

A True Resurrection was priced at 10.000 gold pieces worth of pure diamonds, and a cleric willing to cast it. Considering a Duke's Daughter was worth much more than that, in case of risk a ring would destroy the body and damage the soul to prevent her being revived and being used.

That had backfired. He had lost his daughter!

Lost her to jealousy and greed. He never knew how much she was worth until she was gone. So he had worked hard to revive her and cover up her death. It had taken a Ribbon of Miracle and a druids Reincarnate both to create something that started the growth of a living body.

The aim had been not a homunculus who lived by the will of it's master, not a flesh golem in the shape of his daughter or an undead that was mindless.

The mind in the crystal had been felt, she had been changing, then her mind was gone, not being detectable any more. But the homunculus was clearly there and alive. It registered as alive, unlike a normal homunculus or flesh golem. It did not register to Detect Undead at all.

One thing worried the Duke however. Being afraid for his daughter, and wanting her to become prettier, he had added the blood, the essence of other races. The beauty of various elves, the protection of the feared drow, the sight of the kitsune, the luck of halflings and the magic of the fey. They all were in there. Would she be human, would she become an elf, would she be her beautiful self or would she be disfigured.

The Duke watched the crystal tube. It worried him, but it was too late for regrets.

Soon she would be back, would she even remember him?

Would her death change her or would she even remember him?

Would she be a newborn without memories?

The more he thought about it, the more scared he felt. Did he commit an evil by trying to repair the soul that had been destroyed with his help?

He needed her however.

She was his heir.

She was was his legacy.

She was meant to marry the prince.

She was his way to more glory.

She was the continuation of their line.

She was the future Lady of the territories.

She was too important to loose.

He decided to call for a maid to take his mind off his worries. There was that new maid he had not touched yet, he was tempted to call for his daughters maid, but she would need her in the future.


To complete the merge between the body and lead it into a form that man would accept the Goddess took a sliver of soul from that unfortunate girl. Already most of it that had not been destroyed had dissolved over time.

It had only been luck that had dropped that ribbon in that man's hands. It gave her a way to play with her dead fan.

Her fan was such a fanboy, always wanting to play with her tails. His desire to fluff her tails and groom them was amusing.

As a Transdimensional Deity or Goddess Tamano no Mae now had the chance to reward the devoted follower of all things fluffy.

She even gifted him with a tail of his own, and staying true to the reincarnation trope, she found him a female body.

The gods of elves blessed the rebirth too, he had been a lover of elves. The fey had agreed, he had liked them. The gods of humanity saw his human side and thought of him as another human. The gods of halflings saw him as amusing and were looking forward to the fun. The dark gods approved his jaded morals and his chaotic nature. The evil gods stopped caring the moment they realized that he only cared for his loved ones and close ones. They correctly assumed that if one of their followers became close, that protective nature would be on their side. The dwarven gods approved of someone with a sturdy liver and fondness of spirits.

The highest Goddess facepalmed and allowed it. The blessings of the races were his, now hers. Maybe she would bring a breath of fresh air into her world. Only time would tell. And that was what they all had. Her included. She had made sure of that.

Tamano no Mae added the sliver of soul to her fangirl.

The memories were gone, but some emotions remained. It would not do to have her fangirl be a small child, but it would not do to grow her to that man's daughters age.

So she picked something in between.

It would give her fangirl a lot of time to grow into her body, maybe if she impressed her she'd gift her fangirl more tails.


The Duke stared at the cleric. "Please repeat that."

"Your Highness, I can see the touch of the Gods on her. They clearly approve of what you have done." The cleric said. "The ribbon you told me about was clearly the reason why she is alive. Whichever Goddess it had belonged to, granted a Miracle and that is why she is alive and not a mindless and soulless body. That the Ribbon sank into the coffin is a clear indication that the Goddess was interested."

"Can you tell which Goddess it was? And how do you know it was a Goddess?" The Duke demanded.

The cleric responded calmly. "Only a Goddess would allow her Miracle to be imbued in a ribbon. Probably one of the ones of beauty or or such. It is not an evil Goddess because I don't feel any evil coming from the coffin."

The Duke understood the argument. He himself was a warrior with little magic. He knew a little wizardry but he had never had the time to go far into it. It had been why he had come up with the idea of creating a body.

"The butler will give you your reward."

"Thank you your Highness."

After the cleric left he looked at the crystal tube.

"You will get your reward for calling this a coffin." He stared at his project. "You are mine, not some Goddesses! I decide your future! Whatever blessing you were granted, I will use it!"


Meanwhile in the crystal, in the red liquid the Soul merged with the body, the knowledge of classes long past was applied, impossibilities were made possible and the form was changing to its final shape.

Since nothing changed lately. Otome with yuri and erotic expansions won. Never wrote otome before so if you know good games leave a comment.

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