Chapter 1 – Zaria
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--- --- Week 1 - Day 1 - Tuesday, 3rd Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

"So younger or older sisters?" Zaria asked.

"As a cleric it has to be younger." Cibelle threw in. "After all is male clerics are into little boys, then female ones should be into little girls."

"I am not into my little sisters!" Elior denied vehemently.

"Mistress she has a little sister harem."

"Good for you Elior." Zaria congratulated me. "Several little sisters. And with this we found out several things. You are shy, you blush easily, you have several sisters and you are crushing on at least one of them." Zaria decided to sum it all up. "That is totally fine actually, since you really love her and care for her."

"Now it is my turn. My name is Zaria, I am epic! I feel more than knowing things. My tail is not to be touched, which seems to be an instinct. Unless one of you two knows something about this?"

Elior interrupted: "Grooming falls into intimacies. So probably only close family and lovers may touch the tail. I think children are an exception."

Cibelle and Zaria stared at Elior.


"My opinion of you just went up." Zaria explained. "You might be a siscon but you are helpful."

"I am not a siscon!"

"No need to be shy about it. Does your Goddess say anything about incest?"

"Children must be protected!"

"And you would never hurt your sister willingly." Zaria hugged her tail. "Tamano no Mae does not care as long as I am loyal to those I choose … Actually, do I have siblings? Other Family? My familiar is waiting at the door?"

Cibelle rose and opened the door to the hall.

"I meant downstairs."

"I will go and get her. Please wait for me."

"So, about my family?"

"I only know of your father."

"Give me one of your sisters?"


"Then make sure to love them properly!"

"Of course! I mean …"

"Don't worry. As a Shrine Maiden of Tamano no Mae I bless your love, may you stay loyal and love them a lot."

"Your ribbon glowed."

"Seems it really is a focus of Tamano, that reminds me, I think I know why you feel so on edge, you are a lawful cleric. Lawful Good from the feelings I get. Me on the other hand, I am Chaotic Neutral, my Chaotic Aura is clashing with your Lawful Aura."

"You are Chaotic? But you are a Shrine Maiden." Elior interrupted.

"Yes, but my deity is Chaotic Neutral, and while true that most Shrine Maidens stay in one place at their shrine, there are those of us that wander around and travel around spreading the teachings." Zaria smirked "And unlike all those clerics we don't go around preaching and telling everyone how great our Goddess is, no we do it by helping the residents in return for some provisions and necessities for our journey."

That stung Elior a bit, she herself had spread the word Mirula on more than one occasion in a village struck by disasters and poverty. "So, your Chaos is clashing with my Law. That does explain a lot, things were kinda hectic so I was unsure, especially since your Chaos is extremely strong."

"Aura of an Epic character, it is hidden but it is there. Enough of that and back to the original topic, do you know if I have anyone else aside of the father?" Zaria asked again.

"Not to my knowledge, it was why your death was such a loss." Elior explained.

"Do we have more maids? Cibelle seems to be the only one."

"Duke Kairan employs many maids, you hold the northern territory." Elior gathered herself "I think your grandparents were killed in an assassination." Elior looked around. "You start the Eternal School of Elenia in two months."

"School … a feeling of dread, yet anticipation?"

The door to the hall opened and a white streak entered and dashed for the bed. A jump and it barrelled into Zaria.
It was a white fox, said fox was currently ecstatic, and licking Zaria all over the face.

"Your familiar is really white, I wonder if it was fate after all." Elior pondered as she watched the happy reunion.

"Yes, I am happy to see you too Yuki. Are you well?"

The fox barked something.

"That is nice, and yes I think tails are great too."

A few whines followed. "Ohh, you snuck several hairs into the blood? Thank you!"

"You understand her?" Elior wondered, it seemed to go beyond the normal familiar bond.

"It's a fox thing."

"Mistress I will get a wet towel for your face and Yuki's hairbrush, she had not been groomed properly since your death, she only barely tolerated me touching her." Cibelle reported.

Then Zaria started to bark, whine and growl at her familiar. Said familiar replied the same way.

Honestly it made Elior feel left out and she was not sure why.

Zaria started giggling and Yuki seemed to be looking smug.

"What did you do this time?" Cibelle who just returned asked.

"Yuki told me about her bunny hunt."

The maid sighed deeply. "Mistress if you start hunting her too the poor girl will break down."

"But the ears sound delicious!'

"What is going on?" Elior finally demanded.

"Yuki started stalking a new hire, a young bunny maid, and was found licking and nibbling on the poor girls' ears on several occasions." Cibelle explained.

"Bunny ears sound tasty."

"Master and familiar have been known to be similar, rarely this similar." Elior wondered if it was just the reincarnation and memory loss unleashing Zaria's true nature. 'Nature versus Nurture' was an eternal topic. The racial changes clearly brought new instincts. That the familiar recognized her so eagerly and that she recognized her Spellbook were good indications that she was the rightful owner of the body.
She had been put off balance several times too. Especially the part about her sisters was something she did not want to admit.


"Yes Mistress?"

"Is it true that aside from my father I don't have any relatives?"

"That is true, members of your family have been known to die rather violent deaths in the last decades, or disappear and not be found until it was too late to resurrect them."

"Guess that explains why I was sort of reincarnated."

"Yes, it does. You are the only heir to the Ducal House of Kairan.'

"Guess I will spend the next months studying. Do I have , or rather did I have any friends?"

"Two daughters of Earls, three of Barons and several others. They are the main ones to frequent your company."

"My minions? I get the feeling they are not friends but minions."

"Lady Kairan!" Elior was shocked.

"Correct, in my professional opinion they are your minions." Cibelle confirmed. "A few might be more fangirls"

The tail poofed. Everyone stared at it. "That gives me a really bad feeling …" Zaria moved it into her lap and started smoothing it down. "That tells more about the fangirls than I ever wanted to know."

Once smoothed out again. "Cibelle I need a proper tailbrush. Yuki, let's get you brushed properly, you really need to take better care of yourself!"

The fox responded with a whine and plopped in her Mistresses lap. Who then started to carefully brush the white fur.

"I probably need to relearn history, etiquette, religion, law, … what am I forgetting?"

"Nobles also learn land management, geography, financial management, nobility and relations." Elior added.

"Two months? Can I go back into my tube?"

"No Mistress."

"Is our library good?"

"Duke Aschen has the better one."

"Who is that?"

"My employer, he helped with your reincarnation. Duke Aschen holds the eastern territories. He had conditions for his help." Elior explained. "He wants a friend and bodyguard for his rather frail daughter."

"So, reincarnation for a friend?" Zaria stopped brushing Yuki for a moment and got a protesting whine. "Do you know her?"

The cleric leant back on the couch and looked at the ceiling. "She is a weak, pale, frail girl. She gets sick easily and is weak."

"You said 'weak' twice."

"She really is that weak." The woman continued. "Since she spends so much time in the bed, she is really pale too, her maid is the only one she is closer with, and well she is a bit socially awkward due to reading so much."

"That sounds … I am not sure how it sounds but it must be painful, and Duke Aschen has plenty of enemies? And she is above everyone else in rank too." Zaria's ears twitched. "That sounds way more interesting than a bunch of minions. Cibelle set up a meeting, I think it was called a tea party, with the minions soon."

"Would in two weeks be fine Mistress?"

"Sounds good enough. Elior you are probably here to make sure I actually go visit the little Lady.Someone her age who is an equal?" Zaria wondered aloud. "But why a bodyguard?"

"The young lady is very frail physically. Both strength and health wise." The cleric continued while looking out the window. "Since guards and maids can't follow everywhere, he wants you to take that role."

"I guess being as I am, the guarding bit will not be a problem." Zaria petted Yuki. "Just means I need to get used to my body faster. Raid library, learn lots, some combat exercise and eat more." Zaria listed off. "Is there a guild? That should give me some locations where I can find enemies."

"That is too dangerous Mistress!"

"It is fine."

"Mistress, you already died once."


"I will not budge Mistress."

"I am not just a Wizard. I am also a Shrine Maiden of Tamano no Mae. I am epic."

Cibelle froze.

"And Elior, I am not a foxgirl. I am a kitsune." Zaria smiled, not a nice gentle smile. "Those are private information. I expect you two to keep it private."

Cibelle shuddered. That was far too much like the old Mistress.

"Now tell me about the school."

"The Luuria Academy of Excellence, Luuria is the Elven Goddess of Knowledge. It teaches for three years, during which you can learn all forms of knowledge. It is under the protection of humans and elves. Royalties, nobility, the rich and the special all go there. It has the resources to teach all knowledge, magic, melee, many professions, several crafts, perform and there are excursions. You are guaranteed to level."

"I really doubt that. I mean as Epic the XP needed is totally different."

"No, you are guaranteed to level at least once per year if you study. The best one from each year gets a bonus level upon graduation. So that is up to 6 levels."

"I totally want that. I mean This is wonderful! I need to make sure I am the best every year! I'll level then delevel to make my equipment."

"What equipment do you need?" Elior was curious.

"I need a pair of tessen, a kimono, a shrine maiden outfit, a longbow, two bastardswords, a pair proper daggers and then all the proper enchanted equips like: rings, an amulet, bracers, a hair ribbon, shoes and so on. Yuki needs a proper collar too! Then proper hair brushes and tail brushes, … uh I totally need to make a list … no I will only depress myself with what I need." Zaria took a deep breath. "First I need to get that level. Then I can spend it."

"That is an impressive list. You are probably talking about millions of gold pieces worth of items probably. What else do you want?" There was a hint of sarcasm in Elior's voice.

"Plenty of things, I want to explore and see the world." Zaria pondered for a moment. "I need a proper shrine for Tamano no Mae as well. Guess I need several millions then. Where is the closest guild?"

"In Narial, the city is around half an hour away by coach Mistress." Cibelle supplied.

"Then first I need proper clothes, even this nightgown is not meant for someone tailed. That said, can someone hand me a needle, some thread, scissors and a spare nightgown?"

"Are you going to embroider it Mistress?"

"No, I need to adjust its length, and make a slit for the tail." Zaria corrected.

Cibelle rose to get the items in question "You could not sew before."

"Makes me glad I can now, not sure I want to wait for someone to do those for me."



Zaria Craft Check.(Sewing)
DC Speed Penalty +50
DC Adjust nightgown in length and make tail slit: DC 15
"Take 12" = 187
Craft (Sewing) success


Elior and Cibelle stared in surprise, Zaria cut a generous strip off the bottom, then undid the seams and started adjusting it freehand from top to bottom, her new smaller frame meant she took of strips of cloth from top to bottom, it was also shortened a lot and adjusted to the comfort of a highly dexterous tailed one.

Cibelle stepped in front of Elior when Zaria swapped gowns. Then went about fixing the gown she had just worn.


Zaria Craft Check.(Sewing)
DC Speed Penalty +50
DC Adjust nightgown in length and make tail slit: DC 15
"Take 12" = 187
Craft (Sewing) success


"That is not normal for reincarnation." Cibelle reported.

"It is not normal and should not be possible." Elior confirmed.

"The ribbon around her neck has no seams." Cibelle continued.

"She called it Tama's ribbon." Elior remembered.

"People don't just go from level 1 to epic."

"Normally they level down from dying." Elior agreed.

"Swap memories for power and levels?" Cibelle pondered.

"And knowledge, I mean she said she is a Shrine Maiden now, and then this?" Elior was confused.

"You two know I can hear you perfectly fine?" Zaria mentioned. "Make yourself useful and get me a casual dress I can use for going out, and underwear too. I need to fit those too. While I am at it, your maid dress needs to accent your features more, you have a good figure and chest." Then she turned to Elior. "You are no better, I know it might be a church robe for casual and usually the armour, but that robe is not fitted well either!"

Elior seemed smug and snuck her small chest out slightly. Cibelle did not react at all, and Zaria wondered what Elior was so smug about, her maid was way superior chest wise.

The crafting continued for a while like that.


"Mistress, put your underwear away and take a break, I have brought more soup." Cibelle interrupted.

Zaria fixed the stitches and prepared for a break, quickly finishing the adjustment for the tail. Threading a tail through a hole each time only worked in anime.

"Soup again?" She stared into the bowl. "I really want a nice medium steak, or a thick slice of a roast. Yes, that sounds wonderful."

"In a few days Mistress."

"I don't want to wait a few days!"

"And after you need to sleep." Elior added. "It is getting dark and you need your rest.

"Maybe. I need to start moving tomorrow, too much to do, too little time!"

Cibelle almost sighed. "I am afraid that will be Mistress' new favourite phrase."

"I need a secretary. Or I will forget things."

"As a Ducal Family Member, you are allowed three maids at the school. Earls can take two and finally Barons only one." Elior cited from memory.

"Ahh, the privileges of nobility." Zaria commented.

"Kon" Yuki barked.

"Oh right, we can take the bunny with us." Zaria agreed.

"You can still take a third maid, Mistress."

"I have no idea whom to take right now though." Zaria responded.

"You still have two months to choose one Mistress"

"You can pick some from the mansion or get a new one or buy a slave." Cibelle continued.

Elior grimaced. "Slaves are a very complicated topic, while illegal slavery is forbidden, parents are able to sell their children, criminals are enslaved for minor crimes and someone can sell themselves into slavery for a limited time and a contract. That means however that there are very strong regulations about the handling of slaves."

"Good to know, just means that slavery is strictly regulated, and any slaver is suspicious until proven legal." Zaria decided. "I want more meat, I think this is my new diet, unless I liked meat before as well?" She pondered. "I think I like sweets as well, and fruit."

"Mistress always liked sweets and fruit, but meat not as much." Cibelle announced. "Miss Elior, the Master wishes to dine with you and hear the progress."

Elior did not look really motivated about it. "I guess that is my cue, see you two tomorrow."

"I thought you have to watch me tonight?"

"I am not doing a sleepover!"

"So shy, she does not want to cheat on her sisters." Cibelle remarked.

"Hush you two. I don't have to listen to you two. I shall give my report and visit again tomorrow." Elior rose and left after Cibelle opened the door for her.

"And finally she is gone, I really prefer trading secrets as opposed to having someone just question me." Zaria stretched and handed over her work, trading it for a new bowl of soup.

"You seemed rather open about secrets though?" Cibelle mentioned.

Zaria giggled. "Oh, I still have a ton of secrets." She gave Cibelle a sharp look. "You sort off fall in-between. On one hand you are not open about it, on the other hand however you clearly have respect for me, and you feel devoted. It could be the feelings of my former self influencing me, but it feels kinda like you were the only one I could depend on."
Cibelle blushed and turned away, putting the clothes away.

The silence in the room was comfortable, with Zaria eating her soup, Yuki eating her meat from a bowl.


"Mistress it is getting dark. It is time for you to rest."

"Very well, I will lie down and take a nap." Zaria stretched yet again. "This body still doesn't feel completely right, I feel too small."

"You lost some size after all, and you are way more slender."

"And where is the toilet?" Zaria asked.

Cibelle stepped to a door in the room. "Your private facilities are through this door. Please wait, I will help you Mistress."

Zaria however got up and wobbled a bit in place. "It does not feel like I am hurting myself, it feels more like I am wearing the wrong shoes? Wrong legs, my balance is a bit off, I need to get used to it."

Cibelle moved closer anyway but did not hold Zaria.

With each step the movement became more fluid, more graceful and more secure. The two moved to the open door and entered.

"I am impressed. A large bathtub, enough for several people. A toilet, a shower, a basin and a cupboard. From the looks of it warm and cold water too." Zaria observed, the lack of hot water had been a major concern for her. Luxuries of a high technology world were something that could sour her quickly to the new world. There was no internet and no instant communication though. "I had enough baths for now. You can leave."

"But Mistress."

"I can wipe and wash myself, might be the new instincts but having a non-lover touch me, or a not completely trusted person touch me feels just wrong." Zaria frowned and scrunched her face up. "That or it is just paranoia."

"Very well Mistress. Do you require anything else?"

"No thank you, you are relieved of your duty for today."

"Good night Mistress."

"Sleep well Cibelle."

Zaria used the toilet and cleaned herself properly for bed, being clean seemed like an instinctual thing to her.


Zaria sighed. She could not sleep. She could use the elven trance to rest up. With an annoyed growl, that anyone hearing it would call cute, she rose and gathered the sleeping Yuki and plopped back into bed hugging the fluffy familiar.

Suddenly the trance was much easier to achieve.

--- --- Week 1 - Day 2 - Wednesday, 4th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

Four hours later she woke completely rested and decided to go for a flight. She opened the window and took a deep breath. The smell of fresh air filled her nostrils, the night air had a certain sharper sting, despite it being summer, she could smell the sting of the cooler night air, the smell of nearby forests. A hint of animals was on the air as well.

She relaxed. Her Greater Invisibility activated again, and her spectral wings faded into reality. She dressed in her modified clothing. It all fit her perfectly. Just like she had hoped.

She flew out the window and into the air, off past the mansion she could see a glow, probably a city or something like that. She remembered the city only being half an hour away. She did the logical thing and turned the other way, she looked around, trying to focus on any distinguishing features. She wished she could see the night sky. But the cloud cover made this rather problematic.


Roll Survival for orientation
"Take 12" 182 + Synergy Knowledge (Nature) 60 = 242
Orientation Success


She was flying across the skies at a fast pace sometimes shifting her flight path left and right. Making a turn left then right. She flew to the forest, between the trees, zipping between trees through the darkness like a demented bat on sugar. Her darkvision allowed her to see perfectly until she broke through the treetops and went straight up.


Discord members roll:
Random Tables
Night Flight Encounter table: d100
1-25: Nothing
26-29: Goblins
30-35: Wolves
36-40: Bandits
40-45: Merchants
46-52: Fey
53-57: Slavers
58-62: Giants
63-68: Ogres
69-72: Cult Ritual
73-77: Travelers
78-85: Adventurers
86-90: Ruins (monsters, bandits, adventurers, slavers, cultists, nothing)
91-95: Glade with a Fire (bandits, adventurers, slavers, cultist ritual)
96-100: Building in the Forest (slavers den, bandit hideout, crazy mage, evil mage, cultist shrine, smugglers warehouse)
The rolls were: 3, 11, 71
71 = Cult Ritual
Created Cultist Table:
1: Cannibals (caged humanoids and giant pots of ...)
2: Evil Summoners (human sacrifice)
3: Perverted Cult (orgy)
4: Crazy Fanatics of Something (depends on the type, areas or get brain bleach)
5: Supposed "Good" Inquisitors at a Witch Burning (not sure that is legal, including the torture, save the witch first, make it a court case)
6: Undead Cult (creating more undead or praying to some lich or vampire)
7: Racists about to burn some Ffluffies (must kill now!!!)
8: Harmless Crazies (praying to the blessed endless bush of weed)
Discord Members:
Rolled 7, 7
Time to kill!


Suddenly she saw a glow. Curious she rushed to it, what she soon saw however made her blood burn with rage.

A group of humans in ornate clothes, robes and armours stood around several pyres in midst of which a group of clearly tortured fluffies hung. Offhand she recognized two dog girls, two fox girls and three cat girls. It made her seriously wonder if there were no male members of the beast races. That or those died trying to defend their families.

She landed at the edge of the glade and prepared herself for the slaughter. Nobody touched the fluffies and lived!

The mob was lingering before a small platform upon which the obvious leader was preaching some bullshit.

"We of the Church of Humanity must make sure that our place is safe from those beasts whose ancestors mated with animals." He waved his longsword at the seven females on the pyres. "Only fire can cleanse the sin of their blood."

"Hear! Hear!" "Burn them!" "Purify their dirty blood!"

Zaria had heard enough. It was time to protect the fluffies and cleanse the world of some filth. She landed behind them a bit off to the side.


Battle Map for those interested:
Permanent Effects: Greater Invisibility
Surprise Round.
Zaria rolls Initiative:
1d20 + 37 = (20) + 37 = 57
Power Attack -20 Attack, +20 Damage
Karmic Strike -4 Attack. Attack of Opportunity vs Opponents that strike you
Combat Expertise -20 attack, +20 dodge AC
Greater Invisibility Attack +2 vs visible
Total Attack Penalty: -42 Attack
Travel Devotion: as a swift action move at your speed.
Swift Action, move past cultists to Leader.
Set Damage to nonlethal
Standard Action: Two Weapon Spring Attack
Attack Cult Leader
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (17) + 305 - 42 = 280
Attack Success
Roll DMG:
Skirmish 20' applies, Sneak Attack applies, Favoured Enemy Human applies, Sacred Strike applies
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 91d6 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (1+3+5+6+6+6+4+3+1+4+3+3+4+4+1+1+3+3+6+1+3+4+6+4+2+4+1+5+4+1+1+5+3+2+6+3+5+3+5+1+6+2+4+4+3+1+3+1+6+3+4+5+4+6+6+4+4+6+5+5+1+4+1+2+1+5+4+5+3+6+6+5+4+5+3+2+3+5+3+2+4+3+2+6+5+1+1+4+2+1+5) + (4+8+3+8+1+2+1+8+1+5+7+7+6+3+5+8+7+7+3+5+8+7+1+8+1+7+3+3+8+2+6+6+1+1+5+5+2+1+5+6+4+5+8+2+6+3+1+5+8+6+3+5+6+6+6+7+6+2+2+3+8+7+4) = 665
Cult Leader is hit by 645 nonlethal Damage
Cult Leader passes out


Zaria's small fist struck the Cult Leader in head, the hit knocked him out cold. He dropped flat on the podium.


Opponents Roll Initiative
Leader Clr 8
Cultist A Fi 3
B Fi 5
C Wi 4
D Rog 4
E Fi 1
Group A = 2 +1 = 3
Group B = 14 + 2 = 16
Group C = 8 + 2 = 10
Group D = 10 + 3 = 13
Group E = 13 + 1 = 14
Zaria goes first
Damage becomes lethal
Swift Action: move at full speed
Move into enemies
Trigger Attacks of Opportunity
E Fi1 1d20 + 4 = (10) + 4 = 14
E Fi2 1d20 + 4 = (17) + 4 = 21
A Fi3 1d20 + 6 = (18) + 6 = 24
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
All Attacks miss
Full Attack Action
Zaria Attacks B Fi 5
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (20) + 305 - 42 = 283 (Critical Threat)
Opponent AC 21
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (15) + 305 - 42 = 278 (Critical confirmed)
Roll Damage
Skirmish 20' applies, Sneak Attack applies, Favoured Enemy Human applies, Sacred Strike applies
(1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20)*2 + 91d6 + 63d8 = ((2) + 15 + 7 + 20)*2 + (3+6+5+5+5+4+5+1+3+1+2+4+6+3+3+4+1+5+5+5+4+6+2+6+5+5+1+3+2+2+3+2+5+4+3+5+4+4+1+3+5+1+5+2+3+2+5+1+3+6+3+5+5+2+6+2+1+6+3+6+5+4+1+5+4+4+3+3+1+2+6+6+2+5+5+6+5+2+6+1+6+4+6+1+5+2+6+4+6+1+4) + (6+7+6+8+2+5+3+2+5+5+6+5+4+3+4+2+3+7+8+2+2+1+6+6+3+1+1+2+8+3+4+5+8+3+1+5+2+8+2+8+7+2+8+8+4+2+4+5+1+3+4+8+4+7+2+2+7+1+4+8+3+2+4) = 699
Opponent B Fi 5 Dead
Off-Hand Attack used for Opponent A Fi 3
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (8) + 305 - 42 = 271
Opponent AC 21
Roll Damage
Skirmish 20' applies, Sneak Attack applies, Favoured Enemy Human applies, Sacred Strike applies
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 91d6 + 63d8 = (1) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (1+2+4+3+5+4+1+6+3+6+1+4+4+5+4+6+4+6+1+2+3+2+3+1+6+6+6+2+4+6+1+2+5+5+4+3+2+6+5+5+3+1+4+5+6+6+4+6+3+4+3+5+5+6+6+5+2+4+6+3+1+6+4+2+5+1+1+4+5+4+2+6+6+5+4+5+6+5+3+1+2+5+4+4+5+3+5+6+6+5+4) + (7+3+6+5+3+7+2+1+4+3+3+2+8+3+7+6+6+8+2+7+5+1+5+1+1+7+4+8+5+2+8+4+6+3+8+8+2+4+4+1+8+6+1+7+6+1+4+5+1+1+5+3+8+7+5+3+5+8+5+2+4+2+5) = 686
Opponent A Fi 3 Dead
Zaria Uses 2nd Main Hand Attack against opponent E Fi 1
1d20 + 300 - 42 = (12) + 300 - 42 = 270
Opponent AC 18
Roll Damage
Skirmish 20' applies, Sneak Attack applies, Favoured Enemy Human applies, Sacred Strike applies
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 91d6 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (5+2+4+5+2+3+1+6+2+5+4+1+6+3+2+1+1+4+6+4+4+3+1+6+6+6+4+1+6+4+5+5+4+4+5+5+6+6+2+1+1+6+2+1+4+3+3+2+5+6+6+1+3+1+4+3+1+1+2+2+5+6+4+4+4+1+4+1+4+5+6+3+1+6+4+2+1+2+4+6+6+6+3+5+3+3+1+5+3+3+2) + (6+5+6+7+4+7+2+7+2+3+5+3+1+7+5+5+1+1+3+4+2+3+1+6+3+5+3+4+5+4+7+1+1+8+1+5+1+6+6+1+3+2+2+1+5+4+5+6+2+2+7+5+7+5+8+2+5+1+4+4+2+7+8) = 620
Opponent E Fi 1 Dead


She saw the shock on the cult members' faces. She decided to rush into the mob and kill them all. She ran past the weak looking goons and struck a better equipped human with a sword in the side. The armour crumpled and dented deeply as her hit struck just right and she heard the ugly noise of a rib cage being crushed as a spray of blood shot out of his mouth from the inner organs being crushed. Even as the plated enemy was dropping to the ground dead, her left already struck at the next enemy in front of her. This one fared little better as the damage ruptured his insides. Finally, she spun around and struck one behind her, this one fared no better compared to his better armoured cult members, his splint mail gave way and another torso was crushed.
The small space around her was cleared out. With three bodies lying around her, the enemies now had a good place to attack her.


Opponents turns
Opponent B Fi 5 moves to Attack
Opponent Attacks:
1d20 + 9 = (6) + 9 = 15
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Attack Misses
Opponent B Fi 5 moves closer
Opponent E Fi 1 moves to Attack
Opponent E Attacks
1d20 + 4 = (19) + 4 = 23 (Critical Threat)
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Attack Misses
Opponent E Fi 1 moves to Attack
Opponent E Attacks
1d20 + 4 = (2) + 4 = 6
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Attack Misses
Opponent E Fi 1 moves to Attack
Opponent E Attacks
1d20 + 4 = (4) + 4 = 8
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Attack Misses
Opponent E Fi 1 moves closer
Opponent D Rog 4 moves to Attack
Opponent D Attacks
1d20 + 5 = (14) + 5 = 19
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Attack Misses
Opponent C Wiz 4 moves back
Opponent C Wiz 4 moves back
Opponent A Fi 3 moves to Attack
Opponent Attacks
1d20 + 6 = (4) + 6 = 10
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Attack Misses
Opponent A Fi 3 moves to Attack
Opponent Attacks
1d20 + 6 = (12) + 6 = 18
Opponent A Fi 3 moves closer
Opponents rounds end


The human racists attacked, they moved closer a little cautious. Their swords struck air as she shifted a little left or right in response to their attacks, the rogue used his short-sword and struck air as well when Zaria twisted aside. She watched as the two robed men, probably some kind of casters, moved away.
Then more crazies with short-swords attacked, and she had to duck under a swing, and shift her tail aside to protect it from a cut.

Using the break in their attacks it was time to crush them.


Zaria does Full Attack Action.
Power Attack -20 Attack, +20 Damage
Karmic Strike -4 Attack. Attack of Opportunity vs Opponents that strike you
Combat Expertise -20 attack, +20 dodge AC
Greater Invisibility Attack +2 vs visible
Total Attack Penalty: -42 Attack
Travel Devotion: as a swift action move at your speed.
Skirmish does not apply
Zaria uses Main-Hand Attack vs Opponent B Fi 5
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (6) + 305 - 42 = 269
Opponent B AC 21
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (1) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (7+3+4+5+6+8+6+5+1+5+7+8+3+4+8+2+2+3+4+5+1+7+8+4+5+8+3+3+2+3+5+6+6+6+3+7+3+8+5+2+6+8+5+2+5+2+6+5+3+4+4+5+2+8+4+1+2+5+6+1+8+1+7) = 334
Opponent B dead
Zaria Uses Off-Hand Attack vs Opponent E Fi 1
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (17) + 305 - 42 = 280
Opponent E AC 18
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (1) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (1+1+5+3+2+6+3+3+6+6+3+4+2+5+4+7+7+8+6+8+2+6+2+7+8+2+4+8+8+4+6+4+6+8+1+1+8+3+7+1+5+2+8+6+2+2+1+3+7+1+6+4+5+8+6+8+5+6+1+6+1+6+4) = 332
Opponent E Fi 1 Dead
Zaria uses 2nd Main-Hand Attack vs Opponent A
1d20 + 300 - 42 = (14) + 300 - 42 = 272
Opponent A AC 21
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (3+4+7+1+8+3+3+7+4+2+8+4+8+3+4+1+4+3+1+6+4+1+6+3+6+4+4+3+3+3+7+2+8+4+6+3+5+3+3+3+2+8+5+4+3+2+5+2+7+7+4+4+1+5+3+4+8+2+7+6+7+3+3) = 312
Opponent A Fi 3 Dead
Zaria uses 2nd Off-Hand Attack vs Opponent E Fi 1
1d20 + 300 - 42 = (19) + 300 - 42 = 277
Opponent E AC 18
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (5+7+6+5+4+2+1+3+8+2+2+1+3+4+2+7+3+1+5+8+5+3+7+6+8+8+1+8+3+8+7+8+4+7+7+1+8+6+2+3+1+1+1+1+5+4+4+2+7+4+8+5+6+6+7+6+3+2+4+8+8+5+7) = 339
Opponent E Fi 1 Dead
Zaria uses 3rd Main-Hand Attack vs Opponent E Fi 1
1d20 + 295 - 42 = (12) + 295 - 42 = 265
Opponent E AC 18
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (7+8+1+8+2+7+3+4+6+4+5+2+7+3+4+1+6+2+7+7+6+4+4+8+2+4+7+8+4+4+8+7+1+1+2+4+4+7+7+7+2+6+2+7+6+4+6+2+4+2+8+8+3+1+3+2+7+3+1+6+1+5+3) = 330
Zaria uses 3rd Off-Hand Attack vs Opponent A Fi 3
1d20 + 295 - 42 = (12) + 295 - 42 = 265
Opponent A AC 21
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (6+4+5+1+8+7+2+5+6+4+3+3+4+6+5+4+3+4+6+5+7+5+7+6+1+5+8+4+1+7+6+5+6+4+4+3+1+6+1+7+7+1+7+5+4+4+2+5+1+1+2+5+3+1+2+7+4+8+8+4+5+5+7) = 328
Opponent A Fi 3 Dead
Zaria uses 4th Main-Hand Attack vs Opponent D Rog 4
1d20 + 290 - 42 = (12) + 290 - 42 = 260
Opponent D AC 17
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (2+7+3+3+6+2+5+4+7+4+3+6+3+1+2+1+2+1+6+8+2+4+1+4+5+7+1+1+5+6+2+5+7+5+8+3+5+4+5+4+3+2+8+3+2+7+2+8+5+6+1+2+7+5+2+2+2+6+3+3+8+6+2) = 300
Opponent D Rog 4 Dead
Zaria moves to Opponent A as a Swift Action
Skirmish 10' Applies
Opponent A Attack of Opportunity
1d20 + 6 = (8) + 6 = 14
Zaria AC: 41 + 44 + 20 = 105
Opponent misses
Zaria end turn


Twisting the little kitsune struck a heavier armoured fighter first. After she heard his chest cave in, she hit the lighter armoured one clockwise down, he crumpled just as easily. She spun around facing the next one clockwise again. These next two were all lighter armoured and once again died with crushed and caved in chests. The final armoured one that had taken a swing at her had his armour cracked and again the chest caved in. The last one standing around her was a rogue that had tried to sneak attack her. She struck his face, feeling his nose and face cave in as her strike drove bone fragments into his brain killing him instantly.
She dashed forward to the last armoured enemy, stopping just before a swing hit her.


Opponents Turns
Opponent C uses Scorching Ray
1d20 +5 = (17) +5 = 22
Zaria Touch AC: 40 +20 + 44 = 104
Spell Misses
Zaria Uses Spell Reflection as an Immediate Action: Spell reflects back at caster
Opponent C rerolls Attack
1d20 +5 = (6) +5 = 11
Opponent C Touch AC 12
Spell Misses
Opponent C uses Scorch
Zaria Uses Improved Evasion
Spell DC 16
1d20 + 301 = (10) + 301 = 311
Zaria Evades the Spell
Opponent A Fi 3 Attacks Zaria
1d20 + 6 = (3) + 6 = 9
Zaria AC: 41 + 46 + 20 = 107
Opponent misses
End Opponents turn


The wizard shot a Scorching Ray right next to the fighter. He got a scare when his spell flew right back at him and missed by a little bit. The other wizard shot a line of fire at the place his partners spell was reflected from but nothing happened.
The fighter swung his sword though the space next to him to no effect either.


Zaria's turn:
Zaria does Standard Action
Power Attack -20 Attack, +20 Damage
Karmic Strike -4 Attack. Attack of Opportunity vs Opponents that strike you
Combat Expertise -20 attack, +20 dodge AC
Greater Invisibility Attack +2 vs visible
Total Attack Penalty: -42 Attack
Travel Devotion: as a swift action move at your speed.
Skirmish does not apply
Zaria attacks Opponent A
Zaria uses 1st Main-Hand Attack vs Opponent A
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (8) + 305 - 42 = 271
Opponent A AC 21
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 63d8 = (3) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (2+2+6+3+5+8+6+2+4+5+7+1+7+1+5+4+7+4+1+2+2+6+3+2+2+6+6+5+2+2+6+6+4+4+6+1+8+1+1+3+2+1+4+8+5+6+1+4+7+8+6+2+4+6+5+7+8+3+7+6+7+6+1) = 317
Opponent A Fi 3 Dead
Zaria uses Move Action to move between Opponents C and C
Skirmish 20' Applies


Zaria ducked, feeling the sword pass right above her ears. In response Zaria struck his pelvis, crushing it and causing internal bleeding. She rushed forward and moved between the two casters.


Opponent C Wiz 4 does 5' step
Opponent C casts Lesser Orb of Fire
Ranged Touch Attack
1d20 +5 = (4) +5 = 9
Zaria Touch AC: 40 +20 + 46 = 106
Spell Misses
Zaria Uses Spell Reflection as an Immediate Action: Spell reflects back at caster
Opponent C rerolls Attack
1d20 + 5 = (5) + 5 = 10
Spell Misses
Opponent C Wiz 4 does 5' step
Opponent equips Wand of Lightning
Opponent uses Wand of Lightning
Zaria uses Improved Evasion
1d20 + 301 = (16) + 301 = 317
Lightning Spell DC 13
Zaria Evades


The wizard stepped away sideways from where he suspected the murderer of his fellow cultists was standing. He cast a Lesser Orb of Acid and once again the spell reflected back at him and missed him. His partner stepped away and used his Wand of Lightning to zap the space before him.


Zaria's turn:
Power Attack -20 Attack, +20 Damage
Karmic Strike -4 Attack. Attack of Opportunity vs Opponents that strike you
Combat Expertise -20 attack, +20 dodge AC
Greater Invisibility Attack +2 vs visible
Total Attack Penalty: -42 Attack
Travel Devotion: as a swift action move at your speed.
Skirmish does not apply
Zaria does Swift Action: move beside Opponent C Wiz 4
Skirmish 10' Applies
Zaria Attacks as a Standard Action:
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (18) + 305 - 42 = 281
Opponent C AC 13
Roll Damage
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 89d6 + 63d8 = (1) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (2+1+2+3+1+6+1+1+2+2+2+4+5+2+4+6+6+4+6+1+5+2+6+1+5+1+6+4+5+6+4+4+6+1+1+5+3+4+2+3+4+2+1+5+5+1+1+5+4+6+6+5+1+2+2+5+3+4+3+5+3+1+6+5+5+3+6+6+5+6+4+5+5+2+5+3+5+6+2+6+5+2+5+6+3+3+4+6+4) + (1+8+5+7+6+2+4+4+7+6+7+1+3+7+2+5+4+7+2+7+7+1+3+3+1+8+7+6+5+2+5+6+5+2+7+5+2+4+6+5+8+5+5+8+6+8+1+4+1+2+1+2+7+2+7+1+2+8+3+2+4+2+4) = 653
Opponent C Wiz 4 Dead
Zaria uses Move Action to move beside Opponent C Wiz 4
Skirmish 20' applies


Zaria turned to the ass that tried to damage her hair and approached him from the side. She struck him in the side. The sound of his arm snapping and then the left side of his chest being caved in and the splinters of his ribs piercing his lungs and heart was very satisfying. She turned away as he was still falling over and moved to the last survivor intent to end his life.


Opponent turn:
Opponent flees
Opponent triggers Attack of Opportunity: Escaping from an invisible opponent
Zaria does Attack of Opportunity:
1d20 + 305 - 42 = (6) + 305 - 42 = 269
Opponent C AC 13
Roll Damage:
1d3 + 15 + 7 + 20 + 91d6 + 63d8 = (2) + 15 + 7 + 20 + (5+3+6+2+2+6+4+3+5+1+5+5+4+5+3+5+2+4+4+6+5+3+6+1+2+4+2+5+2+6+1+1+6+1+5+5+4+5+3+1+1+5+6+2+2+6+4+2+4+6+3+2+5+2+2+1+1+6+2+4+1+4+5+4+2+1+6+4+1+4+3+6+5+3+5+1+3+3+5+5+6+3+6+6+4+3+3+1+5+3+1) + (5+5+3+7+7+3+8+2+3+8+7+3+5+7+8+6+2+3+2+8+6+8+1+6+5+6+6+1+8+4+1+3+2+6+7+7+2+5+5+5+3+3+8+7+3+3+3+3+4+4+7+1+6+2+7+3+7+5+5+8+3+2+5) = 668
Opponent C Wiz 4 Dead


The last survivor turned away, intent on running away and escaping with his life when Zaria used that moment of inattention to crush his spine fracturing it and ending the last life that needed extermination.

Satisfied with her work she suppressed her invisibility and moved ahead to the pyres. "Greetings, I am here to help. Despite my current looks I am a Shrine Maiden of Tamano no Mae. Now let's get you all down and healed up."

Zaria understood the scared looks perfectly well, she had just crushed 16 opponents, 15 of those were dead. And it had only taken her 5 turns. The power scared her a bit, even more scared that she did not care one bit that she had killed 15 racist wastes of flesh … Instead of not caring she was satisfied that the enemies of all things fluffy had been removed and would never threaten anyone again. This clearly needed some meditation and pondering.

After she freed her fluffies, accidently touching more than one tail. She started healing them. It only took 13 health from her Pool of Healing to remove all bruises and close all the wounds.

She passed the time with some smalltalk, finding out where they wanted to go, how they were attacked. She also spent some time petting the puppy and the kitten.


Roll Survival for orientation
"Take 12" 182 + Synergy Knowledge (Nature) 60 = 242
Orientation Success


"So you were on your way to Trianna, a beast village, in Sariet a territory in Duke Arschen's territories. But first come to the mansion a few hours that way, it is just outside the city. I will inform the guards that you will be coming with a prisoner." Zaria gave him an evil look, then she looted and stripped him of weapons and armour. Finally, she tied him into an uncomfortable bundle.


Search Check
"Take 12" 210
Search success: Cult Leader is stripped of all equipment including hidden items.
Use Rope:
"Take 12" 190
DC to escape the restraints: DC 190


"Now I have to leave, we will see each other again in a few hours. Don't forget to loot those idiots, unfortunately I need to check if there is anything useful there but some of it, we can share probably. Finally, in a few hours I will be able to heal that arm of yours." She pointed out to the puppy.

"Yes, big sis." "Thank you for your help" "No worries, that racist trash will not escape."

Zaria waved, turned invisible and flew off.


Back at the Mansion she snuck in and tracked Cibelle to her room.


Tracking Cibelle
"Take 12" 182
DC Modifiers: stone floors, soft plush carpets, several people went past, several hours have passed
DC 30 + 5 +10 + 7 = DC 52
Track success


Zaria had followed the tracks to the kitchen, the washing room, the hall, then finally Cibelle's room. She knocked and then slipped inside. The smell that hit her nose was a very telling one.

Cibelle rose slightly.

Zaria turned visible. "Good evening. I did a stroll and had a run in with a group of racist murderers, only the leader survived. Now there is a group of fluffies on the way here to deliver said leader. Please make sure they get a nice warm welcome, feed them and call me so I can make sure they treat that racist ass as he deserves."

Cibelle stared wide-eyed. "Mistress, please don't go on strolls by yourself any more, and you forgot your shoes."

Zaria looked down. "Oh, you are right, must be the druid in me." She bent down and checked her feet for dirt. "Totally clean, I have to remember that, that's useful." She rose again and smirked at Cibelle. "You forgot one thing Cibelle, it is totally dark in here."

"I have no idea what you mean Mistress."

"One day I will get you to admit. I am going to meditate and pray, that means I will be under a nice tree nearby." Zaria turned around and tracked the way back as she had no idea where she was in relation to her own room.

Glossary has D&D 3.5 Game and Rule Information
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Dramatis Personae (quick Character overview on who, where, what, contains spoilers)
Timeline (which mc did what where and when, massive spoilers)


Last Poll ended for the sister's age to be 12 in a landslide.
Marking and dripping only had 10 Votes each.
Anal and Lactation tied at 15.
Undisputed winner is Incest at 22!
Will make for an interesting month for Fel'ctas, I already have an idea how to twist things so she can't escape her Fetish.

And oh my god. A fight that normally takes like 10 minutes. Took me two-three hours to type down and do all the rolls. And this does not even include the loot. I still need to roll that. But that is for next time.

This times Poll: The father! We know he is a cold and planning individual, who sees people as chess pieces. But why is he like that, does he have more skeletons in his closet? Is he actually a smart yet evil individual? And yes you can hide your alignment!

The true nature of the beast … father is:
(3 Votes, top 2 will be taken, in case of a Tie 3 (please no, mixing three of those is plain difficult!))
1: Socially awkward: He never wanted the job, he never learned how to relate to people properly, mostly was told "You are the future Duke" and all that.
2: Unemotional: He is emotionally stunted, might be a defect from inbreeding, a curse gone wrong, but the world is made up of pieces and numbers.
3: Evil Bastard: Actually oppresses everyone discreetly, money and power. Those maids he calls upon? Many are never to be seen again.
4: Greedy Bastard: Everything has a value, he has the most. Pays the maids he uses, but taxes a bit too high, oppressing the people just a bit to squeeze out more.
5: Logical: Daughter marry to prince for maximum effect. Money, earn as much as possible so it is available during an emergency. Get urges, use a maid to relieve the tension.
6: Being Blackmailed: Someone wants him to act cold. Makes him do things he does not want to, makes him keep others away so they don'T find out.
7: Driven by extraordinary circumstances: Something is going on that most don't know, and should not know. It needs most of his attention and time.
8: Motivated by a Prophecy: In a world of magic and Goddesses a Prophecy is important! You ignore those at your own peril. Though you can be a little too motivated as well.
9: Racist: Human are supreme to him. Everyone else is used for labour, meatshields, coins to be earned and replaceable pieces for plans.

The true nature of the beast … father is:
  • 1: Socially awkward Votes: 25 55.6%
  • 2: Unemotional Votes: 13 28.9%
  • 3: Evil Bastard Votes: 7 15.6%
  • 4: Greedy Bastard Votes: 9 20.0%
  • 5: Logical Votes: 22 48.9%
  • 6: Being Blackmailed Votes: 7 15.6%
  • 7: Driven by extraordinary circumstances Votes: 16 35.6%
  • 8: Motivated by a Prophecy Votes: 10 22.2%
  • 9: Racist Votes: 4 8.9%
Total voters: 45 · This poll was closed on Jan 3, 2020 01:16 AM.