Chapter 4
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She flies off smoothly, which greatly increases her confidence in her flying skills. However, it takes her ten minutes of quick flying around to decide that there are only small reptiles for Tony to eat.

She catches two large ones and takes their head off with her telekinesis. She then grabs some dry grass to make a fire before returning. It must have taken her thirty minutes in total, but by the time she finds Tony, she finds him stumbling. She quickly gets him up and shows him her prizes.

"There was just this."

There's no disgust or apprehension at seeing the dead reptiles, just this continued resignation. For some reason, she wants to see him smile. She wants to play pranks to make him happy. She remembers being the type of person who likes to put smiles on others, but it seems to be strengthened to a higher level. Also, this mischievousness she feels is a bit foreign.

'My nature should be Jolly then.'

"I hope you know how to light a fire, Eva, because I don't know how. Never been a boy scout type of person."

She scratches her head. She was thinking of using the Flamethrower she learned, but now that she thinks about it… that's too potent. 'Maybe if I try to reduce it, I could learn ember?'

She tries using the minimum of her energy as she softly exhales, intending to approach the dry grass a little to light it.

It works. More or less. The fire is smaller, yes, but still too hot. Luckily, she thought of putting just a small piece near so as to not burn everything.

They wait until the reptiles are slightly brown before Tony gives it a try.

He devours it with hunger clear on his face. "I'm so gonna buy a hamburger as soon as I can."

She smiles, offering another Life Dew when he's finished eating everything. She uses Water Gun on the fire and Tony uses the opportunity to drink some of it and he seems to throw her suspicious glances after using the water to drink and refresh himself.

"Is everything alright?" she asks with a light smile and because she's an awful person, she adds, "Is the figment of your imagination too vivid?"

He rolls his eyes but nods slowly. "Yeah, okay, I admit you're not something I made up with my fried mind, but still… Another universe?"

She nods. "It gets weirder."

He seems to agree. Actually, he seems done with everything, but semantics.

They continue walking. However, even with some food in his belly and some water, Tony is still tired. By the time four hours have passed, he's walking with almost all his weight on her small self. And if it wasn't for her telekinesis maintaining her afloat, she wouldn't have been able to help.

They also talk. Well, mostly she talks. Tony has the energy to just answer with hums and some snorts as she regales some stories about Pokémon.

It's by the next half an hour when they hear it.

The helicopters.

It comes from some place in front of them, slightly to the right.

Tony's energy seems to leave him as he stumbles down, taking her with him.

She looks up and sees him so relieved.

"Everything is going to be alright," she says with a smile and is happy to see Tony answering with one of his own.

The helicopters sound closer with each second it passes. She glances at it before looking at Tony. "I think we may be able to see each other in the future, though who knows when."

"Are you leaving?" he says, his voice neutral and almost disinterested, but there's nothing to hide the hint of panic in his eyes.

She stops from where she's been floating up and tilts her head. Tony hasn't tried to reach for her, but she can see how his hands trembled for a moment there.

She gives him a dry look. "I'm very conspicuous if you haven't noticed."

He blinks, his head slightly tilted down. "Oh."

For some reason, that action makes her sad. Tony may think she doesn't know, but even if she hadn't watched the films before, she would have noticed that he received torture and is under a lot of stress. Hell, he just saw someone he respected die in front of him.

With a light sigh, she tries to think of all small Pokemon or one that looks more like a normal animal. Maybe a Joltik. She doesn't remember how small it is, but she knows is one of the smallest Pokemon. Maybe others will think she's just a big, strange spider Tony met?

Yeah, right. As if that wouldn't look strange.

Maybe a Sandshrew would fit better, but if she's not mistaken, they're a bit heavy.

Oh! She knows!

With a small amount of concentration, she prepares apprehensively for the pain.

And oh boy, does it come.

It's not until just the faint tremors on her body start leaving her that she hears Tony panicking as he babbles.

"I'm okay," she says, happy to still have her telepathy working. She's also glad that she hears everything muted at the moment, or his slightly raised tone would have hurt even more her head.

"You just fell and almost crashed to the ground, twisting as if you had just received the cruciatus."

It did feel like it. Also, nice to note Harry Potter is still a thing here.

"It's a side effect of transforming to a new Pokemon for the first time."

"Yeah, well. Don't do it again." He takes a deep breath. "Are you supposed to be a ferret, then?"

She nods slowly. "I'm supposed to be a Linoone."

Tony seems to want to say something but by that time, the helicopter is near, and to talk would mean to shout. Sadly, Tony doesn't have telepathy.