Chapter 3 – preparing for a peaceful life
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As Ben was walking through the center city mein market he was lost in his thought's 

Look like I did a pretty good world building this world is even more advance then our world because of mono which came to this world 300years ago train are twice as fast, medical sector is way more advance but some says it's a blessing someone say it's a curse, if your Rank limit is on high end it's a blessing if it's on lower end it is curse. Finding a job is way more harder if you are a low ranking person 

 " Not gonna lie I am pretty weak, at myself in current Stats I can't even survive the first wave in the future and to make matters worse my rank limit is D even if I tried to become stronger I  can't do that, I got no skills or martial arts to practice . "

Suddenly a rush of an idea came to his mind. 

"wait I know way how can fix my rank limit problem, (cosmic seed) I know even if I took it not gonna change the plot line because main character never took it in first place and for the martial arts I can get one from the great labrent forest "

I can only hope my don't change the plot line because I not interested in defeating the DemonKing it's main Character' job not mine. I just wanna leave a peaceful life in the mountains, it will be better if I got a elf with me  hehe, now I should start preparing . 

Ben purchased some daily based item and started heading to the nearest train station

An soon as I enter the train  gentle cold air hit my face and announcement happened next station Northern mountains