Chapter 4 – journey to the mountains
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Ben was currently going to the northern mountains in a train. Ben was taking in the scenery as the train sped along at 1300 kilometers per hour.


I made (cosmic seed) this item to make my main character as overpowered as possible and some plot twist, but I haven't had a chance to use it, and I'm pretty sure I need it more than him since his Rank Limit is SSS and mine is only D, without item I will die before the first wave, said Ben. Currently, I'm training in the northern mountain to find the Seed of Limit.


 I currently have a water bottle in my bag that can store 50 liters of water without adding any weight apparently these things are common here I bought it from the market, as well as two weeks' worth of food Just in case, the journey will only last a week at most, but nothing in this world is guaranteed,


I hope I don't run into any monsters or wield beasts because I can't even battle dogs, let alone wild beasts. 


Ben finally exits the train after 7 hours of riding it. The air is chilly and fresh. 


I hope I find it before I run into any monsters.