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[Lex on Earth, London, UK]

On a cold January evening, clouds cover the sky, the air as cold as ice.

After leaving my house, because arguing with my parents is too much sometimes, they moaned at me for not finding a job quickly enough after I lost mine because of a certain virus.

But it's not as easy as they think it is especially if they want me to pay the bills.

Crossing the road at the traffic lights, avoiding the crowds, and dodging the puddles.

I gotta meet Becca at the train station in 10 minutes, she wants to go out for dinner to talk.

Walking down the busy street, cars flying past, police sirens wailing in the distance.

Vroom... Vroom...

Feeling my phone ringing, taking it out of my pocket to answer it, seeing that it was my boss.

''Hello boss what's wrong?''

''Lex I'm sorry to say this but with the cutbacks this quarter, we will have to lay you off, I'm sorry son but it's the way things are nowadays''

''Okay boss''

Hanging up the phone, placing it back into my pocket as I spot the train station Becca's waiting at.

'Fuck! What am I gonna do now, all I seem to get lately is more and more bad news'

Putting that thought on the back burner, I decided to concentrate on the meeting between me and Becca.

Seeing a group of boys fighting across the road, people quickly move out of their way.

Looking at the fighting group I think.

''The worlds getting worse nowadays, everything is falling apart''

I kept walking down the road reaching the station not long after, spotting her standing by the entrance, avoiding the crowds.

She has long auburn hair with the greenest pair of eyes I've ever seen, not very tall at 5'7.

Approaching her, I arrived In front of her as I asked with a smile.

''Hey, how are you?''

She looks at me and smiles back.

''I'm fine thanks, come on we need to chat''

She leads me down the road, heading towards the local Nando's.

Entered the restaurant to see it packed to the brim, I was about to mention it to her but she told me to wait.

She talks to the server and he leads us to a 2 person table, we sat down and ordered our food.

I spot her just looking at me so I ask,

''Is everything okay Becca?, your just staring at me''

She signs and gets a sad look on her face as she spoke.

''Lex I got something to tell you, I'm pregnant''

When I heard her say that I was shocked senseless, coming to I asked her how far gone she was.

She answered as she sighed.

''I don't know to be honest, I only took the test this morning, that's why I asked to meet, but that's only part of the reason I wanted to talk to you''

She takes a deep breath.

''I'm sorry to say this at such a time, but I think we both agree we shouldn't be together anymore, we argued a lot, so why not go our separate ways here before the baby arrives''

She takes a sip of her drink and then finishes what she was saying.

''We could be friends and co-parent together, we both don't want to be in the same situation as your parents do we, in an unhappy marriage when we will be better off friends, don't you think?''

I knew this was coming for a long time, we drifted over the past 2 years due to this virus.

Life hasn't been great at all lately, and the pandemic screwed everyone over.

Losing the job I worked so hard to get, had to go get a job as a shelf stacker for the shopping companies working 12-hour days.

Not long ago I got mugged at knifepoint on my 17th birthday while I was on my way home from work, so that hasn't helped at all, I always get nervous when seeing knives now.

At first, I thought hiding at home would help but it didn't, it made things worse.

The thought makes me shiver, but I just had to deal with it, So I just got up and got on with life.

All I want is a happy fulfilling life.

Looking back to Becca while shaking my head clear of such thoughts.

''I agree, we would get on better as friends and co-parents''

She smiles as she nods, our food comes, and we started to eat.

30 minutes later we finished eating, we left Nando's and started walking down the street.

Looking at the sky I can tell it will start raining soon, the streets started to quiet down.

I look over to Becca and say with a smile.

''You'll be fine, you'll have me and your family, you won't be alone''

She goes wide-eyed but smiles and puts her hand on my arm.

''Thank you, Lex, you'll be a great dad, and an even better husband once you meet the right one''

I smiled along with her and nod my head, that was until we heard someone say something to us...

[Lex On Plant Verna]

Well, Daidys has challenged me to another duel yet again, even though he knows I'm only a beginner.

It's always been like this since mother married the Duke, I've been pushed aside and forgotten, at first she wasn't bad, she was a great mother.

It was only when she got married and pampered, she slowly but surely pushed me to the side, she doesn't personally treat me badly but she doesn't stop the bullying either.

The treatment got worse once I turned 10 and failed my affinity test in front of all the local nobility.

But now she berates me for anything I do or say, so now I stay silent most time now.

Well, I've got a few hours to the duel, I can't believe this happened because of that stupid affinity test.

'I don't have any affinity for any elements'

When the priest read that out my heart dropped.

Now it's just straight-up bullying and it hasn't been 3 months since the test.

I'm sitting in the library trying to find any clues about my condition, I'm not ill, disabled, or cursed, It's just I don't have any talent.

What makes things worse is that I'm mediocre at using swords, always hated weapons.

The hours pass by and a maid knocks and walks in while saying.

''Young Master you've been summoned to the dueling area, please follow me''

Standing up I followed her to where my step-brother wanted to fight.

Arriving at the training grounds, there are quite a few people there, even the other noble family's children.

''Come on Lex, let's not keep them waiting''

Hearing the voice I spun around and saw Diadys there with 2 other boys.

I sneer at him as I reply.

''Let's get this over with''

He laughs and walks over to the center, as I followed him as an old man enters the circle as well.

He then speaks up.

''Okay kids, this is just a friendly dual so don't purposely hurt each other, you may begin now''

I ready my weapon and brace for an attack that never came, looking up I see him smile as he cast a spell.

''Wind blast!''

A blast of wind shot towards me as I jumped out of the way, only to get blasted by another.

Flying backward landing hard on my back, and getting up as I coughed up my lungs.

Looking at Diadys, he starts to charge me.

He starts to swing at me as I parried and block his blows.

Cling, Cling, Cling.

Blocking most of his blows until I let my guard drop by accident and he landed a punch to my stomach.

Followed through and kicked me as I flew backward again.

Laying on the floor in pain, breath ragged, I slowly got up while coughing up blood.

Raising my weapon he charges again but fires a Wind Blast at me, hitting me square in the chest, flying back for the third time.

I'm starting to give up now, standing up yet again I see him swinging his sword toward my head, and I raised my sword to block it.

Blocking most of the attack but he was too strong for me and his sword pushed me down slashing my face badly.

Feeling searing pain down the left side of my face, stumbling around, blood pouring out of my face.

throwing down my weapon but that doesn't stop him from beating me even more, but no one stopped him either.

All I can remember was him punching me in the face as I blacked out.

[Lex on Earth]

We see a group of 10 thugs running towards us, they slowed down as they arrived in front of us and started to demand our things.

''Oi you two, hand us your stuff now!''

Recognizing them as the ones who hang around my area a lot.

Stepping in front of Becca and she starts to get scared, when they see me do this, they start laughing.

''Oh boys looks like we got another hero on our hands, should we show him how it's done?''

Looking between the group, they have their faces covered.

The one who first spoke walked towards us and tried to grab Becca's bag, but I slapped his hand away.

When I did that, they all got quiet and looked at each other.

Seeing the looks on their faces, I know what was about to happen, quickly turned to Becca and said one word.


She looks shocked and doesn't move, I just shouted at her,

''Rebecca, run now!!''

She takes a step back in fright and ran like a scared rabbit, as I turned back around we were all smiling.

They approached me slowly, I was moving backward as they circled me.

Someone came up from behind me and smashed the back of my leg making me drop to my knees, not before dragging one down with me as we scuffle on the floor.

Feeling my feet being dragged backward I tried kicking to no use, I slammed onto the floor hard as they jumped on me.

Punches and kicks rained down on me.

I curl into a ball but that's when one of the guys held my left leg as another jumped on it.


Feeling my leg snap, it hurt so much that my brain shut down due to the mind-numbing pain I was feeling.

They were stamping on my head, making me go all fuzzy, there were too many of them for all of them to hit me at the same time.

Gathering the last bit of my strength I managed to grab one by the legs and punched his family jewels so hard that they were crushed, he let out an ear-piercing cry as he dropped to the floor.

The beating slowed down, and as they all turned to their friend rushing over to him, they started asking him what was wrong.

He was rolling around mumbling something until one of the guys heard.

''H-h-he c-c-crushed m-y-y balls''

He says in a pained voice, they all stop shouting and turned to look at me trying to get up, that's when I see 1, then 2 then 7 different knives being pulled out.

My whole body grows cold, I can't react, it's like my body froze, they all pounced on me.

That's when all of a sudden, I felt a searing pain tear its way through my body, looking down and seeing a cheap kitchen knife lodged in my chest.

Then I felt more hot punctures all over my body, coughing up blood I collapsed to the floor bleeding out, and they kept on stabbing me like wild animals.

Feeling my right leg being grabbed, knowing what was about to happen I nearly fainted.



Roaring out in pain, I can't feel both my legs, and my arms are completely numb.

Laying on the floor bleeding out, hearing sirens getting closer, as my breathing began to slow.

All the guys have run away, dragging away their injured friend.

My vision goes blurry as I see an ambulance pull up, and the paramedics jumped out and rushed over to me as I faint.

But before the darkness took me, I noticed Becca running up to me and crouching down.

I tried to say her name.


Then the darkness overtook me.