Chapter 1- Death & Transmigration.
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Becca's P.O.V

Running down the road, I see a shop that was open entering it in a panic I screamed.

''Please someone call the police my boyfriend is being attacked''

The shopkeeper grabs his phone and calls.

Standing by the entrance as time passed by slowly, when I finally saw the blue lights in the distance speeding towards us.

I rush back out of the shop and ran back to Lex, as I run down the road I see the group of boys running away from the scene.

My blood goes cold when I see the scene, blood was everywhere and Lex was laying in the middle of it not moving at all.

His legs have been in weird angles, blood covering him, I sprint towards him and crouch next to his motionless body.

I don't touch him cause it may hurt him, looking around to see if the ambulance is close, seeing it down the street, I speak to him not knowing if he can hear me.

''Lex hold on the ambulance is nearly here, please hold on''

At this point, tears pour down my face, as I begged him.

''Lex you will be a father! Don't you dare leave us!

That's when I heard him say my name, and it broke my heart.


The ambulance pulls up and the paramedics jumped out, running over.

They do their best to stabilize him, they put him on a stretcher and rushed him to the ambulance.

the police block off the area so nobody could see.

1 hour later.

I was sitting outside the room Lex was currently resting in, I heard a few people coming and that's when his parents and siblings came rushing in.

They look around but don't see him, and made their way over to me and cuddled me, they were making sure I was okay.

Both his sisters approached me and asked if I was okay, we were talking about Lex until A police officer came into the room and explained what happened.

He left once he was finished, poor Lex he suffered so much keeping them away from me.

Holding my stomach, I go sit back on the chair, his sister followed me and kept comforting me, but in my heart, I was praying he would be okay.

That's when we heard beeping noises and loads of doctors and nurses rushed into Lex's room.

I and his family followed them in to see lex convulsing and spasming, with the doctors trying to help him.

10 minutes passed and that's when I heard something I'd never forget until the day I die.


Then the machines shut down and his body slumped, refusing to believe he was gone, collapsing to my knees and crying.

Back to Lex.

All I could see was darkness, pure pitch-black darkness.

Then all of a sudden I'm sucked into a scene of me getting beaten up, I get nervous over watching the scene.

I start feeling warmer, turn around and see a light coming toward me.

Reaching out towards the light but can't touch anything, then I felt a shock on my chest.

''His coming back''

''Shock him again''

The shock went on for a while until I woke up, I saw Rebecca standing not too far away, smiling as I say.


Then the darkness claimed me.

Lex Returns.

In a world far from earth called Verna, a young boy was laying in a comfortable bed, looking like he was recovering from a serious injury.

The boy had bandages covering half his face and looked like he was sleeping.

''AHHH just stop already!!''

I awoke with a startled shout, sitting straight up in the bed, I could feel my left eye was covered up for some reason.

'What's this'

Mumbling as I touched the bandage that covered my eye.

'My head is all fuzzy, where am I? what is this place

I asked myself as I look around at the fancy decorated bedroom I awoke in.

Looking around I can see a basic desk with a chair, and a full bookshelf, it gives me a medieval feeling.

''I've transmigrated, I died huh, well I hope Becca and the baby are okay''

I say in a sad tone, then the rage came flooding back. promising myself one day I would return to Earth and pay them back for killing me.

All of a sudden a splitting pain slammed into my head, clutching my head as I roll around on the bed.

A different set of memories entered my brain, it shows a young boy who was shunned by his family due to having no talent.

He got bullied and ignored by most of his family apart from Laria, the boy's adopted sister. he got seriously injured during a dual with his older brother Diadys.

Even his own/my mother ignores us now, any mother would be sleeping in the same room if their 10-year-old got this injured.

Sitting up I look down at my hands and they are tiny, throwing back the bedsheet and see 2 tiny white legs.

'What the fucks going on?, the last thing I remember is the doctors talking to me as I was rushed into the hospital

I swing my legs to the side and stand up, they feel really weak.

Hobbling over to a mirror I see attached to the wall across the room, Looking into it, I was shocked, to say the least.

I look to be a 10-year-old boy with scruffy white hair and bright violet eyes, with very pointy elf-looking ears and 2 lumps on my forehead.

Holding out my hands and start clenching, feeling that I have all digits.

Removing the bandage to see my face in full, I see a scar running from my forehead down past my left eye and halfway down my cheek.

It looks red and raw, but I noticed it was healing, the skin stitching together slowly.

''That will be a nice scar, but damn I'm handsome, and these odd features make it even better, only in anime do they have this color of hair and eyes''

If I remember correctly this world is a lot like an RPG game, with levels, skills, and magic, the reason the original Lex was shunned was due to having no talent.

If i remember correctly, if i think status the whole screen appears, if i think stats, whatever stats i think of will appear.

Turning around I head for the chair and slowly sit down, checking my status.


Name: Lex Race:????????? Age: 10-M

Rank:--- Exp: 000/1000 Class:--- Level: 0

HP: 80/80

Mana: 700/700

Element: ?????

Strength: 6

Constitution: 15

Stamina: 11

Luck: 9

Charisma: 12

Intelligence: 90


Status Points:

Skills: Spell Creation(-)

'Oh wow it Is like a game, but their stats are looking good so far but why are my race and elements hidden, maybe I have to level up to find out, yes that's gotta be it

I was in my own little world when I heard the door open, looking over I see an older man in a butler's outfit.

The man then looked up and his eye went wide seeing me sitting here, he straightens up and gives me a disapproving look as he asks.

''Young master, how long have you been up for?''

Looking at this old man, about 5'11, slim and proper, with white hair with a clean-shaven beard, he was Vance Rivers the head butler for the Sunweaver family.

Does he job properly, generally a nice old man?

''Not long Vance, can I get some water and something to eat please?''

He looks at me with this funny look, shakes his head, and bows.

''As you wish young master''

10 minutes later he returns with a plate of what looks like chicken and some odd-looking vegetables, he places them down in front of me.

''Thank you''

He nods then informs me as he was leaving the room.

''Young master, once you've finished eating the master wishes to see you in his office''

Thanking him for the meal, I try my first bit of food in this world.