Chp2 Desperate Escape
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He closed his eyes as he took a deep breath into his lungs. When he opened his eyes, the veins in his body were evident. It writhed under the skin like a snake. This action caused the bleeding to slow down and then stop completely. It didn't actually stop, but it was blocked.

Having regained his strength, Raymond started running again. But it was slower than before. His wounds looked serious.

What he had just done was related to his father's last gift. It was a technique recorded in a book called 'The Breathing Technique Handbook' that came out of the box he gave him the night before his sixth birthday. He had prepared such a book as if his father had planned to leave him alone in advance.

'That old man certainly didn't think I could survive. I will continue to live despite him.'

Though he thought so, he wasn't entirely sure of his thoughts. After all, he wouldn't have survived without this book. But on the other hand, even if there were recorded in this book, he wasn't sure. It was like a miracle that he was alive.

The breathing technique recorded in this book allowed you to control the body through breathing. Over time, you could improve your breathing and increase control over your body.

Still, it pales in comparison to a spiritual ability. Raymond had heard some 'Awakened' smashing rocks with one punch, calling for lightning.

Ha! Still running, Raymond felt something seep out from the joint in his knee. The liquid was slowly mixing with his blood. As he improved his breathing technique, he could feel what was happening in his body much easier. Currently, according to what is written in the book, he had completed the third achievement where he was able to control the organs in his body with his breath. With the second achievement, he began to feel his body. In the first achievement, his stamina and vitality could be increased.

At first, he was very confused about how he was able to do all this. Although he still didn't understand most of it, he had learned a few things from the books he bought. He was hungry for knowledge since childhood. Whenever he had some money he had spent it on buying books and was able to learn some things in math and science.

He placed great emphasis on biology, especially to better understand the breathing technique. He didn't know much, but over time he made up his own meanings.

Thus, he was finally able to 'understand' the flow of breath in his body and how it worked. In Raymond's understanding, abnormal levels of oxygen in blood tissue stimulated neurons where it passed. These stimuli were processed in the brain and formed a diagram of the breathing flow circulating throughout the body. The stimuli given region by region made him feel as if there was a river flowing in his body. Changes in his body affected both the amount of his breath and the way his breath flowed. Raymond, too, was able to fully feel inside his body by memorizing which changes had what effect. This was second achievement.

The third achievement was achieved by first controlling the breath flow with some methods, and then examining the effects on the body due to changes in the breath flow. Over time, this whole complex process became automatic and he was able to control his organs with the flow of his breath.

The reason he was able to control his bleeding right now was because of the micro-muscle control he had achieved by working for long periods. Thanks to this, he was able to control his muscles in ways that seemed impossible.

Yet he was not an awakened one. He was just a somewhat abnormal person with extraordinary control of his own body. Against an awakened he was still helpless.

'I've never lost my joint fluid like this before. What will happen now?'

As soon as he thought it interesting, his right leg fell out. His thighs and calves were no longer tied together. His eyes widened in surprise. He would probably pass out from the pain if he wasn't currently using a method to relieve the pain.

Similar to a light jump, he continued to advance resolutely. His job was risky. He knew that too. Especially those high-paying missions were the most dangerous. That's why he deliberately planned his route through three forbidden zones. He even cut the money and prepared an off-road vehicle for the entrance and exit of each. Even though it was called an off-road vehicle, they were all made from a pickup truck. All rented, of course.

There were some guests waiting for him when he came to the exit of the [Yellow Ember Forest] on this mission. They had gathered around the all-terrain vehicle. He wasn't careless anyway. He was lucky to have decided to spy first as he approached the all-terrain vehicle.

As soon as he saw these people, he started running in the direction he came from. Normally, none of them had a chance to catch up with him. But he didn't expect an 'Awakened' to happen between them. With bad luck, this 'Awakened' was one with enhanced senses. Especially his nose...

You can never be four-quarters. A running twig scratched his face. The other side easily felt the smell of blood. So the chase began. If a monster hadn't appeared just as they were about to catch him, he'd be done.

He managed to get away while dealing with the 'Awakened' monster. He especially used the perfume next to him to hide his smell. He was prepared beforehand. But he couldn't take advantage of the monster that easily. He received injuries to his chest and knee as a parting gift from the monster.

Slowing her bleeding along the way wasn't a problem, but stopping her bleeding completely was another. Otherwise, he could easily be found by 'Awakened'.

He did his best to stop the bleeding. However, he could not withstand the increasing pressure over time. Eventually, this became the case.

'Here it is.'

After running through the forest for a long time, he managed to reach the [Yellow Ember Forest] with the vehicle he came with. Fortunately, this forest was not that big. It didn't take long to run from one end to the other.

A smile formed on his face as he stared at the white-framed pickup truck, even though he was currently on the verge of death. He quickly got into the vehicle and didn't even bother to clear the branches around it before starting it up. He knew he didn't have much time left.