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This is a simple disclaimer and note to readers who are wishing to read this story.


This is work is something that I am bringing over from Wattpad, so if that already disinterests you then I take no offense to you clicking off right away. Since I am copying and pasting my work over to here, there may be some errors or mistakes in the formatting. I am trying my best to skim through and correct any that I find but if there are any that I may have missed please let me know and I'll try my best to fix it.

This story is also an X Male Reader story, as it is very common on Wattpad, so the use of (Y/n) as the protagonist's name will be present in this story.

Spoilers for Lobotomy Corporation and Library Of Ruina may and will be present in this story, so if you haven't played those games then I recommend you at least look into it before proceeding into the story.

Because this story is a Fanfic, please note that there may be incorrect information or possibly things that aren't part of the lore of the games and such present in this story.

Although this is a X Male Reader story, there will be changes of POV's and some portions of chapters will not always revolve around the Main Character. After all, stories are made up of multiple characters not just one.

There will be many characters who are my OCs. The reason for this is because this story is actually based on my playthrough of the game itself, so of course I included and given life to the nuggets I raised during my playthrough.

Chapters that I haven't already published or written will take a long time to be finished as I have IRL things that take up my time including writing other stories. Chapters are also 8K-20K words long, so if long stories disinterest you then I advise you to find something else to read.

The last I have to say is that I am not a professional writer nor an artist. I mainly write my stories on my phone since it is convenient to use, so expect some mistakes to be here and there. My drawing skills are not that good, but I try my best and you might see some pictures if I can learn how to put them on here from my phone.

Finally, I hope you, my readers, can enjoy this story. I am not a God-like writer or drawer, which is why I highly recommend giving criticism and comments. I don't mind people insulting my work or drawings as long as there is constructive criticism behind it then it's alright with me. This is all for fun and enjoyment so I hope everyone can have a good time together and enjoy the story.