Book 1: E5: Chapter 7: Academy of Reunion
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Haaaa. After all this time I still think about that moment… It make my heart ache thinking about it… No I mustn’t lose my focus, I will deal with whatever I have to do first, then pursue her… But I can’t be hasty either, otherwise I’ll ended up risking my life, put myself in danger, which I promised her not to do.

Let’s see how strong I become since that moment.


Name: Rosia Zana 

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Zoedora


Level: 159

Class: Swordsman

HP: 41,054/41,054

MP: 2,790/2,790

Strength: 1,689

Magical Prowess: 1,610

Dexterity: 1,570

Agility: 1,588

Luck: 1,555

Vitality: 1,708

Magical Resistance: 1,700


Race Skill: [Trait Consumption (Human)] [Longevity] [Regeneration] [Mana Regeneration] [Wings Manifestation]

Special Trait: [Growth Boost]



Sword: B+

Polearm: D

Axe: D

Bow: E

Hidden Weapon: C


Elemental Proficiency

Fire: C

Cold: D+

Water: C

Lightning: C

Wind: C

Earth: D+

Light: B

Dark: C

Life: B

Death: C

Mind: C+

Space: B

Time: D+


Aside from my stats change I also change my clothes a bit, now I have light armor over my pink shirt, white fingerless gloves, white leather pants, and regular leather shoes.

Sadly I didn’t get any trait from the Hero. Bummer.

I have been wandering in the fields for sometime now, not exactly the most productive, I have been walking in the direction of the royal capital, not exactly rushing things, for a few days now, while I would like to use my wings to fly there, it’s rather risky, I’m not going to do something so risky, if I got lucky then maybe no one will notice, but I’m not taking that chance.




“Somebody help us!” A voice, a bit familiar, rings out. Let’s see what’s going on… A group of students around my age and two adults surrounded by monsters? Lots of it. Should I help? Let’s see the stats first.


Level: 35

Level: 67

Level: 48

Level: 51



The levels differs but nothing stands out, might as well help out, finding crowd of monsters to fight is rare after all. Some of the students do have weapons with them but I doubt they can clear such a large crowd.



*[Flame Beam]*


That attack hit quite a few monsters, time to attack some more and be done with it.

“Wha!? What was-” Seems like they’re confused, the monsters as well from the sound of things.


*[Wind Blade]* *[Stone Bullet]* *[Dark Javelin]*


There. All done. I approach the group and inspect them.

“Are you all alright?” I said stoically. I look around a bit more and somehow no one are hurt. Physically anyway.

“...” The male adult have a confused look on his face, the female on also have that look as well, the students looks either scared, excited, or curious. I recognize the teachers from somewhere.

“Seems like you’re all alright.” I said, and start to walk toward the-

“W-Wait!” The female teacher speak up. I look back at her. She look quite young for a teacher, green eyes and brown hair at shoulders length, a bit tall, huge chest.

“What? I kinda needed to go to the capital right now, someone is waiting for me” I replied. To be more exact it’s me going to see her and not her waiting to see me, but whatever.

“We’ll be going back as well, are you an adventurer? Can you escort us back?” Interesting proposal. Now that I look at them, it reminded me of that academy… What am I saying they’re definitely from there, I was there, not that I immediately recognize them, I was hanging my head low the whole time there.

“I can, but there will be reward, otherwise I’m leaving” I’m not going to do this for free, nothing is free.

“That’s only fair, what do you want” The male one spoke up this time, a bit lean, black hair and brown eyes, tall and have a deep voice. As for what, it’s obvious.

“... The access to the academy’s library” Both teacher flinched for a bit.

“That’s a rather specific and odd reward, but I’m sure we can do that for you” The male speak up. The students are speaking among themselves right now, a bit loud and annoying, seriously.

“Good, then let’s go” I said and walk first, others followed.




Not much happened aside from a few monsters popping up. On the way back we took a short break and a female student approach me. She’s rather small, have short orange hair and blue eyes.

“Ummm, can I ask you something?” She said timidly.

“You can, why?” I replied.

“Are adventurers always this strong?” She said with a curious look.

“No, among adventurers some are stronger than the others, I simply am one of the stronger one” I replied back. At least I’m pretty sure I am, at this point I have the stats comparable to the Hero, and she should be one of the strongest adventurer.

“Okay, another question! I saw that you have nothing on you yet you have a sword when we met, how?” 

“It’s a skill one will learn after practicing one of the element that allow you store non-living objects in a place no one but you can access, it’s very convenient”

“Really? How do I get it then?” She said, getting excited. It’s not easy considering what element is used.

“You have to practice one of the rarest element, space” She’s stunned hearing that.

“Y-You can use space element!?” She said loudly, clearly surprised.

“Yeah, not many can you know, so you better keep quiet” I said with a slightly threatening tone.

“R-Right” She replied. Nodding her head.

“Are you done questioning me?” I asked.

“O-One more!”

“Go ahead” I said casually.

“Have I saw you somewhere before? You look a bit familiar”


… Now I’m the one that’s stunned, She recognize me? Even after I changed? Hope that doesn’t become a problem anytime soon, I thought the changes made me unrecognizable from how I was before, seems I was too naive to assume so. Though I’m pretty certain I never saw this girl before.

“Whatever give you that idea?” I said, slightly distraught and nervous.

“Um, there’s a classmate of mine that look a bit similar to you, but she’s sick at the moment so she isn’t here” A classmate of her that looked a bit like me? Can she be talking about… 

“So I look like someone you know huh?” I said with a tone of intrigue.

“Yeah, your colors are completely different from hers but there’s a slight resemblance” There’s no doubt as to who she’s talking about.

“And she’s sick at this moment?” I asked, since that sounds worrisome.

“Yeah, she should be getting better soon… Would you like to meet her? She’s friendly and fun to hangout with” She said with a smile.

“That sounds pleasant, I would rather like that, I’ll be studying in the academy’s library for some time so maybe you can take her there to see me” I said with a small smile on me.

“I’ll do just that” She said, smile some more.

“By the way I never got your name, mine in Rosia, Rosia Zana, what’s yours?”

“Yuuna Trania”

“Well, Yuuna, I hope to meet this friend of yours soon” I smiled at her.

“You’ll love it, I think I should go back to the others now, talk to you later!” She said walking away from me and waving at me, I waved back.




Our group pass through the gate and go to the academy safely. They were wary of me at first but the teachers take care of that mess.




After a bit of boring negotiations I now have the access to the academy’s library, some people are rather wary of me but that’s not something worth worrying about.




I have been reading about all elements, all kind of things people have done in the past with these elements, as well as things about fighting techniques as well, it was a long read, something came up during my time reading it but it’s not important, then I leave in the afternoon realizing I need to find a place to stay, thankfully I remembered about how the guild have an inn inside, so I go there and asked to stay for 3 days for the time being. I could extended the period later.




I also have been going into the dungeon as well, which I just only remembered recently to exist here, the two guards were annoying, and talk about how this have happened twice in a row, not really sure what they meant by that.




I hit floor 20, but since it’s late already I don’t want to stay here long, so I get out and go to my room in the guild.




The new day and I think of going down into the dungeon again, maybe to floor 40 or 50, yeah sounds about right, after that I’ll go to the library again.




These books aren’t as helpful as I previously thought, not that it’s terrible but I have higher expectation for this…

Hm? Someone’s coming in. Oh it’s Yuuna.

“Hi Rosia” She greeted

“Hi Yuuna” I greeted back.

“So, do you want to meet my friend yet?”

“Yeah, bring her here, I’ll be here for a while”

“Wait for a bit okay?”

I read more and more books, some of these are quite redundant, honestly maybe I should ask for the royal library or something, but maybe that’s too much for them to handle. I’m also getting anxious about this friend of her...

“Here!” Yuuna declared, along with bring her here… There’s no doubt who that is.

“Yuuna, is that who you want me to see?” The girl said with a gentle voice as she point at me sitting at a table.

“Yeah, she’s really strong and help us out a while back” Yuuna pulled the girl and bring her to me, I stand up and walk toward both of them… This girl is slightly shorter than me, she have chestnut brown hair like I used to, purple eyes that I remembered having, her hair are long, covering her back, I remember her clearly, the only light in my life back then… My little sister.

“Umm, Rosia, are you alright?” Huh? When Yuuna asked me that I touch my face and saw tears running down from my eyes, damn it, and here I thought my emotions are so dulled I can’t do such a thing anymore. I brush my tear aside a look at the little sister of mine

“Y-Yeah, Revia… Do you recognize me?” I speak up, she and Yuuna are both surprise as to how I know her name, but then she stared at my face and her eyes widened, she began to stutter and crying.

“H-Hey, are both of you feeling alright?” Yuuna said, clearly concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine, sis, how have you been since I’m gone” I asked, touching her face and wipe away her tears.

“S-Sis… you’re sis right? I’m not hallucinating or anything right?” She speak up and start to smile weakly, both of her hand reaching my face, I hugged her in return.

“Yeah it’s me, I might be different now but I’m definitely your older sis, sorry for failing you as your older sister”

“I-I *Hic* I thought you were dead… I thought I’ll never see you again” Revia said crying into my chest.

“Well, I’m here now” I looked at the shocked Yuuna.

“I thank you for lettting us meet again” I smiled at her.

“Y-Yeah, honestly you don’t have to thank me, you’re my friend’s sis after all, helping you out is enough” She stuttered a bit. Bewildered by the scene before her.




We were in that position for a while, and all three of us sat down and I began to recount how I survive through the disinheritance process.

“I was transported to the forest far from the royal capital, and there I have to survive avoiding monsters, it was hellish, and just in a day I got caught by the monsters, I was desperate and cried out for help” Yuuna and sis gasped.

“That’s horrible!” Yuuna exclaimed.

“Yeah, they’ll do something like that if it means getting rid of failures, it will happen to you if you’re considered useless” I replied. Both of them are clearly frightened by the prospect.

“Anyway, after that someone rescued me, that’s how I survive getting banished” Both of them get intrigued by that sentence.

“Really? Who is it?” Sis asked.

“Is it a charming prince? The Hero?” Sorry, but the Hero is dead Yuuna. By my hand no less.

“No, it’s not anyone like that, perhaps I could introduce her later” Though something tells me they aren’t going to be thrilled once they found out who she is.

“Her?” Both of the replied at the same time.

“Yeah, a girl rescued me, but I fainted after that, so I’m not sure what happened after, but after I wake up I’m in a shack of some kind, and my appearance changed”

“Your appearance change then? Do you know how?” Yuuna asked.

“I’m not certain on the detail but that girl is definitely the perpetrator, she left me a letter saying how my body has changed, she also give me a new name and surname since now I’m different from before” I said.

“So that’s where the name Rosia came from, it match your pink hair and eyes now for sure” Yuuna commented.

“Um, sis, from what Yuuna have told me you have cleaned up a hoard of monsters really quickly, no offense but how come you get so strong compared to before?” A sensible question considering how much of a weakling I was, seriously I can’t even kill a few horned rabbits.

“The change in my body was more than just appearance, I’m much stronger than before thanks to that, and my curse has been lifted”

“Curse? Sis you were cursed the whole time?” She ask worryingly.

“Yeah, for whatever reason no one in the household realize, but that girl does and found a way to lift it, with me both no longer being weak and getting a power-up from the change I have became some of the strongest people around” At least as far as I am aware. 

“I know you have it in you sis” My little sis speaker up, she smiled.

“Yeah, all those time you encouraged you were speaking the truth” I smiled back chuckled a little.

“That’s quite a story, very intriguing!” Yuuna said.

“I came here to study up on magic and elements to become even stronger, and to find you, it was honestly easier than I expected, I thought I have to deal with that stuck up mom and dad” I said.

“Well…” Both of them glance aside, did I miss something?

“Sis, dad’s dead” … Huh? He is?

“That’s quite a good news I’m hearing” I replied. That bastard deserves to die a thousand times over.

“Well, for me it’s anything but. Without the head of household alive mom pressured me into studying more and more, it was terrible” Her eyes downcasted.

“O-Oh, sorry” I said apologetically.

“No it’s okay” Sis retort with a small smile. 

“Well, if it’s possible I would like to take you out of that accursed house, but honestly even if I do things like killing everyone except you then you’ll be especially suspect of conspiracy and so forth, so I can’t do that, faking your death might not work, you need a completely different appearance to do so… Huh…” That might work… but I have to contact her.

“Sis, did you think of something?” My sis asked with hope.

“It’s the item that turn me into this… That might work”

“To change my appearance and made everyone think I’m gone?” Sis asked, she’s quite a smart one all things considered.

“Yeah, unfortunately the only person who might have something like that isn’t here as far as I know, it’s gonna take a while to track her down I’m sure” It wouldn’t be surprising if she came here at some point, but I doubt even if that’s the case that we’ll meet again so soon.

“Tracking who now?” Huh!? That… I look at where the sound is from and it’s… her...