Book 1: E5X: Gaiden 5: Against Arrogance
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<Some time during Rosia’s first day at the capital>


More reading and reading... I know that this kind of thing isn’t very enjoyable but now that I actually do something else aside studying it shows why people really can’t stand to do something like this for long, it’s so boring and less thrilling than adventuring outside, well, not much I can really say on the matter now, I choose this as my reward and might as well make the best use of it.

Let’s see... Ritual Magic, type of magic that need extra preparation to cast, usually involved multiple people and sometime sacrifices... Non-elemental magic, type of magic that doesn’t require affinity or proficiency with any element to cast, usually weaker than elemental magic but harder to defend against due to lack of weakness... Combination of space and time magic can be use to summon others, it is speculate in the past that Hero might actually be a summoned being and not someone native to this world, others believe that people from another world were summoned to act as heroes before the Hero appeared to defend this realm against the Demon Lord... It is important to know how to detect magic, as they are often simultaneous and hard to look for using only sight...

Quite a few fascinating details but nothing worth fussing about too much, maybe I should try other books as well.

“Oi! Are you the one infiltrating this place!?” Great, what now? I turn to look and see a guy probably in his 17, probably a student here, spiky dark brown hair and eyes, nothing too impressive, is he accusing me for doing something nefarious? Actually his face reminded me of someone, not that it mattered now. Well, I’m not, so I’d rather not answer him.

“Hey! Listen to me you bitch! Don’t you dare think you can avoid me!” He said pointing his finger at me, what’s with this crook? I’ll just let him lash out until someone deal with this mess.

“Answer me villain!” So he was accusing me of being an enemy, I really am not, for now anyway. Hm? Seems like someone is stepping in.

“Please leave our honored guest alone young master” This calm and collected giant man came in and calmly told the fool to stop accusing me.

“This person is definitely up to no good I’m telling you! No way an adventurer will came here just to read some books!” 

“I’m afraid that’s not a good enough reason, don’t jump to conclusion like that and follow me, you’re causing a scene”

“And you fool should know your place! You may have a high position in this academy but I’m a noble! And I will became the Hero! And the first act is to stop anyone from harming the academy!” He said that pulling out his sword, the giant man clearly doesn’t tolerate this and snatch the blade from the young noble.

“I do know my place, it is you who simply cannot see your place, if anything she’s more of a hero than you are, she actually saves people, you just swing your sword around at anything you think is unworthy of your presence or interrupting your delusion” The giant man said clearly disregard the noble’s ego. He still have an angry expression on his face.

“Shut it! And I doubt she’s even that strong anyway, if anything it makes more sense if someone like me rescue them, not some commoner” 

“Still doubting the story are you? You really need to think about something else other than yourself, look from the outside perspective and understand how people out there work” At this point everyone was watching the commotion unfold, more than a few people surrounded them to see their argument, while me, the victim, still read my book ignoring this spectacle.

“Just shut up! I will show you the error of your way! I will confront her and make her spill her motive!” I can hear him walking toward me right now, I really don’t care about this whole mess. Suddenly I could hear someone getting grabbed, I turn to see the giant man stopping the noble boy by dragging him grabbing his shoulder. And here I thought the confrontation between the Hero and the Demon Lord was pathetic to watch.

“Let me go you swine!” The noble boy clearly still struggling.

“I will not, now behave and get out of here! Otherwise I’ll have to use force!”

“Hah! As if someone like you could lay a finger on me without getting punished for it! My house will not stand against that kind of action” The arrogant boy said with a smirk on his face. The giant man is clearly not happy to hear that, seems like the boy have him by the rope, I think maybe I should actually step in, this guy was irritating anyway... I think I remembered his face now, he was an annoying guy always going on about being a noble and all that, to think he doesn’t get dispelled yet, must be the influence of his house, whatever it is, not that it’s my business to pry. Let’s check his stats.


Name: Eldrick Dulipep

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Human


Level: 54

Class: Swordsman

HP: 3,920/3,920

MP: 298/298

Strength: 251

Magical Prowess: 153

Dexterity: 201

Agility: 223

Luck: 187

Vitality: 218

Magical Resistance: 143


Weapon Proficiency

Sword: C


Elemental Proficiency

Fire: D

Lightning: E+

Light: E+


I would say he isn’t half bad for a student still learning, but compare to my own and he’s a horned rabbit at best. Yeah I could take him off his high horse. I then stand up and glare at him.

“What bitch? Ready to confess?” He said with a despicable smile.

“Come to the training ground, you stupid fool, we’ll settle this after this midday break” I said dismissively and walk out of the library, I could hear the audience gasp in shock, not sure what is so shocking. I think I could hear him scream in anger as I walk out.




I come to the training ground taking a practice sword with me, people are a bit perplexed as to why I’m here but I can’t be bothered to answer. Suddenly that male teacher from earlier today confront me.

“My apology but you are not really allowed in the training ground, can you please leave?”

“Sorry but something came up earlier, that’s why I’m here, something came up and I’m thinking of ‘teaching’ someone, you could bring your class to watch if you want”

“What are you saying!? I’m saying this out of good faith for you saving us but please don’t cause a commotion! You’re an outsider here, if someone higher found you they won’t let you off so easily!”

“Just say this place short on staff or something, from the looks of it there aren’t exactly a lot of supervisors in this place, and say that I’m doing this part time”

“I... kinda doubt they’ll believe that, but life is precious and you save many, I’ll try to convince them to best of my abilities... also what lead you to came here again?”

“Just some arrogant noble thinking I’m trying to pull something coming here, and I purpose we fight it out just so I could humiliate him, for thinking he’s a big deal, anyway the classes in the afternoon are flexible anyway, might as well bring those kids here to watch the spectacle” 

“Ummm, if you insist...” He said as he walk away. People who hear our conversations just sorta walk away not sure what to say. Hopefully they’ll stop bothering me now.




There he is.

“You dug your own grave challenging me!” Said the guy within [Blade Of Light] distance, he use a practice sword as well.

“That’s my line, your arrogance will be the end of you” I said reading my weapon, I look around and saw the class I save came and watch, as well as a few others.

“I will expose you for what you are!” He said as he run toward me holding his sword with both hands and run toward me.


I just sorta parry it without much effort, the recoil send him back a little.

“Is that all?” I said, antagonizing him with a small smirk. People watching are gasping already, is he considered strong or something? Or is it because he’s a noble? Regardless I don’t care, he’s still a student learning, him being a noble shouldn’t excuse his actions.

“Don’t underestimating me you commoner!” He said as he swing toward my side this time.


I just block it with my own sword, still nothing noteworthy coming from him.

“Too easy, too slow, if anything it was you who underestimate me”


I said as I stab him with the practice sword, since it’s not made for actual fighting it doesn’t pierce his body, only push him away, though by a fair amount, and he- !?

*[Light Arrow]*

“Gah!” I could feel my body weaken and there was some sort of magical signature over there, seems like I was right to attack there then, someone was hiding there and yell out in pain.

“Whoever you are don’t interfere the duel in his favor, that is a warning” I said looking at the assailant’s location. 



And then this guy attack me with my back turned, not unexpected of course, one would be a fool not taking an advantage of their opponent having their back turned, but this isn’t exactly a life and death situation and more like a spar, underhanded tactic isn’t needed. Thankfully whatever spell that person casted isn’t particularly strong. 

“Quite dishonorable of you to have someone assisting you and attack while my back is turned” I said glaring at the guy.

“That’s not something a commoner like yourself have the right to say” He said still looking angry and tensed.

“I was going easy on you but now I don’t feel like it, you really need to learn to not mess with others, regardless of your status, it doesn’t mean you’re on top of the world after all” 

*Slash* *Slash* *Upper Cut*

“Arg!” Two slash from both side and a fist to the chin and there he goes flying, is he out already? Just lying on the ground groaning.


“Huh?” He said confused and stand up, while the audience gasped again.

“How does it feels being healed by a commoner?” I said condescendingly, I’m just taunting him at this point, feels a bit out of character for me admittedly, but it feels cathartic messing with nobles.

“I don’t need your help” He said looking a bit defeated.

“Yeah sure, anyway I need to heal you lest you actually died by the next attack” The audience seem to get taken aback by that statement.

“The hell are you saying” He said cautiously, seems like that beating mellow him a little for some reason. While I don’t have to speak out the spell anymore I might as well do it.

“[Blade of Light]” I said and my practice sword is engulfed in and enchanted by light, the audience are shocked once again, it’s like a routine. The noble boy is clearly scared.

“W-Why the hell do you know that move!?” What about it? I’m pretty sure it’s not a high-tier spell or technique, then again the only one I know that use this move is the Hero.

“Why do you care? Just take the full front of this attack and know that there are those lower than you in society that are still superior to you, your status means nothing out there” As soon as I said that...


“Gahhh!!!” A diagonal slash from that made him fly toward the wall.


And I might have to pay for the collateral damage, well, hopefully selling materials will be enough, anyway is he still conscious? Doesn’t seem so, how low is his health?


HP: 405/3,920


Pretty low, and his clothes is torn and he is bleeding. 

“Well the show is over folks” I said that turning to look at everyone, then turn toward the boy who is actually older than me so I shouldn’t call him that but whatever.


That should be enough, anyway time to go back to doing other stuff. I turn to look at the male teacher from before.

“If need be I’ll pay for the damage done to his uniform and the wall, I’ll leave for now” As soon as I said that I leave the training ground.




Thankfully the higher up didn’t make a big deal out of it, the mage in the shadow is under surveillance, that boy stop bothering me, the big man offer his gratitude, and everyone in that classroom that I rescue all praise me, except for one who isn’t there... the house the boy belongs to seems to hate me now but it seems that the head of the household being dead mean they can’t do much, so overall nothing bad came out of it...


The cost for damage is higher than I thought...