Book 1: O0.5: Interlude
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———Okabe Akio———


Hey there. Ryosaku Mitsuka here (Last Name First Name), just your average everyday high schooler, a guy with such a normal presence compared to my peers that my isekai loving friend called me the perfect isekai protagonist and that I’m gonna get isekai soon, say that it’s gonna happened in a mouth or so, rather ridiculous I have to say.

Well, let’s get to know my group then.


There’s five person in my group including me


  1. Okabe Akio (Me of course, the most average looking guy in the squad, the typical black hair brown eyes thing, like video games and manga, play sports sometime)
  2. Homura Reita (The isekai loving friend, the strongest and smartest of the group, love screwing around a bit too much sometime, lives by himself, have mysterious air around him, was in a coma for a month, have a freaking ahoge, seriously, dark brown hair and eyes, hair slightly long and slightly feminine face. Favorite legend: Violet Azure Witch)
  3. Saiki Yumi (Not much to say really, a bit taller than other girls, rather agile, like her name suggest she’s good at archery. Long black hair tied in ponytail and green eyes, gets into argument with me sometime, a bit of a tomboy)
  4. Yoshida Kioshi (The ikeman, tall, muscular, good looking, blonde hair and brown eyes, half-American or something. Calm and composed, a bit oblivious sometime. Like sports, better at it than me for sure)
  5. Kosami Ran (Sweetheart of the group. Standard long black hair and eyes. Like cute stuff, have a crush on Ken, small, super supportive, like fantasy story)


Yeah that’s everyone in the five luminary…

Look I know our group name is super cringy but none of us choose it okay!? Everyone else just kinda called us that, as to why we have such a name is because all five of us are pretty consistent in term of good grades and such. Well it’s because Reita who’s tutoring us hell and back that make us go through the test so well, even if it’s just the consequences of him reviewing the topic non-stop to catch up with the month he loss in a coma saving me from getting hit by a truck.

That’s beside the point.

Right now I’m in a rather precarious position, I’m trying to go buy the new manga coming out and now a few thugs are now surrounding me!

“Give us everything you have and maybe we’ll let you go” Said thug no.1.

“Not like you have a choice, you’ll give us everything you have” Said thug no.2.

Honestly how unlucky can I be? Usually you don’t found any thug doing these stuff, especially three at the same time! Better run!


“Hah! That way is a dead end idiot!” Said thug no.3 Shit. Now I’m surrounded! With zero escape path!



What? That guy just get electrocuted…

“Wha!? What’s going-”


And another guy as well… I saw a lightning or something hitting them.

“Bastard what did you-”


Seriously what was that? Where did that lighting come from? I look at the sky and it isn’t exactly dark or anything.


Who is that on the roof? Covered by blue cloak… and they’re gone… what was that? Weird. So freaking weird. Well, one weird story to tell others I guess. I think I should call 119 now… not doing so might get me in trouble later on...




“...” Reita looked rather tensed there.

“Something wrong?” I asked concerningly.

“Oh… nothing much, I was chatting with someone else and he’s in a rather precarious situation” He said while rubbing his temples.

“Really? What happened?” I said concerned.

“He was… it’s complicated… let’s just say he got addicted to something… unhealthy” He said sounding genuinely concerned.

“Is there anything I could help? What is he addicted to?”

“... Nothing you need to concern yourself with, I’ll deal with this later, how about you? You’ve been pondering about something for a while since we got here, did something happened to you as well?”

“Oh… well yesterday I was surrounded by some thugs, got extremely lucky and get away unscathed” That’s the entire sequence in a nutshell.

“Really? What do you mean by lucky?” He said with a curious look.

“Suddenly these three guys just got zap by lightning from out of nowhere, I’m pretty sure chances of that is like less than a one in a billion”

“Guess that’s another thing in the list of how isekai protagonist-sy you are, they tends to be really lucky after all” He said with a small grin.

“Oh don’t you start again” I said sounding slightly exasperated.

“What? That’s the truth” He said dismissively.

“Doesn’t mean you should make a big deal out of it” I said sounding annoyed.

“Yeah yeah” He said rubbing the back of his head. 

“What are you two talking about?” And now suddenly Yumi butted in.

“Nothing important, anyway where are those two again?” Reita said and look around to not see Kioshi and Ran.

“There’re talking to each other somewhere else right now, the usual really, anyway let’s talk about something to kill time” Yumi said.

“All right then… what am I supposed to talk about?” Reita said scratching his cheek.


———Yoshida Kioshi———


“So Ryosaku what are you doing after school today?” Ran asked.

“Probably just doing some exercises and watch some tv show I suppose” Nothing really that exciting.

“I see” She have been hanging around me for a long while now, if she’s happy doing this then I really don’t have it in me to tell her to stop, I think I should go back to the classroom now.

“I’ll go back to the classroom now, what about you?”

“I’ll go as well!” She said with a smile.




———Saiki Yumi———


“So anyway I think someone most likely save you from those thugs” I said to Akio.

“Yeah definitely, I have no idea how they do it but I think someone most likely save you, I mean seriously speaking the odds of three lightning striking in that area and save you is practically none” Reita added

“I still have no idea how that work though… like summoning three lightning? No way…” Akio said skeptically.

“I mean technology today is kinda advanced, maybe some sort of secret project?” Reita said, clearly not very confident in his hypothesis.

“Was there anyone else in that area?” I asked.

“Hmmm… Oh! There was this one person just standing on the roof wearing a blue cloak or something, couldn’t see what they looked like though” So there was someone there.

“Then it’s probable that that person did this isn’t it?” Reita asked.

“I guess, but it’s still way too strange to use it right there where I happened to be at, and when I’m cornered and in trouble” Akio commented.

“That is strange isn’t it?” I noted.

“Anyway… did you say this person have a blue cloak?” Reita asked.

“Yeah why?” Akio said sounding a bit confused.

“Maybe it’s her! Maybe she actually existed!” Reita suddenly proclaimed excitedly.

“Her?” I said confused by his pronoun game.

“The Violet Azure Witch!” He excitedly said, that one legend he really likes? 

“Where did that come from?” Akio said looking and sounding stupefied.

“Well in the legend she is always seen wearing a blue cloak after all, and she can use magic, so she might have cast lightning spell on them and save you or something along those line” He said. Honestly that just sounds extremely absurd.

“Yeah because someone from the legend, who might not actually existed in the first place, who supposedly died because of the witch hunt that was happening, many centuries ago, come to Japan to save some random high school student, is totally not absurd in any way shape or form” I said very sarcastically to Reita.

“While there are things I usually don’t agree with her I can definitely say that your theory is even more ridiculous than the last” Akio followed.

“Oh come on can’t you two humor me a little bit?” He exasperatly said.

“Not really, if I am to be honest with you this is clearly your most insane and ridiculous things you ever dis or said to date, aside from maybe shoving Akio away to save him from getting hit by that truck, and that one is commendable, this one is not” I mercilessly shot him down. He then exaggeratingly slump down onto the table.

“Damn that was cold” Akio commented.

“Whatever” I said dismissively.

“Hm? Seems like you three start something without us, what were you three talking about?” Kio said approaching us along with Ran.

“Well…” Akio started…




“Well I think Reita’s theory is believable!” Ran said, she’s being bias with this because of her love of fantasy and magic related things, though I don’t want to shot her down like I did Reita.

“In my opinion I don’t really care as long as everything turn out all right, regardless of the reasons” Kio coldly said. He’s not wrong on that, in the end everything turn out fine, who knows what’ll happen if we try to discover every bit of information regarding that incident, could put us in a precarious spot for all I know.

“True enough, but I guess we’ll never quite figure out what actually happened then” Akio said.




———Homura Reita———



Hm? It’s after school right now and someone is calling me, kinda planning on doing something at the moment. Whatever, might as well pick it up.


“Reita-kun, can I talk to you today?” A voice of a girl can be heard, one of my childhood friend Fujino Ayuna.

“Ah, Ayuna, what do you want to talk about?” Usually she only call to reminisce.

“Like usual really, I have been thinking about the old day is all” So the usual it is.

“Very well, I’ll go there soon, the park like the usual?”

“Yeah, like before” She said.




It’s afternoon right now, at the park near the apartment Ayuna live in, she should be sitting on the bench somewhere… 

There she is.

“Ayuna, I’m here” I said. She flinched and startled by my voice.

“You’re really fast, it’s only been like five minutes” She said.

“I have my way of getting here, anyway do you have anything you want to talk about in particular?”

“No, not really… I missed him…” She said sorrowfully.

“Yeah, both of us do” Probably more for her than for me, but it’s still disheartening thinking about that incident.

“Still remember back then? When we were just kids playing around? We were inseparable back then… and everything go down hill once I start moving out… he is gone… I feel really lonely sometimes” She said trying to smile. Sanada Kura… I don’t remember him that well to be honest, even my childhood with them in general, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that. I tap her shoulder and tried to comfort her,

“I know he means a lot to you, but I’m here as well, and I’m sure those in your school care for you as well, I’m sure Kura would hate seeing you like this” I said shaking her a little. She is still startled by me touching her it seems. I let go and wait for her to reply.

“... Thank you for your encouragement… I’ll think about it” She said with a tiny smile, looking like she could cry right now.

“Well? Anything else to talk about?”

“... I think just hanging out with my childhood make me feel better already… I’m fine” She said rubbing her temples. I doubt it.

“Try to open up to others okay? Anyway, I’ll have to get going now” I said to her.

“Yeah… Good luck” She said with a smile.

“Good luck to you too” I said to her, standing back up and walk away. I have something I need to do… it’ll start soon...




———Okabe Mitsuka———


Today is uneventful compared to yesterday that’s for certain. Right now I’m back home and doing homework, thankfully it’s not too difficult… Still though the event yesterday is definitely too strange, very unnatural, the theory Reita purposed could be true if that’s considered, then again with line of thought it raise a ton of questions, like why she did, why is she in Japan, and a lot of other stuff I don’t want to talk about.


Anyway let’s ignore that line of thought and continue my everyday life.