An update that contains a question for the readers
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Hello. It's F-rank.

I am typing from my phone, so please pardon any typos I may (and likely will) make.

I am very sorry for the long lack of updates. There were many things IRL that stopped me from taking the time to write, but the main problem was that the new arc I planned was supposed to be very very plot-heavy.

In the first arc I more or less set up the world-building and the current situation, so things had to start moving, no?

Anyway, planning all those things was hell. What characters or groups will do what, how it will affect this and that, I felt I wasn't writing but playing chess. I hate chess.

Often times, I didn't evem have the energy to start.

Anyway, I got very demotivated and frustrated so I pushed the story on the back-burner.

I really want to continue writing it, but the way things going, I will spend A LOT of time getting those chapters out.

So, here's my question for you readers: should I go "oh, f it" and just write things on the fly, sometimes discarding minor plots and losing a lot in terms of world-building or should I push things regardless of time and come out (probably) with something more carefully crafted?