Chapter 20- Soul Weapon
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[Keeno POV]

Another three years passed in the blink of an eye.  My training progressed from heat control to mana control, and some physical exercise.  Huginn and Muninn grew from tiny ravens to fully grown ones quickly and now they were about the size of hawks from my old world.  The two of them are very smart and I’ve started to have a sort of understanding with them to the point where it’s almost like telepathy.  Pram has also been keeping up with the training her family gives her, so she has had less and less free time as the years pass.


It is now a few days past my 10th birthday and while I’d like to say things are fine, they aren’t.  Starting the day after my birthday I started to feel a strange, hot feeling in my chest.  At first it wasn’t anything that I thought I should mention to Fia or Ama, as the days went on, it got progressively worse.  Today was the fifth day since this started and the burning feeling was so bad that I thought my chest was about to explode.


{Keeno!  What’s wrong!?}


“A-Ama, my chest…it feels like it’s going…to explode.” (Keeno)


{Fia!  Wake up!}


Fia nearly jumped out of bed at Ama’s panicked yelling.  She was about to ask what was up when she saw me with a pained expression on my face and my hands clawing at my chest like I was trying to rip it open.


{Get her outside now!  Keeno, hold on a little longer.}


Fia picked me up and started running outside out home to the back yard.


“Ama…what’s wrong…with me?” (Keeno)


{Your Soul Weapon is trying to manifest, but you are subconsciously blocking it from doing so.  How long have you been keeping this feeling from us?}


“Today…is the……fifth day…I…didn’t think…it was going to…get this bad.” (Keeno)


{*Sigh*  Keeno, I love you so much, but that was a stupid thing to do.  Why didn’t you tell us that your soul was literally on fire?}


“I…didn’t…know it was.  I can’t…see my……own soul yet.” (Keeno)


“Will this hurt her in any way, Rasu?” (Fia)


{No, though she’ll be extremely tired for a while after this.}


We made it to the door to the back yard and Huginn and Muninn tried to fly over to me, but I managed to relay to them to stay back for now.  They flew back to their perch, but I could tell that they were worried.  Fia then nearly kicked the door off the frame and jumped outside.


{Fia, lay her on the ground over there.  Keeno, I need you to listen to me.}


I nodded my head weakly as Fia placed me on the cold snowy ground that was gradually starting to warm up.


{Concentrate inside yourself, like when you practice your mana control, only instead of focusing on your mana, focus on the very core of your being.  If what you said is true and from what I can see, then it should be the hottest part that you can feel.  After that, just like with mana, make the heat flow to your hands.  After that, your Soul Weapon will manifest, and you’ll feel better.}


I nodded and then did as she said.  I did my best to ignore the burning pain and focused on the heat until I found the source.  It took me several minutes, but I managed to take control of the heat, and, like river rapids, it flowed down my arms to my hands.  It was then that changes started to happen.


Starting from just below my elbow, black chains started to wrap around both of my arms, stopping at just above my wrists.  When the chains stopped forming, things started to form in my hands.  Twin swords, the same black color as the chains formed from the handles.  They fit perfectly in my hands, as I would expect from weapons from my own soul.  From the handles branched out two crossguards in the shape of a wide V before the blades formed.  The blades slowly appeared until they reached a length that spanned from my elbow to my fingertips.  Once the swords fully formed, the ends of the chains hanging from my wrists attached themselves to the bottom of the hilts.  Finally, a thin film of blue flames coated the edges of the sword blades.


{How pretty.  What is the name for your Soul Weapon?}


Before I could ask what Ama meant by that, a name appeared in my mind.


“Cerulean Sunblades.” (Keeno)


{A fitting name.}


I then looked up at Fia and noticed something else.  Her soul, which I only ever saw if I really tried, was way clearer.  I looked around the area and saw several souls of small animals that lived in the trees near our home.


“Is something wrong?” (Fia)


“I can see souls much better now.  It’s no longer just a flicker.” (Keeno)


 {Interesting.  Let me see……Oh!  It seems that, with you manifesting your Soul Weapon, some of the things my Divine Protection have started to work.  Fia, I think with this, it’s time to start magic training in earnest.}


“I agree, but what abilities have started working?” (Fia)


{Her solar magic will be more potent the three hours around noon, she doesn’t need to chant to use spells.  Although it’s redundant since it’s a part of her Sun Authority, she is immune to fire…and I think that’s about it.}


“Alright.  We’ll need to get her to learn actual magic first, then we can see just how potent it will be in those three hours.”  Fia then turned back to me.  “Keeno, how well do you think you can use your Soul Weapon?  Just by manifesting it, you should know at least enough to not hurt yourself when you use it, but it’s different for everybody.”


“Um.” (Keeno)


I stood up from the place I was sitting and motioned for Fia to move a bit away from me.  Once she was a good distance, I let one of my swords fall as I grabbed onto the chain.  I then started to swing it around, a trail of cerulean flames coming off of it, making it look like an electric blue ring of fire on my side.  The more I swung it, the hotter it got until the blade and chain also started glowing blue.  Once it gained enough momentum, I pivoted on my feet and the sword and chain swung around horizontally, sending out a wave of blue fire that scorched a small area around me and left small sparks on the grass that managed to survive the wave.


“That’s about all I know to do.  Well, I think I can do that with both at the same time, but I feel like that will just burn more than just the small area around me.” (Keeno)


“…” (Fia)


“Um, Fia?” (Keeno)


“Rasu, do you think the flames from these will also be affected by your Divine Protection?” (Fia)


{Maybe a little, but these are more tied to her Authorities, so, the more access she gets to those, the stronger they will get.  Of course, this is not taking into consideration how strong she gets with them naturally, so train her like you were planning, and when her Authorities’ seals weaken and eventually disappear, it will be like a boost on top of the strength that’s already there.}


“Got it.” (Fia)


I started to walk back over to Fia when the suns started to peek over the horizon.  The second my sun rose high enough, my Soul Weapon started to hum a bit, like they were yearning to see the source of their fire.  I turned to face the suns and held my blades aloft.  As they bathed in the light, it felt like a piece of me was finally complete.


“Get ready, Keeno.  With this, you truly start on your path to ascension.” (Fia)


{I look forward to seeing what you’ll accomplish, my darling Fated One.}


Chaos Realm:

Keeno: …Where?

Amaterasu: KEENO!!!

Keeno: AMA!!!

Luna: …

Tamamo: …

Atmos: Yes, you two act the same way.


Order: It’s almost like a mirror.

Keeno: Who are all of you?

Amaterasu: In order from most important to least, that is Payto: God of Chaos, his wife, Order: Goddess of Order, Master Luna: Abyss of Fluff, her wife, Tamamo: Moon Goddess, and Atmos.


And Mischief.

Order: And Baking.

Keeno: Why are you calling that one master?

Amaterasu: Because she taught me the true meaning of Fluff.  Haven’t you noticed how my tails and hair have been so much better since our first Solar Convergence together?

Keeno: I mean, I did notice that, but I didn’t think someone was teaching you.

Luna: Oh, it’s not just her, I’ll be teaching you as well, but first, let’s get to know each other a bit seeing as we’re in somewhat of the same situation, being reincarnated and all.

Keeno: Eh!?  You too!?

Luna: Yep.  I’ll tell you my story since I get to watch yours.

Tamamo: And I’ll fill you in on the parts that she’s going to embellish.

Or, I can just let…

Order: Not now, let them do it their way.

Got it.