Chapter 21- Getting a Guild Card
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[Keeno POV]

A few minutes later I stopped holding my Soul Weapon up to the suns.  I was going to ask Ama and Fia how I was supposed to put my Soul Weapon away, but just the thought entering my head caused the swords and chains to disappear like they were never there.


“So that’s how I do that.” (Keeno)


“So, Keeno.” (Fia)


I looked up at Fia.  She was smiling at me and she seemed to be holding in some laughter.  I pouted grumpily at her.


“What?” (Keeno)


“Hehe.  Why don’t we keep with the momentum of this and go and get you your guild card today?  I know you’ve been wanting to get it since your tenth birthday.” (Fia)


“Sounds fine to me.” (Keeno)


Fia nodded at me and turned to go back inside.  When I was sure she wasn’t looking at me, I pumped my fist in triumph.


{You’re cute, Keeno.  Makes me want to just pull you into a hug and never let go.}


‘I wouldn’t mind, if that could be arranged.’




“Hehehehehe.” (Keeno)


While enjoying the flustered Ama noises, I followed Fia inside.  The two of us got dressed for the day, then I fed Huginn and Muninn.  After they finished eating, they flapped their wings and landed on each of my shoulders.


“Caw!” (Huginn)


“Squaq!  Caw, caw, squak!” (Muninn)


“Yes, you two, I’m absolutely fine.  A bit tired, but not enough to hamper anything.” (Keeno)


““CAW!!”” (Huginn and Muninn)


“I get it!  Stop always doing that in my ears!” (Keeno)


“Mischievous little birds, aren’t they?” (Fia)


“Nah.  They are just worried about me…I think.” (Keeno)


Huginn frantically bobbed its head while Muninn used on of its wings and tried to pat my head with it.


“…You’re teaching them weird things.” (Fia)


“LIES AND SLANDER!  And besides, Pram is the one that taught them how to pat people’s heads.  She likes doing that.” (Keeno)


{I know it’s not the case, but it sometimes feels like it’s the other way around and she enjoys receiving pats more.}


“I won’t deny that.” (Keeno)


We all chuckled at that and then left our home.  As soon as we stepped out of the door, a thought came to me.


“Guild cards are like that orb thing that showed me that status thing, right?  Does that mean that I’ll have to somehow hide my Title of Ama’s Fated One and her Divine Protection and the other things that mortals shouldn’t normally have?” (Keeno)


“Not really.  To put it in a somewhat easy to understand way, the information on a guild card only gives the basic information on the surface of one’s soul.  Your Divine Protection, Fated One Title, and Authorities are things that reside in the core of your soul, so something like a Guild card won’t be able to pick up on them.” (Fia)


“But Guild cards have a Title section, don’t they?” (Keeno)


{Titles are a weird thing, Keeno.  Nobody, not even us gods really know the most intricate working of them.  We do know, however, that there are three types.  The first and rarest type is like the Fated One Title.  It resides in the deepest part of your soul and usually have effects that hold a lot of power or potential, like how you having the Title of being my Fated One will allow you to become a goddess.}


“Then there are Titles with weaker effects and settle on the surface of the soul.  These Titles are things like monster slaying titles that make you more intimidating to monsters of the same type as the slayer Title.” (Fia)


{Then there is the third type.  These come about when enough people, or people deemed important enough, give them to someone.  For example, if you were in a rural village and singlehandedly saved it from destruction by monsters or something, the people would probably call you a hero, and if enough of them call you that and actually believe it, you’d get the Title Hero of Rural Village.}


“The second and third types can appear on Guild cards while the first type doesn’t.  So, you have no need to worry about those two things becoming public knowledge.  Of course, whoever helps make the card will learn your full name, but I don’t think that will be a problem since you can just hide the name Keeno after the fact.” (Fia)


“Hmm.” (Keeno)


Just as soon as we finished this conversation, we entered onto a busy street.  Since it was still early, the people that roamed about were mostly shop owners or people getting things to eat before heading off to work.  A few waved at us in greeting and Fia waved back while I gave a small nod of greeting.  I’ve grown used to the people of the city over the years we’ve lived here, but my ‘princess personality,’ as Fia calls it, has become such an unbreakable habit for me that it’s impossible for me to not act this way unless I’m alone with people I trust absolutely.


“…” (Keeno)


“Don’t worry, Keeno.  I’ve known Randal for a long time, you can at least let him know your name.” (Fia)


“Ok.  I mean, there isn’t really any meaning in hiding my name aside from me just wanting only people really close to me to know it.  It doesn’t help keep any secret and it’s not like I’ll be hunted down if it spreads.  But I’m gonna try to keep it hidden for as long as I can.  I feel entitled to at least this much.” (Keeno)


{You are entitled to so much more, but I think this much is fine.}


“I agree with Rasu.” (Fia)


It was then that we finally reached the doors to the Guild Hall.  We went inside and got several glances from people that were here.  Just like on the way here, several people waved to us in greeting, and we responded in kind.  We made our way to the staircase and descended.  Once we made it to the second floor, we went to one of the homunculi that were going about their business and Fia asked it to let Randal know we were here.  It bowed in acknowledgement and left.  Several minutes later it returned and said that Guild Master Randal was waiting for us.  When we got to his office door, we were let inside and found Randal sitting on one of the seats while drinking a cup of this world’s version of coffee.


“A fine morning, my friends.  Wouldn’t you agree?” (Randal)


“It is indeed.” (Fia)


“I agree.  It has been quite the fortuitous morning.” (Keeno)


“As eloquent as always, Little Miss Okami.  I’d very much like it if you’d relax more when we meet.  I’ve heard rumors that you are almost a completely different person when with Little Pram.” (Randal)


“While I do trust you, Sir Randal, it’s become an ingrained habit.  Please don’t think I’m being rude by showing you such formality in the times we meet.” (Keeno)


“I see.  Then I can only hope that one day you’ll find me good enough company to get around this habit.  Now, I assume you’ve both come here today for something more than just a peaceful chat?” (Randal)


“Like you promised five years ago, we’re here to get her Guild card.” (Fia)


“Ah, so that’s what it is.  It’s hard to believe that five years have passed already.  Oh, how time slips by.” (Randal)


Randal stood from his seat and went over to his desk.  There, he opened a drawer and pulled out a silvery card and some kind of big needle.  He then approached me and placed both of them in front of me.  Huginn and Muninn eyed the shiny objects with a lot of interest.


“You may not take them, my feathered friends.” (Keeno)


They both ruffled their feathers in dejection.


“Such an interesting thing, these two.  Are they truly normal steelfeather ravens?” (Randal)


“Honestly, I’m not too sure about that anymore myself.  I know normal ones are smart, but these two seem a bit too smart.” (Fia)


“Ho ho.  If even you are unsure, then they MUST be special.  But enough about them, I’ll explain what needs to be done.  Miss Okami, all you need do is draw blood from the place closest to your soul with this needle, then let the blood drip onto the card.  Worry not, for I shall excuse myself while you do this.” (Randal)


I nodded my head and Randal left the room.


“Want me to help you?  Some people really struggle doing this.” (Fia)


“I got it.” (Keeno)


I stood from the seat I was sitting on and removed my shirt.  I then picked up the needle and stabbed myself in the chest.  It stung a bit, but not enough to really leave any lingering pain of discomfort.  About three seconds after I did this, the needle went from silver to red.  I removed it from my chest and tapped it onto the silver card.  The card shone for a minute before changing color.  It went from pure silver to a mix of blue, black, and grey.  I then put my shirt back on and we called Randal to come back into the room.  He sat back down on his seat and picked up my new Guild card.


“Let’s see…Oh ho.  So, Okami is your family name, and your actual name is Keeno.  And Death magic is quite rare.  As for why it’s blue when you have no water affinity is strange.  Also, I’ve never heard of a Soul Weapon with such an interesting name.  Do you mind if I see it?” (Randal)


“Before any of that, I would like to request you keep my first name to yourself.” (Keeno)


“Of course, Little Miss Okami.  I won’t pry.” (Randal)


I nodded my thanks to him then glanced at Fia.  She nodded to me, and I moved my shoulders a little, signaling Huginn and Muninn to move off of them for a bit.  Once they moved, conveniently next to something shiny, I opened my hands and wished for my Soul Weapon to appear.  This time instead of the gradual manifestation, it was practically immediate.  Randal looked at the two swords connected to chains with a serious look on his face.


“Quite remarkable.  These are some of the most unique Soul Weapons I’ve seen in my many years walking this world.  And, if you don’t mind a comparison, they somewhat resemble Miss Fiametta’s Soul Weapon.  Not in shape, but, if I had to put a word to it, quality.” (Randal)


I made my Soul Weapon vanish again and Randal placed the Guild card back on the table and slid it over to me.  I picked it up and looked at it.


Name: Keeno Okami
Sex: Female
Race: Kitsune
Status: Normal
Magic Affinities: Solar, Death, Illusion
Soul Weapon: Cerulean Sunblades


I put it away in a pocket after reading it over and making a mental note to ask how to hide things on it later.  Fia then took over the conversation and spoke with Randal mostly about the past, but closer to the end of the conversation, they moved onto what I could and couldn’t do with my Guild card.


Chaos Realm:

Keeno: So tired.  Fia really talks a lot when she’s with friends.

Luna: That conversation was definitely boring to sit through.  But at least Huginn and Muninn were there to help distract you for a while.  It’s a shame they can’t come here yet.

OI!  Who said you could decide they will eventually!?

Order: They won’t?

…I never said that, I just asked why Luna was making arbitrary decisions in our home.

Order: Don’t be like that.  She just took into consideration how flexible you keep rules in here and made an observation.

…Am I really that loose with the rules in what I allow into our home?

Luna: Pretty much.


Order: Hehehe.  No need to look so down, I, for one, know you’re only like that when it comes to your close friends, so it’s fine.  You know I’d step in to mediate things if they start to get out of hand.

*Nods head in agreement*

Yeah, you’re right.

Keeno: …Wow you’re good at that.  Though I don’t get why you wanted them to start getting all flirty.

Luna: It was a teaching moment for you, Keeno.  This is just another form of intangible Fluff.

Keeno: I see.  Very interesting.