Chapter 24- Solar Convergence 2-Fluffy Boogaloo
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[Keeno POV]

A year has passed since my Soul Weapon manifested and I spent a lot of that time training on how to use it as well as my magic.  Fia and Ama have been really hammering it into my head that control is extremely important, to the point where it’s something that they made sure to say at least once a day.  I was at the point where I could confidently control seven condensed fireballs simultaneously, making them move around me, each at varying speeds, while making them into different shapes and moving them in different directions.


Huginn and Muninn also grew a little more and their previous pure black feathers gained a silvery sheen and the feathers at the edges of their wings grew very sharp.  On Pram’s side of things, she has moved on to helping her family in healing small injuries that people come to them to heal.  But even then, she still makes time to come see me, and I do the same for her.  Today was a day that she wouldn’t come over, but that works in my favor since it was a special day.  Just as the suns were rising above the horizon, one could see that it was just a single sun instead of the usual two.  I smiled as my vision faded to black.


{Hehehe.  Welcome back, my beloved Keeno.}


I reopened my eyes to see Ama’s beautiful flaming orange eyes looking directly into mine.  The smile on her face contained the warmth of the sun and I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip a beat.  If it wasn’t for this child body that still couldn’t really feel anything, I’d probably jump her and start kissing her like she was water in a desert and I was dehydrated.


{Keeno, I can see the disappointment in your eyes, what’s wrong?}


“I’m annoyed by my body.  My mind and soul know what I want, but my body is holding me back and it’s frustrating.”


{I see.  Well, there isn’t anything I can do about that, but like I’ve said before, this is just a short period in your life.  And besides, this doesn’t stop us from cuddling together, and I know how much you like that.}


“Yes, I do very much like that, but I think it’s more I just really enjoy being close to you.  Your warmth, smell, presence, Fluff, all of you.  It feels like I’m being driven insane, and I love that feeling.  It makes me want to keep you all to myself, even going as far as keeping Fia away from you, but I know I shouldn’t do that.  I love Fia too much to keep her away.  She’s like the big sister I’ve never had in either of my lives.  And Pram is cute and a good friend, so I’ll make sure she is happy.”


{Careful Keeno, you’ll make me jealous, talking about other women like that.}


“Hehehe.  The thing is, Ama, I only LOVE you, I may love those two as something similar to family, but that is different that the LOVE I feel for you.  I am yours, and yours alone, just as you are mine, and mine alone.  And I won’t compromise on that.”


Ama’s smile grew wider, and she pulled me into a tight hug.


{Honestly, what did I do to deserve such a perfect Fated One?  I feel the same as you, Keeno.  Though what you lack in the power to do, I have in spades, but like you, I won’t keep you ALL to myself.  I want you to have friends to rely on and people you can actually call family.}


I barely heard Ama’s words as I was too occupied reveling in her embrace.  The feeling of closeness that I only got once a month with her was something that I enjoyed to the fullest and I wasn’t going to let simple words distract me from it.  Several hours passed as we enjoyed simply being together as we watched whatever scenery Ama had her home have today.  This time, it was a quaint little hamlet with a small stream running through it, the sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees in small beams and a light mist hanging around.  While sitting there, a thought popped into my head.


“Hey Ama, do you have a Soul Weapon?”


{Naturally.  Want to see it?}


I nodded my head.  She smiled and I moved from my place on her lap.  She stood up and walked a little away from me.  When she was far enough, she extended her arm and a spear I think was called a naginata appeared.  Its long handle was a copper color and ended in a gilded blade that was veiled in a thin film of orange flames.  The heat in the area increased the instant it appeared and when Ama moved it, it was like…the best way I can describe it is that everywhere became filled with more life.  I could also faintly see waves of magic coming off of it like a heat haze.


{Hehehe.  I like that expression, Keeno.}


“It’s so pretty.  And it fits you so well.”


{That’s kind of the whole point of a Soul Weapon.}


“I get that, but still.”


I stood up from my spot and I summoned my own Soul Weapon.  I approached Ama and when I got close enough, my Cerulean Sunblades started to audibly hum.  Ama’s naginata started to do the same.


“Um, is this a bad thing?”


{I don’t think so.  I think that the Concept of Life in my naginata and the Concept of Death in your swords are just reacting to one another.  I mean, one can’t exist without the other, so it makes sense that they would have some kind of reaction.}


“I never thought of it that way, but at least it’s better than them repelling each other.”


{Why would they do that?  Opposites attract, don’t they?}


“True…How do you know that?”


{Keeno, just because this is a world of magic doesn’t mean we don’t know magnetism.  Alchemists, blacksmiths, and several other crafting professions know many things your previous world called science.}


I felt my face go red with embarrassment.  I started to stammer and try to think of an excuse for accidentally implying Ama wasn’t smart in that way.


{It’s ok, Keeno.  I know you didn’t mean any offence, and even if you did, I wouldn’t hold it against you.}


While I calmed myself down, the humming of our Soul Weapons stopped.  I tilted my head in confusion.


{Seems the resonance is over.}


“Did that actually do something special?”


{No.  I think our Soul Weapons were just acknowledging each other.}


“Are they sentient?”


{Nope, but they are technically a part of our souls, so us being Fated Ones as well as the contradicting Concepts that make up part of them caused some resonance.  Um…think of it like when we first saw each other.  We both immediately knew that we were meant to be together, our Soul Weapons were just doing something similar.}


“I get what you are trying to say, but also not, so let’s just drop the topic.”




With that out of the way, an interesting idea popped into my head.


“Hey Ama, want to spar with our Soul Weapons?”


{Sure, but what brought this on?}


“Just thought it would be interesting.  As you know, I’ve wanted to do this with Fia as well, but she never agrees.”


{Well, her Soul Weapon does produce ever-burning flames.  It’s honestly better she doesn’t use it as much as possible.}


“I get that, but she could at least show it to me.”


{Just give her time, Keeno.  Now, how about that sparring match?}


“Let’s get to it.”


Ama and I walked away from each other until we were a good bit apart from one another.


{I’ll say this now, but I’m going to hold back to at least your level, Keeno.}


“I know, it wouldn’t really be a sparring match if you went all out.  I wouldn’t be able to do literally anything against you.”


We both chuckled at that and then fell silent.  We stood facing each other for about a minute when I made the first move.  I launched into a sprint towards Ama before stomping down hard on the ground a little in front of her.  Using my heel as a pivot, I let go of the hilts of my swords and they extended until I caught the chains again.  As the momentum from my sprint moved into the pivot, my blades flew through the air in a horizontal arc, two electric blue arcs of fire trailing behind them.


When they almost reached the point where Ama was, she jumped back to dodge them before moving forward again, putting her naginata in the spot where my blades would go, causing them and the chains to wrap around the shaft of her naginata.  She then pulled hard towards herself.  Since my balance was practically nonexistent combined with her higher strength, I was pulled off my feet and I flew in her direction.  Realizing this, she unsummoned her Soul Weapon and caught me in a hug when I reached her.


{Sorry about that Keeno, I didn’t realize you were that light.}




{I get that you’ve been eating more than you usually have, but that doesn’t mean anything.  Remember, lifespans in this world are a lot longer than you are used to, so a mortal body matures slower.  You won’t hit a growth spurt for another few years at most.}




{No need to get depressed about that.  Now, what do you say to another round?}


I, reluctantly, let Ama let me out of her embrace as I walked back to the spot I started at.


“Alright.  It’s my goal to land at least one hit on you before the end of the day.”


{I like the enthusiasm, Keeno.  But just because of that doesn’t mean I’m going to willingly let that happen.}


“Fine by me, it wouldn’t feel satisfying if you did.”


Like that, we spent the rest of this Solar Convergence sparring with our Soul Weapons.


Chaos Realm:

Luna: Makes me wonder, do we also have Soul Weapons?

Tamamo: I’ve tried seeing for myself, but I’ve had no luck.

Then allow me to shed light on this.  You don’t.  It’s a thing that is unique to Keeno’s world.  Just like yours has the Abyss of Fluff, Keeno’s has Soul Weapons.

Order: Not to mention that souls in your world are fundamentally different due to being from a different layer of the Sea of Chaos.

Luna: I see.  It’s a bit of a shame, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it.

Tamamo: Like either of us sleep anyway.

Luna: True.