Chapter 25- Intentions
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[Keeno POV]

We had stopped our sparring session about half an hour before the suns set.  Unlike Ama, I was out of breath and barely holding myself on my feet.  The moment I started to collapse, Ama basically teleported next to me and caught me.


“So tired.”


{Hehe.  Just rest, Keeno.  I’ll tell Fia to give you the day off, so feel free to fall asleep.}


“I think I’ll do that.”


My eyes immediately felt heavy, and I was quickly falling asleep.


“I love you, Ama…I had fun today.”


{I love you as well, Keeno.  Until next you wake.}


That was the last thing I heard before traveling to the land of dreams.


[Fia POV]

When I got back to the bedroom after taking a bath, I found Keeno was back, and she looked absolutely exhausted.  Even then, she had an extremely happy smile on her face which made me chuckle.


“Hey Rasu, what did the two of you do to tire her out this much?”


{For a lot of the day the two of us sparred with our Soul Weapons.}


“I see.  How’d she do?”


{Decent.  She has some of the theory down and she puts it into action well, though she’s still naïve.  She needs more experience in deadly situations, but those will come in time.  I think keeping her on the training you have her on will be fine, though I’d also suggest adding some actual sparring to it.  We also need to get her used to pressure and bloodlust so that she doesn’t get stunned by it in the future.}


“All in good time, Rasu.  I was planning on doing that when she was a little older.  I mean, she should be a little used to it from her prior training, but not to the point where she’d be able to stand toe to toe with some of the powerhouses out there.”


{Or what she wants to do, the places she wants to go are dangerous.}


“What do you mean?”


{Well, she has some sort of idea on what she wants to do when she finally becomes independent.  I only know about it because she sometimes talks about it through our connection in her sleep.}


“I get that, but what is it she wants to do?”


{She wants to dismantle the Dead Zones.  With all the information we’ve given her about them, she thinks she may be able to absorb the Divinity at their cores.}


“…Does she really understand what that mean?  I mean, fully understand the implications?  If she does that, she’ll be considered this world’s most evil of beings.”


{I don’t think she does, that’s why I haven’t brought it up with her yet.  I don’t know how to approach the subject.}


“How about you leave it to me?  I’ll think of a way to get her to understand, but only when she broaches the subject herself.”


I started to climb into the bed for the night when Rasu had one more thing to say.


{Oh, and I told Keeno I’d get you to give her the next day off from training.  She deserves it for how well she did.}


“Got it.”


[Keeno POV]

When I woke up again, my entire body was sore.


“Amaaaaaaaaaa.  Everything hurts.”


{Good morning to you too, Keeno.}


“You’re too rough, Ama.”


{Hehehehehehe.  You’re the one who asked for it, so I just obliged.}


“Can the two of you stop flirting and acting like you didn’t just spar yesterday this early in the morning.” (Fia)


“Booooo!” (Keeno)




“Ugh!  The two of you being in sync like that is too much!” (Fia)


{“We can’t help it Fia.  It’s just how we are.  It’s better to get used to it since you’re stuck with us for all eternity.”}


“It’s too early for this.” (Fia)


“Well you should get you some coffee.” (Keeno)


“Mph.” (Fia)


Fia begrudgingly got up and left the room.


“What’s up with her?”


{You were a bit punchy in your sleep.}


“…Guess I need to apologize.”


{She’ll be fine.  Anyway, what do you plan on doing today?}


“Well, when I can move and it doesn’t cause pain, I might go and see Pram.  Change it up a bit and whatnot.  Mess with her brother maybe.”


{Poor child.  You know he likes you, right?}


“Yeah.  Honestly, I don’t really know how to get that to stop.  Aside from showing no interest, I can’t really force a child to just stop having a crush on me.  At least not without ruining my image or my relationship with Pram or her family.”


{Then I guess just keep showing no interest until his interest passes onto someone else.}


“I agree, though I do feel a bit bad for him.  I mean, his childish attempts are endearing, ineffective, but endearing.”


At this point, Fia came back into the room.


“Want some coffee, Little Miss Snowfire Princess?” (Fia)


“Might as well.” (Keeno)


I tried to sit up, and managed it, but not without feeling like I was swimming through cement.  Slowly I climbed out of the bed and, after moving around a bit to get the soreness and stiffness out of my system, walked over to Fia.


“Sorry for being all punchy.” (Keeno)


“Hehe.  Don’t worry about it.  It’s not like it hurt.” (Fia)


“Then don’t be such a grump!” (Keeno)


“Hehehe.  So, you’re going over to see Pram today?” (Fia)


“That’s the plan.” (Keeno)


“Then have fun.” (Fia)


I nodded to her words and went to get me my own coffee.  On the way Huginn and Muninn flew over to me cawing happily.  As I drank my coffee, I looked out the window and watched the suns rise slowly.  Today, my sun was the first to come up, followed shortly by Ama’s.


Chaos Realm(Astraea Edition):

Astraea: Evelyn!

Evelyn: Astraea!

Astraea: Today, we shall have a wonderous tea party.  And you are the special guest.

Evelyn: Who else is coming?

Astraea: Me.

Evelyn: Is this one of those date things mom is always talking about?

Astraea: I don’t know, I just want some fun, alone time with you.

Evelyn: YAY!

Astraea: Hehehehehehe.

*Time passes as, with parental help, a tea party is set up*

Astraea: Madame Evelyn, how are you enjoying your tea?

Evelyn: Very much, Madame Astraea.  It’s quite the delicious brew.

Astraea: Indeed.  It goes well with the snacks.

Evelyn: Indeed, indeed.

Astraea: …

Evelyn: …

Both: Hehehehehehehehehe.