Chapter 26- Going to See Pram
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[Keeno POV]

After a little while of drinking coffee and watching the suns, I went to the bathroom to take a quick bath.  Once that was done and I got dressed for the day, I was ready to go see Pram.  Just as I was about to leave, Fia called out to me.


“Keeno, do your best to not lead Pram’s brother on too much.” (Fia)


“It’s not like I ever try to.  I deny him any and every time he tries to flirt or whatever you call what he does to try to get me to fall for him.” (Keeno)




“Rasu, no offence, but don’t say anything.  Your perspective is of no use here since you have no experience in being a mortal.” (Fia)


{I was just going to say smack him till he stops.}


“And that’s not how it works.  Sure, if Keeno does that enough, he’ll stop, but he’ll also probably come to either fear, hate, or…become something else…anyway, that is not the answer.  In my opinion, the way Keeno is going about it is the correct way.  Once he realizes that she holds no interest in him in any other way than friendship, if even that, he’ll move on.” (Fia)


{Ugh.  Mortal feelings are so difficult to maneuver.}


“Um, but if that’s the case, then what is love?  Is it not also a mortal feeling?” (Keeno)


{Love is more than that.  It’s just the way gods and mortals go about it that’s different.  Gods are straightforward with it every time.  It’s mortals that make it all complicated and refuse to just state that they love someone from the start.  In that respect, you have more of a god’s perspective, Keeno.  Though our connection as Fated Ones helps with that.}


“This isn’t the time to wax philosophical, you two.  Keeno, go on.” (Fia)


“I’m going.  Huginn, Muninn, you two coming with me, or staying with Fia?” (Keeno)


They looked at one another and flew over to my shoulders.


““CAW!!”” (Huginn and Muninn)


“Again with doing that in my ears.  Don’t make me let Pram play with the two of you again.” (Keeno)


“caw.” (Muninn)


“squak.” (Huginn)


“Hehehehe.” (Fia)


I left home and started making my way over to Pram’s.  She didn’t live too far away from us, but it was a big enough distance that we couldn’t be called neighbors.  Passing by a few people that were leaving their homes, I greeted them with my usual nods.  After a bit I finally made it to Pram’s home.


It was a big place, even bigger than mine and Fia’s.  There was the main house, and what I always called the clinic, though it looked almost like a church than anything.  As I approached, I saw that Pram and her mother were walking over to the clinic.  I sped up my pace and when I was close enough, Pram turned to me after hearing my approach.


“Okami!?” (Pram)


“Hello Pram.  I decided to come see you today instead of the other way around.” (Keeno)


“Good morning, Okami.” (Mill)


“Good morning to you as well, Miss Mill.  Is Pram free, or does she have training today?” (Keeno)


“She’s free today.  Ashe is too.” (Mill)


“Oh…great.” (Keeno)


“Hehehe.” (Pram)


“So, he really has no chance, huh?” (Mill)


“Unfortunately for him, none at all.  My circumstances aside, Pram would have a better chance than Ashe ever did.  And even then, my circumstances AND wants mean Pram has no chance either.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be friends, just no romance between any of us.” (Keeno)


“I had a feeling that was the case, but I just needed confirmation.  Now, run along Pram, Okami came all this way to play with you, so you shouldn’t keep her waiting.” (Mill)


“Oki, mama.  Let’s go, Okami.” (Pram)


“Have a good day, Miss Mill.” (Keeno)


“The two of you as well.” (Mill)


Pram and I walked over to her back yard.


“Okami…” (Pram)


“What’s wrong, Pram?” (Keeno)


“Will you be going somewhere one day?  Your talk with mama made it sound like it.” (Pram)


I smiled and started to chuckle before moving closer to Pram and patting her on the head.


“Don’t worry Pram, even if I did go somewhere, I’d be taking you with me.” (Keeno)


She looked at me with shining eyes.


“Really!?” (Pram)


“Yep.  I can’t just leave my best friend behind, now can I?” (Keeno)


“Nope!  You are never allowed to leave me behind.  If you do, I’ll…I’ll……hunt you down and pull on your tail!” (Pram)


“Hehehehehehehehe.  I really don’t want that, so I guess I’ll just have to keep you.” (Keeno)


With all that settled, Pram and I started to play one of her many games where we had to chase Huginn and Muninn.  This lasted for almost two hours before the inevitable happened.


“Pram!  Where are you!?” (Ashe)


““Ugh.””(Pram and Keeno)


““Caw!”” (Huginn and Muninn)


Pram’s brother, Ashe, turned the corner around their home and froze up when he saw me here.  He was a tall boy, especially for his age, with the same silver-grey hair as Pram and the rest of their family.  His tail was a little shorter and way less fluffy than Pram’s.  His face was well featured, and his somewhat stern grey eyes would lead to many girls falling for him one day.  To his credit, he was a good-looking guy, but that didn’t mean anything to me.


“O-Okami…” (Ashe)


He flusteredly patted himself down in an attempt to make himself presentable or something before looking back at us.


“It’s a pleasure to see you, Okami.  To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence today?” (Ashe)


“Stop imitating an adult, Ashe.  And I’m here because Pram is here.  There is no rule saying I cannot come and see my best friend.  Now, leave, you are interrupting our game.” (Keeno)


“Yeah, brother.  Go away!” (Pram)


“Come on, Pram.  Let me join you.” (Ashe)


“Were you not coming here looking for Pram for a different reason?  Speak it and leave.” (Keeno)


“…Oh yeah.  Pram, dad was asking if you were going to help out today, but I see that isn’t the case.” (Ashe)


“Yeah, I’m busy with Okami, so go away.” (Pram)


“…*sigh*See you later, Okami.” (Ashe)


He left, though I did notice how his ears, shoulders, and tail slumped.  Several minutes later, Pram turned to me and pouted.


“Dumb Ashe.  Okami is my friend, not yours.” (Pram)


“So, where were we before we were interrupted?” (Keeno)


“We were chasing lunch one and two.” (Pram)


“Caw!?” (Huginn)


“Caw caw!?” (Muninn)


“They said that their names aren’t lunch one and two.” (Keeno)


“I know, but calling them that makes chasing them so much more fun.” (Pram)


“I can’t deny that.” (Keeno)


““Caw!!!”” (Huginn and Muninn)


The two of them started to fly from us faster and we leapt after them.


Chaos Realm:

Tamamo: You know, they almost remind me of how you and Soleil were.

Luna: I can see that, though I don’t think Pram sees Keeno as a sister.  It’d be cute if she did, but this is also cute.

Tamamo: True.

Order: …

What’s wrong, Order?

Order: I’m getting a feeling.  Are Astraea and Evelyn still here?

Yeah, I just helped them set up a tea party.  That’ll keep them busy for a few days.

Order: Hmmm.