Chapter 27- 16 Years Old and Resolve for the Future Journey
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[Keeno POV]

Several more years have passed and I’m now 16.  The time practically flew by as I trained, had fun with Pram, and trained some more.  Other than that, nothing else really happened.  I did hit a growth spurt and, according to Ama and Fia, I now looked like a young princess.


I was now almost the same height as Fia.  I let my hair grow out to the point where I had to wear it in a high ponytail, and even then, it reached my thighs.  The blue tips of my tail, ears, and hair had become a little deeper in blue, which stood out even more against the white-silver color.  My irises actually started to faintly glow, and the sclera of my eyes became an even deeper black, increasing the intimidating impression I gave to people who didn’t already know or have gotten used to me.  To both mine and Ama’s satisfaction my chest has filled out, so, while still smaller than hers, I am well on my way to rivaling her.  Another change is that, while still controllable, my body heat increased more, so I’m back to constantly radiating a comfortable warmth.


When I turned 15, I was allowed to sign up at the adventurer branch of the guild and on some days when I wasn’t training or having fun with Pram, I’d do some small quests inside the city.  During this time, I also really thought about what I wanted to do once Fia went back to whatever it is she did before picking me up.  I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but I needed more information and I wanted to hear Ama and Fia’s opinions.


When I came to that decision, I made my way back home after finishing another miscellaneous quest for the Guild.  When I got there, I saw Pram standing by the door with her hand raised as she was just about to knock.


These past few years Pram had also grown a lot.  She kept her long, silver-grey hair at a length that ended just above her knees.  She had a naturally sleepy look on her face, though that disappeared when she was around people she liked.  This came about when she started to try and imitate my public persona, so now when the two of us went around town, we became known as the Snowfire Princess and the Duchess of Ice.  Her tail had grown a little longer and even fluffier, though it still fell short to mine and Ama’s.  When I called out to her, she spun around and the sleepy look in her face completely disappeared.


“Okami, it’s good to see you.  I was just about to knock and see if you wanted to do something today.” (Pram)


“We can, but there is something I need to talk about.  I want you to join in as well.” (Keeno)


She nodded her head and the two of us went inside.  I told Pram to go sit in the lounge while I went to find Fia.  It didn’t take me long to do that as she was in the kitchen cutting up some meat while Huginn and Muninn watched her with rapt attention.


“Fia, we need to talk.” (Keeno)


“Alright.  I’ll meet you in the lounge in a minute.” (Fia)


I nodded my head and left.


{Keeno, are you going to tell Pram everything?}


‘Planning on it.  I feel it’s about time I let her call me by my first name.  I don’t like keeping things from her.’


{Honestly, it’s about time you did this.  She’s been able to keep a secret for a while now, so I’m surprised you waited until now.}


‘To be honest, I think I fell into a comfortable situation where I didn’t want things to change, but now, I think it’s time I start to break that stagnation a bit.’


{Makes sense.}


When I made it to the lounge, I found Pram sitting in front of a now lit fireplace.


“I know the two of you are almost unnaturally warm, but you should at least light this.  If not for its intended effect, at least for the atmosphere.” (Pram)


“I have no rebuttal for that.  Anyway, Fia will join us in a minute.  So, in the meantime, how have you been?  It’s been a bit since we last were able to meet up.” (Keeno)


“I’ve been good.  Just a lot of training.  Several people are nearing the end of their life, so we’ve been easing their pain.  Apparently my Soul Weapon’s sound provides comfort to their minds.” (Pram)


“I see.  Mind if I stop by at some point soon, there are some things I want to see.” (Keeno)


“That should be fine.” (Pram)


“How’s Ashe been?” (Keeno)


“Still failing to seduce his new love interest.  Though at this point I think she is just messing with him since she clearly likes him as well.” (Pram)


“She’s poking fun at his denseness eh?  That’s funny.” (Keeno)


“It is entertaining to watch.” (Pram)


At this point in our conversation, Fia entered the room with Huginn and Muninn riding on her shoulders.  When they saw me, they flapped their wings and flew over to me before landing on my tail which was sitting in my lap.  I chuckled at them and started to scratch them on the neck where they liked it.


“So, Okami, what is it you wanted to talk about?” (Fia)


“First off, Fia, it’s fine.  I’m going to tell Pram today.  After that, I’m going to need you and Ama’s opinion.” (Keeno)


“I see.” (Fia)


“Tell me what?” (Pram)


“My entire story up to now.  But first thing’s first, Pram, feel free to call me Keeno.  It’s my first name, Okami is my family name.” (Keeno)


“Keeno…how fitting.” (Pram)


Pram started to smile.


“Thank you for trusting me with telling me your full name, Keeno.” (Pram)


I smiled back at her before continuing.


“Now, on to the rest of the story.” (Keeno)


Over the next hour or two, I recounted my story.  Once I was finished, Pram had a expression with many mixed emotions.


“There are many things I want to say, but I’m honestly mostly angry.  How dare those people treat you like that!” (Pram)


“Honestly, I’m surprised that’s the first thing you mention.  I expected you to be surprised about my relationship with Amaterasu.” (Keeno)


“I always felt you were special, so my first thought with that was: ‘I see, so that’s why she feels so special.  Good to know.’” (Pram)


“…” (Keeno)


“Pfft.  Ahahahahaha!  I won this bet, Rasu.” (Fia)




“Was that the Goddess’s voice just now?” (Pram)


“Yes.  How’d you do that, Ama?” (Keeno)


“It’s my doing.  I learned a way to get divine level telepathy to be shared to a small amount of people from Randal.  It takes a lot of concentration and mana to do, but it should be fine for this discussion.” (Fia)


“How convenient.  Anyway, with the first part done, now it’s time for the real discussion.  Fia, Ama, I think I know what I want to do when I come of age.” (Keeno)


{We’re listening.}


“I think I want to dismantle the Dead Zones.  It’s just a feeling, but I think I can absorb the Divinity there.  If I do that, I think it’ll slowly unseal my Authorities and make your job easier, Ama.” (Keeno)




“Keeno…” (Fia)


Ama’s silence and Fia’s expression were hard to describe.


“Keeno, we want you to know that, while we do support you in what you want to do, you need to know the implications of your words.  While nothing will really change in countries with no Dead Zone like Solheim, you will be considered one of the most evil of beings in countries with one.  Those countries all came to rely on the Dead Zones to an unhealthy degree.  They’ve become so reliant on them that, if you take them away, they may even implode on themselves.” (Fia)


“…” (Keeno)


{On my side of this, I still think you should go for it.  Countries rise and fall all the time, so it’s of no real sentiment to me.}


“I feel the same as Rasu, though the way I see it, those countries have become TOO used to the benefits of the Dead Zones.  But that’s just because we’re old enough to have seen, and in my case participated, in the fall of a few countries.” (Fia)


{Don’t get us wrong, Keeno, like we said, we will support you in whatever you choose to do, but we want to make sure you fully understand and if you can handle being called an Evil of Humanity.}


I closed my eyes and was silent for a while as I mulled over all of this.  I knew that my plan would most likely not end well for some places, but I didn’t think it would be that bad.  Thinking about it deeper, doubts started to bloom, but at the same rate, some resolve did too.


“I…I think I can handle it.  I mean, I will be the Goddess of Death, so doesn’t that kind of already arbitrarily color me in an evil light?  I mean, nobody likes death.” (Keeno)


“If I may, I’d like to add my input.” (Pram)


“Feel free.” (Keeno)


“Well, even I know that there are only eight Dead Zones around the world, so wouldn’t that only mean eight places would consider you evil?  I know that most people here that know you like you and wouldn’t care even if you were actually a supreme evil.  Isn’t it just a matter of perspective?” (Pram)


“That’s naïve, Pram.  The world is much bigger than just this one city.  The countries with Dead Zones are much bigger than Solheim and have way more people living there.  Of course, this doesn’t mean EVERY person will think that, but the people who only learn through hearsay, people who don’t care and just feel what the large majority feel, and especially the leaders of those countries WILL think that way.  With just them, people that stay undecided or on Keeno’s side while in those countries will be rare.” (Fia)


“Oh…” (Pram)


{Oh, I have an idea.  Fia, you were just going to go back to monitoring the Dead Zones, Falheim excluded, when Keeno became independent, right?  Why not start gathering allies for Keeno for when she gets to those countries?  Since Keeno will likely want to travel there on foot and explore the world a bit, you can still help her out, even without actively being with her.}


“…That sounds like a good idea.  It will be a bit hard in some places, but not impossible.” (Fia)


{How about you, Keeno?  Do you like that idea?}


“I do.” (Keeno)


“Then with our part said, you’ll continue with this plan of action?” (Fia)


“Yes.” (Keeno)


“Alright.  Since that’s the case, we’re going to need to double down on your training.  I’m going to make sure you are fully prepared for this endeavor.” (Fia)


“Um, Keeno…” (Pram)


“Yes Pram?” (Keeno)


“Can I come with you?” (Pram)


“I’ve told you before, haven’t I?  If I go somewhere, I’m taking you with me no matter what.  Of course, we’ll have to let your parents know that you are coming with me, but that’s a future us problem.  And if they still deny it, then I simply have to kidnap you.” (Keeno)


“Ok, then I’ll double down on my training too.  You are probably going to need a good healer to keep you safe, after all.” (Pram)


“Hey, I’m not that reckless, am I?” (Keeno)


{You kind of are, not that I can say anything.  Like me, you are the type to make the first move in a fight, to the detriment of your own safety sometimes.}


“It’s strategically viable.  If you strike first and take the opponent out before they realize it, then you don’t have to worry about anything else.” (Keeno)


“…Keeno, that’s the same kind of mentality were, if you need to do something stealthily, you just get rid of any potential witness first before completing the objective.” (Fia)


“That’s also a viable strategy.  No one can notice if there is no one TO notice.” (Keeno)


“Rasu, I blame you for this.” (Fia)


{HEY!  I didn’t teach her any of this!}


“But you didn’t do anything to fix it either.” (Fia)




Fia then turned back to me, or more specifically Huginn and Muninn.


“You two, I expect you to keep Keeno and Pram safe when they finally set out.  Be their eyes in the sky and their silent assassins if need be.” (Fia)


The two of them ruffled their feathers in some sort of bird speak that Fia understood.  She nodded her head satisfied before standing up again.


“I’m going to go and start making a new training schedule for you, Keeno.  Go and do whatever it was you were going to do with Pram now, because you won’t have much free time for the next two years.” (Fia)


“Alright.  Let’s go Pram.” (Keeno)


“Yes.” (Pram)


We stood up and left the lodge.


Chaos Realm:

Atmos: …This is so exciting.  It’s so much fun not really knowing what is going to happen.

Speak for yourself.

Atmos: I am.  You should try it one day.

I am.  I have other friends among Gods of Chaos who I sometimes peek into their Seas of Chaos.

Order: Oh, like that Crimson person?  Or the Envious vampire?


Atmos: Hmm.  Oh, when will Keeno’s world’s God of Fate show up here?

Whenever he gets around to it.  I think at the moment he’s too busy avoiding Amaterasu and Keeno to show up.

Order: Doesn’t Keeno barely even know he exists?

Yeah, but Amaterasu does tell her to smack him every time he comes up, so that’s likely to be the first thing that happens when Keeno meets him.  Anyway, I’m kind of excited to see what’s about to happen.

Order and Atmos: Oh?