Chapter 29- Fia’s Final Test
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[Keeno POV]

The day after the soul purification incident, I started on my training once again.  It was intense, but considering what I wanted to do in the future, it was necessary.  Most of my days for the next two years were filled with training of one sort or another, ranging from magic, to swordsmansip, to my Authorities.  I also discovered I was getting better at cooking, though I didn’t know how.  Anyway, when I wasn’t training my combat skills, I was doing my best to increase the number of souls I could purify before becoming completely wiped out.  It helped that I also purified souls of animals and some monsters that I hunted, though it didn’t apply to insects, cementing the fact that they are soulless beings.


During Solar Convergence, Ama and I spent equal amounts of time sparring and cuddling, though nothing farther than hugs or naps, much to my increasing frustration.  Today was the first Solar Convergence since I turned 18, and it was a special one at that.  Today Fia was joining me and Ama and was going to spar with me with her Soul Weapon so she could see if I was ready enough to go out into the world.  Ama made her home into a large open field complete with lots of dry, tall grass that was perfect for burning.  It was also just coming around to midday, so my magic would be its most potent.  I was standing on one side facing Fia with my Soul Weapons at the ready.


{Fia, don’t hesitate, you know this in one of the only places that your flames can be snuffed out.}


Fia nodded her head and held her hand out in front of her.  Shortly after that, the shaft of a spear or staff appeared on a burst of golden flames.  The butt extended until it reached the ground and the other end went just a bit past Fia’s head.  Near the top a circular ring appeared with a shining golden flame appearing in the center.  Above that ring the blade of a spear became visible ending in a very sharp point.  On either side of the spearhead were two spikes that looked kind of like a crossguard.  While her Soul Weapon didn’t give off the same amount of heat mine or Ama’s did, the temperature around Fia still noticeable increased and the grass around her started to smoke.  She swept her Soul Weapon to the side and got into a stance.


“Ever-burning flames aside, you have a very pretty Soul Weapon, Fia.” (Keeno)


“Thanks.  Now, let’s see what all the training you’ve done up till now has done.” (Fia)


We both smirked and jumped toward each other.  When I was in range of the full length of my chains, I threw one of my swords toward Fia who dodged out of the way.  The sword pierced the ground, catching the surrounding grass on fire, and I used that to pull myself in Fia’s direction even faster.  I combined the speed from that while also boosting myself by propelling forward using some fire on the bottom of my feet.


Seeing that, Fia used her spear as a pole vault just as I passed by where she would have been.  I maneuvered myself in a way to preserve my momentum and was about to swing both swords when I found that Fia was nowhere to be seen.


“Keeno, what did I teach you about being aware of your surroundings?  Even above you.” (Fia)


I looked up and saw Fia floating there with wings of golden flames sprouting from her back.  She then waved her spear in front of her and the golden flame in the ring shone brighter.  Several flaming arrows formed in the trail left behind by the spear and aimed at me.  I quickly started to move while simultaneously swinging my swords around the grass to get as much to start burning as possible.  It was catching fast, but not fast enough for smoke to hide me before Fia started shooting the fire arrows at me.  I managed to stay just barely ahead of the explosions the arrows caused when I decided to counterattack with my own fire arrows.


Several cerulean arrows formed and, through the smoke that had started to get thick, shot toward Fia who still hadn’t left her spot in the sky.  To Fia’s credit, her movements were something to be admired.


“OI!  Are you trying to kill me!?  Why were those infused with death magic!?” (Fia)


“Hehehe.  Gotta keep you on your toes!  And besides, it works as the perfect distraction.” (Keeno)


“Crap.” (Fia)


I had run to a tree nearby and used one of my sword’s chains as a grapple to launch myself in the air using the smoke as cover with some added illusion magic.  My other chain wrapped around the shaft of her Soul Weapon and pulled.  We both approached each other, though I had the advantage due to being the cause of the movement.  Just as I was about to strike, Fia unsummoned and resummoned her Soul Weapon and flipped around me, grabbing my hair and swinging me around a few times before throwing me to the ground hard.  When I made impact, all the air was knocked out of me and my vision swam with dark spots.


I recovered quickly, but not before Fia finished making her next move.  Her spear was covered in golden flames and she held it in a way that looked like she was going to throw it.  Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to dodge that, I started to focus on channeling my mana.  When all I could see of Fia was a small shadow being overtaken by bright golden flames, she made a throwing motion and the flaming spear flew toward me.


I kept my calm and channeled all my focused mana into my sword’s chains.  I flung both of them forward as far as they would go and the instant I did so the chains started to burn blue.  I sidestepped and swung in an attempt to get them to wrap around Fia’s attack and managed it, barely.  Pushing my will into the flames, I tried to take over Fia’s attack and make it my own.  The gold started to be eaten away and turn blue, but it was too slow and the spear was just about to make contact with me when Ama stepped forward.


She caught the flames with one hand they vanished like they never existed.  The same was the case with all the golden flames burning on the grass and trees.  Fia landed and walked over to us.


{Fiametta, you were too rough.  If I didn’t heal her the same instant, you would have broken Keeno’s back when you threw her to the ground.}


“Sorry, I actually panicked a bit there since her attacks were all infused with Death.” (Fia)




“I know.  The fire arrows were on purpose, but the other times not so much.  I’m still working on keeping the Authorities separate once I mix them in the heat of battle.” (Keeno)


“That’s worrying, Keeno.” (Fia)


{I agree.  I guess I need to double down on that when training you in that area.  Now, what’s the verdict, Fia?}


“Other than that Authority training which is going to take more time, I pass you on everything else, Keeno.  I officially clear you to journey forth into the world.” (Fia)


A sense of accomplishment filled my chest.


“Yay!  I’m free to roam about as I please!” (Keeno)


I was so excited that, in the heat of the moment I jumped at Ama and pulled her into a tight hug.  Over these past two years I had grown some more and now Ama and I were the same height.  She hugged me back with one arm while using her other hand to pat my head.


“Hehehe.  Congratulations Keeno, you deserve it.” (Fia)


I let go of Ama and pulled Fia into a hug as well.  She hugged me back and while we were in this embrace, the full weight of this situation hit me.  My hug for Fia tightened even more.


“Keeno?” (Fia)


“It just hit me, but this also means we’re going our separate ways…I-I don’t know if I’m fully ready for that.” (Keeno)


Though I couldn’t see her face, I knew Fia started to smile as her arms tightened around me.  We stayed like that for several minutes before separating.  She looked me right in the eyes with her usual warm, sisterly smile.


“Keeno, life is full of goodbyes, some permanent, some not, especially for immortal beings like us.  BUT, for us, this isn’t the last time we meet.  Sure, we’re going our separate ways soon, but we’ll see each other again, it’ll only be a matter of time.   You still have so much to see and do.  Friends to meet, enemies to make, adventures to go on.  Don’t let this small thing stop you at the starting point.  And hey, even if we don’t see each other again on your journey, I’ll still see you after you ascend officially.  Yes, it’ll be hard not seeing me all day, every day, but you have Huginn, Muninn, and Pram to keep you company.” (Fia)


{Don’t forget me.}


I chuckled at Ama’s input and wiped a tear from my eye.


“Now, I’ve taken up too much of your time on this Solar Convergence.  I’m heading back to take care of some preparations, feel free to release some of that pent up frustration as you can.” (Fia)


My face flushed tomato red as Fia laughed and left through a shining door.  I glanced over to Ama who was similarly red.  We stood there is silence for several minutes before we turned to face each other.  The redness had completely vanished from Ama’s face, though her ears continued to twitch nervously.  This scene, compared to her usual confident attitude made something in my head snap.




I could feel my heart race and my breathing became uneven.  I walked up to Ama and wrapped my arms around her neck.  I pulled her closer to me until our foreheads rested against the other’s.


“I’ve wanted this for so, so long.  I’ve gone over so many different scenarios in my head ranging from wholesome to borderline degenerate, but I can’t recall any of them right now.   All I can think about is wanting to do this right here.”


I didn’t hesitate and brought my lips to Ama’s.  It was like a fire was lit inside me and like time had stopped for everything but the two of us.  All that mattered was me and Ama.  I savored our first kiss.  I tried my best to convey all my feelings of love, longing, and gratitude for her in this one gesture.  I don’t know how long it was, but Ama soon broke out of her stupor and wrapped her arms around me.  She started reciprocating the kiss.  The fire inside me turned from a small blaze, to a raging inferno, until it reached a critical point and I felt like my body was a true embodiment of the sun.


Unbeknownst to the two of us, our feelings in this moment caused us to lose all control of our naturally produced heat as well as, in Ama’s case, her Solar Authority.  And seeing as her sun was at the forefront of this Solar Convergence, the temperature in the mortal world began to rise at a rapid pace.  On our side, our combined heat started to turn the area around us into a scorched wasteland, going so far as to even turn some places into glass.  When we finally separated and took a look at our surroundings, we were shocked.






“If just one kiss was enough to do this, what’s going to happen when we finally get to sleep together?”






{Pffft.  Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!}




{Ahhhh.  Keeno, I love you and your reactions so much.  I mean, your reaction to the two of us possible causing the end of the world due to suns is ‘meh.’  You are just the best.}


“I try.  Sure, I’d feel bad for some people, but aside from them, I just can’t help it.  Right now,  all that matters to me is kissing you, because that one wasn’t enough.  I have 18 years of pent up feelings to get through, and though I’d love to go all the way, I don’t think we have the time for that, as much as it annoys me to say that.”


{Hahahahahahahahahaha.  I know how you feel, so let’s continue, because you aren’t the only one that has so many pent up feelings.}


We brought our lips together again and we kept kissing until I was forced out of the Divine Domain.


Chaos Realm:

Luna: …

Tamamo: …

Order: …

Astraea: …I…I want to do that with Evelyn.


Order: Astraea, while I understand, please don’t say things like that in front of your father.

Astraea: But mama!  It’s no fair!  Luna and Tama do that all the time!  And so do you and Papa!  How come I can’t!?

Luna: Wait, how?

Tamamo: Not now Luna.  Let’s just leave them alone for now.

Luna: Ok.

Astraea: I want to do that with Evelyn!

Order: Astraea, calm down.  Payto, help me out here.

Astraea, you really want to kiss Evelyn like Amaterasu and Keeno?

Astraea: Yeah!

*sigh* Just make sure she consents to it, then just go for it.  You are getting mature enough that neither I nor your mother can stop you, so as long as the two of you want it, the do what you want.  Just remember that if it progresses farther than that, set up the barrier like we taught you.

Order: …You are taking this very well.

I knew it was coming sooner or later, so I just decided that when Astraea finally grew old enough to actually feel these things, I’d support her decisions.  Not like I’d stop her and her Fated One from being intimate, that’d just be creepy.

Order: Fair.

Astraea: I’m going to call Evelyn over.