Chapter 30- While the Fox is away, the Phoenix and Leopard will Talk
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[Pram POV]

Today had started out as a normal day.  I was just going about helping my family in the clinic since Keeno and Fia wouldn’t be available.  It was about two hours after noon, and I was sitting outside taking a break from the clinic when something started happening.  I felt dripping.  I was confused since it wasn’t snow, but water.  Though I knew what rain was due to Keeno telling me about it, I’d never actually experienced it since all we ever got was snow here.  Anyway, I looked around and before long I felt another difference.  It was warm, like when I’m around Keeno warm, and it was getting warmer.


All the snow around me was starting to melt fast and I was getting uncomfortable in my usual several layers of clothes.  At this point Ashe and his wife came out to see what was up since I assumed everyone inside could also feel something was off.


“Pram, what’s going on out here?  Why is it so hot?” (Ashe)


“Brother, why would I know?” (Pram)


“…Anyway, come over here, the snow in the tree is about to fall on you.” (Ashe)


I looked up and sure enough the snow above me was about to fall through the branches.  I jumped out of the way just as it started falling.


“That would have been unpleasant.  Thanks, brother.” (Pram)


“No problem.  Still, I wonder what’s going on.” (Ashe)


I nodded my head in agreement with his question.  We then turned to go back inside when I heard footsteps coming toward us.  I turned in the direction of the footsteps and saw Miss Fiametta.


“I thought you were busy today?” (Pram)


“I finished with my stuff, though Okami isn’t.  Anyway, Pram, are you free?” (Fia)


“I can be.” (Pram)


I looked over to Ashe and he nodded and went inside again.


“Pram, I need to talk to you, so come with me.” (Fia)


I nodded and we went over to her and Keeno’s home.  We sat in the lounge while Huginn and Muninn were sleeping on their perch.


“Before we get to what you want to talk about, do you know why it’s getting progressively hotter today?” (Pram)


“Rasu and Keeno are having some ‘fun’, so Rasu’s heightened mood is probably causing her Sun Authority to literally heat up.  It’ll go back to normal by tomorrow.” (Fia)


“…” (Pram)


“Hehehehe.  No need to be so embarrassed, Pram.” (Fia)


“I-I’m not embarrassed my best friend is climbing the stairs to adulthood or anything.  Why would I be?  It’s not like…*ahem* Anyway, Miss Fiametta, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” (Pram)


“I’ll be leaving soon, and Keeno probably will shortly after.  I’m letting you know now so that you can get your own affairs in order so you can join her.” (Fia)


My mind went blank.


“Leave?” (Pram)


“Yeah.  Explore the world, eradicate the Dead Zones, probably smack around her birth givers a bit, make more friends.  And I know she said she was taking you with her, and that thought process was only made more into fact with Rasu constantly telling her to do so.” (Fia)


“I know.  It’s just…leaving everything behind…it’s hard to imagine.” (Pram)


Miss Fiametta got up from her seat and walked over to me.  She placed her hand on my head and started patting me.


“I get it, Pram.  You’d be leaving everything you’ve ever known behind.  It’s a hard thing for people to do, and trust me, I’ve had to do it plenty of times.  But you need to remember, and this is something your family will also tell you, this will always be your home and it will still be here when you get back.  I know you are one of the people that are able to overcome this small hurdle and live a more exciting life.  And besides, with Keeno around, you’ll have a lot of excitement.” (Fia)


I remained silent for several minutes as Miss Fiametta continued to pat my head.  When she stopped and I looked up at her, she was smiling at me.


“Alright.  I’ll go tell everyone that I plan on following Keeno and get ready.” (Pram)


“Good, but I think you should stay here at least until night.  It’s getting hotter than you are used to, even being around Keeno, so you may want to stay inside for the time being.  While we’re at it, I’ll give you some things that you’ll need eventually since both Keeno and I have been preparing for this time to come for a while now.” (Fia)


“The two of you even have things for me?” (Pram)


“Like Keeno has said before many times, she’s going to take you with her, even if it means kidnapping you.  Naturally, she’d have things like sets of clothes for non-Solheim weather and some basic equipment prepared for you just in case.” (Fia)


I didn’t know what to say.  I wasn’t really too surprised since I knew Keeno well enough to know she was serious about taking me with her, but I was still a bit taken aback at just how prepared she was.


“Hehehe.  Pram, this is normal for a person like Keeno.  Even if it was for less time than she spent here, she was born in a place that forced her to always plan for things like this.  It got ingrained in her mind unconsciously to prepare for escape at any moment.” (Fia)


“Hmm.  Miss Fiametta, how much longer are you staying here?” (Pram)


“A few days to a week at most.  If I’m going to make sure Keeno will have allies in countries with Dead Zones, I need to leave as early as possible.” (Fia)


“What about Keeno?” (Pram)


“That is up to her.  I know she probably won’t leave before me, but I don’t expect her to stay longer than a month.  She’s been a bit overexcited to start seeing the world at large and I don’t think she’ll be able to sit still much longer.” (Fia)


“Alright, then I also have time to get things in order…Hehe.  Now I’m kind of excited.  I wonder what places that aren’t constantly covered in snow are like?” (Pram)


“Hehehe.  There’s the normal Pram.  Now, enough of this serious talk, want to make a bet?” (Fia)


“What kind of bet?” (Pram)


“How much snow is going to be melted by the end of the day.” (Fia)


“Hmmm.  I say all of it.” (Pram)


“All the way, eh?  Then I think that a good three quarters of it will be gone, but the last bit will be stubborn.  Hear that Huginn, Muninn?  We’ll be counting on the two of you to report the result of the bet.” (Fia)


Muninn continued to sleep while Huginn let out an annoyed sounding squawk.


“OI!  I know for a fact Keeno didn’t raise the two of you to talk like that.  Take it back or I’ll feed you to Pram.” (Fia)


“Squawk caw!” (Huginn)


“What have I told you about calling me a spicy chicken!?  I’ll show you chicken!” (Fia)


Miss Fiametta jumped up and ran over to Huginn who flapped its wings, and it flew around to avoid Miss Fiametta.  I silently watched the two of them run and fly around for a bit before Huginn was finally caught.




“Shush you.” (Fia)


“Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.” (Pram)


“Spicy chicken.  Go preen yourself outside for a bit, see who’s spicy then.” (Fia)


She approached a window and opened it before tossing Huginn outside.  I felt the wave of heat come inside before Miss Fiametta shut the window again.


“*Phew* It’s been a while since I’ve felt some serious, summer-like heat.  Since this is probably a worldwide event, I feel bad for those people that live that desert.” (Fia)


“So, will this be a normal thing that happens every month now?” (Pram)


“Probably not.  It’s only like this since it’s their first time letting loose all the pent up desires they have, after this will be way less noticeable.” (Fia)


“…” (Pram)


“Hehehe.  If I’m going to miss one thing about this, it’s making you and Keeno into tomatoes when I say something to embarrass you.” (Fia)


“Why would that be the thing you miss!?” (Pram)


“Because it’s the privilege of the big sister to embarrass her little sister and her little sister’s closest friend.” (Fia)


“That makes no sense!” (Pram)


“Hehehehehehehe.” (Fia)


Chaos Realm:

Order: Well, I knew it was happening, but will that massive heat wave cause any trouble to that world?

Not really.  The Sun Spirits are actually handling it was better than I expected.  I’d be more worried about Huginn.

Order: It’s getting what it deserves.  It’s rude calling a lady something she doesn’t like.

I agree.  Sure, I found it funny, but calling her that twice was too far.

Order: Agreed.